US Backs Down And Lets Muslim Brotherhood Win Fair Election

The Egyptian military was waiting anxiously, at least the corrupt generals were waiting, for US orders as to who was going to rule Egypt.  Like Solomon, the US decided to decapitate the head from the body and hand over the body of Egypt to the generals and give the Muslim Brotherhood who won both elections, the left overs but no power to do anything at all what so ever.  This is a significant victory for the Brotherhood anyways because they plan to take power one way or another over time.


Supporters of Morsi erupted with joy when the election commission had to finally publicly admit what was known since last Thursday:  Mohamed Morsi of Muslim Brotherhood Declared as Egypt’s President – but the  NYTimes is clearly unhappy with this result and even with the promise that the military will dictate all laws and all systems, clearly the ‘liberals’ (sic) in Egypt (ie: CIA plants) supposedly want a military dictatorship from top to bottom with no input from any Muslim parties:


Earlier in the day, a group of secular political leaders and lawmakers who call themselves liberals held a televised news conference to declare their support for the generals and the dissolution of the Brotherhood-led Parliament. They praised the shutdown of Parliament as a victory for law and order, citing an unusually rushed court decision. (The Brotherhood has respected the court ruling but challenged its implementation.)


The secular politicians also accused the Brotherhood of “hijacking” the revolution and called the group a threat to the “civil” character of the state. They dismissed the Brotherhood’s pledges to govern in coalition, respecting individual and minority rights, and instead accused the group of plotting to impose religious rule.


Incongruously, given Washington’s history of antagonism with the Islamists of the Muslim Brotherhood, the secular block argued that the United States was improperly attempting to sway the presidential race in favor of the Brotherhood, although American officials and the embassy here have said they support the democratic process regardless of the result.


Mr. Shafik was silent on Sunday. But a handful of his supporters held their own angry protests to denounce the election commission’s declaration.


These are no ‘liberals’ at all.  The whole business of ‘democracy’ is for popular votes to determine who wins.  Eliminating the legislative branch isn’t ‘liberal’.  It is fascist.  Supporting military dictators is fascist, not liberal at all.  Not even slightly liberal.  Pure, unadulterated fascism.  Most fascists also hook into religious groups like South American dictators or Mussolini got support from the Catholic Church.  Not to mention Franco of Spain.


The old-fashioned concept of ‘economic liberalism’ which is represented by the Bilderberg gang, can be considered liberal except economic liberals tend to be anti-democracy fascists who support military domination via foreign funds, for example.  Both Hitler, Franco and Mussolini had huge support in the US against the fearsome Russian commie menace.


Well, the Egyptians got to vote for a figurehead who has to now rally them to depose the military rulers who refuse to hand over power while here in the US, the military/industrial complex interacts heavily with the religious fanatics, both Christian and Jewish, to drive the US into endless wars and wild overspending.  Due to being a huge warmongerer against Muslims, Romney is finding it very easy to get money:  Romney rewards donors at Utah retreat – Ginger Gibson –


Eight-hundred top donors gathered in the ballroom of a resort here to watch the presentation: the Mitt Romney campaign for president is organized, efficient and run like a business. In other words, their money is being wisely invested. The price tag for entry to the exclusive donor-retreat was $50,000…The entire weekend was off-limits to the news media, and the campaign declined to release the names of the bundlers in attendance. Most attendees who talked to reporters outside the meeting asked not to be named.


That afternoon, Romney and McCain held a joint session. Romney introduced the Arizona senator, and then the pair took questions — mostly focused on foreign policy.


Ah, the cloaking device!  This is what needles me the most: the reason why this bribery session was focused mainly on ‘foreign policy’ was due to the desire of many Jewish financially rich people to continue expanding their endless wars.  Obama is a full-blown war criminal and has the blood of many Muslims on his hands and he has done absolutely nothing for the Palestinians but he isn’t doing enough, obviously.


They want double the wars, triple the deaths and annihilation of the concept and people who think they belong in Palestine.  This major ethnic cleansing operation is to be finished up as quickly as possible because…looming in the near distance is the Muslim Brotherhood tsunami.  If they can control Egypt, their operations will surge in all other countries and they definitely do not like the Jewish state operates.


Worse, they openly say that if Israel can be declared a single-religious state, why not all states?  This is the core problem: rich American Jews are digging a grave that will swallow all their children here in America because they endorse a political belief system that is fatal to Judaism, to all Jewish people, a terrible belief system they should fear, not support and push harder and harder to implement.


