Super Secret Bilderberg Meeting This Weekend

One of the people at the core of the Bilderberg gang are the owners of the NYT.  Seeing that once again, people online are talking about demonstrating against these gangsters, it was time to pretend we are all crazy conspiracy thinkers who don’t know ‘nothing’.  This exercise in lying about the goals, tactics and political agenda of the international very rich is amusing since previous to 2000, the NYT and others like fellow Bilderberg conspirators at the Washington Post, pretended there was no such thing as the ‘Bilberberg’ gang!  HAHAHA.


A vapid defense of his NYT bosses is buried at the conclusion in a series about how Philip K. Dick, Sci-Fi Philosopher, is a paranoid, delusional person because he wrote about how the media and government can conspire with rich capitalists to lie to us about reality:


For example, think about the relentless rise of conspiracy theories, which has gone hand in hand with the vast, rhizomatic flourishing of the Internet. Think about the widespread idea — on the right and the left — that the United States is governed by secretive, all-powerful elites. These used to be identified as Ivy League educated WASPS or Freemasons or Jews and are now usually identified as former senior employees of Goldman Sachs.


If you think that there is a secret that can be known that they are hiding from us and that requires the formation of a small, secret sect to work against them, then you have entered into an essentially gnostical way of thinking.


Politics here becomes the defense of purity against impure, inauthentic forces and the true leader has to be an authentic hero who can combat the forces of evil with an almost superhuman resolve: Mitt Romney, step this way.


Jewish members of Goldman Sachs ARE members of the Bilderberg gang AND AIPAC, too!  They ARE powerful and quite vain about this and boast about this when with each other or in Israel.  Here, in the US, they pretend to be humbler than Mr. Uriah Heep.  Mitt Romney, in this editorial, is being held up for mockery by Simon Critchley  because he believes the average reader doesn’t know that Mitt IS a Bilderberg/Council of Foreign Relations/AIPAC member, himself!


So, how can he ‘combat the forces of evil with…resolve’ when he is one of the dark conspirators creating the Matrix?  Remember, the people who are aware of the Bilderberg gang are supposed to be stupid and thus, will cling to Mitt to save them from the Bilderberg gang!  Only, the ‘conspiracy’ people hate Romney precisely because they all know this information in the first place!  Romney’s connections to elitist organizations – Bilderberg, Council on Foreign Relations | Park Romney Research


Worse, last fall in his article, Rick, Rattle and Roll –, Simon Critchely even mentions that Rick Perry is a Bilderberg gangster!  And in 2010, Simon had an earlier article mocking us for trying to force the Bilderberg gang out into the open.  So, he is an old hand at trying to protect his many bosses and buddies.  Here is my short reply to his stupid editorial:


Elaine Meinel SupkisBerlin, N.Y.
Debunking ‘conspiracy’ people online while never daring to mention the Bilderberg gang who is very elite and extremely real…HAHAHA. Right.


Look, the owners of the NYT has belonged to this deliberately secretive group that hides its meetings so they can ‘talk privately about the world’ is…exactly an elite conspiracy to rule the world.


Then there is the banking system which is run by the exact same elites who meet in highest secrecy! And the NYT refuses to report what goes on in these meetings even though the owners know exactly what is going on.


And naturally, Simon who is part of this operation to control the world refuses to tell his own connections to the Bilderberg gang.


Then Politico, a rightwing Recht Reich operation attacks ‘conspiracy thinkers’ in the exact same way.Rubio and the Bilderberg conspiracy – Print View

“These are influential folks — and they’ve all got friends in American politics — so if they see somebody that impresses them or doesn’t, I expect that they would pass that view on,” said Weber, a former Minnesota congressman who has attended two Bilderberg meetings. “But I would tell all of those bloggers and protestors to save their outrage for a real conspiracy, because this is just a conference.”…This year, anti-Bilderberg activists are planning an “Occupy Bilderberg” protest outside the Westfield Marriott in Chantilly, Va., where they believe the group will hold its conference May 31-June 3.


The Washington Post Co. and its chairman Don Graham, a frequent attendee, have donated $100,000 over the past few years, according to tax filings. They also show repeat donations from Bilderberg regulars such as David Rockefeller (who has given a total of $150,000 since 2004), Henry Kissinger ($90,000) and mega-Romney donor Henry Kravis and his wife ($145,000).


The usual, ‘Nothing to see, move along’ story.  Har!  So, Politico admits there is a Bilderberg gang but these are a bunch of people sitting around kissing and snoozing, sort of like in an old Englich Men’s Club of the 19th century, tut, tut, I say, wot?


Here is the and in it is Jon Corzine who is the creep who ripped off investors recently and isn’t in prison (the Chinese would have killed him by now): in the second half of this Frontline epidsode, they talk about Jon and his theft of private funds to bail out his hedge fun, MF Global.


