Rio Rich Meeting Collapses Global Warming Schemes To Nothingness

The crashing sound I hear this year is the collapse of fake, no-capital banking, US imperialism which is bankrupting the nation and the bizarre death of the global warming movement.  That is, all these things are slamming into each other as the elites who conspire inside of say, their Bilderberg meetings, can’t fix their own natural greed and self-centeredness when it comes to making money out of thin air and raping the environment.  They see clearly that things will go badly for humans if we keep destroying our environment but the main drivers for this happens to be the Bilderberg gang’s activities in the first place!

I have been hammering on the global warming business not because I don’t worry about climate problems but rather, I accuse most of the international players in this game of being hypocrites who want ME to freeze to death while they enjoy this planet’s wonders at my expense.  So far, the only actions they give in my direction are punitive for me while it makes them all richer.  The entire tax/derivative sales scam they cooked up was designed merely to loot me and you all while making them even richer so they can do things like Billionaire Larry Ellison Buys Hawaii’s Island of Lanai.


This island is typical: it is hot, it is generally dry, it is isolated from any native masses and it will disappear into the Pacific if Ellison doesn’t make it a lot colder where I live.  None of these clowns move to Greenland or Alaska.  They want hot and dry: A Visit to Socotra, Yemen’s Lost, Enchanted Island | Politics | Vanity Fair


Without question, the Yemeni island of Socotra is Nowheresville—raised to the nth power—but it’s also an exotic paradise…I saw a soldier on the roof of the terminal with an AK-47. It was the only gun we would see during the entire visit—quite a contrast from the open-air-arsenal vibe of mainland Yemen.


This paradise is also very hot and dry and like Hawaii, has no chance of any winter any time even if there was another Ice Age so it is a PARADISE.  And it has few pesky peasants, too.  A huge factor making it paradise.  Like the Hawaiian island, it has a few who can be easily controlled.  Note how the Vanity article mentions delicately the situation in Yemen where there is a full revolt against the US and Saudi controllers there!


Our Bilderber elites are meeting in public this week to discuss how to save their own assets and asses and they figured out that talking about higher taxes on the struggling populations of Europe and the US isn’t going to work so here is the reality–they are giving up on the global warming business:  Economy trumps environment in Rio: Gerard Wynn | Reuters


The focus of the Mexico meeting, an unfolding drama of a possible collapse of the euro and return to global financial crisis, has distracted from an environmental threat that may be urgent, planetary and irreversible, but less palpable…


…And the architects of the Rio event, which concludes on Friday, have not helped.  One mistake was to try and turn the financial crisis to advantage by focusing on the notion of an alternative growth model, under a slogan of “green economy”.


Mexico, the country where drug lords are at war with the government which was inserted into office via some of the most suspicious ballot counting outside of Egypt.  I know for certain the Muslim Brotherhood won because the military won’t release the tally or let anyone see what is going on there…exactly how the elites screwed up our own 2000 election deliberately and with full malice.


Governments will at the end of the week launch a process to agree on sustainable development goals (SDGs) to succeed the millennium development goals that expire in 2015…”SDGs should be action-oriented, concise and easy to communicate, limited in number, aspirational, global in nature and universally applicable to all countries while taking into account different national realities,” the text says.


See?  They are scared of the peasants revolting.  And the peasants are going to revolt more and more as they are squeezed harder and harder.  Someone has to pay for all those funky no-capital loans handed out by the biggest banks all of whom were downgraded by Moody’s yesterday!  Saving the wealth of the super-rich is more important than anything.


By the way, the Japanese government, after global horror about the collapsing pool of #4 reactor at Fukushima suddenly announced they are moving ahead the removal of these rods in the pool by one year so it will happen by next year!  Slow as a glacier in an Ice Age!  Russia acted much, much, much faster when Chernobyl happened.  Threw a million men into the battle.


