US Secret State Murders All Over While Spying On US Citizens All Over

In the New USSR, the USSA, we have a police state with intense government spying on citizens.  Congress, acting as proxies for the Knesset in Israel, reduce our freedoms day by day until now they have pretty much vanished.  Americans can now be held forever with no charges, for example.  This is utterly and completely unconstitutional, of course.  But a right wing Catholic majority on the Supreme Court probably will uphold this.

The GOP does have some sign of resistance to the perpetual, growing anti-Muslim wars in the form of the Ron Paul opposition.  They hope to take over the GOP convention and force the religious fanatic, Mitt Romney, to change his platform but this is a futile effort since he can ignore them once he is elected and he will ignore them and their leader, Ron Paul, won’t rock the Romney boat because they are friends.

But I do give them a lot of credit for working very hard to try to stop all of this!  Blessings to them all in this regard.  If they riot at the convention, I will cheer them on because it means the libertarians aren’t just hot air, they really do care about our loss of sovereignty.

Here is a headline from the Zionist press, the NYT: Secret ‘Kill List’ Proves a Test of Obama’s Will and Principles.  Ach, die Willen unser Führer! Sieg Heil!  He has the will power to murder secretly using assassins!  HAHAHA.  Sigh.  This is still popular with all too many Americans who don’t foresee it being used here even as it is stealthily applied to citizens, first, abroad and later here at home.  According to the Times, our Führer recently decided to murder several teenagers who resist the puppet dictators of the Saudi regime in Yemen.

One was a young girl.  Hillary hollers a lot about Afghani males killing and maiming girls.  Not so much about Jews in Palestine doing this nor the US doing this all over the planet.  In this case, we are justified in doing it in a sneaky, evil way because young girls in Yemen might hurt American interests abroad.  A definite no-no.  Anyways, the Times says Obama is briefly troubled before putting the black mark of death on some young foreigner who has nearly zero ability to ‘hit America’ being overseas and poorly armed.

Here is some of the most insane talk about assassinations by anti-Iranian officials who are Zionists who run our government:  U.S. officials among the targets of Iran-linked assassination plots – The Washington Post.

The threat, many details of which were never made public, appeared to recede after Azerbaijani authorities rounded up nearly two dozen people in waves of arrests early this year. Precisely who ordered the hits, and why, was never conclusively determined. But U.S. and Middle Eastern officials now see the attempts as part of a broader campaign by Iran-linked operatives to kill foreign diplomats in at least seven countries over a span of 13 months. The targets have included two Saudi officials, a half-dozen Israelis and — in the Azerbaijan case — several Americans, the officials say.

So, this is all secret and why?  Talk about ridiculous.  Worse, after claiming Iran is causing this, they admit no one knows!  The US and Mossad have been running assassination attempts against many Iranian civilians mainly scientists while trying to ‘dumb down’ the country.  While screaming about Iran disarming, we attack internally over and over again.  The usual game continues: it is good for the US to assassinate people, we celebrate this, while it is evil for others to do the same.

The Zionists running the NYT don’t allow any talk about how our support of Jewish racism run rampant in Palestine has put us at war with all faithful Muslims (but not their leaders).   At West Point, Asking if a War Doctrine Was Worth It, the reporter inadvertently reveals how he and the Pentagon teachers are totally unable to understand how ‘counterinsurgency’ fails if one pursues policies the peasants being oppressed, hate.

Now at another critical moment in American military history, the faculty here on the commanding bend in the Hudson River is deep in its own existential debate. Narrowly, the argument is whether the counterinsurgency strategy used in Iraq and Afghanistan — the troop-heavy, time-intensive, expensive doctrine of trying to win over the locals by building roads, schools and government — is dead.

…Colonel Gentile’s argument is that the United States pursued a narrow policy goal in Afghanistan — defeating Al Qaeda there and keeping it from using the country as a base — with what he called “a maximalist operational” approach. “Strategy should employ resources of a state to achieve policy aims with the least amount of blood and treasure spent,” he said.

Counterinsurgency could ultimately work in Afghanistan, he said, if the United States were willing to stay there for generations. “I’m talking 70, 80, 90 years,” he said.

…Colonel Meese’s opposing argument is that warfare cannot be divorced from its political, economic and psychological dimensions — the view advanced in the bible of counterinsurgents, the U.S. Army/Marine Corps Counterinsurgency Field Manual that was revised under General Petraeus in 2006. Hailed as a new way of warfare (although drawing on counterinsurgencies fought by the United States in Vietnam in the 1960s and the Philippines from 1899 to 1902, among others), the manual promoted the protection of civilian populations, reconstruction and development aid.

