Fukushima #4 Spent Fuel Pool Is Dangerously Unstable And Still Unfixable

Hosono, the politician in charge of Fukushima and other reactors, seeking to make it look safe, visits Fukushima No. 4 reactor amid concern over fuel pool:

90% of Fukushima news has been pretty much left out of the US media which has lots of room for useless news.  The primary process for President has equally ignored Fukushima.  The global warming movement which embraced, disastrously, nuclear power in the last decade, has also fallen mute.  Meanwhile, Fukushima continues to menace the entire planet and the Japanese, far from being more organized and hard working than the Soviets, are fixing this very slowly and with little regard to how little time they may have before reactor four’s spent fuel pool breaks apart.

If you click on this site run by TEPCO, you can see various videos made by them at Fukushima:  映像|写真・映像ライブラリー|東京電力

It was a shock to me yesterday to see this headline on the front page at the NYT:  Concerns Grow Over Spent Fuel at Fukushima Daiichi Plant – NYTimes.com

Fourteen months after the accident, a pool brimming with used fuel rods and filled with vast quantities of radioactive cesium still sits on the top floor of a heavily damaged reactor building, covered only with plastic.

The public’s fears about the pool have grown in recent months as some scientists have warned that it has the most potential for setting off a new catastrophe, now that the three nuclear reactors that suffered meltdowns are in a more stable state, and as frequent quakes continue to rattle the region.

Finally, an American media outfit has noticed what the web has been shouting?  Talk about deaf!  The Times does go on to make fun of people worried about the spent fuel pool breaking apart.  The Times wants to assure us, like the Japanese government, that it isn’t all that bad, really:

Some outside experts have also worked to allay fears, saying that the fuel in the pool is now so old that it cannot generate enough heat to start the kind of accident that would allow radioactive material to escape.

The fears over the pool at Reactor No. 4, amplified over the Web, are helping to undermine assurances by Tepco and the Japanese government that the Fukushima plant has been brought to a stable condition and are highlighting how complicated the cleanup of the site, expected to take decades, will be. The concerns are also raising questions about whether Japan’s all-out effort to convince its citizens that nuclear power is safe kept the authorities from exploring other — and some say safer — options for storing used fuel rods.

“It was taboo to raise questions about the spent fuel that was piling up,” said Hideo Kimura, who worked as a nuclear fuel engineer at the Fukushima Daiichi plant in the 1990s. “But it was clear that here was nowhere for the spent fuel to go.”

This isn’t a Japanese problem, it is a global problem.  The Norwegians have fixed this with building this massive deep underground tunnel cave system to hide it ‘forever’.  Aside from this, the solution has been to play ‘hot nuclear potato’ which passes it from rich places to poor places.  Nevada, home of our massive nuclear bomb testing pollution, has been asked to store US nuclear waste.  If they are already totally polluted, why not more pollution?

Reporters Without Borders are now suing the Japanese government because they were not allowed to visit Fukushima.  The Japanese government is trying very hard to deny reality and to prevent anyone from seeing what is going on.  The recent visit was not set up to determine how bad things are, it was set up to show ‘progress’.  As one Japanese commentator noted sarcastically, ‘We got to see that there is a tarp covering the pool.’

The reporters were not allowed to visit the key area which is now in the news this week with TEPCO admitting that the West side of the reactor4 building bulged | Fukushima Diary

The force of the explosion buckled the wall and this happens to be a severe problem with the building which was already heavily damaged by the tsunami and earthquake.  The walls are not stable.  I noted this long ago.  The integrity of the buildings deteriorates daily and TEPCO doesn’t have the luxury of 30 to 50 years to clean up this dangerous mess.  There may be not even that many months to do the job.

I am glad that TEPCO engineers and professionals are finally being allowed to talk openly about what is really going on:  Tepco checks for cracks in Spent Fuel Pool No. 4 — Now says reactor building not tilting “as a whole”

Based on the inspection conducted between May 17 and 23, plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co. said the No. 4 unit building is not tilting as a whole, while cracks over 1 millimeter wide in the pool’s concrete structure were not found during visual checks.

