EU Documents Detailing New Powers For Elites To Control Countries


EU ‘would be allowed to change countries’ budgets’ under draft plans—most of the text below.  The EU is changing form rapidly as the Fourth Reich slowly comes into being with the Germans protesting loudly that they do NOT want to be the core of this new empire since it means taking on all the debt liabilities of foreign nations.  

In the British news we see these clashing headlines:  Germany ‘risks being centre of empire’  while Angela Merkel rules out eurobonds for ‘as long as I live’.  The Germans remain rightfully paranoid of flash inflation.  They learned this the hard way back in the 1920’s when the seemingly easy solution to paying for war indemnities and debts was to print money as fast as possible.


These paradoxes abound.  For example, German thrift and care and refusal to run up big debts has ironically made the euro very strong.  This led the more proliferate spending countries on a wild party spending spree from hell.  Europeans happily hopped onto CO2 spewing jets to vacation all over the world, for example.


But their export markets suffered as Asian exports flooded in while they were unable to compete overseas with trade rivals.  Japan has the same problem today, too.  Strangling spending at home while exporting has ironically made the yen strong.  The more Japan cuts home spending and the more they increase exports, the stronger the yen will be which kills PROFITS on exports due to exchange differentials.


The mess in Europe gets worse by the day as every nation there goes under due to the strong euro’s credit bubble:  Debt crisis: Moody’s downgrades 28 Spanish banks.  Cyprus also asked to be bailed out.  The EU overexpanded to a ridiculous degree after the fall of the USSR.  Quadrupling in size, it sucked in many nations that were unable to integrate properly.


So all are going down simultaneously just as they sank the Soviet imperial enterprise.  The EU growth gave the illusion that the EU was the richest nation on earth when in reality, it was more like the Austro-Hungarian empire before WWI: at odds with itself, no sense of unity of purpose or economic harmony, and no loyalty to the empire at the core.  And incidentally, all this started WWI.


As the richest elites on earth tell the Japanese people they must double their sales tax, British students have to pay  more to go to school and US citizens should never collect Social Security, we have this  news from the Russian media:  PressTV – British queen gets pay rise despite recession

The Queen’s annual pay is about to jump by 20 percent from 30 to 36 million pounds, at a time when Britain is in recession and many families are feeling the pinch of higher household costs and taxes…Her property holdings, known as the Crown Estate, posted a record profit of 240.2 million pounds ($377.4 million), a net rise of 4 percent in the year through March 2012 largely due to strong tenant demand for its shops in the up-market Regent Street and St James’s districts of London.


One of her pirate islands is scared of EU banking controls being imposed on them so Jersey should prepare for independence from UK, warns minister as a way to exit the EU.  Meanwhile, RBS computer failure ’caused by inexperienced operative in India’ which is funny as hell since everyone is offshoring computer work to India even though this may be suicidal.


Now here is the text of the New Holy Roman Empire of Europe:

Of course, how will they act and coordinate themselves?  Democratically speaking, the mechanism for rule is being gradually made more and more remote from the voters who supposedly are allowed to debate these issues.

We see with Greece how this works in a pinch.  They get to vote and then are yelled at until they vote ‘correctly’.  In the US we fixed this by having a thoroughly corrupt system with a complicit media assisting rich people in their hijacking of our democracy.  Our voting choices become smaller and smaller and the candidates more and more alike at least, once the voting is done.

Whatever pre-election positions taken, the end result is the same which is why Congress is profoundly unpopular today.


HAHAHA…whenever elites talk about integrating economic and political systems, they have to pretend they are most anxious to hear from the voters.  In fact, they would dearly love to dispense with all of this and go back to the good old days which is why the Queen of England is so important and has to reproduce.


That is, she is the top of the ruling elites just like the Emperor of Japan.  Useless for anything except propaganda spectacles, these rulers give cover for the very rich who want to be viewed as gods but dare not openly say this in public.  So they encourage us all to kow tow to the Queen instead.


Oh, by the way, the commoner who comes from a rich family who married the Prince of this Queen spent her daddy’s pounds on her frocks, around $300,000 worth so far and going to the moon.  Recently, the Queen’s household rules were published telling the Consort of the Prince she must curtsy in PRIVATE to the royal brood, all of them, even the rude ones.


