Fukushima, Black Holes, Heat Waves: We Are Doomed, No?

Hulu – Harakiri: a Japanese movie from over 50 years ago about a suicidal revenge story caught my eye when this statement appeared on the screen.  It is most ironic that a movie about Seppuku deaths would feature a warrior who served a lord from Fukushima who was moved to Hiroshima.  These are the twin suicidal nuclear sites of Japan along with Nagasaki.  The lion chewing on his paw while cleaning it is most evocative of Japan’s rich elites devouring their own nation just as our elites are eating our nation.


Lots of sad news from Japan:  Japan Bird Assoc.: It reminded me of ‘Silent Spring’ by Rachel Carson; Forest of no chirp — We found only a few swallows in Fukushima town, other summer birds missing as well and these brave Japanese civilian news collectors also noted the 32 swallows found dead at the water purification plant in Nagano.  Insect and fish eating birds are dropping dead all over eastern Japan.


Just as DDT hammered the insect/small animal eating birds like the eagles and egrets, these birds high up on the food chain die faster than birds eating say, seeds.  But all fall for the deadly radiation over time, one way or another.


Like the tiger eating its own paw, Japan to burn drums of unprocessed radioactive waste from nuclear accident — Facility to be built 100 km from Tokyo in Ibaraki.  Ibaraki is basically an industrial slum to the elites so they think the poisons will stay there and not blow into Tokyo or filter into Tokyo when it rains and the rains flow towards the streams and rivers leading to the Tokyo bay.


At least one nuclear power plant at Fukushima totally melted down:  Record radiation levels found at Fukushima… in basement of Reactor No. 1 (VIDEO).


Demolition of the three reactors as well as the plant’s number 4 unit is expected to take 40 years and will need the use of new technologies.


The ’40 years’ is pure guessing.  It has no basis in reality.  The ‘will need NEW technologies’ is wishful thinking.  Nothing good came out of Chernobyl.  The only robots that worked well were…human ‘robots’.  And most of them died or are still dying prematurely and painfully.


Then there is this story:  Japan TV: Crawfish from highly contaminated area brought into classroom for children to play with — ‘Safe enough’ after rinsing with water (VIDEO).  The crazy teacher wanted to show how radioactive animals work so he exposed his students to these poor animals.  He had the children look at radioactive action under a microscope forgetting it was three dimensional and the radiation moved not just across the visual sight but all over!


Off to the center of the Milky Way, we have more news about the black hole at the center that will eventually eat our planet and all living things in an unpleasant way in the far, far future:

Supermassive black hole will ‘eat’ gas cloud at heart of Milky Way galaxy | Mail Online


Actually, the cloud will miss by quite a distance – 24,000,000,000 miles to be semi-exact – and while this is quite a distance (indeed it takes light 36 hours to travel that far), the tidal forces of the black hole will rip the gas cloud apart…The material is also expected to get much hotter as it nears the black hole in 2013 and it will probably start to give off X-rays.


Time and space looks very different from the center of our galaxy just as the universe would look drastically different if we had a telescope on the Great Attractor looking outwards and seeing many things moving swiftly towards them rather than moving away.  Just as time moves at a different rate in the center of the earth compared to the outer atmosphere, the same is true of our galaxy.


Things move very fast in the center, slower on the outer arms.  Our perception of time is relative to where we stand compared to what is going on in our visual range.  The center of the galaxy is as scary as the basement of Fukushima #1 reactor.  Which brings me to this typical headline in Salon magazine:  Earth still probably doomed no matter which way court rules – Salon.com


No, this wasn’t a sarcastic article mocking the leftwing’s version of ‘We are all DOOMED’.  No, it was serious.  Yes, Huge wildfires forcing thousands out of house and home in Colorado and other places as the West has a very common dry era.  Throughout the history of the West, there have been some very long and unpleasant dry spells sometimes lasting half a century or more.


This is why most of the plants there evolved various schemes to deal with droughts!  In Arizona, for example, they became extremely drought-resistant.  In the forests of the Rockies and such, 100 years of conservation and fire fighting has led to a totally unnatural situation with many more trees than are safe and the ground cover is very deep with pine needles which are extremely explosive.


Unfortunately, people have chosen to move to these drought-ravaged places and consider them to be far superior to say, the Northeast which has much more regular rain and is generally wetter.  This is generally viewed as nasty weather whereas the West is considered to be much sunnier and more pleasing.  But it comes with a fire warning!  One that is ignored most of the time.