I have build houses and poured lots of concrete over the years and pride myself on designing concrete footings and walls that are strong, don’t crack under high stress conditions, etc.  I can see from the photos that Fukushima’s buildings had a lot of rebar reinforcement as well as metal webbing to give the concrete strength.  But the chemical conditions of radiation and nuclear fuel pollution interacts with cement to erode it.  It ‘ages’ fast.

When there is either earthquakes, too much weight in a building or explosions, we can’t ‘visually’ see the internal damage.  We assume that if there is any one of the three conditions, the building is not stable in the future, the ruins are deemed dangerous even if it looks like it isn’t fatally damaged.  Hairline cracks normally mean little but under these three conditions, it means much more.  That is, the interior deterioration can be very significant despite no obvious WIDE cracks.

Cement can be pulverized under various pressures.  This is why the WTC disintegrated: the weight of the damaged floors, once they no longer could be held up by the metal super structure, caused not only the buildings to collapse but to pulverize.  Simple weight can do this which is why the spent pool is a serious hazard: it is HEAVY and its support system is semi-pulverized by the explosion.

And the metal scaffolding holding it up is extremely vulnerable to earthquakes.  Why is this?

Water moves in earthquakes.  As the earth shakes, the water sloshes from one side of the pool to the other, a very unstable process.  Scaffolding that can hold a dead weigh of several dozen tons can’t hold it when the weight is ‘alive’ and shifting violently from one side to the other.  Back to the NYT:

There is considerable disagreement among scientists over whether such catastrophes are possible. But some argue that whether the chances are small or large, changes should be made quickly because of the magnitude of the potential calamity.

Seriously, ‘scientists’ here can’t assume all is well.  They don’t know.  They can’t know until something happens.  Ergo: we must assume the worst, not the best scenarios.  If there is even an outside chance that a pool draining event may cause global mayhem, we have to assume it is an outcome and therefore, must be dealt with, pronto, before it happens.

One of the oddest and stupidest things going on today is the IAEA and the US which dominates it entirely focused nearly totally only on North Korea and mainly, Iran.  As if these were the world’s most dangerous nuclear problems.  The US has had a series of very grave tiffs with Russia over the missiles NATO is installing on Russia’s borders and Russia announcing they will nuke Europe if they do this while the US upgrades its nuclear arsenals, IAEA and the first world NATO powers are totally passive about Japan’s mess.

Far from demanding access to Fukushima and going after the government of Japan to work much, much, much faster, there is total passivity to the point of not even bothering to monitor the US for Japanese nuclear pollution nor report on it in the US media.  Sleepwalking into yet more nuclear messes, the US public has been lied to since day one back in 1945.

It is no fun being anti-nuclear power and anti-nuclear war.  My Nevada brother who didn’t fight with my dad, one of the ‘fathers’ of the US nuclear missile programs, got by far and away, the lion’s share of my father’s estate.  As per usual, I got very little.  Decades of little love between father and daughter was brought about due to my uncompromising stance on nuclear issues.  I can see the future and the future is WWIII which is a nuclear Armageddon.  And many born-again Christians hope for this future event, alas.

The Japanese government rules with little input from the citizens who are encouraged to commit suicide rather than change things.  In the US, we are encouraged to not know anything or worse, be distracted by all sorts of minor matters while ignoring the most important things on earth: the entire nuclear catastrophe events as they happen.  We are to minimize these.  ‘No one died!’ is the taunt pro-nuke people use as if the hundreds of suicides and hundreds, nay, millions of deaths from cancer aren’t ‘dead’.

Unlike many other events, nuclear events kill for a long, long, long time.  Explosions kill outright but the other deaths take their sweet time.  They are deaths, nonetheless.  Genetic change is eternal.  Once your genes are screwed up by nuclear pollution, they stay screwed up and don’t change back to normal for any offspring.  Unlike say, a tornado, which can kill and maim and destroy, the basic genetic material that is the most precious gift to the future we have, remains intact.

