Ron Paul Supporters Take Louisiana And Nevada

Does Ron Paul want his supporters to cool it?  This interests me because the forces unleashed by the Ron Paul movement which is a right wing antiwar movement, continues forcibly moving along within the GOP as delegates go to state conventions and get elected.  Ever since this ruling:   Federal Law: All delegates are unbound, the antiwar Paul people have sprung forwards to literally fight the GOP leadership for control of the convention.


This is leading to bigger and frankly, more violent confrontations at these state conventions with Ron Paul chalking up another win, this time in Louisiana as the Ron Paul delegates win LA GOP delegate majority.  Here are two videos showing the violence:

Henry Herford is assaulted by Shreveport Police at LAGOP State Convention – YouTube

Elected Chairman Alex Helwig assaulted by Louisiana State and Shreveport Police – YouTube

The GOP leadership was hoping people would give up fighting off Romney and accept the rich spoiled offshore fund Mormon.  Instead, this inside battle has broken out and is going to destroy Romney and so all eyes are on Ron Paul: does he really back this attempt at wrecking Romney’s coronation?


Or can he even control his own followers at all?  If he asks them to back the mega-warmongering Romney, will they?  Will they back Wall Street .0001% wealth Romney who is nearly totally at odds with the libertarians when it comes to many issues?  Or will he lead his followers into a confrontation?


I am betting there will be no confrontation.  Why?  Well, a lifetime of seeing betrayals, the news that Ron is friendly with Romney is dangerous news.  He can’t be a rebel and be an insider.  The followers of Romney are exposing themselves to brutality and dangers and are making HUGE sacrifices for him.  Will he honor this by fighting Romney to the bitter end?


On this note, the global warming business is also heating up in the public arena:  California Air Resources Board “Public consultation on Cap & Trade Auction Proceeds” « The PPJ Gazette

This is the ending that Queen Mary Nichols gives to this Public” Forum. The meeting started at 1:30 with 10 members on the dais, and 2 panels of about 10 people total. Public input was allowed from 4:10 to 5:00 p.m. When public comments started all members of the panels left, and one by one most members of the dais (2 were legilslators) left until there were 2 people left.

The elites have this stupid solution and will stuff it down our throats.  They selected the most oppressive and expensive solution possible.  Instead of enabling us all to install our own green energy systems on our homes, they are going to basically tax us to death.


Between these first world energy taxes and the Iran oil boycott, economic systems are being wrecked.  To fix this, the elites are cutting social services and raiding retirement funds:  ‘Markets are facing a rerun of the Great Panic of 2008’: Head of World Bank warns Europe is heading for ‘danger zone’ on bleakest day for global economy this year.


Belatedly, the SEC Approves Exchange Proposal to Adjust U.S. Trading Curbs which are supposed to stop those Goldman Sachs/JPM computers from bidding each other to hell with micro-second trades.  Some sort of brake has to be applied to these systems that are both dangerous and useless.


Which brings us back to the Right wing version of Occupy Wall Street:  Ron Paul supporters refuse to give up  as the Nevada GOP political director seeks to unify Romney, Paul factions.  Don’t be bribed!  Don’t sell out.  The GOP leaders want wars, more wars and more money for the rich and destruction of our mutual social systems in the name of capitalism for only the rich.

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14 responses to “Ron Paul Supporters Take Louisiana And Nevada

  1. shockuhzulu

    Maybe Ron Paul just wanted to get out of the way of the bullets, instead of stepping aside for Mittens. Who knows? Does it really matter which puppet sits in the white house? Paul never had a chance of winning a fixed fight. If he did anything, he voiced issues no one else dared mention.

  2. Dont get me started on CARB! They have been exposed on AM Radio in LA.[Mark and Brian show]?
    The woman who runs it is unbelievably arrogant.

  3. Z

    Like I’ve written before, I’d vote for Ron Paul over the fascist behind door number D and and the fascist behind door number R. I don’t agree with the libertarians’ economic philosophy, it errs with its simplicity and doesn’t factor in the world’s limitations of wealth among other things, but Paul would at least do some of the things that need to be done in order to reverse the progress of totalitarianism. And even on the important issues that I disagree with him on, at least he would bring those issues to the forefront while neither of the aforementioned fascists have any intention in discussing them at all.