Japan, like South Korea and China, depends on the US and EU sucking down their manufactured exports.  They would never talk about ending this, they want this to continue.  But the ‘greens’ who want paradise also want to stop sales of goods to the people living in the northern nations:  UN Official: Western Nations ‘Don’t Need More Cars, More TV, Whatever’ |


United Nations Development Programme head Helen Clark told AFP in an interview: “So the issue is how to get human development that will see it continue to rise for the world’s poorest people and people in developing countries. Because frankly human development in the West – we don’t need more cars, more TV, whatever. Our needs are by and large satisfied, although the recession has put a lot of strains on that.”


Clark, the former prime minister of New Zealand, also stressed the responsibility of richer countries to reduce their environmental footprint: “There is, in my opinion, a very heavy responsibility on the countries of the north to look at how they sustain their living standards with a much lower environmental footprint.”


I warned everyone that the ultimate plan for the elites is to reduce the pesky peasants who became middle class in the north to living in severe poverty a la Japan’s workers live today.  That is, with virtually no use of ANY energy systems including heating!


Go to Japan, once the world’s #2 economy!  The people there don’t have central heating and cooling.  They live in mostly tiny homes and using say, a dryer is nearly unheard of.  Fewer own cars compared to Europe or the US.  Everything is restricted severely.  Not as severe as North Korea that openly starves its own people.  But this gloomy future for all of us is the plan: we are to imitate Japan in all ways including working ridiculous hours and not reproducing as robots replace us.


Do we imagine these horrible rich people love the poor of Africa and South America?  Of course, they hate these peasants even more than they hate us.  These people in the warm, sunny, pleasant, paradise sectors of the planet are IN THE WAY.  They, too, must be removed, preferably to the cold north where they can join us all in shivering to death during the bitter, long winters.


The elites in the West fully support the massive and expensive military/industrial complex that is wrecking the environment because…this is one of their ways of getting even richer while lecturing us about how we are all doomed.  Russia and China are eventually going to replace the US in world military markets due mainly to cost: they are cheaper.  Dangerous business: Libya, UAE, Indonesia and more sell wares at military tech event | Fox News


At the event, 53 countries were represented by more than 1,400 exhibitors for the 55,000 visitors, the United States leading with 158 companies. But a surprising trend was evident: This year, the number of companies from non-Western countries that showed off new weaponry boomed — especially Russia and China.


CHINA: Sky Dragon


The top supplier to the People’s Liberation Army, China North Industries Corp. (NORINCO), unveiled a major missile system. Sky Dragon is a medium range SAM (surface-to-air missile) that can engage targets up to 31 miles away and 12 miles high. The company says there is a minimum 80 percent probability that a single shot from the Sky Dragon will take down a fighter jet.


Reportedly near completion, it can provide target guidance for 12 missiles at the same time and the radar can detect approximately 140 targets at a maximum range of 80 miles.


CHINA: Blue Arrow 7


NORINCO also introduced a new air to surface missile called Blue Arrow 7. This export version of the missiles used by China’s Z-10 attack helicopter is similar to an AGM-114 Hellfire. The company says the range on these missiles is between 1.2 and 5 miles.


Ironically, much of the Russian and Chinese military stuff being sold are for controlling angry peasant mobs or going after people who are in an armed revolt. The US loves armed revolts when it happens to people the US or Israel wants dead but hates uppity peasants fighting them.  The paramilitary state is growing stronger as the struggle for power rises.


The top peasant war bands remains the Afghanis:  Authorities storm Afghan hotel, rescue hostages.  It took 12 hours to kill off the latest poorly-armed peasant revolutionaries.  The elites here have to make noises about ‘killing your own people’ when chastising countries the elites don’t control.  When it comes to countries controlled by our Bilderberg gang, then it is OK to do this.  But this hypocrisy isn’t working so hot lately.


