Kadima/Likud Midnight Coup In Israel Barely In US News

First, congratulations to Obama for recognizing the civil rights of gays to have equality in the eyes of the law!  About time.  The GOP will have hysterical attacks on all gays in this election while ignoring the real problems, of course.  Will religious bigots be lost due to this announcement by Obama?  He had none to lose.  Meanwhile, both parties court Jews for their money.  The naked buying of influence is going to end very badly for the Jewish community who will be…rightfully…blamed for our looming bankruptcy.  This dangerous situation is not recognized by rich Jews who think, since the Supreme Court made it legal to buy political influence, why not use this?

Here is an ad for a movie being heavily promoted by Jewish Hollywood guys that makes fun of dictators in Muslim nations.  But the real Sacha Baron Cohen that should be mocked is in Israel, not one of the ‘Stan’ countries.  Netanyahu is the real ‘dictator’ Cohen, a Jew, should be mocking.  Naturally, he dares not mock his own fascist leaders!


Meanwhile, Israel, supposedly the only democracy in the Middle East continues to go insane and lose its democratic pretense as it rapidly morphs into Nazi Germany.  The other day, Netanyahu was forced to call an election.  Suddenly, at 2am, the election was called off as Kadima joined Likud to form a single party without any input from most top Kadima members.  This coup came after the former leader of Kadima was chucked out.  The new one, Mofaz, stabbed his own party team in the back with secret negotiations.


The main issue causing all this?  The proposal to draft all fundamentalist Jewish fanatics who go to religious schools all their lives.  These leeches on the state all live on welfare and have huge families.  Palestinians with huge families are not subsidized by the state in this fashion.  Christian and Muslim fanatics who want to go to religious schools all their lives get nothing.  This is just one of many ways Jews get state social services while other religious groups don’t get this.


Chaos is breaking out all over the Zionist landscape as religious fanaticism slams into the needs of the fascist state that has to militarize everything in order to wage eternal ethnic wars of repression.  Last week there was this wild forum in NYC which is the financial and political headquarters of Zionism.  Jewish fanatics came nearly to blows with each other as Likudniks scared of WWIII due to attacking Iran argued with Zealots who want full scale war:  West of Eden-Israel News – Haaretz Israeli News source.


This is what’s been going down in the last few days alone:


1. The Prime Minister says that sanctions against Iran aren’t working and the Defense Minister claims that Iran is irrational and then the Prime Minister stipulates that the Iranians want to make a bomb and then the IDF Chief of Staff flatly contradicts them and says that Iran is rational, sanctions are working and the Iranians won’t really make a bomb after all. And the Prime Minister and the Defense Minister go on saying what they were saying before, as if nothing’s happened.The next day, a former chief of the Shin Bet, who spent his life in what Israeli leftists like to call “the apparatus of darkness,” opens his mouth for the first time since retirement and sounds like a turbo-charged Peter Beinart: the Israeli leadership suffers from a messiah complex, they are morally unfit to govern, they can’t wage war and they sure as hell don’t want to make peace.


3. Less than 48 hours later, an up and rising Likud minister and a fabled former head of the Mossad nearly come to blows in front of hundreds of people in New York. The Mossadnik calls the minister a liar and compares a proposed Knesset law to Nazi legislation, while the minister accuses the man who until recently was hailed as a cross between Indiana Jones, George Smiley and Bar Kochba as “harming the state security,” a crime punishable by law. “How did he ever get such a high position?” asks the minister of the man who was an IDF general before serving for eight years as head of the Mossad, where he was widely considered to be one of the best ever.


…But most Israelis, and most Diaspora Jews – those who haven’t been turning their eyes away – are probably looking on this sudden-onset collective dementia with complete bewilderment and growing concern. After all, if half of what the generals are saying about the politicians is true, it’s terrible. If half of what the politicians are hurling back at the generals is valid, it’s horrendous. Someone should explain what bug has entered our system that can turn all of these good people who have truly devoted their lives to the country’s well being – on both sides of the divide – into such stark, rabid rivals. And someone should put a stop to this maniacal melee before it turns into a tragedy of our own device.