While mentioning Japan and Iran and nuclear messes, there is this news in Japan: http://www.japantoday.com/category/The Bank of Tokyo unfreezed the Mitsubishi-UFI Iran account so that profits from business with Iran are restored to the Japanese corporation.  The US wishes to punish anyone doing business with Iran.  And the Japanese can’t tolerate this for long, they desperately need this business.  The EU has fallen off the economic cliff and the US struggle to strangle Iran is playing a big role in destroying the EU export/import businesses.

And has hammered the US public forcing us to pay an extra $0.50 to $1.00 for each gallon of gas we consume.  This, in turn, has hammered the economy and raised inflation rates for food and other fuels.  The US is also worried about the Chinese buying cars and living the good life: BMW Quadrupling China Capacity Risks Audi-Like Dependence: Cars – Bloomberg news.  The Germans have a huge number of business deals with China aimed at gaining Chinese market shares.

And no wonder!  There are four times as many Chinese as Americans and they are getting richer, not poorer.  The US would dearly love to economically isolate China again except too many rich Americans make huge profits thanks to the hardworking Chinese.  So the US government alternates between howling at China about being mean to people while the US government is running assassination squads all over Muslim lands, killing civilians.

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38 responses to “Fukushima #4 Spent Fuel Pool Is Dangerously Unstable And Still Unfixable

  1. Being There

    I am often reminded of “The Hollow Men” 1925 by T.S. Eliot, but no subject in this world fits the quote better that the fission issues which I always said is not a technology if they don’t know how to deal with spent fuel rods. I’ve mentioned before that France and England (MOX) sent their spent rods to Japan, only it’s clear that Japan had no plan to deal with the storage, now we will experience a slow decline, as with our economy.
    The idea that our fearless leaders have is to collapse everything in slo-mo!

    This is the way the world ends
    This is the way the world ends
    This is the way the world ends
    Not with a bang but a whimper.

  2. Joseppi

    Black Swan terrorists threaten daily to extinguish all the world’s humans. To counter these security threats, humans employ the heavily armed security forces of denial and diversion.
    Time is strengthening the position of Black Swan terrorists as each passing day the percentage of an attack increases, while cracks appear in humanity’s psychological walls of defense.

  3. DeVaul

    The problem with Fukushima, and every other nuclear power plant (and bomb), is that they should never have been made in the first place. Once built, there is no going back. They are eternal.

    Think of them as a grenade. You pull the pin and throw it. How much time do you have to diffuse it? It is not possible. That is what nuclear waste is, the grenade that was thrown and cannot be diffused. It will go off. The opposite of that is “throwing the pin”, which is what happens when we have a nuclear accident like Chernobyl or Fukushima or many others that have been hidden from us for half a century.

    The crucial moment with each of these monsters was the decision to build them in the face of massive opposition (or no opposition). The Fukushima disaster will spread to the other fuel ponds and the orther reactors nearby. Nuclear grenades are not duds. They always go off, and continue to go off long after entire species have vanished.

    Look at the stars in the night sky. Those are nuclear power plants and explosions on a grand scale. Nothing lives there while they burn. Why would want to replicate that here on earth?

    Most of what we know about these disasters comes from the very people who designed and built them: nuclear scientists. Is that not ironic?

    They have announced that they will evacuate their families to the southern hemisphere rather than go to Japan and risk their lives trying to clean up their own messes. The rest of us are just supposed to die while they wait on the beach down in Argentina or Paraguay. If I were a petty dictator down in South America, I would use their jet planes for target practice as they come in for a landing, and why not? What good do they bring?

  4. Being There

    I believe it is fusion and not fission that is the energy of stars and our sun, but in spirit, I agree with your point.
    The genie is out of the bottle and by design or by accident there will be incidents.

  5. RobG

    “If I were a petty dictator down in South America, I would use their jet planes for target practice as they come in for a landing, and why not? What good do they bring?”

    DeVaul should just shut up with his crap that does not add to the discussion.

