Egypt Has No Elected Leaders, Only Military Dictators

As usual–unlike our wretched media here–I like to go to native reporting in various countries to see what they think is going on.  So I visited some Egyptian newspapers today to read their take on the failed election that was pretty much squelched by the military and their CIA/Mossad handlers.  The Egyptian military is a foreign-owned occupation force just like our Congress is a foreign-owned legislative occupation force.  


I wrote to one Egyptian newspaper reminding them that our corrupted courts cancelled a previous Presidential election by refusing to count the votes in Florida and thus handing over the Presidency to the man who had the least votes.  Stealing elections is old hat for US elites.  Stealing foreign elections or erasing democracy entirely is typical for US elites and their foreign allies.


Here is the first Egyptian news story that covers things fairly well:  Campaign team of Mohamed Mursi displays ‘proof’ of election victory; spokesperson says the Muslim Brother won’t ‘take orders from anyone’ when in office:  Ahram Online


“Dr Mohamed Mursi won 52 per cent of the votes (13,238,298), while Ahmed Shafiq won 48 per cent (12,351,184). This is based on results at polling stations issued on Sunday and Monday, and the tally of Egyptians voting abroad,” a spokesperson for Mursi’s campaign said.


Photocopies of results from polling stations, with official stamps and the signatures of supervising judges, were distributed to journalists.


Mursi’s campaign had submitted 140 complaints about ballots in nine governorates to the Supreme Presidential Electoral Commission (SPEC), the spokesperson added.


In response to the ruling junta’s changes to the temporary constitution on Sunday, the spokesperson said Mursi would enjoy full presidential powers and would not “take orders from anyone.” Furthermore, it was announced that Mursi would resign from the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party before swearing his oath of office.


Evidently Mursi went to the military dictators to make a deal with them so they wouldn’t openly kill the election entirely.  They, in turn, hope to use this meeting against him to disqualify him.  Of course, the military general who worked for Mubarak didn’t have to have meetings with them to make a deal, he is a co-conspirator!


Of course, the Mubarak judges won’t mention THAT tidy item!  They will legalize the coup just as our corrupt Supreme Court does the same every time our Constitution is openly violated.

As we see in Google news, few US media carried this news story which appeared in Egypt, of course, but barely appeared here:  Carter Center’s preliminary statement on second round of Egypt’s presidential election: Full text – Presidential elections news – Presidential elections 2012 – Ahram Online


“I am deeply troubled by the undemocratic turn that Egypt’s transition has taken. The dissolution of the democratically-elected parliament and the return of elements of martial law generated uncertainty about the constitutional process before the election,” said former U.S. President Jimmy Carter. “The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces’ new Constitutional Declaration, in which they carve out special privileges for the military and inject themselves into the constitution drafting process, violates their prior commitment to the Egyptian people to make a full transfer of power to an elected civilian government. A constitution is a permanent foundation for the nation, and must be fully inclusive and legitimate. An unelected military body should not interfere in the constitution drafting process.”


Ultimately, a truly democratic transition requires not just elections, but the full transfer of power to those elected civilian institutions, and the drafting of a constitution by an inclusive and legitimate Constituent Assembly. Given the dissolution of parliament, the reinstatement of certain military powers of arrest and detention, and the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces’ newest Constitutional Declaration, among other issues, it is now unclear whether a truly democratic transition remains underway in Egypt.


The Israeli police state has been imposed on all US citizens because we are at war with all Islam and Islam’s believers are on the warpath due to US/Israeli attempts to control all Muslims using vile methods, not persuasion.  The Egyptians have no constitution but really, we don’t, either.  When it is held in contempt by a right wing Supreme Court Catholic majority, we have despotism instead of the rule of law, here.


Ethnic warfare lurks around the next corner and can break out over the most trivial matters here in the US where ethnic warfare is celebrated as legal, proper and good.  I fear this greatly and I believe that Jews underestimate grossly how badly they will fare when this happens.


Democracy isn’t a cure-all.  Far from it, the need for civil rights is paramount: this is the only protection for minorities of any type.  Suspending the rule of law so one religious fanatical group can wage war against another is a terrible evil.  The average American as well as average Egyptian would have more serenity and peace as well as the right to talk openly about all political matters if we only had our original Constitutional civic rights such as freedom of speech and to not be arrested with no warrant, no right to bail, no trial.


All this has been erased by our rulers who work for aliens seeking to control the US so we can be systematically looted and sent to die in foreign wars for the benefit of foreign rulers.


