Nightmare On Wall Street: Freddie Kruger Knifes Zuckerberg

A Tribute to Freddy Krueger – YouTube

The Facebook Fiasco is growing by the hour as the goofy stock drops like a knife, slicing off the hands of some of the richest banking houses on Wall Street.  So, there is justice after all!  We see how the evil ones who were bailed out at our expense who thought they could pull yet another bubble scam, are now being relentlessly destroyed by events they, themselves, started.  Arrest them all, I say!  It is several years late, but arrest them all!


There is trouble coming to Wall Street, the storm is about to break as everyone notices a failed con game:  Morgan Stanley Denies Wrongdoing in Facebook IPO


Facebook shares have plunged 18 percent in the three days since the second-largest IPO in U.S. history, prompting investors to blame Morgan Stanley, the lead underwriter. The bank said it sent a copy of a revised prospectus that Facebook filed May 9 to all of its institutional and retail investors. The filing disclosed that Facebook’s advertising growth hasn’t kept pace with the increase in users.


Here is a funny video about Anonymous destroying Facebook:  Erasebook – YouTube


Lots of comments here that amused me:  Facebook’s ‘falling knife’ shares drop again – Market Extra – MarketWatch.  One poster referred to this story:  Facebook forecasts were revised, but only few knew –

Massachusetts subpoenas Morgan Stanley for details

By Lynn Cowan and Liz Moyer

Analysts for at least two of Facebook Inc.’s (FB) lead underwriters revised their financial forecasts for the company while it was holding initial-public-offering “road-show” meetings with investors, according to people close to the deal.
The revised figures were only passed along to some investors, according to Scott Sweet, an adviser with IPO Boutique who worked with hedge funds and others that were buying into the deal. That is standard industry practice, but Sweet said it angered some who didn’t get the updated figures.


This is how all con artists work: they know something, lie about it, and then trick someone who trusts them into buying a worthless turkey, a car with a blown engine, a property in a swamp or desert.  Prosecuting people who do this is important.  One has to put the fear of the law in these con artists and the US has let an army of con artists loose on Wall Street.


Last year, we had many Occupy Wall Street demonstrations which were all brutally crushed by the militarized cops.  But they had a point: Wall Street is a criminal operation right now due to lack of relevant laws to protect investors.  Police van drives through protesters in Chicago as they protest the G8 and NATO meetings, for example.  The cops drove right over people.  So, protestors who want change are attacked physically while crooks pretending to be financial advisors go around merrily lying about material matters so they can steal one’s life savings.  I see a problem here.


From another reader at Marketwatch:


I have been to South America and every high school kid was on facebook on the cafe internet, really everyone age 12 to 18 was on facebook……….but that does not have any value. It is free,…they are kids, they have free time.. and….this was on a poor neighbor of a south American nation…..they are not buying anything…..they are in fb because it is is free and it is fun to share pictures…..that is all…they do not have credit cards from mom and dad…over there.


Of the supposed 900 million users, about half don’t use it much at all.  Then the users are now mainly poor people or kids who are looking for something (robbing people who post information on FB about not being home is a huge hit with the criminals!).  But the ‘ads’ that would work there would have to be selling stuff kids want and in general, this means free stuff.  Woodstock is the ideal.
Facebook fell as far today as yesterday and will fall an equal amount tomorrow.  This dynamic is picking up speed, not stopping.  It won’t stop until everyone is certain it can’t fall any further and that means nearer to $1 than $44.  Already, everyone is pointing fingers at each other as Morgan Stanley May Face Probe and Nasdaq Sued Over Facebook IPO Delays.


Meanwhile, the GOP is howling about capitalism and how Obama is a communist.  This childish behavior is pathetic since they are most anxious that Obama not talk about Romney’s offshore loot, how he has destroyed high paying US jobs and offshored our industries.  Romney talks about creating jobs but this is delusional.  He has no plans for how to do this.  None.  Neither does Obama.