  6. DeVaul

    Compared to most people here, I rarely go off topic, and since the topic was nuclear disasters and those responsible for them, I have to interpret your comment as a personal attack on me and what I had to say. You seem pretty pissed that your nuclear wonderworld is falling apart. Were you planning on fleeing to Argentina? Is that what got under your skin? Guilt?

    You know, gringos will not be welcome down there, especially after they have destroyed the entire top of the world. What skills would they bring to the bottom part? More greed and destruction?

    Sorry to pop your evacuation bubble Boston Rob.

    (Actually, I’m not sorry).

  7. This fuel pool thing is kinda dumb isn’t it? Why not just build another pool [on the ground this time] or move them one at a time somewhere else?

    ‘Were you planning on fleeing to Argentina?
    You know, gringos will not be welcome down there’

    Fukushima is in Japan, not Gringo-ville. And Argentina is all white [or 95%].

  9. Elaine, how radioactive is US becoming? [seriously]

    And ‘The Times does go on to make fun of people worried about the spent fuel pool breaking apart’..you mean people like us, who dig beneath the lamestream media surface?


    I think the Japanese will figure this out. They have a lot at stake and know how to engineer shit.

    If a wave of seppuku breaks out, I would likely change this belief

  11. roger

    Elaine the WTC concrete pulvarized at the very top, before it had gathered any kinetic energy from falling. The demolition of WTC 7 is quite obvious. Flight 93 had tuned towards NYC 5 minutes before being downed by a US missle because Americans were trying to take it over so it could no longer accomplish its mission of crashing into WTC 7. Yes Lucky Larry Silverstein was the ower of WTC 7 and had leased the WTC towers just 42 days before 911,

  12. emsnews

    No it did not. The top fell downwards, briefly and fatally intact. The section that pulverized first was the dozen stories just below where the planes hit. You can see this clearly in slo-mo if you want to watch a video of the event again, carefully, not blinding yourself with self-generated propaganda.

  13. Being There

    Indeed the Japanese have much in stake, like survival, do ya think? Question is why haven’t they figured it out yet? Time keeps ticking by and they are burying some of the nuclear waste in residential areas!
    Sounds to me like they don’t know how to fix this.
    PS if it were easy to move the rods they would have been moved by now. It’s too dangerous. That’s why they can’t clean this disaster up.

  14. DeVaul


    You have not been following the Fukushima saga at all, or you would know that they cannot move the rods because the crane was destroyed, the rods cannot be exposed to air at any time, and many other reasons, but hey, they are all dumb reasons, right? Just chuck those babies out of there!

    Those rods are stuck there, which is why they are still there — a year later, despite Diiick’s belief in the “miracles” of Japanese engineering (which mysteriously mimics GE engineering, but that involves America, so that is off-topic).

    Oh, and roger, you must erase your entire comment because 90404 will not tolerate anything here that does not involve Fukushima or squinty-eyed Asians or his own off-topic comments, which are allowed by divine right.

    The following topics are hereby verboten by order of the Pro-nuclear Commentators Committee for Eradication of Negative Statments about the wonderful life nuclear energy will bring us:

    1) Any group of people other than Japanese

    2) Anything to do with New York or trade towers

    3) Gringos, seppecu blades, and petty dictators

    4) Nuclear scientists and their plans to flee

    5) Chernobyl, nuclear waste, or fuel rods

    6) Comments about the No. 4 fuel pool

    7) Comments about Japan or Japanese

    8) Radiation or signs thereof

    9) Problems with no known solution

    10) Fukushima

  15. Melponeme_k


    Go-to destination for all war criminals.

  16. Devaul,
    you would know that they cannot move the rods because the ,,,,,,,, rods cannot be exposed to air .

    Well how did they get them in the pool in the first place. 2nd, big cranesa are a dime a dozen.

    But , thanks the the knock , you are probably right , there must be some reason, or else they are really stoopid, thats not likely right? ,,, but wait,,

  17. roger

    Elaine you wrote “No it did not. The top fell downwards, briefly and fatally intact. The section that pulverized first was the dozen stories just below where the planes hit”. The top disintergrated as it fell, not after hitting the bottom. WTC 7 demolition is obvious. Of course the people who planned the aircraft hits wired the buildings for demolition; they had to. The 1993 bomb, made by the FBI and given to their informant, caused alot of damage but didn’t bring down the buildings. More deaths were needed. Remember twin towers were overdesigned. Surely you have studied Newtonian physics Elaine? The laws of conservation of momentum alone show that a much too rapid descent of the upper floors from the twin towers.