One Rio elitist howled about how we are at the End of Time and will all roast to death because as of this year, it is TOO LATE to save humanity.  Of course, no one is very interested in saving anyone.  People want to EXPLOIT humanity and this very exploitation has been exploited by elites pretending to fear we are going to roast to death.  Manufacturing Slump Deepens From Euro Area to China: Economy – Bloomberg reveals the truth: the BRIC nations are seeing little growth (except for China) and are worried about this while the US has floundered badly and is dying.


The death of our own systems matters little to international elitists who have chosen China for very cynical reasons: the government there is very strong and good and keeping peasants at bay!  While the Rio ‘environmentalists’ yell about how we are all doomed if we buy stuff, we have the elites sufficiently scared to want to see consumption go up in the US and EU.


Then there are anti-free traders like me:  Pat Buchanan: We need more economic nationalists

“The entry into force of the U.S.-Korea trade agreement on March 15, 2012, means countless new opportunities for U.S. exporters to sell more made-in-America goods, services and agricultural products to Korean customers – and to support more good jobs here at home.”…And, surprise! The U.S. trade deficit with Korea tripled in one month. Imports from South Korea jumped 15 percent to $5.5 billion in April, while U.S. exports to South Korea fell 12 percent to $3.7 billion. Suddenly, the U.S. trade deficit with Seoul surged to an annual rate of $22 billion.


I predicted this would happen two years ago.  Another nail in the US economic coffin that is reducing our population’s options to the point, we will be worse off than Mexico with the main job of average working stiffs being drug dealing and hired killers.  Meanwhile, Congress which no longer represents us, is extremely unpopular so Many lawmakers not mentioning word ‘Congress’ in campaign ads.


We may as well eliminate mention of ‘President’ too since both GOP and DNC guys kowtow to Netanyahu.  Might was well make him openly President so we know who to get mad at.  And he knows this which is why he pulls his puppet strings from overseas.

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26 responses to “Rio Rich Meeting Collapses Global Warming Schemes To Nothingness

  1. melponeme_k

    It looks as if they are going to start using the Indian tribes to stop development in the Amazon. The latest being the building of dams on the Amazon river.

    You are right, it is not that they particularly care for the environment but that its destruction would get in the way of their la belle vie.

    And they never address how their economic terrorism is directly responsible for the deforestation and dam building. Or the fact that they have allowed religious fundamentalism to get in the way of women’s health and family planning in South America which is why the population is exploding.

    We can’t let serfs get in the way of jungle adventure resorts and bird watching.

  2. Paul S

    Elaine: do you think the time is approaching when the Bilderburger elites will start throwing one or two of their own kind to the wolves in order to save their sorry asses as a ‘hole (pun intended)? You know, a sacrificial lamb as it were. Or do they still think they are immune?

  3. emsnews

    As we watch Egypt explode (Europe can kiss its economic ass goodbye if the Suez Canal is stopped!) we can see that these elaborate plans have serious flaws (pissed off peasants are hard to stop once they get going and are out to kill the elites).


    ‘Being There’ posted a link I think to a 59 minute talk by C A Fitts.

    She says her #1 concern is ‘GMOs, Corporations taking over farming and Seeds, Patents on seeds etc. AND THE 2 TO 3 BILLION THAT MAY BE PUSHED OFF THE LAND AND PUSHED INTO THE GRAVE OR CITIES.
    This is happening, look at ‘the China Miracle’ [cough, due to the hype and the coal soot in the air].

    ‘Go to Japan, once the world’s #2 economy! The people there don’t have central heating and cooling. They live in mostly tiny homes and using say, a dryer is nearly unheard of. Fewer own cars compared to Europe or the US. Everything is restricted severely. Not as severe as North Korea that openly starves its own people. But this gloomy future for all of us is the plan: we are to imitate Japan in all ways including working ridiculous hours and not reproducing as robots replace us’…..
    you make Japan sound grim, I hear its nice.