How clueless are these ‘teachers’?  The Philippine suppression was quite unpopular in the US because it was rank colonialism.  The counterinsurgency activity in Vietnam was even bloodier than in Afghanistan and was a complete and total, utter failure.  So how can this ‘teacher’ mention it as a success?  Talk about insane!    As for ‘protecting the civilians’: all of these wars butchered many, many civilians including babies.  To this day, we are killing families and killed several this week with assassin drones hitting the Pakistani people hard.

Here is another insane NYT headline which the teachers at West Point totally cannot understand:  Drug Traffic Remains as U.S. Nears Afghanistan Exit.  Well, duh!  Whenever we install puppet dictators, they gleefully allow illegal drugs to flourish!  This happened in Vietnam.  This happened in Afghanistan in the exact same way.  We CAUSED this to happen.  We protect the drug lords.

Runoff Campaign Starts With Egypt Protesters Burning Candidate Shafiq’s HQ: as I predicted, the US and Israel fully support a Mubarak clone whose campaign offices were trashed by raging mobs.  The only viable candidate is the Muslim Brotherhood guy who hates Israel.  The US will have to assassinate him and install the Mubarak puppet regime and I fully expect this to happen because the US and Israel cannot afford to have the MB run Egypt.

The uprising in Syria, funded heavily by the US and armed by the CIA, continues to scream about Syrians being killed in the fighting and the US media joyfully covers this in full while ignoring crimes by the insurgency just like the situation in Libya.  Unlike Gaddafi who foolishly disarmed as did Saddam, Syria’s dictator refused to disarm.  So he is fighting back.

Finally, a week late, the US media such as CNN, the Washington Post and of course, the NYT all notice the race riots in Tel Aviv and the shooting of Palestinians in the West Bank:  Video of Settler Shooting Raises Questions Over Israeli Army Response.  Naturally, it is not reported as ‘news’ but rather, in EDITORIALS.  These allow the Zionists to heavily color the news while not fully reporting it.

Here is another security story that is insane and thus, was ignored by the mainstream media for a few days:  Catholic Priest Removed Over Sex Abuse Allegations is Now a TSA Supervisor.  The best place on earth to grope children is the TSA.  Here is a Japanese anime making fun of the TSA:  Watch NARUTO Spin-Off: Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals Episode 7 – Orochimaru is a B-Type Scorpio / Love Letters are the Ultimate Trap. In it, ninja anime characters try to enter Leaf Village but have to be examined by TSA staff.

The latest business that is amusing the rowdy people on the internet is the secret list of words that trigger police state attention on the internet.  EPIC : thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, lawyers can still force the government to reveal some information about how it operates in the dark.  Of course, most of the CIA garbage is kept hidden as per usual since inception.

Many people have made fun of the list of words because it seems to have half of the common words used in daily speech:  Analyst Desktop Binder_REDACTED

So, this covers practically everything on the internet!  Talking about China triggers the watchers at Homeland Security?  HAHAHA.  Well, every word on this list is on my blog so I assume the spy computers have me well-tracked.  I hope the staff doing this is forced to read my stuff.  Might help undermine the system a tad.


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20 responses to “US Secret State Murders All Over While Spying On US Citizens All Over

  1. Peter

    I think they will drown in data…I don’t care how big their computers are.
    They will miss the real terrorists(is there such a thing?)in the noise.
    I hope.

  2. Peter

    OH crap ,now I’m on the no fly list.

  3. Z

    I just wished that bossy aipac and the meanie republicans would stop picking on obama so much and forcing him to do all this nasty stuff. We know it’s not obama’s fault … he’s congenitally well-intentioned … but they just won’t let up on the poor guy. Jeez aipac and republicans, give this utterly fantastic and faultless human being obama a break … PLEASE! If left to his own I’m sure he would do all sorts of outstanding things for this country … and the world … becoz … becoz … becoz he’s obama!


  4. The point with those spy programs is to build network maps and to collect biometric data etc. They don’t care about individuals until they identify them, it’s after they become interested in an individual they can start to investigate closer. If they have 1,200 pages + on nobodies (like Max Schrems) just as background data; what can’t they do when they start to apply more specific spying devices and direct human intelligence work.

  5. Z


    Exactly. It’s partly stored for future use in case the subject starts doing things that the state disapproves of. Then the state can look into the subject’s matters in finer detail and use … or threaten to use …. their findings against them in some fashion to bring a halt to any irritance that the subject has the audacity to inflict upon the state and its beneficiaries.


