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Iran Boycott Sends Oil Soaring As Derivative Scandal Widens

Both Obama and Romney want to strangle Iran’s oil markets which is also causing the price of oil to stay very high which pleases the Saudi royals but wrecks our economy and creates inflation.  The London derivative interest rate swap scandal continues to broil while being nearly totally ignored by the US media and above all, US bankers.  The scandal there is happening here only it is hidden from view.  Also, the Queen and her brood get more public welfare while the Tories slash welfare for poor people.  For their own good, mind you! Continue reading


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The Derivatives Beast Prepares To Devour EU Banking Despite Bail Outs

The countries unable to collect taxes on the rich and unable to control spending in Europe have all joined forces to make the thrifty, tax paying states recapitalize their banking systems and to not move bank messes onto sovereign debt nor allow the countries that are solvent to dictate spending terms.  The German defeat will have repercussions in the future that are negative and the wild spending, easy credit nations will kill the Golden German Goose. Continue reading


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Fukushima, Black Holes, Heat Waves: We Are Doomed, No?

Hulu – Harakiri: a Japanese movie from over 50 years ago about a suicidal revenge story caught my eye when this statement appeared on the screen.  It is most ironic that a movie about Seppuku deaths would feature a warrior who served a lord from Fukushima who was moved to Hiroshima.  These are the twin suicidal nuclear sites of Japan along with Nagasaki.  The lion chewing on his paw while cleaning it is most evocative of Japan’s rich elites devouring their own nation just as our elites are eating our nation. Continue reading


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EU Documents Detailing New Powers For Elites To Control Countries


EU ‘would be allowed to change countries’ budgets’ under draft plans—most of the text below.  The EU is changing form rapidly as the Fourth Reich slowly comes into being with the Germans protesting loudly that they do NOT want to be the core of this new empire since it means taking on all the debt liabilities of foreign nations.   Continue reading


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Turning CO2 Into Industrial Use Chemicals Is Good Solution

One of the funniest things today is how people become totally ideological around nearly any topic.  One such today is climate knowledge: there is rampant confusion abounding due to people taking various stances and then twisting or ignoring incoming data to make their point of views the only point of view.  Is there warming or not?  What causes it?  Why do we have Ice Ages? Continue reading


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Rio Talks Promise Corporate/Rich Nations Giving $513 Billion To Save Environment

When we look at some of the biggest environmental disasters since the end of nuclear testing has occurred not once but twice: Chernobyl and Fukushima, we see no reaction from the elites about stopping nuclear power.  The environmental disasters caused by US and Israeli phosphorus and depleted uranium bombing also is being ignored, too.  Instead of outlawing both, the US and Israel are enlarging the use of both and are strengthening their nuclear arsenals as well as building more nuclear production systems. Continue reading


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US Backs Down And Lets Muslim Brotherhood Win Fair Election

The Egyptian military was waiting anxiously, at least the corrupt generals were waiting, for US orders as to who was going to rule Egypt.  Like Solomon, the US decided to decapitate the head from the body and hand over the body of Egypt to the generals and give the Muslim Brotherhood who won both elections, the left overs but no power to do anything at all what so ever.  This is a significant victory for the Brotherhood anyways because they plan to take power one way or another over time. Continue reading


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