Bonobo Sex Versus Gorilla Sex Fuels Human Religious Wars

The religious wars heat up as everyone cynically using hot-button emotions appeal to the most primitive parts of the human brain which is where religious beliefs flow out of: the same part of the brain that deals with fight or flight issues.  People use the frontal cortex to justify the seething emotions and fears of death that dwell in the darkness of the innermost parts of the brain.  Making logical belief systems with elaborate spells and incantations helps us imagine we can control the inhuman forces of Nature that press on us so hard.  This paradoxically leads humans into the most dangerous, violent and vicious an nihilistic hysteria leading to many deaths and lots of suffering.

We can’t escape our own paradoxical religious systems because even being an ‘atheist’ doesn’t shelter one from Apocalyptic beliefs as we see with people worried about global warming, for example.  The same trip-wires in the deep, dank recesses of the human mind are at work when people yell about the End of Times due to say, the earth being as warm as it was during the eras when dinosaurs or giant amphibians and huge dragonflies existed quite merrily.

I suppose this is due to the fact that human evolution became very harsh, fast and hard when the Ice Ages began 2.5 million years ago.  We went from being happy simians living in semi-jungles along the edges of oceans and along streams, naked apes who loved swimming, to being anxious, fearful creatures fighting to survive in a harsher world, desperate to cover up our pre-Ice Age nakedness and then discovering we could use fire to take over the planet.

The push for religious warfare between the three End of Times religions birthed from the same angry male desert god continues:  Revealed: More anti-Islam classes run by military officials | Mail Online

The presentation – entitled ‘So What Can We Do?’ A Counter – Jihad Op Design Model – lists Dresden, Tokyo, Hiroshima and Nagasaki as precedents which can be applied to ‘Mecca and Medina’s destruction.’

The documents showed that both the anti-Islamic courses were prepared by the Strategic Engagement Group, Inc., according to Al Jazeera.

The group formed in 2010 ‘for the purpose of exposing and defeating efforts to subvert the United States Constitution and subjugate the American People,’ says the company’s website…The slides are apparently approved by two retired three-star generals and James Woolsey, a former CIS director.

All my life I have feared nuclear war.  Nuclear war is far worse than global warming as is nuclear power destruction events.  Nuclear war will be all about dropping nuclear bombs on nuclear reactors.  It won’t be used on the battlefields because there will be no battlefields.  There will be acts of violence aimed at the great religious centers.  Wiping out Mecca will cause Jerusalem to be annihilated.  The Vatican would be destroyed, too.

People wishing for religious Armageddon will be granted their wish since they control the nuclear arsenals of the world.  Here is the webpage with the biographies of the lunatics hired by the Pentagon to teach religious intolerance:  SEG: About Us.  They are friends of Senator Lieberman, a fascist Likudnik.  These dangerous radicals running SEG are directly responsible for the many crimes against Muslims in Afghanistan that is causing the US conquest there to collapse.

Afghan commanders show new defiance in dealings with Americans as the Afghan people are increasingly alienated by hostile, intolerant US occupiers irritating them endlessly.  There seems hardly a day goes by where our troops, trained by the SEG fascists, act like Nazi Germans.  This is no shock: they are being trained to be Nazis.

The Nazi ideology was all about exploiting racism, fear of gays and religious intolerance.  This is quite common to all religious systems running countries: they can’t help but be fascist.  For nothing is more fascist than angry gods demanding people who don’t conform be killed.  The US government should not pay religious fanatics to teach our soldiers how to occupy other countries and other religious operations.  Teaching them actively to hate Islam is high on the list of ‘DO NOT DO THIS’ things.

The Muslims return our hatred in spades:  8 NATO forces killed in 3 days as Afghanistan extends authority while the Afghan peace negotiator shot dead.  The news of the SEG school has reached Afghanistan yesterday via al Jazeera.  This mess can’t be hidden under some basket anymore.  The US media still tries hard to ignore this sort of news but outside the US, everyone else on earth knows what is going on.

More killing of Muslims by the US:  Drones in Yemen Kill 11 Militants while the US/Saudi support of an uprising in Syria begins to backfire as Syria’s Islamist Muslim Brotherhood gaining influence over opposition.  All the Arab revolutions are heading towards unity under the banner of the Islamic Muslim Brotherhood.   Revealed: More anti-Islam classes run by military officials | Mail Online

A second anti-Islamic course being taught to U.S. military officers has been discovered following revelations that one class advocated ‘total war’ against Muslims…Hundreds of slides were sent to the news website by an unidentified soldier who said ‘this bigoted conspiracy cabal is both disgusting and so deeply un-American.’