Puts her in her proper context as above the servants but below the royal dogs.  Back to the creation of the new Holy Roman Empire:



Note that this new government will control RISK.  Risk is where money is made.  The best risks of all are when profits are guaranteed by the state so that there are never any losses but the payoffs based on risk remain so we get high interest rate loans which are set high due to risk being made risk-less by the state but the holder still is indemnified as if they were risky!


Even so, the pirate islands surrounding the banking system are up in arms and scared to death but thanks to the Queen they can be ‘sovereign’ and thus, out of control forever under her royal umbrella.


Now on to the US to see how the rich get Congress to do stupid things: the GOP whines all the time about how evil food stamp users are and how wasteful, etc.  Meanwhile, 50% of all foodstam money in Oklahoma goes to Walmart which is headquartered there and want secrecy about what is being bought.


So here is an interesting story about this secrecy and why it exists.  Lobbyists toil day and night to hide where this Federal money is going because it is a gravy train for them and is destroying the health of the poor:  Top secret: $80B a year for food stamps, but feds won’t reveal what’s purchased – Washington Times


The USDA is notoriously secretive about who receives its money, relying on weak legal reasoning, said Steve Ellis of the watchdog group Taxpayers for Common Sense.”


USDA hides behind a specious proprietary data argument: The public doesn’t want to know internal business decisions or information about specific individuals’ finances,” he said. “The USDA sees retailers, junk food manufacturers and the big ag lobby as their customers, rather than the taxpayer.”…Legislation seemingly designed to protect the industry goes so far as to say that anyone who releases the amount of food stamp dollars paid to a store can be jailed.


Told that the newspaper would not pay, the CFO’s office then said that only JP Morgan, to which it contracted out operations, had access to the store totals and that the office had never looked at them. After six months of the local government attempting to extract the information from JP Morgan, the District finally said that releasing the information would be illegal.


Super-duper top secret information!  Holy cow.  What if the Chinese, Russians and Iranians learn what our poor buy in Walmart?  Can’t have that!  And note who DOES have this secret information: JP MORGAN, of course!  And do they not use this?  Do they not share this information with the big retailers and corporate food entities?  Of course they do, for a fee, of course.


The one entity that cannot get to this information is the American people.  We are cut out of this business even though 100% of it is paid for by us via taxes and higher and higher debts.

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42 responses to “EU Documents Detailing New Powers For Elites To Control Countries

  1. Vengeur

    “This led the more proliferate spending countries on a wild party spending spree from hell. ” I think you mean profligate.

  2. Did you see the new ‘Shard’ that the Quataris are building in London? Another elite tower to daze the plebeians.

  3. DeVaul

    This is kind of sad and pathetic:

    Gerald Celente hopes to start a “new” trend to bring about the 2nd American Revolution: Stay Home. Don’t Vote.

    Uh… this trend has been happening for a long time and most people born after 1960 basically knew there were no real choices and thus no reason to vote. Only old people voted.

    This trend has been going on for 50 years now. I thought he was an insightful man. He also claims the next revolution will be bloodless: one of “mind and spirit”. I guess he doesn’t study history much either.

    I think his losses in gold trading have clearly affected his mind and spirit. Since he now believes the next revolution will be achieved by (insert semantic gibberish), I would guess he has just given up completely.

    I will go on the record to say there will be no second revolution.

  4. billibaldi

    Cyprus needing a bailout has huge implications because this is major money washing centre. This is where the Israelis hide their money from the tax collectors in Tel Aviv, and the Russians from Moscow and maybe the Egyptians from Cairo. This is serious contagion.

    Elaine, your Austro-Hungarian comment is really pertinent, the Scilians, Calabrians and other folk never trusted Rome, Good luck with getting their trust in Brussels.

  5. Documents Detailing New Powers For Elites? The Protocols of Zion were written over a hundred years ago. I always thought total dictatorship included any and all powers.

  6. JT

    US is in far worse shape than Spain, Italy or Portugal.
    (Greece is in a league of it’s own).

    3-4 years until you need to cut spending 10-15% and increase taxes by 10%.
    Or more likely go to war in order to hide the banktrupcy.

  7. JT

    I wonder what they will do to pressure us Finns to accept eurobondage.

