Israeli Jews Violently Riot Against African Blacks–Demand Deportation Of All Blacks

The so-called ‘liberal media’ went on and on about the Zimmerman killing in Florida, labeling it a ‘racist’ murder.  The headlines for weeks were all about how this was a terrible thing, how dare anyone shoot black teens in hoodies.  The impression we would get is one of a nation worried about how Africans of all sorts shouldn’t be persecuted or harassed for racial reasons.  Many, many media owners are Jewish in the US.  So we have the odious spectacle of them united in deliberately ignoring news from Israel about Jews rioting and attacking anyone who is ‘African’ while screaming KKK sorts of racial garbage.  None of this has made the news in the US at all.  None.


The hypocritical behavior has a good reason: the Jewish community wants full civil rights in the US and no barriers to immigration in or out of the nation nor any barriers to moving money out of the US while at the same time, want to have a ghetto/police state that is totally and hideously and openly racist and closed as tight as North Korea to outsiders:  TA anti-African rally ends in rioting, a… JPost – National News


Protesters gathered Wednesday across the country to protest the growing influx of African infiltrators in Israel. Over 1,000 people attended the demonstration in Tel Aviv’s Hatikva neighborhood, holding signs calling for the deportation of the migrants, one of which read “Bibi [Netanyahu] decide – Sudan or Israel.” Similar demonstrations were held in Eilat, Bnei Brak, Sderot, Ashdod and Ashkelon.


A car containing three African migrants in Tel Aviv was set upon by a group of demonstrators, who smashed its windows and headlights. Police arrived and pushed back the rioters, and the vehicle left the area. The car’s occupants were unharmed.


The Jerusalem Post is read by many of the Jewish owners of our media so excuses about not knowing what is going on in Israel is fake.  They all know very well, what is going on there.  Racist rioters in Israel are treated the same way as white racist rioters in the Deep South under Jim Crow: nothing is done to stop them.  Martin Luther King tried to embarrass the racist governments there with very peaceful demonstrations which the police and sheriffs would violently suppress.


The Palestinians do have peaceful demonstrations.  And the Jewish military and police then attack them with blatant cruelty and beat them mercilessly and even kill them.  But unlike the Deep South under our own apartheid politics, the peaceful Palestinian demonstrations being attacked don’t make the news here or the Jewish press owners here make it look as if the demonstrators attacked the police first.


Yesterday’s violent race riots in Israel didn’t make much in Google.  There were no entries there telling us how many outlets covered this story because there were so very few:

Virtually the only ones to carry this story were anti-semitic right wing blogs.  Now, the Jews here will then use this as proof that the ANYONE reporting this real news is by definition, anti-semitic.  But I would suggest that hiding the news is racist.  And should be condemned.



There is zero mention in the NYT, for example, but there is this story:  In Talks With Iran, Progress Toward Deal Slows as Iranians express dismay and fury over the fact the US has zero intention of honoring anything as Israel demands more sanctions, not less.  The British news did cover this story and as we see from the photo on the left, at the Guardian, the race riots by Jews made the #2 most read story in England today.


The other news is about the Pakistani doctor who ruined the push to expand vaccinations in Pakistan by using it as cover for a CIA operation.  The CIA has wrecked many programs that are good, using them as fronts for undermining governments.  Of course, there are people who fear and hate vaccinations for some bizarre reason who are happy the CIA wrecked this program in Pakistan.


The fact remains, the CIA is probably using ‘alternative’ medicine activities the exact same way.  I am absolutely certain about this.  No smugness about ‘we are pure’ should be indulged in.  Indeed, the US peace movement in the sixties was thoroughly infiltrated as the Black Panthers and most of the violent organizations just as al Qaeda was a CIA infiltration operation until it was turned on the CIA.  The CIA has a hand in turning legal entities into spy tools and illegal entities into attack tools.  This, not the ‘bombs in the buildings’ business is why nearly all of the important information about 9/11 was suppressed by the commission.