Naturally, Corzine has participated in meetings of the Bilderberg Group, a network of leaders in the fields of politics, business, and banking, from 1995–1997, 1999, 2003…back to Politico as he whitewashes the elites:


Kagan, the Romney foreign policy adviser, said the conspiracy theories give Bilderberg too much credit.

“Mostly, with all due respect to all of them, it’s a lot of vaguely uninteresting people giving vaguely uninteresting lectures and then having nice meals in nice places,” said Kagan, who has only attended one such meeting. “People getting together to talk about world politics is not any more exciting than anybody thinks it is.”


As these murderers mutter and sigh and chat about their children, they also decide how many thousands or millions of people die the following year.  Iran is on the hit list.  So are many others including pesky people in Europe, England, the US, Canada, etc.  Kill them all, sighs these elites so politely.  Here is another conspiracy story which may well be true:  Emanuela Orlandi: Missing girl ‘buried in mobster’s tomb was kidnapped for Vatican sex parties’ | Mail Online


The Catholic Church’s leading exorcist priest has sensationally claimed a missing schoolgirl thought to be buried in a murdered gangster’s tomb was kidnapped for Vatican sex parties.

Father Gabriel Amorth, 85, who has carried out 70,000 exorcisms, spoke out as investigators continued to examine mobster Enrico De Pedis’s tomb in their hunt for Emanuela Orlandi.

Last week police and forensic experts broke into the grave after an anonymous phone call to a TV show said the truth about Emanuela’s 1983 disappearance would be ‘found there’.

And although bones not belonging to the mobster were recovered they have not yet been positively identified as hers.

The Catholic Church is run like the Bilderberg gang and indeed, is very deeply involved with them.  They want to control sex, money and power and so do others, everyone wants to rule and we are supposed to imagine they are looking after us, not dining off of us like parasites.  Speaking of parasites, Investors file lawsuit against Facebook, Morgan Stanley – May. 23, 2012:


Other underwriters targeted by the lawsuit include Barclays Capital, Goldman Sachs (GS, Fortune 500), JPMorgan Chase (JPM, Fortune 500) and Merrill Lynch, a unit of Bank of America (BAC, Fortune 500).
Weiser and his colleagues are representing Facebook investors Brian Roffe, Jacob Salzmann and Dennis Palkon.


All the news about FB is a laugh riot:  Facebook photos and restaurant check-ins see THIRD of married couples change status to ‘divorced’ shows how sex and the internet collide.  The Catholics want no divorces but also want illicit sex which they, themselves, forbid.  This makes the sex very much more fun.  For themselves.


As for the rest of the news: Are the Chinese about to take control of our nuclear power plants? Beijing piles into industry after Germans were scared off :  England is being run more and more by foreigners.  Very few Chinese are in the Bilderberg gang but eventually they will take over it, too.  Japan continues off the economic, ecological and psychological cliff:  Former Fukushima Daiichi Worker: ‘I believe the country will be evacuated if No. 4 fuel pool collapses’ — ‘Should be hundreds or thousands of people working furiously every day’ to stop nuclear power in Japan.


The Australian: Catastrophic radiation contamination at rice fields 60km from Fukushima Daiichi — No crop for at least 300 years — Farmer now living in Queensland is interesting news because once a nuke blows, it is Finis for everyone nearby.  Ambassador’s comments translated by Asahi: Another accident at No. 4 reactor building could cause the “final catastrophe of the world”  is not news here in the US or England and both nations are building more nuke plants because the elites of the Bilderberg gang wants this even when Japan Nuclear Experts say: Fears corium not totally covered in water at Reactor No. 1 — May only be 15 inches deep, even lower than No. 2.  Which is a disaster.


And worse for Japan:  Japan’s April trade deficit grows to Y520.3 bil.  This is due to Fukushima and importing oil.  Oil was very expensive up to $120 a barrel until China and India joined Japan in defying the US oil embargo.  Oil has dropped to under $90 a barrel.  This is killing the elites who expected oil to shoot upwards even more with the embargo.


Iran Navy Helps U.S. Ship Attacked by Pirates in Middle East – Bloomberg

Exports in April rose 7.9% from a year earlier to 5.57 trillion yen, boosted by shipments of automobiles and vehicle parts. But imports rose 8% to 6.09 trillion yen as the amount spent on oil and gas rose.


And as usual, US Officials: IAEA-Iran Deal Won’t Interrupt Sanctions so let no good effort on the part of Iran be rewarded.  The game is to disarm and then destroy.  This is why US senate approves fresh oil, economic sanctions on Iran.  Eventually, all of this will destroy our own economic system.  Cutting out huge parts of world trade means China can fill in the void and China is doing exactly that, planning on being locked out of the US eventually, anyways.

