Secrecy Causes More Problems Than It Solves

Much of today’s examination of the news is all about how governments of so-called ‘free nations’ are unnecessarily secretive and indeed, maliciously and dangerously secretive, hiding important information from the public they supposedly serve.  This secrecy is invoked all the time in nearly every possible area.  The US media is all agog about a Chinese dissident who ran off to the US embassy, for example.  But is less interested in people held in severe prison isolation due to releasing information that should be public in the first place.


That poor Chinese dissident!  He will come here eventually only to find out that he is a pet of the media owners and our government and the last thing they want is troublemakers sounding off on issues they want hidden from view.  China is roiling from revelations about the Bo family that had a false front of living like ‘normal’ people while looting the nation.  The Chinese leadership can’t help themselves but loot the nation.


But how different is it here?  We have OPEN looting.  A major looter, indeed, was recently chosen by the media owners and the GOP leaders to run for President while hiding his wealth overseas and moving industry out of the nation.  So the difference between China and the US is, Bo and the leaders are in trouble for doing what our leaders openly do while boasting in public about this!!!


At least the Chinese looters hang their heads in shame or are even punished.  In the US, they are praised and petted if they do the exact same things.   The US media happiness over the scandals in China is silly when we see that the scandals here would be considered ‘successful business’ here.


Here is an example from Canada about stupid secrecy done to protect the very rich:  Canadian taxpayers not told of secret bank bailout: report


“Ever since the global financial crisis struck in 2008, Canadians have been subjected to a constant refrain: Canada has the ‘most sound banking system in the world,’” MacDonald writes in the report. “During the worst of the crisis — 2008 to 2010 — the official line was that Canada’s banks did not require the extraordinary bailout measures that were being offered in other countries, particularly in the U.S.


“At its peak in March 2009, support for Canadian banks reached $114 billion. To put that into perspective, that would have made up seven per cent of the Canadian economy in 2009 and was worth $3,400 for every man, woman and child in Canada.”


Heads should roll for this.  But probably won’t.  Every first world nation had the same problem: people being told outright lies so that it could be ‘business as usual’ for the bankers and the speculators.  Now that they have all been successfully saved, we have a very serious problem with global economic collapse ravaging the entire first world community.  Explaining this is verboten so people think there is some easy solution hiding out there and the solution being offered is social service cuts along with destroying retirement funds and of course, tax cuts for the rich.


The Madoff mess continues unabated as people see lawyers eating up what remains of that business:  Madoff Costs Surpass Victim Payouts as Strategy Fails – Bloomberg


More than three years after Madoff’s epic swindle collapsed, Picard, the trustee responsible for liquidating the firm, has paid investors back about $330 million, while holding about $2.3 billion in customer accounts. About $6.4 billion that Picard has won in settlements with former Madoff investors is being challenged in court and is unavailable for disbursement.
So far, winding down the Madoff estate has cost more than Picard has sent to customers, with total administrative spending as of March 31 at about $554 million, including fees for Picard, his firm and consultants he hired, according to his April 25 report. At the same time, Picard’s strategy of filing $100 billion of lawsuits to claw back money from Madoff winners has largely collapsed, as federal judges led by U.S. District Judge Jed Rakoff in New York have dismissed about $90 billion of Picard’s claims.


The lawyers handed out less to the victims than they collected for themselves?  HAHAHA…Charles Dickens wrote about that 150 years ago.  This mess will bounce around the courts with everyone suing everyone else and the victims suing the lawyers who are suing for the victims, etc.  Much of this money is from Jewish investors and many of the lawyers are Jewish so this will continue to be ‘All In The Family’ as I wrote as a headline day one in this affair.


The Madoff business has turned many Jewish families who thought they had a perpetual gravy train into poor people.  This, in turn, has also hammered many Jewish initiatives in Israel but that has already been fixed by AIPAC who asks for more and more money every year from US taxpayers.


The wars against all Muslims is bankrupting the US. And is seeped in secrecy with the WH deciding in secret meetings who to whack.  Obama is running on the ‘I am the best assassin on earth’ campaign theme which the GOP is shrieking about since they want to be the best assassins on earth, damn it!


As our country degrades and resembles Israel or the Soviet Union more and more, we get justifications for our secret assassination programs:  White House: Drone Strikes ‘Legal and Ethical’ — News from


The ACLU took issue in particular with the claim that secret discussions within the executive branch on who to assassinate constituted “due process,” while urging the White House to release the Justice Department memos on how they came to the conclusion that such things were legal.


Amnesty International’s counterterrorism head Tom Parker, a former top British official, said that drones were clearly a “legitimate weapon of war” but said that there was a “problem” with declaring the whole planet a battlezone.


We no longer burn heretics.  We kill them with drones.  This is a religious war the US cannot win since we are not out to convert the Muslims, we are out to annihilate them.  Of course, this massive undertaking is thoroughly illegal and immoral.  So it has to be piecemeal and sly.


The Predator Drone assassination program is a strategic and military failure.  It is a diplomatic disaster.  Obama, itching to be the world’s top assassin, decided to let the Pentagon resume drone attacks in Pakistan.  This simply stirs up the natives even more.  Every day now, assassinations of NATO staff and soldiers as well as the Afghanis working with them, rises.  It is increasingly violent even as the US celebrates ‘Destroying al Qaeda’ which isn’t anything at all but a loose collective of religious fanatics.


There is no shortage of fanatics.  They simply reorganize along new lines.  And they love assassinations.  Their assassinations are every bit as ‘moral’ and ‘ethical’ as NATO’s efforts.