Back to the Jerusalem Post story about the race riots in Israel:


Danon (Likud) said: “The infiltrators are a national plague and we must deport them immediately before it’s too late – the Sudanese can go back to Sudan and the rest should be deported to other countries in Africa and Eastern Europe.”  He added that “the State of Israel is engaged in a war against an enemy state composed of infiltrators and located within Israel. Its capital is south Tel Aviv. ‘Deportation Now’ is the only solution.”


Anyone suggesting all Jews be removed from Europe and North America and South America and sent back ‘home’ would be greeted with screams of ‘anti-semitism’.  But in Israel, Jews can say this without blinking an eye.  Indeed, Jewish politicians in Europe and North America go to great lengths to prevent any border controls over aliens since many Jews come to these places often illegally to work or make money.  And if they break laws, they retreat to Israel.  For example, the US cannot demand Israel send back criminals for trial, nearly the only country that gets away with this.


Unlike the Post above, the English got the real story via a small Jewish press in Israel:  Israelis attack African migrants during protest against refugees | World news |

A reporter for the Israeli daily Maariv described it as an “unbridled rampage” and explosion of “pent-up rage”.


“Suddenly one of [the protesters] noticed that in one of the cars waiting for traffic to move were two young dark-skinned men, apparently foreign workers. For the hundreds of inflamed and enraged young people, that was all they needed. Within minutes, they dismantled – there is no other word to describe it – the car and its passengers. Some of them smashed the windows with their hands and rocks, others kicked the car, bent the plastic parts and tried to attack the people inside. ‘I’m not from Sudan, I’m not from Sudan,’ the driver tried to tell the assailants, but nobody was listening at that stage.”


The protest followed a claim on Sunday by the prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, that “illegal infiltrators [were] flooding the country” and threatening the security and identity of the Jewish state. “This phenomenon is very grave and threatens the social fabric of society, our national security and our national identity,” he said.


The Jerusalem Post deliberately gave the impression that the mob only harassed the blacks.  Maybe broke a window.  It seems the reality is, these racist Jews totally trashed the car and the men inside were lucky to escape alive.  And of course, Netanyahu who was cheered repeatedly by both parties in our Congress when he came here in triumph, is all for deporting anyone black and he wants to have high walls to keep out non-Jews.  He is a buddy of Romney and he hates Obama and he is a racist so his hatred of Obama is due mainly to racism.


Will the US media attack Netanyahu for being a racist?  HAHAHA.  Never.  This same week, racist KKK troops patrolling Palestine lands occupied illegally let racist Jews riot there:  Israeli soldiers stand and watch as settlers fire on Palestinians – Middle East – World – The Independent.  Again, the media I got this from was in Europe, not in the US because this never makes the US news.


If you click on the video in the Telegraph story you get this message from You Tube:  Settler shooting Palestinians, ‘Asira al-Qibliya, 19.5.2012, raw footage, 1st camera – YouTube

Sign in to view this video
This content may contain material flagged by YouTube’s user community that may be inappropriate for some users.

To view this video please verify you are 18 or older by signing in or signing up.


The Jews work very hard to prevent people from seeing actual videos of Jewish racist violence.  You Tube lets them do this all the time and the rules used to protect children from pornography are abused to stop people from easily seeing videos of Jewish crimes.  The only way to counter this is to put up the same video over and over again:  Breaking – Israeli settlers shoot unarmed Palestinians; Israeli army watches – YouTube

I suppose this will be censored later today by Hasbra members in the US pressuring You Tube.


Unlike Israel where Jews can repress foreigners and keep them fenced in places where they are exploited and then expelled, anyone can come to the US and take jobs from our own children:  Foreign students enjoy new summer job protections — but what about Americans? – The Washington Post


Across the Washington area last week, young workers from Europe arrived in droves, heading for jobs at community swimming pools. Lugging duffel bags, they filled out forms, picked up safety gear and chatted in a variety of Slavic languages, eager to plunge into a summer experience of new friends, skills and culture….On May 11, the State Department issued rules that ban foreign students from jobs that could be harmful, limited them to light, seasonal occupations that are not likely to displace U.S. workers and required closer scrutiny of their conditions.