Congress just the other day dutifully and faithfully voted yea for a massive military budget while the GOP yelled nonstop about budget overruns.  Both parties voted nearly unanimously for handing over a billion dollars to Israel on top of the billions we give for their military state, for missile protection systems.


The US is building this on the borders of Russia, too.  Most Jewish fanatics hate Russia and fear Putin.  Supposedly, these missiles will be protecting Europe from Iran but that fig leaf lie fools no one, particularly Putin.  The US media owners have breathlessly chronicled any and all demonstrations against Putin winning his recent election.  The protestors claim, possibly correctly, the elections were rigged.  But there is hardly a peep in our press about the coup in Israel!  HAHAHA.  Not a word about the demonstrations against the betrayal by Kadima.


This is news in Israel, as usual.  The NYT owners and staff all read Israeli news and know perfectly well, what goes on there.  But if they do finally publish stories about the rising chaos there, it is on the back pages.  Whereas, any chaos in Muslim or Serb nations is front page news.  Canceled Elections: Rally in Tel Aviv to Protest Israel’s New Coalition — News from Antiwar.com is where I learned about this first but then reading Haaretz news, I could see that the right wing fascist neo-Nazi Jews are treating fellow Jews nearly as cruelly as they treat Christians and Muslims in Israel:  Israel Police must stop the brutality and permit protests is a recent pathetic editorial.

I looked all over the place to find photos or videos of these beatings in Israel and found only the above picture.  Jews should fear their own fascists!  These violent people menace all Jews, in Israel as well as abroad!  Fascism is a dangerous ideology and ‘eats its own children’ every bit as much as fanatic communism turns on its own people.


Repression operates best when no one watches.  Hiding crimes is how it gains power over people.  The US has been aping Israel’s fascist methods for years now and each year, Democrat or Republican, it gets worse and worse as rich Jews bribe Congress into doing this more and more and fanatical Christians in the US ask for more repression.


As gays fight for basic human and civil rights, the Christian fanatics use Jewish fascist tactics to attack them.  The looming race wars we will see here are due to Jewish intellectual giants (sic) endorsing, supporting and excusing ethnic religious repression and tribal politics.  So long as the NYT and others refuse to cover the news in Israel when fascists do things, they will continue to do worse and worse things.  Jewish demonstrators thought their police state tactics wouldn’t be used against themselves.  Well, now they can see the ugly face of fascism up close and personal.  Will they demonstrate against ALL the fascist ideology?


Nope!  This is because they get too many goodies with their privileges handed to them on a silver platter by the racist fascists!  They want to eat fascist cake but not hold it dear.  They won’t accept the fact that the walls being built around them are a prison for THEM as well as for non-Jews.


Here are some of the details we don’t see in US news about the midnight coup in Tel Aviv:  After surprise unity deal, Knesset approves Mofaz as Netanyahu’s deputy – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News


…only 12 out of 28 Kadima MKs showed up to the meeting – mostly from the Mofaz camp. Kadima MK Robert Tibayev announced he will not take part in the vote. “We are entering the coalition with no discussion, with four clauses in the agreement,” he said.” I don’t think there has ever been a coalition deal with four clauses and nothing of essence.”


Meretz MK Zehava Gal-On said that “the prime minister was spooked by the settlers in the Likud Central Committee, and Mofaz panicked because of the polls that showed that his party is vaporizing.”


Across the world, coalitions are falling and populations are being divided into far left and far right leading to tremendous tensions internally.  This is identical to the situation from 1930-1945.  We see the end result in the dates just quoted here.  Plain fascism has little appeal in itself.  It has to have huge amounts of socialism attached so that the population supports the fascists.  US fascism hates all forms of socialism which is why it is alienated from most of the population.  Like the Jewish form of fascism, it does embrace the ideology that religion trumps citizenship.