NYC police had a similar ‘course’ that was finally discontinued after protests.  But teaching intolerance isn’t confined to rival religions, it is also against various minorities.  The ones making the news the most this month are gays: the GOP has declared open warfare on all gays at all levels as religious bigots demand Romney who once mocked repeatedly his male classmate by calling him ‘girlie’, the courtship of the intolerant religious fascists continues.

They, like Hitler, don’t want ‘white women’ to have abortions.  The sad thing here is, the campaign against abortions simply means there are more and more and more ‘brown and black’ babies, not white ones since white women wanting birth control continues to rise.  The hidden agenda to make it harder to avoid pregnancy is racist.  That is, the whites calling for restrictions on birth control in the Evangelical community are doing this for nefarious reasons.

I know this for a fact because my right wing religious parents openly talked about this!  The Catholic Church wants infinite infants because this keeps the Pope and his buddies with fresh flesh.  They don’t care what skin color, either.  So it isn’t racist.  The Mormon Church used to be openly racist and now pretends to not be so racist so the Romney/right wing South is still a fit even though the Evangelical community is nervous about him since he firmly believes they are all heathens and will go to hell.

Under intense pressure from Europe and the US, Saudi king sacks adviser over gender comments – Middle East – Al Jazeera English

Saudi King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud has sacked one of his advisers, an outspoken critic of the sexes mingling outside the home, something banned in the conservative kingdom.

The state news agency SPA published the decree on Friday, announcing the dismissal of Sheikh Abdelmohsen al-Obeikan, an adviser to the royal cabinet, without providing further details.

The move comes several days after Obeikan, speaking on local radio, lashed out at the interaction of men and women in court, accusing the judges of seeking to “Westernise society”.

“Women suffer from gender mingling and harassment in the courts,” said the sheikh, a former judge, while demanding the segregation of the sexes in court.

“Some influential people have plans to corrupt Muslim society by seeking to change the natural status of women,” he said, accusing judges he did not name of “wanting to replace justice based on [Islamic] law with secular laws”.

The difference between right wing Saudi males and Romeny’s gang is vanishingly small.  They all want women to lose basic human and civil rights in the name of their god which seems to carry this grudge against us females.  Why it hates us baffles me.  This phobia against females is literally insane.  Yet, many are attracted to this.  Women who are attracted do this due to upbringing coupled with fear of being singled out and physically killed if they don’t yield.  Fanatical women who love this system support it because it gives them power over rival females.

The GOP has gone totally over the top about all of this.  Even as they push women politicians like Palin to run for office on a platform of anti-women’s rights, the ultimate goal is to send her and her ilk out of power again.  Attacking people due to their sex is an ongoing problem with the GOP fanatics:  Top Romney aide outed transgender woman in political smear | The Raw Story

Eric Fehrnstrom, a top aide and political strategist to presumptive Republican presidential candidate former Gov. Mitt Romney (MA), made headlines earlier this year with a gaffe comparing Romney in the primary fight to an “Etch a Sketch” that you can flip over and shake and start over with as a blank slate in the general election. Before he was an adviser to Romney, Fehrnstrom was a political columnist for the Boston Herald. According to a profile in GQ, in 1992, he outed recently-elected Massachusetts Rep. Althea Garrison (R) as a transgender woman, effectively ending her political career.

To Mara Keisling, director of the National Center for Transgender Equality, the malicious outing and the presence of Fehrnstrom on Romney’s staff is simply unacceptable.

Gay scandals constantly roil the GOP since everyone there has some sort of sexual deviation problem, hidden or open.  All humans have this!  We are relatives to the easy-sex Bonobo apes, after all.  Our more distant relatives, the gorillas, run their society along the lines of the GOP and religious right wingers, Muslim, Christian or Jewish.  That is, the Big Ape rules the harem.

But our Inner Bonobo Ape minds love free sex, multiple partners and homosexuality.  This aspect is totally at odds with the grim gorilla belief system.  So we have schizoid sex systems where anti-women Afghani Muslims have sex with young boys and GOP anti-gays bump each other at rest stops.

Unable to face this truth, the GOP continues to complain about sex and marriage while running riot, getting divorced and having children out of wedlock and other escapades:  Romney seeks evangelical votes; opposes gay marriage | Reuters

“People of different faiths like yours and mine, sometimes wonder where we can meet in common purpose, when there are so many differences in creed and theology,” the presumptive Republican nominee said in a commencement speech, addressing his Mormon faith.