That old right wing witch, Mitch McConnell is shrieking about how President Obama Is Attacking Capitalism:


“I do think that it’s interesting to note that the whole notion of our success and of capitalism seems to be under attack by this administration across the board, not just in the campaign, but through the actions of the government itself,” McConnell said at a Capitol Hill press conference.


“They seem to have forgotten what made this country great and what has lifted literally millions of Americans out of poverty for a long period of time has been a robust capitalist system,” McConnell continued. “I think the view of this administration is that if you’re making a profit you must be up to no good. You must be either mistreating your employees or cheating your customers or both.”


Yes, Romney was most successful.  Like any demolition team, he did a fine job of it.  Like Genghis Khan, he looted just fine, very successful!  As a good person for our nation, he was a total disaster.  What lifted millions of Americans out of poverty was not a bunch of pirates moving jobs and capital overseas.  It was Americans investing in our own country!


As for Obama suggesting that making a profit may come from cheating people…um…hello!  Facebook is a prime example of this!


Now on to that other disaster area expected to bail out the EU:  Japan Rating Cut Rings Alarm on Tax Gridlock – Bloomberg


The local-currency rating was reduced one step, and foreign-currency grade two levels, to A+, the fifth-highest ranking, Fitch said in a statement yesterday. The Paris-based OECD said separately that boosting the 5 percent consumption levy is a “top priority.”


A surge in demand for Japanese government bonds that sent 10-year yields to the lowest level since 2003 this month is masking the risks from rising debt. Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda has failed to persuade opposition lawmakers to support his legislation, leaving gross public debt poised to reach 223 percent of gross domestic product next year, the OECD said.


YIKES.  Japan is sliding off an ecological, emotional and financial cliff.  U.S. Lets China Bypass Wall Street for Treasury Orders « Zen Haven: The Chinese can buy US debt directly from Uncle Sam whereas Japan still has to buy it from Uncle JP Morgan.  This is UNIQUE and shows how much the Chinese leaders who we make fun of, own our government.  Quite literally.  They are also buying Japan’s debts for the same reasons.


The GOP pretends to not understand how capital, labor and debt operates and for that matter, neither does the DNC.  Nor the Federal Reserve.  Indeed, there is huge efforts to avoid understanding all of this.  I can see why!  It is so much easier to destroy the US capitalist system via deliberate ignorance.  Bribes from foreign powers (Israel, Saudi Arabia, China, Japan, et. al.) are too lucrative to ignore and so the need to lie about capital, labor and debt is very important if one wishes to get richer, destroying the US.


Too bad the voters don’t know any of this.  Thank our media.  That pushed Facebook on us as hard as possible.  And congratulations to the Little Investors on Wall Street who saw through the fog of hype and torpedoed the Facebook con game!  Yes!  Good going!

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20 responses to “Nightmare On Wall Street: Freddie Kruger Knifes Zuckerberg

  1. Kristie Hernandez

    you are childish talking about all this crap if you cant even cover whats important,

    Your as bad as the media you complain about,, why dont you read the above article and find out what real activists do,, and what real news is

  2. payAttention

    Kriste, you are much braver than I am myself, and certainly braver than the author. We can not confront reality on an undiluted level as you do, since we need our distractions to keep from seeing how bad and mean the world really is, the way that you do. By avoiding dealing with the cold hard reality the way you do, we absolve ourselves of responsibility and expect you to carry the torch for us. You are better, that is all.

    Now if I wanted to read what you wrote, I would read your blog. Since I want to read what Missus Supkis writes, please do piss off.

  3. Ali


    Haahahaha. Aaah that made me laugh. I mean really laugh.


    ELAINE: I am always laughing here.

  4. Being There

    The real issues are what kind of Capitalism do you want? Instead of branding the neoliberal globalist and free-trader Obama as a communist, just as they are–because this is a duopoly that hates itself, the electorate should be asking themselves whether we want a national economy or just be a trade-zone for transnationalism for banks and corporations.