But the new rules do not address a broader, more profound question that some immigration and labor experts have raised about many sectors of the economy. Today, more than 50 ­million Americans of traditional working age are not employed, and yet a growing number of domestic jobs — from hotel clerks to nurses to computer scientists — are being performed by foreign-born workers.


The ‘students’ coming here are not Africans.  They are European and Asian.  And letting them in is all about racism in DC: why hire black youth to work when one can have a foreigner who is ‘white’?  And very connected with 9/11 and the CIA and Mossad is the Art student scam whereby spies from Israel would pretend to be working students.

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25 responses to “Israeli Jews Violently Riot Against African Blacks–Demand Deportation Of All Blacks

  1. DeVaul


    You know, one of the things that I have noticed is the complete lack of any sort of shame among modern human beings in the world today. It seems to be affecting almost every society that is not an aboriginal one, and I am not even sure about them anymore either.

    In ancient Ireland, if one committed a wrong against another, and did not compensate them or try to make them whole again, the wronged person had the right to come sit right on your doorstep and start a hunger strike.

    It did not matter who you were, no one wanted a man to die from hunger on his own doorstep, as this news would be spread far and wide by travelors and storytellers, who would embellish it with even more heinous acts on your part. You would be shunned by your own peers, and ridiculed by the general population. Your reputation would be ruined, and there was no way to recreate yourself via mass media and an army of PR agents.

    So few people feel any shame today that I wonder “what happened?” Did our brains change? Was there a genetic mutation? Did the industrial revolution cause us to run out of time to even feel it? I just don’t know.

  2. tebogo

    hitler would be so proud

  3. shockuhzulu

    Rothchilds Zionist Hens Have Come Home to Roost. Now they show their true feathers and they don’t want to roost TOGETHER!

  4. John

    It seems Israel has come full circle. From persecuted to persecutors

  5. DeVaul

    Well, the Chinese are blaming it on “modern society”, which I interpret as industrial society. Still don’t really know what happened to the concept of shame or admitting responsibility.

  6. No disagreement here regarding the zionist lunatics Elaine, but are you still on that kick about Zimmerman’s targeting and subsequent murder of the black teen as not being racially motivated? I see, so had the kid been a blond blue-eyed white boy he’d still be dead in your estimation? How interesting.

  7. emsnews

    No, it was the media hysteria that was wrong. Blacks can be very racist and target white people and whites do the same. As I pointed out some time ago, the Zimmerman business was a rather out of control Hispanic/white guy getting in a tussle with a black teenager who was trying his best to look and act like a hoodlum.

    If both vanished for good, I wouldn’t mind. Causing a race riot because white people are scared of six foot tall black kids who want us to think they are gangsters: this is a REAL BAD problem for everyone and since the death rate of young blacks trying to look like hoodlums is so very high, it is paramount that mothers and fathers of kids doing this should be alert to how dangerous it is.

  8. Fathers of black youth? A joke.
    3 in 4 are born to single mothers.
    Does the name Desmond Hatchett ring a bell?

    Desmond Hatchett sets record with 30 children — by 11 women – NY ……/desmond-hatchett-sets-record-30-children-...
    4 days ago – Too much luck with the ladies has o

  9. ‘Virtually the only ones to carry this story were anti-semitic right wing blogs’.

    I prefer terms like ‘New Media Outlets’ and ‘Truth diggers’. Not ‘right wing’!

  10. reader

    israel for jews, japan for japanese, white countries for everybody

  11. The Black Swan


    Look up the Native American term wetiko. Or just read the book: Columbus and Other Cannibals by Jack D. Forbes. This gives the best and most insightful explanation of why humanity is devouring itself and it’s home. We have become infected with a psychological disease that turns humans into devourers of life. With it comes a loss of compassion; a loss of humanity.

  12. CK

    If Israel does not wish to incorporate non jewish afticans into their society, there is room for them in Detroit. No streetlamps but plenty of room.