    ELAINE: Yes, the tops did disintegrate but AFTER they began to pulverize the lower stories. They did NOT disintegrate first.

  18. roger

    The lower mass of the buildings were blown up and falling even as the remnants of the upper floors descending upon them. That is the only possible explanation of why the buildings fell in free fall


    ELAINE: Wrong again. The disintegration was from the parts that were hit by the planes on down. NOT FROM THE BASE. This is totally obvious to anyone who hasn’t drunk the ‘bombs in the building’ koolaid.

  19. roger

    Elaine I admire your courage in maintaining a terrifici website by the way. Even the south tower, which as you wrote “The top fell downwards, briefly and fatally intact” was rotating as it fell but suddenly this rotational energy vanished, impossible if this solid structure itself didn’t disintergrate in mid air

  20. 9/11 nuts are out. Why are you smart enough to read Elaine but still dumb enough for that crap?

  21. DeVaul

    “Well how did they get them in the pool in the first place. 2nd, big cranesa are a dime a dozen.”

    Read about how they move these rods from the reactor housing to the spent fuel pool. They are always encased in something and never exposed to the outside air. It is on the internet. Look it up. Direct exposure results in instant radioactive fire that spreads to all rods and then the melted fuel.

    That is why the Japanese cannot touch anything.

    As for the crane, it is a special crane designed just to move spent fuel rods inside the reactor housing, so no, they cannot back up a construction crane against the damaged building and move the spent fuel rods down to the main spent fuel containment pond (already on site and nearly full) without first placing them in “dry casks” before they leave the containment building (which no longer exists). If this were possible, it would have been done two days after March 13, 2011. They are not dumb. They are helpless in the face of a China Syndrome, for which there is no solution.

    Perhaps I misinterpreted what you meant by “dumb”. Building the plant was indeed “dumb”. Storing 460 tons of spent and new fuel rods on the third floor in a pool of water instead of in the basement was “dumb”. Using MOX fuel rods in a civilian nuclear reactor was “dumb”. In fact, everything they did there was “dumb”, which is why we are being irradiated.

    Talking about the spent fuel pond is not “dumb”, even if there is precious little we can do about it now. Have you noticed that the nuclear engineers are not flying to Japan to inspect the site and come up with a remedy? They are not insane. No one can stay there more than an hour before having to leave and decontaminate or die. Try working under those conditions.


    You are violating the Second Amendment to 90404’s constitution. If you do not cease and desist, he may bring suit against you for violation of blog protocol. He may also tell us that everyone in Paraguay is “white”.

  22. DeVaul , the rods do cool over time, i don’t know the age of those rods but some must have cooled. The main danger is having a lot of them in close contact. They are not like sodium the burns in contact with air. My guess is they figure the pool is still intact, so they will leave them there for now + they have bigger problems,?

  23. melponeme_k

    It’s only a matter of time before it all collapses. So what can anyone do? Obviously all the Nuclear big brains are refusing to do anything or give their lives to save the rest of us from their hubris.

    Contamination of the whole Northern Hemisphere is an end time event for humanity. All our major cities and societies are in the Northern Hemisphere. The elites have kept the Southern hemisphere societies in a state of continual collapse that is criminal.

    Anyone thinking they will hunker down in Buenos Aires or in Africa when the whole world is destroyed (their money will mean nothing), is truly delusional.

  24. Z

    Japan’s radiation found in California bluefin tuna


    “Radioactive cesium was detected in samples of highly prized Pacific bluefin tuna, but it is well below levels considered unsafe for humans, the scientists say.”

    Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2012/05/28/BAB11ON3J4.DTL#ixzz1wEPvb1vl


  25. Shawntoh

    Bravo, Elaine, bravo!