  5. Twice you mention ‘dry Hawaii’, having spent a year there.. KAUAI HAS THE RAINIEST SPOT ON EARTH.
    Why do you think Hawaii is dry?
    As for Lanai, [pineapple / sugar island] a friends brothers sailboat crashed near there, the people on the island ignored him, he was in trouble for awhile, trespassing.


    ELAINE: Let me amend this: Hawaii, it rains softly at night. The days are warm and dry.

  6. mistake was to try and turn the financial crisis to advantage by focusing on the notion ………………………………………………………………

  7. Being There

    I too am an economic nationalist and have been howling against Milton Friedman and globalism for the past few years. Here’s a good example of a functioning country—Germany! Germany has developed an approach toward solar panels on each home which in turn gets to feed the grid with excess energy they don’t use and can make money on that energy. We used to do this here in the 1970’s. I went to school and worked afterward at Syracuse University where a fellow worker told me he had solar panels and made money from the local utility when he went away.
    Of course you know that after that period the monolithic soviet-style oil companies and utilities put the kabosh on that.
    Too bad this country is about the big 5 monopolies that have this country in a straight jacket unable to do anything but lie about every subject under the sun.
    Yes we could have been great, but we took the wrong turn for quick money fixes for the few.
    Now we will watch in horror as the richies spend $billions _ the biggest mis-appropriation of monies ever to be spent to buy their elections. The brain-dead polity will react like Pavlov’s dogs to lies and subterfuge that will only destroy themselves.

  8. Christian W

    Being there,

    I just saw a poll that 63 % of Republicans still believe Saddam had WMD’s… Another poll showed that at the time of the GW II invasion 95 % of the invading US military forces believed Saddam was behind 9/11…

    I wonder what it will take to break through the ‘brain dead-ness’ of the polity.

  9. Christian W

    Here is the recent poll btw if anyone wants to take a look:

  10. Being There


    Libertarianism exposed:

    After having watched Bill Maher the other night I discovered that that the Libertarians don’t want labeling of GMOs on food packaging.
    Bill’s Libertarian guest says that GMOs are perfectly safe. How does he know? Has there been a generation of people he’s studied that have been eating these Frankenfoods?
    He’s also all about he fracting and says that’s perfectly safe too!

    Aren’t they all about the free market and LIBERTY? Liberty for whom? The transnational agribusiness or the people who buy?
    These people have to be the craziest bunch out there!!

  11. emsnews

    They want no controls at all. Which is better than the GOP that pretends this but wants to control everything we love such as our own bodies, our health, our press, our right to not be forced to pretend to be Christians, everything personal while no controls on banking, corporations or the military.

  12. Christian W

    Even the questsions in that poll are dreadfully slanted and within the accepted propaganda framework ie reinforcing perceptions that are based on propaganda. That in itself is scary.

    Still the poll shows that about 15 % of the voters are Libertarians, which is consistent with what we have here in Europe in various nationalist, anti-socialist, right-wing parties

  13. Being There


    They want no rule of law for the privatized soviets (monopolies) but they want us all very under control–except we want our gubs..(nd take our money and run).
    Here’s the sad truth, if the govt wanted to fight militias carrying guns they have microwave technology and other crowd control weapons that would render the gubs usless.

  14. JT

    “One mistake was to try and turn the financial crisis to advantage by focusing on the notion of an alternative growth model, under a slogan of “green economy”.”

    I can verify that.
    The stuff that is economically sound to buy/build gets built without subsidies.
    The “green economy” means mostly wind turbine’s.
    We had a couple of wind turbine factories here that went banktrupt the minute the EU loans stopped.

    And everything is greenwashed nowdays.
    Selling heating oil burners to Russia (they are 25% more efficient than Russian models) is considered Greentech nowdays (propably means they get some sort of subsidies from some carbon scheme).

    Apparently this Oilon Junior Pro burner has turned greentech all of a sudden.
    It’s the same model we’ve had here for 20 years.


    But solar panels are getting cheaper and you should consider buying an energy efficient house (here with geothermal heating or 0 energy house).
    Oil is not abiotic.