    By now, many have woken to the fact that the US is a corporatist nation. That may in fact be a form of fascism where the rich control the political message and the politicians are their dummies.

    The FB fiasco is one way the people have said “Hell NO!”

  5. melponeme_k

    Whenever I see inflammatory posts pop up here in a rather systematic campaign, I suspect that Elaine has struck a sore spot of the elites.

    Zuckerberg is a nincompoop but a venal and opportunistic one. I can only deduce that the powers that propped him up and gave him his funding are frothing over Elaine’s little blog. The little man himself just took whatever money that was handed to him and ran off with his new wife.

  6. emsnews

    Actually, Zuckerberg is trying to be a Tycoon. He wants to totally control Facebook. Alas, he is also INCOMPETENT.

    This is why the knife has a long ways to fall and no one is catching it. The desperate Wall Street bankers want to hold up his stock since they are stuck sitting on millions of shares which they dare not put on the open market.

    So they will gang up on Zuckerberg and remove him from the board of directors in some fashion.

  7. DeVaul

    Actually the knife will fall in Zuckerberg’s back, while he is swimming in his pool. I can already see his silouhette from below floating on the surface.

    As for capitalism, I must agree with Kristie that it may all become irrelevant when the fuel-rod pool at the No. 4 reactor collapses. We will no longer talk about complicated economic theories or even ask: what is capitalism?

    We will be running for our lives, and most of us will probably not make it. We have been hit by an asteroid, but the fire is only just getting started. To know that I am breathing radioactive fallout right now is most depressing. I can do nothing about it. It’s in the air!

    Since there is no REAL solution to Fukushima or the other nuclear nightmares waiting to happen, satirizing the idiots who brought us this plague might be the only way to spiritually survive at this point, and of course loving those around you before they vanish.

  8. melponeme_k

    “Actually, Zuckerberg is trying to be a Tycoon. He wants to totally control Facebook. Alas, he is also INCOMPETENT.”

    Whatever Sugar Daddy/s supported him also supported his delusion of being a Tycoon. They paid him to pretend to be in charge and he actually thought that he was in charge of it all.

    Now the real leaders will emerge. And they aren’t very happy about holding all those worthless, rubber stock certificates.

    I definitely think Zuckerberg will be forced to endure tar and feathers for all of them (like Madoff before him) in lieu of real justice.

  9. melponeme_k

    More debris from our dead culture.

    Baz Luhrman turns The Great Gatsby into a celebration of Gangsta culture. Something Fitzgerald was trying to expose.


    Personally, I don’t see what Suckerman did that was immoral. He developed a software package popular with kids and gave it away.

    Wall Street saw an opportunity to scam the same mopes they have been scamming since day 1. Sure, Suckerman was a patsy, but a well compensated one. He will never have to work again.

    How many here would do anything differently had they the intelligence or drive that young man possesses?

  11. emsnews

    He is ‘one of the tribe’. Therefore, he gets to run for it. If he was one of the ‘dirty people’ god hates, they would not have petted him in the news or given him any room to act, he would have been sliced and diced long ago.

  12. shockuhzulu

    And if the 2 brothers who actually invented Facebook were in the tribe they would’ve pushed Zuck out a long time ago. And if my gramma had balls….well you know the rest.

    None of us get to choose our parents, but if I could I wouldn’t choose to be in the tribe. I’d rather be me and hope I win the lotto someday 🙂

  13. Madamoyzelle

    Ah, Kristie, the woman who knows no punctuation AND has a big ego, too. If you had been here when the Fukushima was hitting the fan, you would have seen all of Elaine’s analyses. Which included news that was not in the “Liberal Media.”

    Facebook and its defenders. tcha. There’s a fool born every minute, and a Zuckerman to take advantage of it. Yeah, he’s sure an icon for any kid to emulate. Not.

    He’s just another PT Barnum with a fancier “Way to the Egress.”