    Forgive me for disgracing the verse of Dylan Thomas but yeah!–Rage, rage against this ignorance–ah, folks, let’s take a big dose of realizing as pretentious primates we are but folly against the great laws we ignore at own peril.

    Elaine has done what she can to warn us to understand the limitations of imposing infinity on a finite systems of all types. We and the rest of humanity must act now for the sake of future generations.

    Just because we can do something is no reason to do it. We can do just about anything that we want, but we can’t do everything that we want because of finity or the opposite of infinity–hmmm, would that be outfinity? Naw, with my luck, no such word. English idiot language as eastern master truly say–

  26. DeVaul

    Elaine, and others (fairewinds) have written extensive articles on the composition of the nuclear reactors at Fukushima and elsewhere. If you are just “guessing” at what might be there and what might help, then you have read nothing and plan to continue reading nothing.

    “DeVaul , the rods do cool over time, i don’t know the age of those rods but some must have cooled.”

    Yeah, the nuclear isotopes are well on there way to reaching their half-life of 70,000 years or 70,000,000 years in some cases. Then, only half of the nuclear trash will be left, so we can wait just another Jurassic Age to see them shrink to just 25% of the original nuclear trash. At that point we can back a crane up and… well, whatever.

    I’m sure the dry casks and fuel ponds will hold. They always do. Right? That’s what everyone wants to hear, so there. You can calm down now. Nuclear disasters don’t happen and electricity is infinite. I was wrong.

  27. I seriously thought of flying to Fukushima so I could roast my Memorial Day weinies and marshmellows over the glowing rods, but then I thought it’d be cheaper just to buy some California tuna fish.

  28. DeVaul

    Here you go, Ziff. Something to read, if you can:




    At least the Silver Bear Cafe keeps up with what is going on there, despite their infatuation with money. Three articles right in row. They know it is a complete disaster which may bring about the end of “money”.

    I think we can presume that Army Generals and nuclear scientists know something about nuclear power. If they don’t, then nobody does and we can just catch us some Bluefin Tuna to roast our cancer dogs over.

  29. emsnews

    It will NOT end things at all. Look, we were irradiated like crazy for years and years with very toxic, open nuclear warhead ‘tests’. We then had the ‘cancer epidemic’.

    Things won’t be wonderful, my own brother who is slightly older than I just died of cancer thanks to being exposed directly to nuclear tests in the late 1940’s to mid-1950’s. I have lost many friends to this epidemic.

    And so it will continue! We will have shorter lives but we won’t keel over dead as fast as say, unvaccinated third world children. A grave menace is how people refuse to be vaccinated.

    Today, a fine young lady here near us who went to Cornell University in NY, died of meningitis. This is a totally preventable disease and she as many others, thought vaccinations were unnecessary because she was healthy.

    Alas! Germs love to infect the strong ever so much as the weak!

    So…if anyone is worried about cancer from Fukushima, one should also worry about getting sick with a minute germ which can be seen only with a microscope. We are assailed on all sides, all the time, by human errors, natural evolutionary forces and whatever the sun wishes to do or not do as the case may be.

  30. melponeme_k


    We do live in a polluted world. But I don’t believe we ever endured continual blasts of radiation in the form of the Fukushima open sore.

    It just rankles me that the elites will run off to some Chilean bunker shelter and be allowed to start their disasters over again. While we sit and live shorter more painful lives. Our only consolation is that all the Southern Hemisphere counties are rife with banditry (due to their policies) and that the elites will need an expensive, full time army to protect themselves.

  31. DeVaul; this is the key line
    ”Even though they could easily do it, they refuse to cut loose with the needed funds to fix this big mess. ”
    Its kind of straange, my guess is they can’t get workers or don’t have any to go in there. But still, the fuel rods should be the least of their problems.

  32. DeVaul


    “But still, the fuel rods should be the least of their problems.”

    Unbelievable. Denial writ large.

    I’m afraid you missed the key line: (assuming the funds can be pryed out of the cold, dead hands of Tepco officials) it will take at least three years to build a special crane and containment system to move the rods safely.