So, to fix this problem, the Christian ideological fanatics propose to force everyone to be a ‘Christian’ via giving goodies to believers while starving everyone else.  They don’t want socialism because this would go to black Christians, too.  So the trick here is to have ‘charity’ which can go to whoever based on race, for example.  So, coupling racism with religious fanaticism, the fascists here will use charity as their tool for dispensing goodies.


This is why Jews are beginning to complain about Romney’s ‘charity’ being mainly a tool for Mormon religious fanaticism.  Of course, these same Jews in the media won’t talk about AIPAC.  Since they are hypocrites, their calls to examine Romney’s charity giving is failing since Romney is imitating nearly all the rich Jews who own Congress and use our government as a tool to expand Jewish domination.


The recent coup in Israel moves forward the Day of Doom:  Israeli ministers fear Mofaz will flip-flop and support strike on Iran – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News


Mofaz, who has consistently opposed an Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, joined the Netanyahu government on Tuesday despite having called the prime minister a liar. After taking over as Kadima head this spring, he repeatedly pledged to lead the opposition.


Of course, he flipped on this issue.  The warmongers are going full-force towards Armageddon.  One thing that has really upset Jewish rulers is this video:  CBS 60 Minuets ‘Christians of the Holy Land’.avi – YouTube

The video has the most mealy-mouthed narration as expected by even mild condemnation of Jewish repression in Palestine causes a firestorm of rage in Jewish circles.  CBS even bravely gave hint to this attempt at repressing even mild reports of Jewish crimes against humanity:  Top Ten Reasons Israel tried to Censor Bob Simon’s Report on Palestinian Christians | My Catbird Seat


by Juan Cole

Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren not only called the head of CBS news in an attempt to quash a report on the displacement of Palestinian Christians by the Israeli Occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem, but he briefed Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu of the far right wing Likud Party on his attempt.


…The report mentioned that some Palestinians are Lutherans, Catholics and Episcopalians, establishing a link of commonality between them and Americans. The Israeli Likud Party wants Americans identifying only with Israelis, not with Palestinians.


The report described the Palestinian Kairos Document, calling for nonviolent, peaceful struggle by Palestinians against Israeli Occupation and land grabs. Likud propaganda insists in racist fashion that all Palestinians are inherently angry and violent and that their protest against being made stateless and homeless by Israel is irrational.


The report quotes an Israeli scholar who puts “Political Judaism” on par with “Political Islam.” It is a key principle of Likud propaganda that no movement in Israel may ever be compared to movements in the Muslim world.


The US has huge doses of propaganda about violence in Muslim lands and carry news about repression of Christians all over the place except for Israel.  For years and years, the Christians there have been greatly abused.  Jews openly spit on them in public and nothing happens, for example.  If anything, Jews hate Christians more than they hate Muslims.  They hate Muslims who protected the Jews for a thousand years only because they want to steal from Muslims.  They hate Christians because Christians tried to wipe them out for a thousand years.


Meanwhile, the destruction of our own civil rights continues as the US government justifies criminal abuse of prisoners based on the Jewish model set up in fascist Israel:  Destroyed Videos Showed US Torture Victim ‘Vomiting and Screaming’ — News from Antiwar.com


Jose Rodriguez, the author of a new book defending the torture of suspects as a proud moment in American history, insisted that he was perfectly within his rights to order all of the videos of the torture to be destroyed. He insisted that the destruction was vital because the “heat from destroying the tapes is nothing compared to what it would be if the tapes got into the public domain.”


Again and again, the excuse for hiding the truth about US crimes is, this will inflame Muslims further.  So the answer is to hide these crimes while continuing.  The other day, 5 children were butchered in Afghanistan by a US assassin drone.  The US gave a quick apology and plows onwards with that insane system of repression.  We can’t stop our own fascism and eventually US citizens will be butchered the same way once fascist religious fanatics fight each other here.
Amusing news:  Queen’s advisers tell her to drop ’empire’ from honours as it’s ‘inapproriate’ in post-imperial Britain.  50 years late, they finally are figuring out the obvious.  It is silly, anyways, since this award for bravery and daring-do has been handed out lately to hairdressers, hat makers and cheap popular entertainers.