Due to her daughter marrying into the Jewish clans, we see Hillary flacking for Zionist warmongers nearly nonstop.  This week she pulled a Nazi verbal attack on Iran:  Clinton: Iran Wants to Be Attacked.  She actually said, Iran would be stronger if we attack, therefore it is their fault that we will attack them.  This apes Germany’s reasoning for attacking Poland in 1939.


Not to mention France and Russia.  Thanks to AIPAC and individual Jews pumping a billion dollars into our elections, both candidates are warmongers boasting about how they will be more murderous if only they get paid more.  And the US public which finds all of these wars increasingly distasteful and dangerous, is cut out of the voting game and has virtually no choice.


And this news should scare Obama and Bush Jr:  Citing Potential ‘War Crimes’ UN Official Questions Legality of Drone War…not that our mainstream media is carrying this startling news.


And there is the courtship of illegal aliens which both parties are now indulging in trying to reel in Hispanic voters many of whom came in previously illegally and were legalized earlier or whose children were legalized:  Carlos Gutierrez, Mitt Romney Adviser, Charges Obama ‘Played With Hispanics’.  Of course, Israel allows no illegal aliens and the US has been fretting about the Muslim Brotherhood discriminating against religious minorities but this isn’t being extended to Israel, the threats about discrimination, that is.


Oh well, we shall see a new chapter unfold in Egypt.  The Gaza strip erupted in joy today setting off fireworks and shooting guns.  This week, they rained homemade rockets on Iron Dome just to keep it clear, they are at war with alien invaders.

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20 responses to “US Backs Down And Lets Muslim Brotherhood Win Fair Election

  1. Being There

    Nick Kristoff on GPS as a guest of Fareed Zakaria claims that in his trips to Iran the US is very popular and they are not happy with the regime and hate being isolated. Economic sanctions are effectively putting the pressure on against the govt.
    He suggests that it is better if we don’t attack or Israel doesn’t attack as it will harden the ruling elite in place and there’s less chance that the country will change. We have to recognize that the population in Iran is young.

  2. Peter

    Better if we don’t attack?
    Like should we have pancakes or waffles for breakfast?
    Howabout attacking a nation that hasn’t attacked you used to be a WAR CRIME! Yeah…like torture used to be.
    How about war is the ultimate crime?How about Iran is none of our business?

  3. Seraphim

    One cannot stop remembering how USA and the West abandoned the Shah, their own man, and delivered Iran into the hands of Khomeini. Were they really entertaining the illusion that they would see “democracy” taking roots in Iran? Again Murphy’s Law.

  4. @Being There “Nick Kristoff on GPS as a guest of Fareed Zakaria claims that in his trips to Iran the US is very popular and they are not happy with the regime and hate being isolated. Economic sanctions are effectively putting the pressure on against the govt.”

    And they’ll turn arouns 180 degrees and rally behind the regime once the US or Israel attacks Iran. Human Nature is the same everywhere and attacks by foreigners works the same in every country!

  5. Being There

    Uh, Ed-M, that was the point Kristoff was making!
    That’s what he meant when he said attacking Iran would only be solidifying the regime.

  6. I don’t know if having the MB in charge is a great step forward.

    Here is an interesting article 2007 article by Seymour Hersch which examines the possibility of strengthening the Muslim Brotherhood as a means to break Syria, Iran and the Hezbollah. This policy was seen as a victory for the Saudi line, strengthening the Sunni radicals is a means to an end in attacking the Shia, promoting small ethnic and religious enclaves throughtout the ME and North Africa, as opposed to strong national blocks – leaving Israel as the dominant power.

    Isn’t the recent flood of Saudi and Quatari money (from the US dollar printing machine!) to the Sunnis in Libya, Tunisia and Syria exactly this strategy at work?

    I think the US are playing all sides at once, and the major overriding goal is not to let a united front emerge that is a threat to US interests and Israel. There will be no genuine independence for the various peoples in the ME and Africa. The MB will exploit their new power as much as they can and milk the US and Israel for money and concessions but I doubt the MB will bring ‘freedom’ to populace.

  7. emsnews

    Long ago, many military coups ago, long ago before the CIA undermined civil governments in many countries, we didn’t have religious fundamentalists becoming popular, people were becoming more secular, more SOCIALLY liberal.

    This also meant more SOCIALISM. This is why the US worked hard to depose SOCIALIST presidents in South America, in the US, in Europe, in Asia, in Africa.

    The present situation in Egypt is the same: the Socialist movement was thoroughly killed and social services ended up being delivered by religious fanatics so the population became more fanatical.

    This, in turn helps US policy by making it easy to demonize religions we oppose!

  8. emsnews

    And NO ONE is bringing freedom to anyone. We are being hounded down a path of more religious/ethnic warfare which is why I oppose Zionism totally. It is a BAD EXAMPLE to follow and is enabling, encouraging and strengthening religious bigotry, violence and all sorts of hideous things I fear.