    Greenwashing and carbon schemes on the other hand are utter BS and have no effect on anything except higher taxes and higher profits for corporations.

  15. emsnews

    Nearly all Japanese appliances are ‘green’ efficiency levels.

    Building better homes is important but lags tremendously since people are always very conservative about house building. Even my own isn’t as efficient as it could be and it is quite efficient considering how bitterly cold and windy it is in winter.

    Solar panels are not cheaper here because the US imposed a tariff on them these days.

  16. care to comment, Elaine?

    Detroit Free Press,
    WASHINGTON — From Cape Hatteras, N.C., to just north of Boston, sea levels are rising much faster than they are around the globe, putting one of the world’s most costly coasts in danger of flooding, government researchers report.

    U.S. Geological Survey scientists call the 600-mile swath a “hot spot” for climbing sea levels caused by global warming. Along the region, the Atlantic Ocean is rising at an annual rate three times to four times faster than the global average since 1990, according to the study published Sunday in the journal Nature Climate Change.

    It’s not just a faster rate, but at a faster pace, like a car on a highway “jamming on the accelerator,” said the study’s lead author, Asbury Sallenger Jr., an oceanographer at the agency. He looked at sea levels starting in 1950, and noticed a change beginning in 1990.

    Since then, sea levels have gone up globally about 2 inches. But in

  17. ‘End everything is greenwashed nowdays.’…working in a ‘junk store’ is a Green job, according to the Govt!!!

  18. emsnews

    Maybe the ocean isn’t rising so fast but rather, the US east coast is slowly sinking. The continents NEVER are in some ideal ‘steady state’ at all. The entire earth ‘breathes’ and huge sections rise and fall.

    If the global oceans were higher, it would be the same, no? Not selective areas! Is South America having this problem? Instead, it is ONLY 600 miles of coastline. Expect some shocking earthquakes on the east coast in the not too distant future!

  19. melponeme_k

    “Expect some shocking earthquakes on the east coast in the not too distant future!”

    I’ve been thinking a lot about that last earthquake in the NYC area last year and how strong it was at the time. It couldn’t have been an isolated incident. The North American plate seems to be going through rather large adjustments.

  20. emsnews

    That I fear is so.

  21. Yes, when I saw that ‘News’ I thought, why would sea levels go up on one coast, BUT NOT ALL OTHERS?

  22. melponeme_k

    I looked up the earthquake map. The East Coast area is silent, but I see there was activity in the Azores (a large tsunami danger for the east coast), the US Virgin Islands and Domenican Republic. The New Madrid fault is very active.

    I would say something is up.

  23. melponeme_k…Such as? More earthquakes? Stronger ones?

  24. melponeme_k


    Yes, definitely more earthquakes. I believe the faults on the East Coast are where the North American plate is pushed under the crust. Which is why certain areas of the east coast are sinking unlike the West Coast where the land is rising (new plates pushing out). Sudden movement in any direction indicates earthquake activity since the plate will have to adjust to the movement.

    Our continents are just little boats floating on top of a magma sea.

  25. 90404

    from ap:

    Nation bakes as serious heat wave hits early

    Associated Press

    On Tuesday 251 new daily high temperature records were set, boosting to 1,015 the number of records set in the past seven days

    If you’re feeling hot this week, it’s not a mirage. From Montana to Louisiana, hundreds of heat records have been slashed as harrowing temperatures leave cornfields parched and city sidewalks sizzling.


    ELAINE: Yes, it is warmer…THE SUN IS QUITE ACTIVE RIGHT NOW. An M-event happened this week so it will be warmer still. We are near the peak of the 20 year cycle.

  26. 90404

    Elaine, you might enjoy this …
    youtube / ekstragrim

    In this film, the UN climate concensus is seriously challenged – watch it, and judge for yourself. The duration of the documentary is 52 min. and is in 6 parts – called Cloud Mystery 1/6 – 6/6

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