    We have debt to GDP ratio of 48% but at the same time the poorest people in the western developed world.
    Our grey economy is 4-5% of GDP when in rich Italy it is 20-30% of GDP.

    Our system is very efficient with hight taxes, good vocational schools and high productivity.
    It will be totally destroyed if 10% of taxes are sent abroad.

    The poor taxpaying finns are paying the debts of rich Italian and Greek tax evaders + the support for British, German and French banks?

    They can’t sell kinky eurobondage to voters here.
    It is simply morally wrong in every way.

    But on the other hand how can Germans run the mafia out of Italy and make southern europeans pay taxes?

    No solutions, I’m afraid.

  8. JT

    “Barroso’s political activity began in his late teens, during the Estado Novo regime in Portugal, before the Carnation Revolution of 25 April 1974. In his college days, he was one of the leaders of the underground Maoist MRPP (Reorganising Movement of the Proletariat Party, later PCTP/MRPP, Communist Party of the Portuguese Workers/Revolutionary Movement of the Portuguese Proletariat).”é_Manuel_Barroso

    Socialism is good for the people.
    You need a devout communist to destroy whole nations and strip people of their democratic rights.

  9. JT

    Société Générale is going under within 6 months.

    After that France is on it’s knees too..

  10. JT

    Well I guess EU will try the US method.
    Trying to be too big to fail.

  11. Christian W


    Société Generale is one of the big owners of the Fed isn’t it?

    If Habsburg fails (again) I guess it is back to Euro-Nord (the old Hansa always made more sense anyway).

    The other day Barroso said: “‘This crisis was not originated in Europe; seeing as you mention North America, this crisis originated in North America and much of our financial sector was contaminated by, how can I put it, unorthodox practices, from some sectors of the financial market.’

  12. billibaldi

    @ JT
    If history is any guide, the Finns will come up with some innovative idea. They have survived far worse.

    Personally I cannot see the Prussians bankrolling the Southern Europeans.

  13. melponeme_k

    “Personally I cannot see the Prussians bankrolling the Southern Europeans.”

    Exactly. And we have a few world wars already to show us how well they deal with funding the rest of Europe in any fashion or taking a back seat in commerce.

    Why the elites keeping hitting that hornet nest over and over again, I can’t understand.

  14. Christian W

    They keep hitting it because they don’t tolerate competition. WW I started basically the instant Germany overtook the British (I learnt that one from Elaine :)) Much of the problems in Europe is again aimed at Germany. And I wonder how much of it is engineered from the start to go for the euro. If the dollar is the only game in town it might slow down moves for new reserve currencies etc.

  15. Christian W

    Look at US history. Twice the US citizens had to be manipulated into attacking Germany. Both WWI and WWII were very unpopular with Americans, but the Presidents at the time – Woodrow Wilson – who enacted the Espionage Act of 1917 that simple overrode the First Amendment. Eugene Debs, a socialist presidential candidate was jailed for 10 years for committing the crime of reading the First Amendment out loud – and FDR – who was aware of the coming Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour but used it to propel the US into war etc, simply turned fascist to serve the interests of the rich elites.

  16. JT


    This is still the reality and the proper pronounciation of perkele (along with a few other curse words).

  17. Paul S

    @ DeVaul: Gerald Celente is a very talented commentator on the economy and I regularly watch his videos, but he simply is wrong about telling voters to stay home and not vote. This is EXACTLY what the elites want: opt out of the whiole process and let the elites pick who will win. No, the elites MUST be attacked more directly, imho. The US needs to acquire enough voters to reject BOTH political Parties and start, from the ground up, new political Parties. Alternatives to the two currently corrupt Parties, have to pose a real and direct threat to the staus quo. Nothing will bring the corruptiion in Washington DC to heel quicker than a DIRECT attack on the power bases of the two current political Parties. Losing power altogether is the ONLY language the Democrats and the GOP understand. Let’s ram some reality down their throats. They’ll get the message–maybe, but it won’t matter if they do or do not.

  18. Christian W

    How ‘reliable’ is Moody’s anyway? And who do they serve?

  19. DeVaul

    @Paul S,

    Celente dares not mention the real problem: aristocrats and warlords do not cede power to anyone without a fight.