“Surely the answer is that we can meet in service, in shared moral convictions about our nation stemming from a common worldview,” said Romney to warm applause. Mormons, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, view themselves as Christians…Liberty teaches that Mormonism is a cult, and university officials took down a commencement Facebook page after it was flooded with hundreds of posts objecting to Romney’s appearance.

I am fascinated by the whole issue of hell.  Since childhood, I have asked questions about this fascinating place.  Who gets to go there?  All Christians believe that nearly everyone is going there except themselves and their pets.  Of course, almost all Christian sects believe all the others are going to hell.  They unite to enforce gorilla sex rules on the rest of us because presumably, we will go to hell unless we stick to the more primitive gorilla sex.

That is, hell is for Bonobos and heaven is for gorillas!  I find that particularly funny since people who believe that our choice of sex determines where we end up in the afterlife, I would far prefer Bonobo Hell to Gorilla Heaven!  This is why talk about how we are all  going to hell is so funny.  I ask people what they plan to do in heaven and they give us a stare.  Well, they will hang out, of course.  Doing what?

Praising the head gorillas, of course, while picking off the fleas!  I guess.  Who knows?  It may be fun for them!  But not for me.

One of the saddest organizations on earth, the one with the most schizoid views of the universe are the Log Cabin Republicans.  These poor saps think the gorilla sex gang will not tear them limb from limb at their leisure.  Desire to make money via less taxes leads them to support their oppressors:  Steve Rothaus’ Gay South Florida

Log Cabin Republicans overwhelmingly chose Gov. Mitt Romney as their favorite GOP presidential candidate in a Florida straw vote on Saturday at City Hall the Restaurant, 2004 Biscayne Blvd. in Miami.

All 24 of them!  4 of them supported Ron Paul!   I don’t think there are that many Lumpen Log Cabin guys out there, are there?  If I took out my gay friends and took a poll, 100% would not support Romney for the see a dangerous gorilla there seeking to destroy them if this gains him more personal power.  From the website of this odd organization:

(Washington, DC) – In the wake of President Obama’s personal announcement in support of the freedom to marry, Republicans should recognize the changed political climate on the issue in favor of equality.

“Marriage equality has captured the nation’s attention, and the response to President Obama’s announcement is evidence of the tide turning in favor of equality for all. Log Cabin Republicans have long believed that supporting the freedom to marry is the right thing to do and the President’s joining this effort is in the nation’s best interest. That said, Americans can be certain that the President would not have made this decision at this time if it were not in his best political interests. In addition to energizing his base and distracting attention from a failed economic record, the trap is laid for any Republican who responds with intolerance,” said R. Clarke Cooper, Log Cabin Republicans Executive Director. “Already some in the GOP are taking the bait with former RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie bringing up the twice-failed Federal Marriage Amendment and the unfortunate vote on Representative Heulskamp’s (R-KS) amendment re-affirming DOMA last night. Democrats are eager to fundraise off of this issue. It is in the best interests of Republican candidates to be measured and disciplined in response, recognizing that a generational shift has occurred.”

“Governor Mitt Romney’s statement in opposition to not just marriage but civil unions jeopardizes his ability to win moderates, women and younger voters, especially as a large majority of Americans favor some form of relationship recognition for their LGBT friends and neighbors. Ultimately, the response of the Republican candidates this election cycle will determine not just endorsements by Log Cabin Republicans, but the votes of millions of Americans who are simply tired of the culture wars.”

So, they support Romney but are unhappy with him?  HAHAHA.  How dare Obama appeal to gays, they whine!  Then, they beg their gorilla leader who is a brute to please stop beating them up!  HAHAHA.  Drop those scissors, Romney!  Please!  Ouch!  When running in Mass. for governor, Romney was more pro-gay.  Now, Romney Walks Back Stance On Gay Adoption

Mitt Romney walked back on his earlier comment that it’s “fine” for gay couples to adopt, saying he will “simply acknowledge” that gay adoption is legal.

“Well actually I think all states but one allow gay adoption, so that’s a position which has been decided by most of the state legislators, including the one in my state some time ago,” Romney told Charlotte, North Carolina’s WBTV on Friday. “So I simply acknowledge the fact that gay adoption is legal in all states but one.”

The gorillas want to kill the bonobos.  They want the gays to have no rights.  Then, it is much easier to rape them.  And yes, nearly all gay friends of mine who were raped were raped by ‘straights’ who were ‘teaching them a lesson.’  This is quite common.

