IMF Is Bilderberg Gang Banking Theft Operation

As China grows stronger the US grows weaker.  Our many trade partners and allies who use our vast, expensive military to project power and control Muslims, want the US to be the strongest bully nation on earth and fear China’s rise in power.  But they cannot cease destroying our industrial base!  Meanwhile, the IMF run by mainly the Bilderberg Europeans and US elites continues to protect the very rich, concentrate wealth for themselves while lecturing us about the need to tax energy severely so we can save ourselves from being warm.

China is building 70 airports, expanding their ship building capacity, widening their auto industries and in general, are moving rapidly past the US as the US cuts funds for internal infrastructure and passively allows what remains of our industrial base to vanish overseas.  China runs trade surpluses while the US runs trade deficits.  China is richer each year and the US is poorer.  Pew survey: China seen edging past US as top economic power, but attitudes toward Beijing sour – The Washington Post

The 21-nation poll found that 41 percent of people said China was the world’s economic power, while 40 percent favored the U.S. Among the 14 nations that were asked the same question in 2008, the margin was wider: 45 percent placed the U.S. on top four years ago, with just 22 percent for China, but in the latest poll China was favored 42 percent to 36 percent.

The trend was especially strong in Europe: 58 percent of people in Britain saw China as the leading economy, versus just 28 percent for the United States. Even in the U.S., respondents were about evenly divided on the question. Turkey and Mexico were the only countries where more than half of people consider the United States the leading economic power.

The British public has a clearer view of things due to losing their own industrial base and empire.  They saw all this vanish after WWII.  They can see all the warning signs in the US.  The sophistication of many Brits when it comes to understanding the economic situation is far greater than the US.  More about that later.

Real economists (not the fakes we have here) understand that it is the trend that matters: the US chose free trade and began its catastrophic decline nearly immediately.  It was only a matter of time before another world power would take over.  Spending on military expansion overseas far from making a country stronger, makes it weaker if its industrial base vanishes.  Any country that uses government debt while not taxing the rich while expanding overseas goes bankrupt.  History is totally crystal clear about this.  It cannot be evaded.  But ‘economists’ in the US avoid this reality religiously.

But its situation is complex: China is relatively poor by income per person, while the United States is among the richest. The United States is the global center for the auto, computer, finance, aerospace and other industries.

This paragraph is pure propaganda inserted to not alarm Americans reading this tripe.  True, the Chinese overall are ‘poorer’ but they are getting richer each year whereas the US middle class is being hammered to death and the working class actively destroyed with the death of unions.  The US sustains spending by people here via giving out credit endlessly and then having lots of personal bankruptcies.  But the general wealth of Americans of the middle class has collapsed by 50% this decade due to falling home values as the bankruptcies rise, killing real estate values.

Across the 21 nations surveyed, the median percentage with positive views of China and the United States were about the same, at 49 percent and 52 percent, respectively. But Pew noted that overall figure concealed big differences in some countries. In Japan, 72 percent saw the U.S. favorably, versus just 15 percent for China. In Pakistan, 85 percent saw China favorably while just 12 percent said the same for the United States.

Here is my reply to this propaganda piece:

9:12 AM EDT
China’s industrial base is growing year after year whereas the US industrial base is vanishing. Only the taxpayer-supported military production remains. Our auto industry has been taken over by foreigners who also export cars to the US and who wrote this insane article?

China, not the US, is the leading computer manufacturer. Not to mention all other electronics. And worse for the US, the entire US market is going to be only one third the size of China’s market. That is, there is a billion potential customers in China compared to 300 million in the US and the poor are getting more money and buying more stuff in China while in the US we are cutting wages and social services so people here can buy less and less.

Moreover, China runs a trade SURPLUS while the US has run a trade DEFICIT for 35 years! We have negative sovereign wealth whereas China is the world’s 1 sovereign wealth nation with Germany and Japan following suit.

Naturally the Japanese ‘love’ the US: we give them free military power to aim at the fearsome Chinese who still want to take revenge for WWII and we are dupes for Japanese exporters who have ravaged our industrial base and taken over our auto industries, making Japanese overlords richer.

Pakistan: we lost Pakistan and China won and this is very significant. The Iranians prefer the Chinese, too. Our attempts at bottling up China have failed miserably with Russia making joint alliances with China, too.

The US economy is rotting away while China’s economy is growing. Only 8% this year compared to the US going back into negative territory.

I went to the Guardian to see what the Brits are saying about the economic mess our Bilderberg gang leaders created:  JP Morgan boss to explain $2bn loss

Jamie Dimon will tell US Senate committee that traders did not fully understand the risks they took.