The topic of charities reminds me of this story:  IRS forms show charity’s money isn’t going to disabled vets.  The scam artists used professional money raisers to get their paws on many millions of dollars and their ‘charity’ was to ship useless junk to vet groups, stuff none of the vets could use.  Like religious charities which mostly spend their loot on building palaces for themselves (a la the Catholic Church which did this for a thousand years!) these rip off artists appeal to patriotism while being all about their own greed.


Back at the Pentagon, the big money-maker there is the military/industrial complex.  Generals fight to expand purchases of gold-plated systems that don’t work and then get rewarded when they ‘retire’.   After generations of ‘cost cutting’ at the Pentagon, we have a bloated system that is ten times more expensive today.  Privatizing made things much, much worse.  Here is the latest example:  Fighter Pilots Claim Intimidation Over F-22 Raptor Jets.  That is, these stupid machines are dangerous to fly.  Exclusive: F-22 Raptor Flyer’s Family Demands Truth in Air Force Pilot’s Death: the man passed out due to lack of oxygen.


The Pentagon blamed him for not performing up to par while passed out!  It is, to them, the pilot’s fault the plane refused to give him oxygen!  Naturally, the report about all this is being kept secret just like the torture videos.  The only Republican with the slightest interest of these military employees is Ron Paul.  Paul Drockton: Republican Stalwarts Flee Romney for Paul is some hidden news about how Romney is losing delegates after primary elections as Ron Paul organizers go to state conventions and then get themselves elected as delegates.  They plan to sit on their hands during the first votes and then take over the convention on the second vote.


GOP fascists won’t allow this.  The Zionists don’t want their gravy train stopped by Ron Paul, either.  So he will vanish forever (easy to see how, they already threatened Obama with assassination) or he will be tempted to stop his own followers and betray them.  We shall see which will happen.  Taking over the GOP machine isn’t possible, a midnight coup will prevent this from happening just as it has in Israel.

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18 responses to “Kadima/Likud Midnight Coup In Israel Barely In US News

  1. Peter Kondiles


    Are you a lesbian? It seems you attack Chrisitans who do not endorse this abnormal lifestyle. In fact, Open homosexuality, lesbianism, and pedophile is the last symption before a society completely collapses. I am not a fanatic
    because I do NOT endorse this behavior. I know what gays stand for is the complete eradication of Christian society. Maybe, someday, browse through US history and see where we got all those freedoms you so called support. Our Consitution emnates from the Bible and it is people like you and MArxist like Obama who are trying to destroy it, in their unique way.


    ELAINE: HAHAHA….religious fanatics hate women’s rights, freedom of speech and thought and of course any sexual matters except for ones allowed by peculiar gods created out of thin air by human beings who make up stuff so they can screw all of us royally while pretending they are good when they are really pure evil.

  2. CK

    Yes indeed, Dr. Paul’s people are working within the rules of the republican parties of the various states.
    Interestingly, and unlike Santorum, Ginggrinch and Romney, Dr. Paul has had no secret service protection during the campaigns. It would probably be as easy to murder Dr. Paul as it has been to murder Iranian Nuclear Scientists and American microbiologist. The results of such a murder might not be appetizing.

  3. petercoupland

    Glad he used his last name!!!!
    I find it very interesting that a Jewish religious fundamentalist appears to me identical to an islamic fundamentalist fanatic.(or any other fundamentalist ..christian born agains….it’s all the same..superstition and intolerance.

  4. JimmyJ

    Wired has a good article today (May 10) on military brass at Joint Staff Forces College who trained for an all out war against all Muslims.