    If you try to ignore them, here is what happens:

    They come to you. They loot your homes and kill your children. They do whatever they have to to keep themselves rich and powerful.

    The video above shows what the money of Saudi and Quatari Sheiks can do to those who refuse to bow to them. They are massacred by well paid mercenaries. The same will happen here, enventually, and Celente knows that, but will not talk about it. He does not want his home looted, so he will quietly talk about “change” while not fighting for it.

  20. emsnews

    I have been laggard about posting here: my husband now found out today that he has cancer of the prostate but luckily, it is early in the process so he will get radiation treatment (yes, it works) and right now is sleeping.

    It has been one thing after another for the last year for us! We have insurance at least. I pity anyone who doesn’t have insurance. We won our insurance via our court cases when he first was hurt at work. It was really hard winning these cases.

    The Supreme Court ruled for Obamacare which is not as efficient or good as many EU healthcare systems but at least helps somewhat. The GOP wants us to pay upfront the entire thing which is insanely hard.

  21. florida sandy

    didn’t celente get burned in the MF global scam? still waiting for the charges on that one.. haha.

    the supreme court ruling on obamacare was a disgrace, and we are well on the road to serfdom-although some just can’t or won’t see it. (probably because it interferes in their vision of government as savior). i guess they can now force ANY behavior on us if they tax it.

    and it is a freaking tax, after all.

  22. emsnews

    Oh, you want NO public health system at all? Or do you want one that is BETTER than the present one?

  23. JT

    @christian w

    “If Habsburg fails (again) I guess it is back to Euro-Nord (the old Hansa always made more sense anyway). ”

    That’s what I’m hoping now.
    Germany cannot accept paying for all the debts of the taxevading thieves in the Olive belt.
    Monti crossed the line last night and I hope Germans leave the euro now.

    I hope Germany leaves (and we follow).
    Then the Italians can print all the euros they want.
    They cannot handle DM=euro and paying taxes (never had, never will). lira=euro is the right currency for them.

  24. JT

    @christian w

    The mistake was to let corrupt Greeks and mafia run Italy (both have grey economy of 20-30% of GDP and corrupt politicians) play with real money.
    Berlusconi said “Only fools pay taxes.”

    They cannot handle real money.
    Italy and Greece should never have been part of eurozone.
    Spain is the good guy here.
    They really reformed. They just had a property bubble that’s all.

  25. RobG

    I would not have noticed the spin in this article if it weren’t for this blog:

    10,000 diamonds on display at Buckingham Palace:

    Curator Caroline de Guitaut said Friday that the jewels “show us how monarchs have deployed diamonds to give an aura of magnificence” and underscore Britain’s wealth and power.

    LOL, ‘Britian’s wealth’?

  26. Paul S

    Republicans–and their powerful lobbying arms such as the US Chamber of Commerce–are fighting ‘Obamacare’ for one main reason: loss of corporate power. The US currently has a “lose your job, lose your healthcare” employment system. IF healthcare is disconnected from employment–as it should be–employers will lose important leverage over their employees. The ability to over work their employees, make ever increasing demands, will be significantly diminished if health care and employment are disconnected. The US Chamber of Commerce KNOWS this; it’s why they fight against health care reform. Corporations can further justify not giving out pay increases and use health care costs as a justification. ‘Obamacare’ weakens this line of argument. Without question: if the US Chamber of Commerce wanted health care reform, they wouldn’t hesitate to say so–and lobby hard for reform. They don’t do this–for good reason.

  27. DeVaul

    Wow! I never thought of that. But, I still do not know what the new health care program is, other than that I must buy health insurance for my wife or face a penalty. I just hope it is affordable because nothing I have seen so far is within our budget. She will turn 40 this month, and I know it will cost more then. I held off buying because of all this stupid litigation.

    Thanks for that hidden perspective, Paul S. I’m not really sure how it got passed in the first place considering all Congress critters are set for life and will not bite the hand that feeds them. I assumed it was for the healthcare corporations and not for us. I still don’t know what it is, but it certainly is not a national one provider/one payment system like sane countries have.

  28. JT

    @paul s

    Happiness index…

    5 weeks of paid leave per year…
    1 year of paid maternity leave…
    3 weeks of paid paternity leave per child….
    job security…
    free healthcare…
    cheap daycare…
    6 years of childhood per child (no competition, no school, no tests, no hassle)…

    60% tax rate….