On cue, the entire GOP gorilla gang is thundering about the land, beating their chests and baring their considerable fangs:  Rand Paul: Obama’s Marriage Views Couldn’t ‘Get Any Gayer’.   After Palin’s teen unmarried mom child attacked gays for wanting what she doesn’t have, we have Cuba’s Raul Castro backs gay rights says daughter and then there is this report given to the GOP leadership explaining poll numbers for gay rights:

Young people are far more tolerant of gays and increasingly are releasing their own inner bonobo emotions.  Of course, while trying to appeal to the young, the chief gorilla of the GOP has to do it the brutal, rapine way:  Romney: BofA Protesters ‘Too Young’ To Understand Economy.  This is typical of him.  He has no sympathy for anyone except slaves and little of that.  A bully when young and an abuser when old.

Speaking of hyperpatriots in the GOP:  BBC News – Michele Bachmann gives up Swiss passport one day after she proudly announced she was only half an American.  What is funny here is how she and her fellow gorillettes huff and puff about Obama not being an American while her own husband isn’t American and she joined him in being a foreigner, too!  Get it straight!  How the GOP can say one thing and do the exact opposite is constantly amusing.  And sad.

Back to gorillas demanding one kind of sex while doing the opposite:  Catholic Church Sexual Abuse Scandal: Vatican Investigates 7 Legion Of Christ Priests For Allegedly Assaulting Minors.  It never, ever ends.  The Church attracts closet Log Cabin-type gays who hate themselves, hate humanity and want to rape someone while denouncing them.  Stop it!  Just stop it.

Meanwhile, in the fascist Jewish community in the US, open rapine continues due to not being arrested by authorities:  Bloomberg Among Critics of Brooklyn District Attorney –

District attorneys in New York are elected, and the mayor has no authority over Mr. Hynes’s conduct. But the mayor was adding his voice to growing criticism of Mr. Hynes’s record on child sexual abuse cases involving the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community.

Victims’ groups have accused Mr. Hynes of being too accommodating to politically powerful rabbis who have often sought to resolve allegations of sexual abuse quietly through rabbinical panels.

Mr. Hynes has also adopted a policy of not publicizing accusations of child sexual abuse involving ultra-Orthodox Jews, even as he has continued to publicize the names of other defendants accused of sex crimes. Mr. Hynes’s aides said Mr. Hynes was not publicizing the accusations to avoid revealing the identities of victims in the highly insular community.

So, a bunch of angry gorillas get to judge each other when they rape.  Interesting.  Of course, like all other operations of this sort, they hate bonobo sex that is free, open and non-compulsory while imposing rules and regulations on their own captives and even killing them if they violate these ‘rules’ and then turning around and having sex of any sort with anything on earth and then not punishing themselves!

This insane system has been running for thousands of years.  It is based on raw power.  Whoever can force others into this sort of system always ends up imposing insane sexual rules designed to punish bonobo behaviors.  Why this is an ongoing mental war should be explored more closely.  Freud tried doing this but due to his own gorilla sexual confusions, he simply got lost in the thicket of Id behaviors and gave up and lost entirely his way.


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18 responses to “Bonobo Sex Versus Gorilla Sex Fuels Human Religious Wars

  1. petercoupland

    Great post Elaine!
    People don’t think about what they are going to do in Heaven for ….Eternity!!!
    Like you say..hang out and sing the praises of God??Forever??

    Sounds like Hell to me!!!!

  2. Seraphim

    With gay marriages and the white women right of abortion soon we won’t have anyone to defend!

  3. Jimbo

    Shorter Elaine: Love your neighbor, but hate the jooooos.

    Elaine, just go die and make the world a better place


    off topic, sorry.

    This event caused a change in perception for both sides in Ireland.

    “According to Physicians for Human Rights, there is no previous recorded case of anyone surviving without food or supplements for more than 75 days.”

    Bilal Diab, 27, and Thaer Halahla, 33, have gone for 76 days without food, Palestinians for Dignity said Sunday.

    The Israeli prison service (IPS) says no one’s life is at risk….

    “The United States is pressing Abbas to use the letters as a means of moving toward direct talks with Israel.” …HaHa…can one eat letters.

    It is likely these men will die, at this point their stomachs have eaten themselves.

    When one of these men, held without charge or trial, die it will be very difficult for all Palestinians to do nothing.

    All respect for leadership will switch to leadership of by the hunger strikers.