From Egyptian news: Reformist monitor judge group to display vote results Wednsday, insists Mursi won.  Of course, the entire business of counting the ballots is where the frauds really happen.  Jimmy Carter was one of the very few foreigners allowed to view this process and only in a limited way and this is because Zionists hate him so the Egyptians trusted him.


But he is unable to monitor the recent vote counting which was supervised by the elites who want to steal this election.  So I am assuming they will steal it.  Outlaw the Muslim Brotherhood yet again and resume looting the country as before.


Meanwhile, while US cops brutalize demonstrators who go after the elites and in general, abuse the civilian population treating us all like we are Muslim terrorists, we have the spectacle of the US elites cooing over a Chinese troublemaker who would have been tasered, harassed, brutally thrown to the ground and in general, viciously treated if he irritated THEM here in the US:  Chen Guangcheng Is Safe in New York, but Thinks of China –


Mr. Chen and his wife spoke at New York University’s U.S.-Asia Law Institute, which has granted him visiting scholar status for an indefinite period. The university has provided a faculty apartment near Washington Square.


Their children, ages 6 and 10, are attending a public school and picking up English, while Mr. Chen and Ms. Yuan study English for two hours every morning. Mr. Chen spends many afternoons meeting legal experts one on one, learning about the American Constitution and the United States legal system — starting, he made a point of saying, with the Declaration of Independence. He plans to learn about disability law, among other topics.


HAHAHA…he can learn of our dead Constitution, eh?  HAHAHA.  There is one guy who should be hosted by NYU: Wikileaks Founder Turns to Chavez Ally Ecuador for Asylum.  Of course, Assange is evil, he released all those secret cables wherein our embassy staff plots to overthrow governments and create terrorist opportunities!  This strikes at the dark heart of our out of control government and thus is cause for persecution.


Of course, NYU won’t help him at all.  They will pet their Chinese guy and pamper him and the minute this poor man realizes he has moved into a vicious dictatorship with pretend elections where we are giving virtually no choices at all…NYU will kick him to the curb.  But if they swaddle him in cotton and protect him from reality, all is good.  He will sing the praises of our country as it sinks into destruction from within.

Liberating Muslims means destroying them.  The ongoing deaths in Afghanistan as the Taliban fight back are totally hidden from US news at this point.  Iraq is hidden, too:  Generator Man – Witness – Al Jazeera English


In the comfort of my hotel, power outages were only a problem in the few minutes between the national grid going down and the lights coming back on – triggered by the huge and noisy generator behind the building.


But Bakr had opened my eyes to a problem I had not been aware of. I began to notice the tangled mess of wires hanging from buildings all over the city. And for the first time I understood why I had met so many people wearily climbing the stairs of Baghdad’s general hospital with their sick children in their arms, trying to reach a doctor on a higher floor: without electricity, elevators do not work.


When I spoke to doctors, they told me of patients who could not visit the hospital because they were too weak to reach the higher floors. In these tales, I thought I had found the starting point for this story – but I soon came to realise that doctors and patients are too afraid to talk about their daily struggles in these hellish conditions.


The US leaves all these people in wretched ruin.  Libyans are beginning to figure out they lost a socialist paradise when they got rid of their goofy leader who has been replaced with anarchy and open looting by foreign corporations.


Back in the US, we have this delightful battle between Wall Street gangsters that has generated some funny headlines:  Gingrich: Romney won because ‘he had 16 billionaires’.  HAHAHA.  That is so true. Romney had more billionaires supporting him!  Duh!  On the opposition front, we have this sad editorial by Ron Paul’s son who was testing the waters for his dad by endorsing a Zionist Wall Street warmonger:  Opposing Unconstitutional Wars – By Sen. Rand Paul – The Corner – National Review Online


Too late to put the mantle of antiwar back on, Rand!  You blew it!  You and your dad refused to fight the real battle and the shadowboxing around Romney is hilarious since neither of you have hit him hard, you all whiff past him and then embrace him!  Throwing your faithful under the bus was bad.


And neither Rand nor his dad, Ron, are against free trade very much-G20 extends free trade vow despite split.  Yes, we are stuck on this merry-go-round to bankruptcy and no one running for President or any office is against free trade at this point.  They are paid very well by foreigners to not be for free trade.  We should look to the Egyptians to see what this means.  It isn’t good.sunset borger

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10 responses to “Egypt Has No Elected Leaders, Only Military Dictators

  1. Being There

    I have bemoaned the fact that everyone elected into office in the US is a staunch globalist and neoliberal and not working in any way shape of form for the US population. In this daisy chain of economic disaster, the looting will go up the economic ladder and it will be too late to undo this mess. Enter WWIII?