HAHAHA.  And they claim to be geniuses.  The entire excuse for rewarding these jerks with lots of money is they are geniuses.  They still claim their creation of the Derivatives Beast was an act of genius because it makes money out of thin air without the use of traditional money printing skills.  Instead, they destroyed capital and international banking which limps along…barely.

One of the evilest organizations on earth aside from the US/UK banking chiefs is the IMF.  The story in the Guardian about the French woman warning us about the mess she and her Bilderberg buddies created is very funny because of the comments which echo my own writing here:  IMF chief warns of triple crisis

Lagarde warns of falling incomes, environmental damage and social unrest without sustainable growth (the Guardian headline):

12 June 2012 4:36PM
It also emerged that Lagarde pays no tax on her $467,940 (£298,675) a year salary.

People like Lagarde are part of the problem.

It’s really very simple, the rich have conquered democratic government, and have bent it toward their own interests.

The ‘free-market’ is just a device, legitimised by neoclassical economics, to justify and then reinforce existing power structures. The banks are a prime example, so powerful they can bend the will of political institutions.

Deregulation and privatisation do not level the playing field, they simply remove the borders and controls which prevent monopolies of power manifesting, unbalancing the structure of society itself in the process.

There is no such thing as a free market, there never can be as interest groups jostle for power with similar interests coalescing and agglomerating, consolidating their influence in a quest for power. It’s human nature, this is how things work.

The ‘free’-market is an illusion, and just gives free reign to powerful private interests to warp democracy, trampling the needs of the people in the process.

This is what we see happening throughout the West, and most pointedly in the USA and UK, the most liberalised of all the Western nations.

– This is why our jobs went overseas, and we were told there is no alternative
– This is why our wages are stagnating in real terms and politicians say they cannot intervene in the market to do anything about it
– This is why banks provide credit to supplement living standards, creating billions in profits
– This is why the government are marketising our public services, which corporations then run for private gain
– This is why social mobility is stalling; whilst Westminster is increasingly populated by the upper classes
– This is why our media support economic liberalisation; whilst the media owners attend the same restaurants and clubs as the politicians and the CEOs of multinational corporations
– This is why our communities are decaying, inequality grows and we are told we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Its not a conspiracy, (ELAINE: alas, it IS a conspiracy!  The Bilderberg gang secretly conspires all the time to create this mess) its simply what happens when safeguards to prevent the concentration of power are removed, and then that concentration of power is allowed to freely exercise it’s influence over wider society, agglomerating more and more power in the process.

The 1930s were supposed to be a lesson against the danger to civilisation inherent in untrammelled economic liberalism; if they ever were a lesson they have obviously been forgotten.

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12 June 2012 4:37PM
What a shameful piece of tripe. If these money launderers and politicians care a damn about the world they will ‘meet’ via video -link, instead of spending the money, creating more carbon etc gathering in Rio. Always somewhere nice that they gather isn’t it? never somewher with poteentially awful weather or a bad nightlife. Makes me so p*ssed off. I suppose we shoulde be glad DSK isn’t still head of the IMF otherwise he would be too sh*agged out to be of any use and the tax payers money would go on hookers…like it does with the US special protection officers. Jeez!

Recommend? (49)

Link zzz62zzz
12 June 2012 4:39PM
…and still the biggest elephant in the world, Derivatives, gets ignored!!!


12 June 2012 4:39PM
“So-called “free trade” isn’t really free trade at all. It’s simply the rape of democracy by removing regulatory authority from at least marginally accountable public institutions to totally unaccountable private or corporate multi-national ones. An environment where corporate cliques can take huge sums of capital, made off the labour and trade of workers and consumers, and use it to blackmail and whipsaw communities and local governments into giving then huge concessions on everything from employment and ecological standards to human rights and taxation. That’s not freedom. It’s fascism—pure and simple”- Steppenwolf 2008

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12 June 2012 4:39PM
So, the Banksters gambled our money and lost. We had to pay them back through our governments (our money again – more than once) but they find loaning the money to start new business or expand existing ones too risky lol. But we had to borrow the money so we now all share debts which we are told that we have to pay off as soon as possible (although in fact private debt is the problem not public debt). So, we have forced austerity which is slowing growth and the quality of life.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, countries are seriously threatening to default on debts, and the vultures are circling because there are succulent opportunities to make money out of misery. Although countries can’t go bankrupt, the financial systems which are owned by the very people who shouldn’t have control of them are leveraging them to ensure a systematic stripping of assets from countries one by one.