    ELAINE: He could have been on all the ballots with that upstart group that offered anyone who wanted to try, could use their party line. Instead, he killed off the third party option so you have Mitt or Obama. No other real choices. So blame Paul for not breaking away from the GOP which obviously doesn’t want to follow him, anyways.

  4. Jim R

    CARB should send ALL their money to Elaine for growing TREES! The one thing we know about that actually takes carbon out of the air.

  5. floridasandy

    the global movement isn’t about fixing anything.

    it is about taxation to boost their wealth and power, and what better tax than on energy-something everyone needs?

    ron paul saw that, but, sadly, many will wait until it is too late to see that he is right.

    the thing that i love about ron paul is that he is actually looking out for his OWN country, a rare event with these globalists as they try and consolidate power.


    Sounds like you are backing off from your previously unfounded character bashing of Dr Paul. Accusing him of milking his followers is shameful and cheap…suggesting that his ethics were in question. A 30 year perfect voting track record should have given you pause before making such outrageous, unfounded statements.

    Now that he continues to win delegates and has NOT given up the fight for the nomination, you take another, equally absurd, attack…that he DOESN’T want to win.

    Elaine, your position is bullshit and you lack the intellectual integrity to make amends for your earlier wrongs against a very fine man.

  7. DeVaul

    If he wanted to fight, he would spend the money that was donated to him for that purpose by those who believed in him. It is not for his own personal comfort or retirement. It was for him to fight.

    You are shameful, Diiiiick. I believe you would steal from your own mother, since you obviously think fraudelant conveyance and theft by deception are perfectly fine in our society.

    Pocketing donations and acting like other politicians in doing so does not change the system, it only reinforces it.

  8. Z


    I do blame Paul for not breaking away from the GOP … I wish he would’ve. That being said, I’d still vote for him over either of the corporate sanctioned fascists from the two parties.


    ELAINE: I don’t see his name on any ballots for the coming election. So you can’t vote for him. He chose this path: to not run against Romney in the main election.

  9. JimmyJ

    Infowars reports Jim Tucker has ‘discovered’ that the Bilderbergers chose Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels as Romney’s running mate, and are “eager to dissuade the Romney camp from choosing Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.”

  10. DeVaul

    Uh oh…

    Looks like former RP followers are electing new leaders and fighting for their rights while RP fades away. Good for them!

    Now that they know the police are not their friends, maybe they will fight with the rest of us instead of for the GOP. We will see what happens.

    I hope they fight.

  11. floridasandy

    yikes—i don’t see ron paul fading away.

    we haven’t even had the convention yet.

  12. DeVaul

    If his name is not on the ballots, then he is fading away…

    If he is not fighting tooth and nail against the Bilderberg candidate, then he is fading away…

    If the cannot speak to his loyal followers in a gun shop in Los Vegas, then he is fading away…

    If he cannot produce one TV commercial for his followers, extolling them to vote for him, then he is fading away…

    If he is not encouraging his followers to fight against tyranny and the forces of tyranny (the police state and arbitrary GOP fiat rulings), then he is fading away…

    If he is eating dinner with Romney and family, then…

  13. floridasandy

    i get mail from him all the time, with what he is doing. (as do others).

    again, we haven’t even had the convention yet-and hopefully ron paul and his supporters will exert considerable influence over the convention agenda with their delegate block.

    it is an uphill battle for ron paul, no doubt, as americans are actually afraid of “change”-yet deep down they must know that we can’t keep going down the path that bush/obama have laid out for us-a path consisting of massive spending without jobs/workers, without secure borders, and with endless wars.

    if quantitative easing happens again, americans will be hit even harder in the pocketbook, but there has been no real recovery-just a bunch of lies.

    this is an unworkable program in store for us.

    i am watching the greek road map to see how it plays out.

  14. DeVaul


    You cannot vote for a “delegate block” in November. You can only vote for whoever is on the ballot. Ron Paul will not be on it, so you have Mitt or Barrack, or you can refuse to legitimize an unconstitutional government like I do by not voting at all. (The Soviet dissident response).

    It could have been:

    Commissar A (Mitt)
    Commissar B (Barrack)
    Constitutional Party A (Ron Paul)

    How many people would not vote for the Constitutional Party led by Ron Paul? He would have gotten more than 33 percent of the vote and won, but he CHOSE not to do this.

    That choice cannot be explained away in any way that does not involve political corruption, nor can his followers get around it logically, but I know a million sock puppets will offer apologetics for it.

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