    I believe that the elite brought together by Bilderberg is worse than the Israeli influence–although we see Adelson putting in obscene gobs of money behind Romney so he can have his war on Iran. Of course he wouldn’t dream of paying taxes to help out the military.

    My guess is if Israel, who is a plant of GB and the US after WWII ceases to be of any use to us we’ll drop them like we dropped Mubarak. That’s how we treat our friends when we no long need them.

    Just to share what I wrote to you this morning:
    Ron Paul collects social security

    Interview on Morning Joe reveals that Ron Paul who makes $174000.00 per year as a congressman, also collects social security.
    Funny, that.

    The subject came up when he was describing how he is trying to get young people off paying into the fund.
    On the one hand he claims that he will save ss by cutting the fat off it and ending foreign war escapades to save money for a country on the road to bankruptcy.
    Caught in his own hypocrisy, his protestations to his interviewers felt hollow and cranky.—Yep these nuts want everything for themselves and nothing for you–isn’t that special!

  2. DeVaul

    I always said that carrying signs would accomplish nothing. Power groups never cede power to others without a fight. I wonder when the Arabs will understand this?

    Meanwhile, Elaine was right once again about the militant Japanese. It seems back when the Chinese declared “I be bank” at her house, the Japanese government declared “We be nuclear power”.

    I have hated hypocrisy all my life. To see it grow in intensity everywhere is most distressing to me. It fills me with despair, and it breeds hatred among everyone as it is revealed to the public at an accelerating pace due to the internet. What was never known 30 years ago, is now known in 5 minutes.

  3. DeVaul

    Yes, Easter Island is probably our future. All trends lead in that exact direction. It may be a genetic failure on our part.

    Throughout human history, there has been only one form of “economics” that humans truly engage in: slash and burn. It does not matter if it is physical or abstract, or even metaphysical, nor whether it is slow or fast, it is always approached the same way: slash and burn.

    Dmitry Orlov posed the question of whether we are smarter than yeast, but it appears we are not. Yes, yeast do eat all the sugar until there is none left, but then they fall dormant and sleep until more sugar is added. Humans do not fall dormant. We just die. We don’t wake up later.

    The internet is a two-sided coin. While it promotes the unveiling of information that was intended to be kept secret, it also can be used to flood the world with propaganda. Here is one disgusting example:

    Read it carefully and note who is on the blacklist and how we deal with them compared to those who are not nearly as inhumane to others. Hillary has certainly shocked and awed the world with her relentless hypocrisy. I cannot think of anything her husband did that can compare to her current rampage this past few years.

  4. It has come to my attention that somebody is posting comments here under my name. He is an imposter. Elaine, please ban that troll and contactme at —


    ELAINE: I can see his email address and yes, you are the REAL JH Kunstler. He is an impostor. Sorry about this happening to you, Jim.

  5. emsnews

    Old 63 cat: you cannot post in Jim’s real name, please. You may post in your own ID in the future.

  6. Being There

    A little diversion off the track here, but well worth it:
    Please take the time to listen to Catherine Austin Fitts explaining the mechanics of the massive fraud that is the global economy and the destruction of human rights and sovereignty.
    This would interest anyone on either side of politics:

    [Created: Friday, October 22nd, 2010 Former Assistant Secretary of Housing under George HW Bush Catherine Austin Fitts blows the whistle on how the financial terrorists have deliberately imploded the US economy and transferred gargantuan amounts of wealth offshore as a means of sacrificing the American middle class. Fitts documents how trillions of dollars went missing from government coffers in the 90′s and how she was personally targeted for exposing the fraud.]

  7. Thanks, BeingThere.

  8. @DeVaul, that’s unfair. Yeast spend their lives producing bread and alcohol, and they reproduce without having sex. How could we compete with a species like that?

  9. I listened to runs for 60 minutes.
    She has much of the situation figured out, but not all of it.
    The 1995 story, Mr Webbs book..thats over govt and narco importation?

  10. 90404, it sounds like the Webb you mean is Gary Webb. A reporter who wrote a bunch of articles, and a book, accusing the CIA of being involved in drug smuggling. He committed suicide, officially.

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