This is leading to greater social problems and environmental issues (most of which haven’t even been seen yet) and our government is selling our family jewels at knock down prices to their friends to pay back the debt which is not a major problem but has been sold as one.

The Brits have much more intelligent news than here in the US.  We have wall-to-wall garbage.  What is saddest here is how libertarians throw away socialism whereas in Europe people are attracted to national socialism because they want to survive.  The Nazi mistake was to tie all this to tribalism and religious bigotry just like the Jews have done since then, a dead end because all this does is create enemies far and wide.

How do we organize society so we live well, safe, long lives that are psychologically rich?  The US consumer model isn’t working.  We see this in Japan and South Korea where suicide rates are high and birth rates dropping like a rock and the main entertainment of most of the people is shopping.  In the US we see people getting enormously fat while increasingly unable to enjoy life as we slog around, trying to walk before collapsing.

The Medieval era saw the rich lording it over the very poor with virtually no middle class.  We are returning to this model which is insane.  Why the Bilderberg gang wants this is sad: they feel that desperate workers make better servants.  They want us to be their slaves, essentially.  Slaves are cheap, can’t complain and can be beaten mercilessly as foreign workers in oil pumping nations are learning the hard way.

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29 responses to “IMF Is Bilderberg Gang Banking Theft Operation

  1. Old Vandal

    The part about the fat bodies that we have become is especially interesting. It is increasingly impossible to have a “walkable” community. Anyone out there walk to grocery store lately? How about to work? Or maybe just a walk to a friends? Crime, decaying infrastructure, and a culture based on the car makes the simple act of walking pretty much impossibe. What is humorous is the amount of lip service and funding thrown at getting us to get fit. The NYC ban on Big Gulps comes to mind. But, the entire culture of ours is either too stupid or too lazy to make the changes required to sincerely make our society “fit”. What percentage of Americans are fat or obeese? Yes the intake is a part of the problem, and yes the ability for the citizen to be truly active is another. Sad.

  2. Christian W

    Old Vandal: The Obesity wave is another example of an elite power play. It all started under Nixon.

    “The story begins in 1971. Richard Nixon was facing re-election. The Vietnam war was threatening his popularity at home, but just as big an issue with voters was the soaring cost of food. If Nixon was to survive, he needed food prices to go down, and that required getting a very powerful lobby on board – the farmers. Nixon appointed Earl Butz, an academic from the farming heartland of Indiana, to broker a compromise. Butz, an agriculture expert, had a radical plan that would transform the food we eat, and in doing so, the shape of the human race.

    Butz pushed farmers into a new, industrial scale of production, and into farming one crop in particular: corn. US cattle were fattened by the immense increases in corn production. Burgers became bigger. Fries, fried in corn oil, became fattier. Corn became the engine for the massive surge in the quantities of cheaper food being supplied to American supermarkets: everything from cereals, to biscuits and flour found new uses for corn. As a result of Butz’s free-market reforms, American farmers, almost overnight, went from parochial small-holders to multimillionaire businessmen with a global market. One Indiana farmer believes that America could have won the cold war by simply starving the Russians of corn. But instead they chose to make money.

    By the mid-70s, there was a surplus of corn. Butz flew to Japan to look into a scientific innovation that would change everything: the mass development of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), or glucose-fructose syrup as it’s often referred to in the UK, a highly sweet, gloppy syrup, produced from surplus corn, that was also incredibly cheap. HFCS had been discovered in the 50s, but it was only in the 70s that a process had been found to harness it for mass production. HFCS was soon pumped into every conceivable food: pizzas, coleslaw, meat. It provided that “just baked” sheen on bread and cakes, made everything sweeter, and extended shelf life from days to years. A silent revolution of the amount of sugar that was going into our bodies was taking place. In Britain, the food on our plates became pure science – each processed milligram tweaked and sweetened for maximum palatability. And the general public were clueless that these changes were taking place.”

  3. payAttention

    Christian.. well that’s very christian of you, starving Russians. I advise you to change your name to something with jerk in it. Here is how real working American farmers felt about ’embargoes’ and starving Russians – they did not like it, nor did they want to starve anyone. Farmers don’t starve people, they feed them. Ukrainians have a closely held memory of Holodomor, and I do not think they would like you very much.

    Elaine, I do not want to jump on your commenters, but what the hell is wrong with these people?? They talk about starving a country like they are discussing what flavor of ice cream they will choose. I am disgusted when I see this, and have held off for commenting for a long time, however some ideas are just beyond.