    Did you just read that? Did you skip over that part? Was it too technical for you? Was it boring?

    Three years to rebuild the fancy, nuclear crane and system to transfer the rods so that they are constantly COVERED IN WATER, which seems to indicate that your statement that they will not catch fire if exposed to the air is wrong.

    In fact, rods exposed to the air there have exploded and melted down, and now are on their way through the floor of all four reactor buildings.

    One year has been wasted, during which the radiation has spread and the intensity of it around the crippled No. 4 reactor has increased tenfold. The chances of no 7.0 earthquakes or aftershocks in this region shattering the No. 4 reactor building, which now has an earthquake resistance rating of “zero”, have been calculated by seismologists as around “zero”.

    But hey, if you want to think of this as a money problem and the rods (all 15,000 of them) as just a minor headache, go ahead. I have grown tired of discussing this issue with you. You sound like a teenager who refuses to acknowledge his world is about to change.

  33. DeVaul

    “…my guess is…”

    You know what, I’m not done with you.

    You just read three articles about Fukushima and the problems there and this is what you come away with: “my guess is”.

    I’m trying to figure out how someone could say something like that. There are commentors here who are so pro-nuclear they would make you look like a member of Greenpeace, but they are smart enough to keep their mouthes shut about Fukushima because they know there is no solution, and anything they might suggest would make them look ridiculous, especially after they all pronounced Fukushima as a non-event one year ago.

    If there was a solution, it would have been done already because this would PROVE that nuclear energy is no different than coal mining or whatever. If there is an accident, we just move in and decontaminate and clean up. Simple. Yet, it has never succeeded and attempts to do that always fail. This is what the pro-nuclear people will not talk about. They will not talk about the numerous “dead zones” in the world where the accidents happened. You can find them on the internet.

    Here’s an idea for you, though, and a chance to show us how things can get done with a little will-power. Call Tepco officials in Singapore and tell them you will dispose of the rods at Fukushima for 10 million dollars (or name your own price). Gather some unemployed people from your town and fly to Japan. Go in with sledgehammers and knock out the supports under the fuel pool and let those babies just roll out onto the ground using gravity. Then, use a bulldozer (forget the crane and save money) to push the rods into a pit and bury them in concrete (or mud to save money). Give Tepco an official looking “certificate of clean-up” from your newly created corporation and collect your money. Proceed to the next dead zone and repeat.

    Here’s your chance to show us all how “dumb” the situation is there and also leave Japan as a multi-millionaire wunderkind.

  34. DeVaul

    Better hurry up, Ziff. Here is the latest news from Japan:

    “Cash-Rich Japanese Firms Go on Global Buying Spree”

    Wall Street Journal, Front Page, Columns 3-4, May 30, 2012

    You can become part of their “buying spree” by fixing one of their “dumb” problems for just a measly 100 million.

  35. DeVaul, fancy crane to keep the rods cool at all times? You could do it with a large garden hose!!

  36. DeVaul

    Ok, thanks for finally confirming your complete lack of compassion and sensitivity for those who will die as a result of this unprecedented disaster.

    There is nothing cool or hip about writing ambiguously about Fukushima so that no one knows what you are really saying or that you are just making fun of something as serious as this. Thanks for wasting my time.

  37. I have the solution to all this fookisushi mess. 1000 tons of concrete piled a 1000 feet high should do it.

    If that don’t work, nuke the whole pile and scatter it to the 4 winds.

  38. DeVaul

    At this point, I am kind of curious. I know nuking the BP spill was insane, but this is different. This is a China Syndrome, and should we let it go deep into the earth or would dropping a nuclear bomb on it burn up most or all of the fission/fussion material so that at least it stops reacting? I know there will be massive fallout.

    Does anyone know whether this is a solution of some kind? Because there will be no stone hut built nor will there be any containment of the fuel rods at this point in time, and the timetable set forth by the lying bastards of Tepco to move the rods (where?) is an insult to all of us.

    The amount of pollution pouring out of this thing is unmeasurable.

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