    I am not anti-semitic, I am anti-ethnic/religious bigotry.

  9. Christian W

    @Being There

    Here is a Brookings Institute pamphlet advocating the ‘soft’ approach to over turning the Iranian ayatollahs to a more pro-western regime. Iran will be isolated and ‘massaged’ into colour revolutions (was the Egyptian uprising one such?). The military option will only be as a last resort, and if so against a weakened Iran.

    Click to access 06_iran_strategy.pdf

  10. Christian W

    Btw, that strategy study by the BI is from 2009. This moves we are currently seeing have been some time in the planning.

  11. DeVaul

    @Being There,

    1) You should know better than to listen to MSM propaganda.

    2) Do you not know anything of the history of Iran?

    3) Would Americans “like” China if China had overthrown our goverment
    and installed a vicious dictatorship, stole vast amounts of our oil, and
    flooded our country with spies? Would we “like” China if China goaded
    Canada to invade us and kill hundreds of thousands in a ten year war?
    Would thousands of Iranians march in the streets to support their
    sovereignty to produce nuclear power and then be angry at their rulers
    for supporting the same thing?

    4) Try to use some common sense. It works better than lies.

  12. DeVaul

    And one more thing:

    “…and there’s less chance that the country will change.”

    What right do we have to force regime change on Iran? Why quote this man, who is an obvious Zionist stooge, unless you also believe that we must change Iran’s government?

    Do they have the right to force regime change on us? Will we “like” them more if they unite the world in a worldwide embargo against us because we refuse to give up our nuclear arsenal or stop murdering people with drones?

    Somehow, I doubt it.

  13. Being There

    I know all about what we do and how we continue our financial and military hegemony on the rest of the world largely at the expense of our own population as well.
    I do listen to MSM very much. I used to work for Time Mag. I love to hear what they are saying and how they move along an idea for the folks to wrap their heads around.
    When I bring this up it is to show that the neo-con rhetoric is used as the bad cop to the good cop “humanitarian” model.
    All our think tanks are in line with these models, but what they are not in line with is national sovereignty, freedom, democracy or any real form of capitalism at this point.

    Please check out on Opednews two articles on TPP Trans Pacific Partnership. The world is being run for and by the transnational corporations and banks.

    You might actually want to contact your sens and reps and let them know you are holding them accountable.

    If this thing goes through you can say goodbye to any legal protections against these global entities and it will interfere with every aspect of your lives.

  14. DeVaul

    “…or any real form of capitalism at this point.”

    What, in your own words, is a “real form” of capitalism?

    As for the corporations, it is my opinion that all laws are now obsolete and exist only to fool us into thinking that we still have a functioning Republic that answers to its citizens. These laws are only enforced against those who cannot protect themselves physically or legally.

    Many here still just don’t get what Elaine is saying:

    Whatever organization provides social services (medical care, clean water, uncontaminated food, physical protection, etc.) to the masses will be recognized as the legitimate ruling government regardless of what they call themselves or what they believe in.

    I would wager it has been that way since the first city was founded.

  15. floridasandy

    i don’t think the MB is going to be able to keep the promises that they have made, so we will see how that works out for them.

  16. Seraphim

    It is worth remembering that the plan to break up the Middle East into small units along confessional and ethnic lines in order to eliminate any threats to Israel from strong states, was explicitly formulated in 1982: “A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties”, published in the Hebrew magazine Kivunim, the official organ of the World Zionist Organization and leaked by the notorious Prof. Israel Shahak. One may wonder only why it took so long to implement it.

  17. I think the American ruling class is more in favor of old-fashioned aristocracy than real capitalism. In a really capitalist system, if you make bad investments and lose your money, you drop down into the working class and start looking for a job. (And conversely, industrious members of the working class should be able to invest cleverly and become part of the ruling class.) The US markets itself that way, but in practice some people are too big to fail, and little people are too poorly connected to succeed. That sort of static system is more like the old ones, where if you were born privileged you stayed privileged.

  18. DeVaul


    When was the last time anyone saw a rich man go bust and end up working at Walmart to get back on his feet?

    Everyone at the five biggest banks and AIG should be working at the local 7-Eleven, but they are not. The peasants paid their bills.

    We live in a feudal society with some modern social services that are being cut ruthlessly as our wars bleed us dry of all money and “capital” (whatever that is).

  19. emsnews

    The bankers own the government systems so they are being steadily recapitalized at state expense (taxpayers) so they never, ever get ‘poor’ again.

  20. Being There

    That my friends is inverted communism.

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