  4. Christian W

    I was quoting the article, as can clearly be seen by the quotation marks around the text below the link. I posted parts of it in case someone didn’t have the time to read the whole thing in one go…

  5. Being There

    If you listen to Webster Tarpley, he claims that the Bilderbergs have chose Mitch Daniels as Mitt’s running mate and they have decided to “Carterize” Obama and have Mitt win. Austerity is just around the corner—get ready for massive privatization of the commons. I’m sure they’ll be nothing left of “the people”.

  6. Melponeme_k

    The really tragic aspect is that Obama could still rally and reveal what these power elite are attempting. He has nothing to lose now. They will push him into obscurity and feed him no more money whether he toes their line or not.

  7. Being There

    I doubt that he will get nothing for his cooperation. He’ll probably find a cushy job on Wall St. There may be an office awaiting at GS!

  8. Being There

    More than likely Obama will end up being a good will ambassador like Clinton to go around the world talking up the globalism saying it “raises all ships”.

  9. Steve Murgaski

    How many people remember the “Dismissal of U.S. attorneys controversy”? (Not exactly a catchy name. Probably an attorney came up with it.) It’s just nice to remember that sometimes the schemes of the rich and powerful don’t work out as planned.

    “The dismissal of U.S. Attorneys controversy was initiated by the unprecedented[1] midterm dismissal of seven United States Attorneys on December 7, 2006 by the George W. Bush administration’s Department of Justice. Congressional investigations focused on whether the Department of Justice and the White House were using the U.S. Attorney positions for political advantage. Allegations were that some of the attorneys were targeted for dismissal to impede investigations of Republican politicians or that some were targeted for their failure to initiate investigations that would damage Democratic politicians or hamper Democratic-leaning voters.[2][3] The U.S. attorneys were replaced with interim appointees, under provisions in the 2005 USA PATRIOT Act…”

    “The firings received attention via hearings in Congress in January 2007, and by March 2007 the controversy had national visibility. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales stated that the U.S. Attorneys “serve at the pleasure of the president” and described the affair as “an overblown personnel matter”.”

    “By mid-September 2007, nine of the highest-level officers of the Department of Justice associated with the controversy had resigned,[16][17][18][19] most prominently, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.”

    “As the controversy emerged, U.S. Senators were concerned about a little-noticed provision in the re-authorization of the USA PATRIOT Act in 2006 which eliminated the 120-day term limit on interim appointments of U.S. Attorneys made by the United States Attorney General to fill vacancies.”

    “The change gave the Attorney General greater appointment powers than the President, since the President’s U.S. Attorney appointees are required to be confirmed by the Senate; the law undermined the confirmation authority of the Senate.[27]”

    “Congress rescinded the provision by very large majorities in March 2007.”

  10. Being There, Adelson may put 100M into Mitt. Soros is putting 400M into a [re] education system for his European Open Society.

    I never had even the slightest faith in BHO. And all thats unfolding proves I am right. A friend is from Ctown and said ‘I know what the Political machine there is like, so for BHO to climb up, he has to be very corrupt’.

  11. emsnews

    The entire thing has become a fleecing operation. Ron Paul had small sheep to fleece, Romney’s fleecing is to control the government so the rich won’t be taxed or controlled and the Democratic machine was all about ethnic/religious fleecing ditto the GOP which enabled the religious leaders to fleece their flocks…the corruption is all classic Imperial corruption a la ancient Rome. Little has changed since then.

  12. Being There

    You’re so right about that. I just blogged on CFN that the big gobs of money raised will be used to market research us, based on our internet activities. This is a huge misappropriation of money. Just imagine if the very wealthy wanted to do something constructive for this country with their money. Just imagine that they aren’t trying to buy war with Iran or maybe even WWIII.

    This is the complete betrayal of the American Revolution, in the making for the past 40 years.

    ps. In Greece, thanks to Goldman Sachs there are throngs of homeless living on the streets. There have been suicides, as well.
    Remember: Austerity is just around the corner!

  13. Christian W

    Yeah, the power elites are cannibalizing the West now as well, they figured they had the entire planet to rob. Only the planet is finite in resources and ultimately in places to hide. Eating the seed corn is not a long time survival strategy that leads to anywhere nice. But then again the rich only care about themselves and the here and now. Their one genuine strategy is kicking the can down the road.