    This place shuts down after midsummer.
    There is nobody in the center of Helsinki, parking lots are empty, nobody is answering phones until august.

    The world doesn’t end if you spend 4 weeks at your summercottage swimming and reading books.

    And nothing makes you happier than spending 3 weeks with your newborn baby.

    rich and miserable
    poor and happy

  29. Christian W


    “They [Spain] just had a property bubble that’s all.”

    Which was created by George W Bush’s loose money policies to finance the wars without raising taxes and to create ‘affordable’ housing (ie a housing bubble) in the US etc. All this fake liquidity sloshed across the world wave upon wave.

  30. JT

    @christian w

    Yup. Just to add insult to injury Greenspan is on the front page of HS today.

    The architect of this disaster and move of power from nation states to banks is now giving advice?
    They should put him in jail for the rest (hopefully short) of his life.

  31. Christian W

    Yeah, I remember when Henry Kissinger visited Helsinki to give a speech many years ago. All the big captains of industry, banking etc lined up to have a chance to see this old war criminal up close…

  32. emsnews

    What? They failed to see him previously at all those secret Bilderberg meetings he and they attended? HAHAHA.

    No, they were all there to protect him. Shield him. Pet him. Cooperate with him.

  33. Christian W

    Yeah, I was so disgusted at the time for the fawning over that old fart.

  34. 90404

    Christian W………..Remember OJ got a standing ovation at Oxford.

  35. JT

    @christian w

    Well at least here we always know where the rebellion starts, we do not have to worry about that.
    It’s always in Ostrabothnia (Pohjanmaa).
    I bet they are already handing out rifles there.

    Nowdays they look like this (small):

    grown up:


    They say blood is thicker there.

    We’ll start a fight someday and will finish once again in honourable second place in the rebellion.

  36. Paul S

    @ DeVaul: Of course, the for-profit Private health care “providers” like United Health most certainly do endorse the current system; the profits for them are HUGE. Same thing with Big Pharma. Speaking of Big Pharma, Glaxo Smith Kline has been ordered to pay $3 BILLION in criminal AND civil fines for lying about several drugs they were peddling to the American consumer. Amazing. A $3 billion fine and barely a mention in the American media. What bothers me is how EVERY member of Congress receives ‘socialized’ health care. Dick Cheney got a heart transplant, courtesy of the taxpayer at a cost of nearly a MILLION dollars. The hypocrisy is what gets me. Every single Republican KNOWS nationalized health care for Americans would be a great benefit to the vast majority of Americans. Still, they fight it. Corporate owned and corporate controlled. The Party of the Wealthy. That’s the Republican Party, and it’s always been that way. I am ashamed to admit that, at one time I was a true blue, died in the wool Republican. But look at me now.

  37. DeVaul

    @Paul S,

    Well, you’re a better man now.

    I always wondered if we paid for Cheney’s latest heart transplant.

    It is the hypocrisy that is stunning. I wish they would just say that the poor deserve nothing and the rich should receive everything on NBC news and get it over with.

    If a civil war broke out over hypocrisy, I would join it in a heart-beat.

  38. Paul S

    Speaking of Kissinger: is it true or not true that the sleazy war criminal in fact DOES limit his travel due to the possibility of his being indicted/arrested as a war criminal? Has Kissinger EVER left the United States in the past 20–30 years?

  39. emsnews

    Yes, he has to watch out. Unlike Assange, he is protected by the Bilderberg gang (he is a long standing member) so he can sneak in and out but has to watch out for anyone seeking arrest. They won’t try him, of course.

  40. 90404

    How did Kissinger ‘get his foot in the door’? way back in the 50s?

  41. 90404

    Heinz Alfred “Henry” Kissinger (play /ˈkɪsɪndʒər/;[2] born May 27, 1923) is a German-born American writer, political scientist, diplomat, and businessman.
    A recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize,[!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]
    he served as National Security Advisor and later concurrently as Secretary of State in the administrations of Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. After his term, his opinion was still sought by many subsequent presidents and many world leaders.

    Jewish, of course…………..How did he rise to power?

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