Then there is this amazing article:  Collective dislike among ex-presidents for former president Jimmy Carter –


In “The Presidents Club: Inside the World’s Most Exclusive Fraternity,” former staffers even use the word “treason” to describe Carter’s actions.


“Carter gives the club a great gift, something for all the others to complain about,” the book by Time magazine’s Nancy Gibbs and Michael Duffy says.“When nothing seemed to unite the members, the club often bonded over what an annoying cuss Carter could be.”


“He just had this habit of going off script that could be very annoying to them,” Gibbs said yesterday on CNN’s “State of the Union.”


OK, and what is Carter ‘treason’?  Well, he doesn’t support apartheid in Israel!  Yes, this is what our Presidents Clinton, Bush Jr. and Obama hate about Carter: he is patriotic for the US, not Israel.  His ‘off script’ talk is when he talks about ethnic cleansing in Israel.  Note how the media owners, all Zionists, don’t explain this.


Japan’s revolving door government keeps everything secret, too:  Reporting by #Fukushima Local Newspaper: Root Cause of the Fukushima Accident | EXSKF


“The drill is meaningless without the participation of people who lives in the area where the nuclear power plant is located. Create the plan that allow the residents to practice evacuation.” His department is in charge of disaster preparedness, consumer protection, welfare, and other areas that are familiar to people in the prefecture. As the general manager of the department, Niitsuma wanted the drill that would take the residents into consideration.

The staff member in the fire and emergency section that was in charge of the drill conveyed Niitsuma’s thinking to the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (today’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) and the Science and Technology Agency (part of today’s Ministry of Education and Science). But the word from the national government was totally unexpected. “It’s impossible for a nuclear power plant to have an accident. There is no need to have the residents participate in the drill. That would fan unnecessary fears.”


This is the old ‘What you don’t know won’t hurt you’ excuse.  Of course, what is kept secret here hurts very badly.  And they know this.  The nuke power freaks love to pretend every accident is singular and therefore, not going to happen in the future.  Alas, there are an infinite number of ways that nuclear power plants can have ‘accidents’!  So singularity is just another reason to avoid them altogether, no?


The US hides Israel’s secret nukes while whining about everyone else having nukes so China, angry about US propaganda, decided to actively promote nuclear disarmament: envoy.  This is funny on every possible level.  The US will now have to explain in public the need for thousands of nuclear warheads, many of which are aimed deliberately at China.


Back to poor Japan:  90% of people tested:  119 of 132 people positive from sampling survey of radioactive substances in urine in Iwate | Fukushima Diary.  Children are very vulnerable and carry lifetime bad effects from all of this.  And of course, this isn’t headline news in the US but is increasingly being discussed in Japan here the naked fear is rising, not going away as the government desired.

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9 responses to “Secrecy Causes More Problems Than It Solves

  1. nclaughlin

    I used to make small contributions to Amnesty International, but I stopped because AI allowed itself to be used by the Bush Administration for war propaganda purposes.

  2. Christian W

    Yeah I think the major “NGO’s” are pretty infiltrated at top level. Nowadays they are like the ICC, just a front for propaganda consumation.

  3. Joseppi

    The slick slippery slope of moral hazard this country has embarked on with it’s policy of torture and robot assassinations will be a contagion that is going to spread around the world as technology is acquired by any and all.
    Assassinating drones will eventually be available to settle all problems with that bothersome neighbor.

  4. ‘as technology is acquired by any and all.’ as in, its only a matter of time?

  5. Being There

    The most important issues that are never discussed are
    1. What our involvement is with the many pipelines that are being built in the central plains of Asia and why we want to stay in Afgh.
    2. How much of the national budget goes to privatized security contractors.
    3. How globalism has destroyed out ability to create good paying jobs.
    4. That privatized companies that the Republicans tout live on tax-payer dollars.
    5.Who Milton Friedman was and how he operated to chage economic theory across the spectrum of colleges from the 80’s on.
    Those are just a few of my favorite things….

  6. Christian W

    You should add the blind support of Israel and it’s crimes no matter what they do. The infiltration of dual citizens (or even foreign citizens) at the top of US government and at the heart of it’s darkest and most secret councils.

  7. emsnews

    Friedman: he is the guy who thinks infinity is good. I have been campaigning for the proper teaching of the dangers of infinity since I went to college 40 years ago!

    NO ONE wants to have infinity look bad! They all think infinity is a GOAL, not a hazard. This is why I tell stories about the Cave of Wealth and Death which is a concept created thousands of years ago by our ancestors who told story after story about how something runs suddenly to infinity and blows up everything in sight and kills everyone.

    Why this is now ignored is cultural! Changing the culture is hard when the elites love driving the stuff that should be regulated until it collapses.

  8. JT

    “On Tuesday night, Tuomioja compared Israel with South Africa during its apartheid era. Apartheid was the universally condemned racial discrimination system practices by the South African government.
    Tuomioja was speaking in a panel discussion, the subject of which was the future of Palestine and the Palestinian people. The event was organised by the Left Alliance and Social Democratic youth wings.
    “No apartheid state is justified or sustainable”, Tuomioja said.”’s+apartheid+comments/1135269757926

    There was one good comment.
    “We need to save Israel from itself.”

  9. emsnews

    The latest scheme of Zionists is to attack anyone who says Zionism is Naziism. Of course, it is not only like Naziism, it is really the father of Naziism! It was launched several decades before the Nazis were organized.

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