  14. Being There

    In reality they have been robbing us blind for 40 years. Now it’s on hyper-drive and we can’t deny it anymore. The Milton Friedman “Laboratory” is now the whole world and since the 1970’s it’s been an abject failure. This doesn’t stop them from doing it over and over again—obviously inverted communism works for them.
    The day they start to really lose is the day they will repudiate it.

  15. emsnews

    The rich are making a classic mistake: they feel as if they deserve to pay nothing while having everything for themselves. This invariably ends very badly for them. But they ignore history because they think they have figured a way of doing this eternally. Another common delusion.

  16. Being There

    When we can’t pay for things here, does it mean they have to raise the pay of the third world to by their stuff?

  17. floridasandy

    i had to read twice when i read the post where obama could still “expose the power elites”.

    there is no end to cluelessness in america, i guess.

    after obama’s pathetic illegal ploy today, i am just about ready to throw in the towel on saving america and its workers.

    no wonder they are jamming down all these freedom usurping bills fastly and furiously.

  18. @Being There: “When we can’t pay for things here, does it mean they have to raise the pay of the third world to by their stuff?”

    They will have to, except they will be absolutely adamant on NOT paying the third world a living wage! They figure they can hide in their pirate island coves and continue to grow richer and richer whilst the masses do not have any money to buy enough to eat, let alone buy all the goods the factories will crank out.

    The rich do not learn, they will be forced to do the right thing, or face the public on a scaffold as Madame Lefarge looks up at them from the knitting she’s doing.

    I think this time the masses will believe the noose and the gallows, the guillotine,the firing squad, and even the cross will be too good for them. They may face the pale and the quartering team this time around.

  19. floridasandy

    by the time the masses realize who has been really screwing them, the politicians will be long gone, enjoying themselves on a beach somewhere. 🙂

  20. Being There

    But Em,

    They have to sell their stuff to a marketplace and if they want the world market they have to pay more than subsistence wages to sell and make money. The 300 million+ people here was not enough, so if they can sell to billions, than, indeed they have to pay. It’s not just about the masses getting even–it’s about having a market that will bring in $$$.

  21. BT:
    ‘by their stuff?’
    I dont know how it works, but I can spell [its BUY].

  22. @Being There: Indeed, that’s how markets work. But it seems that the wealthy of modern times (or post-modern times, call it what you will) have gotten it into their heads that they can have the markets withOUT paying people wages and salaries robust enough to support that market. You also need to have a fair amount of competition, not just huge monopolies with only tiny niches left over for the mom-and-pops. They have utterly destroyed the competition, they have broken the back of organized labor so they can finish the race to the bottom. They are committing the same error their great-grandparents and further back ancestors committed in the run-up to the great depression. This time they think they can escape to a queen’s pirate island cove somewhere and live the good life while everyone else suffers famine, disease and squalid living conditions, usually in the street.

    @BT: I quoted the ‘by their stuff’ phrase, copied and pasted verbatim without changes. I should’ve put ‘[sic!]’ right after it.

  23. Being There

    I totally agree with everything you said.
    I am simply saying that they(masters of the universe-:) are deluded if they think that people with subsistence income will keep themselves going. Yes they all think they’re going to New Zealand. Or a Greek Island that Steve Forbes is setting up when the country has to give over it’s entire public sector for privatization. Just think they really can become the gods on Mount Olympus after all. (wonder whether they will fall like Icarus)

  24. Why wouldn’t it work? Look at India with mega rich people lording it above the seething masses of the poor.

    In the UK the Tory/Lib government will cut benefits to workers if they go on strikes. The middle class and working class need to get their act together sooner rather than later if a complete meltdown is to be avoided.

  25. Now former prez candidate Forbes is setting up a new country?
    I dont follow the ‘world scene’ too closely [too much bad news] but dont the Greeks have themselves to blame? yes?
    1 in 4 working for the govt. Did anyone see the poll where Greeks think they are the hardest workers in Europe?

  26. @Being There: Greece will be only the first country that will have to hand over its entire public sector and public infrastructure for privatization. Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, the US and the UK will soon follow. The ‘conservative’ politicians of the last two actually WANT to do this!

  27. Being There

    You should know that Goldman Sachs showed Greece how to hid their debt to get into the Euro. That’s what set them up for the fall!
    Yes, there’s no doubt that they had structural problems, but it never would have come to this had they not wanted to join the club!

    Iceland is the only country to say NO to the banksters, thanks too consultant, Michael Hudson and now they’re doing well—-There is another way.

  28. Iceland has a population thats ‘city sized’, or speck sized compared to India.

  29. Fastidious replies in return of this question with firm arguments
    and describing the whole thing regarding that.

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