  6. Paul S

    On a positive note about the collection of personal data and tracking: the people doing the tracking are the same type of people who had NO CLUE about the Fall of Communism–until they watched it on CNN. This is the “spy” agency that had Aldrich Ames as its Soviet counter intel head at the CIA–for eight years. This is the same security apparatus that had Robert Hanssen as its chief counter intel guy at the FBI. This is the security apparatus that allowed Wen Ho Lee to copy multiple gigabytes of highly sensitive information for the Chinese. The real concern is that many people who are innocent will be wrongly prosecuted.

  7. DeVaul

    This list is kind of anti-Orwellian, as it litteraly forces the minions of the aristocracy to read the most subversive materials possible, thus messing with their minds and perhaps enlightening them as to who they really work for as well as seeing what they have planned for their own minions.

    I think I avoided all the words on the above lists.

  8. When I was a first responder with the CIA DEA ICE FBI
    I was screening gangs for national security threats but it
    Was just a drill or exercise for assassination attacks against
    Militia members. No actual shots were fired because we didn’t
    Want an incident where looting and riots occurred. Once
    We obtain untraceable nerve agents, chemical agents, and
    Dirty bombs there will be an outbreak of contamination
    And plague and symptoms of pandemic infection. Hail Big
    Brother. Death to Humanity–human to human. There will
    Be no disaster relief for YOU! BWwaaahhhhahaha!

  9. 90404

    Remember when Hit-lary was in the Whitehouse? Her comments about a ‘Vast RW Conspiracy’? And now Drones and endless war.

    Also DeVaul…’litteraly’, you spelled it wrong and used it incorrectly!

  10. Being There

    The symptom of a declining nation is the threat of the ordinary citizen who is now viewed as a potential enemy. The biggest offense they can make is to think.

    With the events of this young century, the doors were opened to a vast privatized security complex, where even the congress doesn’t know how much tax payer money is being shunted through that new system.–of course this is a Nat. security issue.

    So the new agencies, of course have to prove that they are needed and will make all our lives a lot more miserable.

    I keep trying to say that since the Nixon administration, this process of global neoliberalism has been bouncing between the two party system without competition, so we are stuck regardless of which party we elect.

    Some things are worse than others as we wade through the muck and mire both parties will leave to us.

    Tonight I heard of a billionaire backer of Romney who wants to put spent uranium from 37 states and where does he want to store them?

    So they shred the constitution, sell off parts of the country to transantional corporations and invert communism to send money to the top eschelon and are hell – bent on destroying the environment before this puppy collapses.

    Looks like these guys have switched out of Christianity and now embrace Thanatos.–(shhhh they just don’t let anyone in on it)

  11. Mitt is a moron and a Mormon, I dont consider Mormons to be Christians.
    Maybe the Uranium or whatever can be shipped to Japan?

  12. floridasandy


    i don’t consider assassins to be christians myself.

  13. billibaldi

    @Paul S – Wen Ho Lee is a good example of the mis-use of State power not of espionage.

    The acme of spycraft is to identify people like Aldrich Ames, Kim Philby and Dieter Gerhard and exploit them.

    The point of counter-espionage to detect and correct weaknesses.

    The epitome of institutional clumsiness has to be Jonathon Pollard.

    Password weakness

  14. DeVaul


    Lol… that was hilarious!

    Did you miss any words at all? You may have just shut down Flame with all that gibberish. They’re going to have reboot it and delete your name from the system if they hope to get any use out of it at all.

  15. @billibaldi LOL… that was excellent!

    I remember watching the movie when it first came out. I never stopped laughing through the whole screening.

  16. emsnews

    Mel Brookes at his best. I still laugh at this movie years and years later. Thanks for the memories.

  17. @ Devaul
    I hope I don’t see any black vans parked outside my house when I go home tonight. If so, I’ll just say you put me up to it.

  18. DeVaul

    Hey Shocka,

    I can point fingers just as fast as you can. That black van will be rolling back and forth between our houses until it runs out of gas.

  19. emsnews

    No, until it finds a whorehouse to visit. See? Then they stop the black vans and pile out! 🙂

  20. DeVaul

    Oh… never thought about that. I suppose I could drop some “hints” about good rest stops between here and Shocka’s house where they can rest, relax, and feel rejuvenated — and lose their wallets, keys, and drivers license.

    I’m always on the lookout for a good survival strategy.

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