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India Cannot Possibly Beat China In World Power Games

Here is a Google Earth photo of the richest city in India, Mumbai.  There are towers and then lots and lots of slums of the lowest quality.  Wall Street in the US sits near many slums, too.  But the ones in India are literal shanties, not just poor people living in substantial brick buildings.  The US wanted desperately to have India surpass China as a world power, hoping India would replace the void being created by a dying Japan.  But India never had a real revolution to get rid of the upperclass so they continue to oppress the nation with their racist activities and the untouchables barely are able to have even the most basic human civil rights. Continue reading


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US Secret State Murders All Over While Spying On US Citizens All Over

In the New USSR, the USSA, we have a police state with intense government spying on citizens.  Congress, acting as proxies for the Knesset in Israel, reduce our freedoms day by day until now they have pretty much vanished.  Americans can now be held forever with no charges, for example.  This is utterly and completely unconstitutional, of course.  But a right wing Catholic majority on the Supreme Court probably will uphold this. Continue reading


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Fukushima #4 Spent Fuel Pool Is Dangerously Unstable And Still Unfixable

Hosono, the politician in charge of Fukushima and other reactors, seeking to make it look safe, visits Fukushima No. 4 reactor amid concern over fuel pool:

90% of Fukushima news has been pretty much left out of the US media which has lots of room for useless news.  The primary process for President has equally ignored Fukushima.  The global warming movement which embraced, disastrously, nuclear power in the last decade, has also fallen mute.  Meanwhile, Fukushima continues to menace the entire planet and the Japanese, far from being more organized and hard working than the Soviets, are fixing this very slowly and with little regard to how little time they may have before reactor four’s spent fuel pool breaks apart. Continue reading


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Animal Farm: The Pigs Party In London And Other Nobby Venues

While reading the British news which is somewhat more revealing than US news, I came across a story about Bill Clinton working on behalf of a Jewish gambling/offshore money/real estate/speculators in oil and metals run a fund raiser to help save humanity from people who caused the real estate bubble, drove up the price of oil and other commodities and destroy families by enabling gambling addictions.  Right.  Anyways, as befits a fundraiser sponsored by these creeps, it was horrible, dirty and nasty.  And the rich were very pissed off being treated like ordinary people.  So they are demanding their ‘donations’ back. Continue reading


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Israeli Jews Violently Riot Against African Blacks–Demand Deportation Of All Blacks

The so-called ‘liberal media’ went on and on about the Zimmerman killing in Florida, labeling it a ‘racist’ murder.  The headlines for weeks were all about how this was a terrible thing, how dare anyone shoot black teens in hoodies.  The impression we would get is one of a nation worried about how Africans of all sorts shouldn’t be persecuted or harassed for racial reasons.  Many, many media owners are Jewish in the US.  So we have the odious spectacle of them united in deliberately ignoring news from Israel about Jews rioting and attacking anyone who is ‘African’ while screaming KKK sorts of racial garbage.  None of this has made the news in the US at all.  None. Continue reading


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Super Secret Bilderberg Meeting This Weekend

One of the people at the core of the Bilderberg gang are the owners of the NYT.  Seeing that once again, people online are talking about demonstrating against these gangsters, it was time to pretend we are all crazy conspiracy thinkers who don’t know ‘nothing’.  This exercise in lying about the goals, tactics and political agenda of the international very rich is amusing since previous to 2000, the NYT and others like fellow Bilderberg conspirators at the Washington Post, pretended there was no such thing as the ‘Bilberberg’ gang!  HAHAHA. Continue reading


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Nightmare On Wall Street: Freddie Kruger Knifes Zuckerberg

A Tribute to Freddy Krueger – YouTube

The Facebook Fiasco is growing by the hour as the goofy stock drops like a knife, slicing off the hands of some of the richest banking houses on Wall Street.  So, there is justice after all!  We see how the evil ones who were bailed out at our expense who thought they could pull yet another bubble scam, are now being relentlessly destroyed by events they, themselves, started.  Arrest them all, I say!  It is several years late, but arrest them all! Continue reading


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