  14. DeVaul

    “How many here would do anything differently had they the intelligence or drive that young man possesses?”

    Uh… when the government comes to me and asks me to hand over private information on hundreds of millions of people for them to keep permanently, I would have said “no”.

    But then, I am a moral person. Zuckerberg is not.

  15. Facebook never did interest me much. It reminds me of the cliques that were supposed to go away after high school. Keeping a friend list? It doesn’t do the basic things the internet was invented to do: let strangers from all over the world discuss things that interest them. I already have an email program on my very own little PC that lets me send messages to contacts I’ve already added. Why would I want an online version with a million bells and whistles, that keeps changing its interface so I can’t even use it easily. {end rant}

  16. DeVaul


    I too never used Facebook or even knew what it was until my co-worker tried to explain it to me. It sounds like a modern replacement for the old “pen pal” thing we did back before computers. Young people can contact people in other countries and talk to them. I cannot believe relatives need this service to keep in touch. That seems overboard. And local friends? That is just creepy.

    Someone noticed that kids in South America were using it to communicate with other kids all over the world for free. I can see that. Unfortunately, these type programs eventually attract those whose primary goal is to find a lover or have a sexual liason — often under dubious circumstances.

    That’s when the program starts to fall apart — when it becomes sleazy. Of course, adding the entire US government as “voyeurs” is also a great way to kill a program or service along with idiotic ads to buy useless crap that force their way into your face until you just finally unplug it and walk away.

    Funny how this was starting to happen in earnest when Zuckerberg decided to “sell”. He is no idiot when it comes to conning people.

    I hope he builds a backyard pool.

  17. Steve Murgaski

    DeVaul, in my limited experience of Facebook, it’s much more designed towards staying in touch with people you already know than to meeting new ones. You give it all this personal information (what school you went to; who your ‘friends’ are; where you live…) and then it helps people who went to the same school or who have the same friends get in touch with you. So it helps you build up a clique of people from the same social background who you can interract with. Like if you want to invite a bunch of people to your birthday party then you draw up the invitation on FB, and go through your list of FB friends and pick which ones to send it to.

    The old internet had discussion groups (called newsgroups) that were devoted to particular topics. Anybody could send a message to the group for discussing molecular physics, and subscribers to the molecular physics group would see it, and could respond. In that system people would meet others with similar interests, from everywhere. In the FB system you communicate to all your ‘friends,’ who tend to have varying interests, so the information you send out tends to be whether or not you’re single; the cool place you ate lunch yesterday; and etc… Stuff your friends might care about, but which anyone else would find trivial. FB is very poorly designed for discussing molecular physics (or political issues), but beautiful for letting all your friends know that you aren’t over your ex yet.

  18. DeVaul

    I still don’t get it. Why not call your friends on the phone? That was the old way, and I see people with phones permenantly attached to their heads now, so who are they talking to? I assume it must be other friends given the length of time they are on the phone.

    I was almost killed last week by a sportscar that ran a red light to make a left turn from a one way street. I was in the middle of the crosswalk on my scooter with a white walk sign. He locked’em up and missed me by inches. It really scared me, but what he did next unnerved me even more: he leaned on his horn to force me to move out of his way!

    I had disturbed his phone call, you see, and he was mad as hell.

  19. emsnews

    And when you plan to see your friends via Facebook, invitations go out to the police, FBI, CIA, Mossad and all their friends. So all parties and sex encounters facilitated this way have many hidden enemies watching like lions and wolves, waiting to pounce.

    Back in the old days from 1968 to 1989, my phones were tapped by the FBI and possibly by the CIA. Sometimes the taps screwed up my phone service and I would complain loudly.

    You see, back then, listening in on my private conversations was illegal unless the government gave permission. When the Chinese officials moved in with me to learn how America really works, the taps were continuous instead of off and on.

    Today, the government totally spies on anyone and everyone all at once. All the time thanks to Facebook and Google, etc.

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