  13. DeVaul

    @Black Swan,

    Thanks for the reference. Wikipedia will not even talk about it except through the eyes of Western pyschologists from the 1900’s. How strange.

    When something is not on Wikipedia, it feels strange. At least they did a short summary of the life of Jack Forbes. I am amazed he was able to write anything at all in light of all his links to Western institutions that were overtly hostile to the American Indian Movement and Native Americans.

    I will try to read the actual book, if I can find a cheaper copy of it. I do remember reading statements made by Columbus to the king he served that the “natives” of the New World would make excellent slaves. I could not believe it at the time, but I found even more things he said that disgusted me. I cannot even understand why we celebrate Columbus Day.

  14. JimmyJ

    There’s no psychic parasite, no magical malign influence.

    We simply are what we are, evolved complex organisms, with the complexity of several billion years of evolution wrapped up in the physiology of our cells and the sociology of the human species, only 50,000 years away from small groups of nomadic tribes. Add influences from the dynamics of our current huge population and planetary ecology and you have a recipe for lots of different strategies for survival that may not all seem moral and ethical but that still may permit a useful outcome, biologically speaking.

    Defining the struggle to live morally and ethically as a magical process complicates the simpler process of a thoughtful consideration of the moral and ethical implications of one’s own actions on a daily basis and living those choices consciously and purposefully.

    The other folks lives are their own business.

  15. The Black Swan


    I found a fairly inexpensive copy through a smaller bookseller instead of Amazon. I think it was Powell’s in Portland, OR.

    The book is jaw dropping, mind opening.

    It talks of Western views of human sacrifice, with Aztec priests cutting out the hearts of people on the altar of the Gods.

    But then asks, how many people have been sacrificed on the altar of Capitalism and the God called ‘Profit’?

  16. emsnews

    Columbus Day is Nabka day for the natives of North and South America.

    As for human sacrifices: we all evolved from cannibals.

  17. Gerald Sobel

    These eurojews are ^%$#@ ignorant of that fact that Zipporah, Moses’ wife was either dark skinned Midian, an offspring of Abraham, or Moses had a second wife, a Nubian woman. The South Sudanese have every right to emigrate to Israel. God Bless them. As a white eurojew from America with a Black woman who is also Jewish and Cherokee, I am sensitive to such issues. Most Eurojews and Arabjews are just ignorant of such things, inexcusably so.

  18. Pingback: Blacks riot | Molluscmania

  19. Its like you read my mind! You seem to know a lot
    about this, like you wrote the book in it or something.
    I think that you can do with a few pics to drive the message home a bit,
    but other than that, this is excellent blog. A fantastic read.

    I will certainly be back.

  20. OdinVonTogan

    Black Swan – what does “white” mean? Some whites had slaves to fulfill their greed and others simply wanted a small farm and a place to go huntin and fishin. There is no “white man” with the exact same characteristics as all the others. Greed comes in all races, so does lust and all other sins of Man, and yet some men are not at all greedy or otherwise lustful. We are all here to learn and be tested – and we will succeed or fail. Neither white nor western man built the great wall of china – what was that all about if not same sins as in the west. You get the picture.

  21. cosinaphile

    this rascism is discusting , and of course there were bombs in 3 ny building
    that day , journalists who help deflect rightful blame for the 911 mass murder crime are complicit , period

  22. Mr white

    What a bunch of freaking hypocrites

    The same group aka the self appointed chosen ones promoting multicultural societies but don’t want it in Palestine!

  23. Jeff Anderson

    the Zimmerman Case was a miscarriage of Justice. All the talk about other cases to define the one single case is a fraudulent action. The truth is that there were monies sent and paid for through communist parties with deliberate intent to cause fraud and lies within the Justice system. Forget all the talk and rubbish of other supposedly cases. That is the communist cover up.

  24. Jeff Anderson

    Columbus Day is a hoax. The same for other historical mentions. You have all been lied to about almost everything. Stop the Insanity !

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