What is funniest of all is, we evolved to live in fairly dry, extremely warm woodlands with grasses.   We are grazing animals who went naked during a long, long hot spell which ended pretty abruptly with the advent of the Ice Ages.  Australopithecus Sediba Preferred Forest Foods, Fossil Teeth Suggest – NYTimes.com


The dietary pattern of the enigmatic species, Australopithecus sediba, discovered four years ago in the Malapa caves northwest of Johannesburg, was unexpected for several reasons. It contrasted sharply with available data for other hominins in the region and elsewhere in Africa; they mainly consumed grasses and sedges from the savanna…


…Dr. Henry’s team followed three lines of research. One was an analysis of carbon isotopes extracted by laser from tooth enamel, one of the most durable and least contaminated body parts, and one that preserves chemical signatures of what was eaten in one’s youth. The type and amount of isotopes left from a diet of tree leaves, fruit and bark were well outside the range of those seen in all previously tested hominins — at least 95 percent forest food…


“One thing people probably don’t realize is that humans are basically grass eaters,” Dr. Passey said in a statement. “We eat grass in the form of the grains we use to make breads, noodles, cereals and beers, and we eat animals that eat grass. So when did our addiction to grass begin? At what point in our evolutionary history did we start making use of grasses? We are simply trying to find out where in the human chain that begins.”


We certainly were not eating like tigers back then!  We lost our fangs!  Even gorillas and chimps have fangs.  Adult chimpanzee kills baby chimp in front of shocked Los Angeles zoo visitors is typical: our near relatives are as bloody as we when it comes to family politics.  They can easily kill humans if we are unarmed when meeting them in combat.


We won the war of the apes over each other due to three things: we can talk and thus, plot, we can use fire and we can use weapons.  Our teeth are one of the weaker sets of enamel in the mammalian kingdom.  We are degenerates indeed.  And we are definitely grass eaters.


A recent fad in the healthfood business is the desire to get rid of eating anything made from grains.  I have relatives who actually do this and will drink Cokes which are a toxic stew while claiming they will perish if they consume a loaf of bread.


Come to think of it, beer is ‘grass’.  In liquid form.  Yummy!  Drink and be merry for tomorrow we will die of the heat or if we evade that, Fukushima will kill us and if we can dodge that bullet, we will be pulled like taffy when we fall into the Milky Way black hole…so maybe consuming liquid grass is a great idea after all.sunset borger

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11 responses to “Fukushima, Black Holes, Heat Waves: We Are Doomed, No?

  1. minopoly

    I prefer smoking grass. Everything else is secondary.

  2. melponeme_k

    Grass Eaters! I love it. We have more in common with Cows, Deer and Goats than we do with our fellow apes.

    In a strange way it explains the fascination we hold for our pets, the stalwart dogs and the calculating cats. They are trying to figure out how prey became warlords.

    Not because they admire us. And dog lovers should rethink their thoughts on dog love and loyalty. Wolves and their descendants, our beloved dogs, herd their prey, contain them. Dogs view us as something they need to contain. Their sacred duty to all animals who are not human. ;D

  3. emsnews

    So long as we feed them they are peaceful. 🙂

  4. 90404

    There is a book called ‘Mad Cowboy’, written by a Montanan who gave up ranching.
    He says the west would be verdant, if not for the rich welfare queens that control govt land.

  5. emsnews

    Yes, overgrazing is epidemic in the Wild West since pale faces killed the buffalo.

  6. Peter

    Some of us think eating grains is the latest health fad(just started 10,000 years ago) if you eat Paleo like me.
    And lacking fangs does not mean you don’t eat meat.
    No grains no dairy and keep all sugar intake below 25 grams a day.
    I’ve never felt better.

  7. 90404

    Peter, how old are you? How long have you been ‘paleo’? What was yr health when you started? etcetcetc?

  8. 90404

    Elaine, what do you think of Obamas 2 latest Coups?
    Dream Act, Jr and Healthcare?

  9. Old Ari

    That’s not a lion it’s a tiger!

  10. The earth will be gone in less than 2000 years:
    The day of the Lord will come like a thief–it will be a day on which the heavens will pass away with a rushing noise, the elements be destroyed in the fierce heat, and the earth and all the works of man be utterly burnt up.

    Even the black holes must go! So will Obamacare be that important in a hundred years?

  11. wellwell

    Hmm, now I want a beer!

    CERN scientists have apparently found the God particle, giving gravity (and black holes!) a quantum basis:


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