    “We have now come to understand that there is no such thing as ‘moderate Islam, It is therefore time for the United States to make our true intentions clear. This barbaric ideology will no longer be tolerated. Islam must change or we will facilitate its self-destruction.”

    From “So What Can We Do?”, Army Lt. Col. Matthew A. Dooley, July 2011 (PDF):

    Wired Danger Room article:

  5. DeVaul

    I had no idea that open homosexuality, lesbianism, and pedophilia caused Hitler’s Third Reich to collapse! Thanks Peter!

    The nerve of all these V-Day and D-Day memorials!

    When are people going to pick up their Jew books and learn the truth?

    (After they slit each other’s throats deciding which Jew book is the “right” one?)

  6. N00b

    “Our Consitution emnates from the Bible and it is people like you and MArxist like Obama who are trying to destroy it, in their unique way.”

    Oh oh. Somebody just read something about civil rights and realized it isn’t all about Christian white guys. Suddenly democracy is problematic.

    Listen, buddy: The Bible says not one blessed thing about “rights.” It is a book about your obligations. It tells you about your obligations to god, and it tells you about your obligations to your oxen, and to your man-servants and maid-servents, and to your parents and to your workers.

    For those poor people who are in the category of being done wrong by the guy with the obligations, however, there is NO redress of grievances whatsoever. There is only the “hope of eternal punishment.” That’s it. There is no right to vote. There is no right to an education. There is no right to stand up and say, “pay me!” In fact, if you are in the group of the wronged, then standing up and saying something is REBELLION. And that is a big fat sin in fundy circles.

    What amazes me constantly is how you christians just LIE and LIE and MAKE THINGS UP. And you, bub, are chock full of shit.

  7. emsnews

    And I used to have an ox team, Chip and Dale. And did NOT use the Bible to figure out how to feed them, work them or treat them kindly. I did the right things because things that were good for them were good for me. We worked as a team. 🙂

  8. JT


    “pedophile is the last symption before a society completely collapses”

    some churches are in big trouble then?


    ELAINE: And the Pope faints!

  9. shockuhzulu

    What’s the point in arguing about gay marriage? We don’t even have heterosexual marriage in America, just legalized adultery. And the world will keep spinning whether or not a bunch of scum lawyers scratch a few squiggles on a piece of paper. Meanwhile, set us up the bomb!

  10. Seraphim

    Once again we can see what manipulatory power sex has in our “enlightened” society. All serious problems are quickly swept under the carpet once you flaunt the flag of “sexual rights”.
    It is clever. It is a long shot across the oceans, directed at Russia who “persecutes” the poor buggers. Another reason for America to denounce the stifling of “human rights”.

  11. Plenty of gays oppose gay marriage!
    Its the left that wants it.


    ELAINE: The only gays in the right are in the closet.

  12. CK

    State control of marriage is a new thing historically. State laws defining allowable and governmentally sanctioned relationships were put in place to prevent miscegenation. Now miscegenation has been formally legalized for decades so there is not further need for state control of marriage.
    I mean really folks is it true that you all need some bureaucrat to tell you how to enjoy your life and your spouse?

  13. emsnews

    Yes, it is all about tribal taboos.

  14. Christian W

    Here is an example of how the US brainwashes it’s officers. These lectures promoted the idea of a ‘Total war’ and Hiroshima tactis on Muslims.

    “International laws protecting civilians in wartime are “no longer relevant,”
    -Army Lt. Col. Michael A. Dooley
    Joint Forces Staff College


  15. CK

    International law pertaining to the behaviour of nations at war, is relevant and applicable to the losing nations only.
    When the USA loses a total war to an alliance of substantial nations, including having mainland USA occupied by folks that don’t speak merkin, then International Law will be applied.

  16. shockuhzulu

    As for the AIPAC gravy train never ending:


    Iron Dome aid gives them another billion in aid. What next? Divide total aid this year (4 Billion) by current Jewish population in Israel (6 Million) and you get 666. Spooky.

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