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15 responses to “Super Secret Bilderberg Meeting This Weekend

  1. Being There

    Good article, Elaine
    At work, but just want to say, that’s why I call this bunch members of Murder Inc. and the “Untouchables” Corzine will never have to take a fall like Madoff did.
    My theory about this form of global capitalism is that it keeps going around destroying more people in the course of it’s downward spiral.

    You hit on what I say is the ultimate goal. As in England, it will be foreign nationals who set up shop there. All nations will be is colonies for the elite corps and banking system.

    First it’s the labor workers, but it will go up the economic ladder as they run out of victims. Those who think they’re sitting pretty, think again.

    If you’re not an insider you’re toast.

  2. CK

    The US govt. just declared itself in conformity with EMS’ philosophy of encouraging solar energy use by individuals. The US. govt just unilaterally imposed a 30+% tariff on solar tubes. Enjoy your overpriced and unavailable American solar tubes.
    Meanwhile other nations with less odious leadership will enjoy cheaper, more reliable solar energy sooner than the dear old USA.

  3. Z

    The bilderberger gang meeting will be a lot about Greece and their audacity to defy the edicts of the international banking aristocracy … and, of course, how to properly punish them for their disobedience.

    And they call us conspiracy nuts. Who are the true nuts: the ones who think the dice just keep happening to roll in favor of the elites … over and over and over … or the ones that think the dice are loaded? Simple mathematics point in favor of the dice being loaded and the anti-conspiracy theorists being the true nuts … or purposefully lying.


  4. shockuhzulu

    I know it’s late in the game, but I think I’ll start my own secret society. I’ll call it THE LOST WHITE GLOVE GANG. We’ll take over the world by hiding subliminal messages in Coke commercials and putting anesthesia in the water supply.

  5. pulse

    Julian Assange interviews the President of Ecuador and discusses the incestuous relationship between banking, the press and politics in his country through the centuries.

    He and Assange have an obvious rapport, some insight for those seeking to understand others’ perspectives.

  6. Being There


    The fossil fuel monopolies are the big problem here. We have monopolies in energy, insurance, banking, big pharma and agribusiness. The politicians are paid off and have favored the fossil fuel giants for many decades. That just isn’t going to change and when the fuel runs out there will be no capital to retool this country. In the early 1970’s we could have done this, but big oil doesn’t like competition.

    Z. No accident here. Even if the Bilderbergs didn’t exist, the fact is that all our financial laws were changed behind closed doors during the 1990’s by lobbyists working for subsidiaries of Goldman Sachs et al. They destroyed the safeguards of FDR and now technically they can’t ever break the law, because there is none.

    That’s why they are the untouchables and always win—when you rig the game, there’s no “free market”, but both the Republicans and Obama tout how wonderful the free market is……

  7. pulse

    Bill Still addresses the Bildergerg attendees, presuming that some of them have retained morsels of conscience;

  8. PFO

    Hello Elaine,

    Living in Rome a decade ago; I watched the mysterious disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi 10 years earlier re-emerge when pictures alleged to be her and “The Chink”, a notorious American prelate, hit the front-pages.

    She apparently was photographed in a bar/ristorante with US Arch-Bishop Paul Marcinkus, who’s rather colourful career included ‘managing’ the Vatican Bank during the ‘Alberto Calvi’ scandal and the Pope’s security during the death of John Paul I and the assassination attempt on John Paul II. He was finally retired to Arizona – USA where he died in 2006.

    Whether or not the girl in the photo was Emanuela Orlandi doesn’t matter. Whether Emanuela Orlandi as a teenager living in Vatican City heard or saw something she shouldn’t, does. Perhaps US authorities should exhume the Arizona grave of the good arch-bishop.

  9. emsnews

    Yes, they should. But the Church has great powers which is why so many criminals flourished in its sheltering love.

  10. EC

    So you believe a man who performed thousands of ceremonies to rid people of demonic possession, something you say never happens? Ha, talk about choosing your sources.

  11. Is Fukushima 1000 Hiroshimas? a million? 10 million?
    And if Japan is evacuated, where will 80? 100? million go?

  12. Concerned Liberal

    Go team Obama -> Little noticed is that on Tuesday Team Obama took its first formal steps toward putting taxpayers behind Wall Street derivatives trading — not behind banks that might make mistakes in derivatives markets, but behind the trading itself. Yes, the same crew that rails against the dangers of derivatives is quietly positioning these financial instruments directly above the taxpayer safety net.

  13. emsnews

    The Derivatives Beast will eat all wealth one fine day.

  14. ‘England is being run more and more by foreigners. ‘
    AND England is being OVERrun more and more by foreigners.
    [often hostile muslims, see ‘Sarah maid of albion’ for more info].

  15. Once I got junk mail from ‘FRIENDS OF THE COUNCIL OF FOREIGN RELATIONS’…oweeee, I could join the ‘B’ listers!

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