    Very soon no one in Israel will care about Iran.

  5. GIL

    And a Happy Mother’s Day to you, Elaine. Don’t forget that as much as you love your children, God loves you even more. Yes, you know that God is Love. You know God, and God knows you. Remember the important things, and let go of the rest. Peace.

  6. reader

    elaine i suspect you of being a secret puritan

  7. ‘Reader’..why is she a closet puritan?

  8. JimmyJ

    I agree, great post, Elaine. I’ve wondered about the schism between the two great apes and similarities with humans, but your post is quite funny and right on.

    Some new research: human brains block information crucial to higher brain function when under threat.

    “Psychologists at Bangor University believe that they have glimpsed for the first time, a process that takes place deep within our unconscious brain, where primal reactions interact with higher mental processes… they identify a reaction to negative language inputs which shuts down unconscious processing.

    They believe that this provides the first proven insight to a hither-to unproven process in which our unconscious mind blocks information from our conscious mind or higher mental processes.”

    Science Daily article

    The entire paper at Neuroscience. (Disregard the strange title for the paper.)

    How Reading in a Second Language Protects Your Heart
    Yan Jing Wu1 and Guillaume Thierry, Bangor University (HTML)

    This would go a long to explaining why we are so violent in spite of our best interests. The brain simply defaults back to some primitive non-rational state at the slightest stress. If words can do it, what about the daily stress of living amongst other humans. Yikes!

  9. emsnews

    Changing the way we think causes greatest distress often leading to violence. A quick peek at history shows this clearly over and over again. Humans, once they set their brain in some sort of cement belief system react quite violently when they are informed there is something wrong with whatever ideas they hold dear.

    People kill their own children for imperiling their innermost ideas. People will kill neighbors and friends for the same reason. This is one of our most dangerous traits.

  10. ‘This is one of our most dangerous traits’, Only if you are the one killed.
    It may also be a lifesaver, Like a gun or surgeons knife.

  11. Elaine, did you see ‘Julia’ [the dems cartoon]?

  12. Paul S

    “The Nazi ideology was all about exploiting racism,…” Another critical component of the Nazi ideology is creating fear. Very important to the Nazis. This is why they would jail people and otherwise persecute them for no real reason. The purpose was to send a message: this can happen to YOU. After awhile, you have a society where neighbors would inform on neighbors. for no other reason than to get revenge from some perceived slight, real or not. Or they would inform to curry favor with the Nazis.
    About Swiss citizen Michelle Bachmann: her brainwashed followers likely won’t even notice this story about her being so un-American. Maybe they could ask Bachmann about this next time Bachmann decides to lurk in the bushes searching for lesbians. More likely: her uninformed followers will explain all this away by blaming those dastardly liberal elites, who control everything.

  13. shockuhzulu

    As long as we’re talking about crazy stuff–why not?

  14. JT

    Life is funny.
    How many people here know that the German Green party was planned and funded by Stasi.

    And the original idea was to quell economic growth in West Germany not protect nature?

    Now it is a world movement.
    Strangest things come out of secret organisations.

  15. emsnews

    Good lord! JT, the Green party was launched by environmentalists and Germany has had these for many decades, many, many decades. Long before the Green Party.

    The sentiment about protecting nature is there in the Victorian era when modern production began destroying the environment at a mad rate (the Rhine region for example went from very bucolic to dark, dirty and ugly in just three generations!).

    Tolkien, for example, fretted about this in England, he grew up mainly near a major industrial center which turned Merrie England into Mordor in his childhood.

    The urge to protect nature isn’t a new thing.

  16. JT


    yes of course, the idea is not from stasi.
    but as a political organized movement it was funded and supported in West Germany by Stasi.
    (against government, quell growth and against more nuclear arms so it was in their interests)

    It’s propably different in the US but here many of the Green politicians really are ex-communists.
    They have a bit of an internal battle nowdays between “engineer-greens” and “old school communist-greens”.
    Engineer-greens are for nuclear energy and old-school political greens are against for example.
    I like the practical greens who look for technical solutions rather than those who are against all economic activity.

  17. Eso

    ………..But our Inner Bonobo Ape minds love free sex, multiple partners and homosexuality………….

    You forgot about incest, Elaine! At least one anthropologist, Robin Fox (The Red Lamp of Incest), believed that incest made a significant contribution in making our brain the size it is.

  18. Not any more, ESO. I read Muslims are way stupid due to inbreeding. Elaine posted the ‘sick inbred dogs’ clip as well.

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