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Near-complete Collapse Of Electrical Grid In India Cripples Entire Nation

power grid ad.wmv – YouTube: ‘One Nation, One Grid’ is the title of this ad.  And this interlocked system has been taken over by the government 20  years ago and like all things in India, this is all about out of control growth as pressure rises on all Indian systems both ecological and infrastructure due to high birth rates. Continue reading


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International Corporations Steal Most Seats At Most Olympic Events

Olympic seating: Day one of the Games sees banks of empty seats at key venues | Mail Online


These seats were given to these 10% creeps as a gift by the Bilderberg members of the Olympic committee.  Not only did these corporate hogs get to have a severe monopoly on the Olympics forbidding the entire country of Britain from even obliquely referring to the Olympics, they also got virtually ALL of the best seats, too!  Meanwhile, Brits couldn’t buy even the stratosphere seats which are all crowded with people while the main bulk of the seats given to the corporate raiders sit nearly entirely empty. Continue reading


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Romney Has Secrete Fundraiser In Israel

It is almost impossible to warn Jewish people of a great peril when they, themselves, are determined to bring this down upon themselves.  Anyone issuing warnings is told, they are anti-semites and that pretty much kills off any messengers.  Once upon a time, I had a large number of Jewish readers and lost nearly all of them because they don’t want to hear these obvious warnings.  A refusal to heed history’s lessons is a common human trait.  Many turn history’s lessons on its head by getting the opposite moral story even when it is painfully obvious what the lesson really is. Continue reading


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Corporations Pay 10% For 100% Control Of All Public Affairs

90% of the cost of hosting the Olympics is carried by the taxpayers.  10% is corporate money.  But the corporations get draconian monopolist powers over the taxpayers during these idiotic games!  This is how a tiny minority can own public facilities and public affairs after paying basically, small bribes.  Also, there were huge demonstrations in Mexico about media corruption in politics which were nearly totally ignored by the US media. Continue reading


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The Little Lost Frog


Every year, I encourage toads and frogs to move into various homes we set up for them.  They eat insects!  This year, a very small, green frog was flushed into one of the water storage tanks that collects roof run-off water.  Once we noticed him swimming around, we put in rocks and pieces of wood so he could have a sitting spot to get some sunbathing and a place to hide. Continue reading


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$31 Trillion Global Wealth Hidden In Various Aristocratic Island Nations

£13tn hoard hidden from taxman by global elite is one headline that is not very popular in the US media mainstream press.  Big stories have ‘3000+ news articles’ whereas this startling story has less than 300 similar articles, most of these in the online, small press areas, not the mainstream.  We just saw the biggest central banks on earth bail out the richest private bankers in history to the tune of many trillions.  We also saw these same bankers create a $66+ trillion Derivatives Beast to replace capital so they could lend money to anyone on earth with no personal losses to themselves.


The reason we don’t see a mass howling about this immense treasure being concealed from governments that need to balance their budgets is simple: the media owners are part of this conspiracy to park much of one’s wealth in offshore tax havens.  And some of the richest, oldest rich families on earth are providing these tax havens for fellow rich people.


All first world governments except a very few (Germany) are running huge government deficits while passively allowing tax cheats to run up immense stores of wealth while not contributing towards paying for the superstructure that keeps society functioning.  Here is a recent story from Japan similar to all the market traders stealing client funds:  King of Tokyo’ dethroned by insider trading probe ‹ Japan Today


Edward Brogan was Japan’s highest-profile hedge fund manager until he suddenly dropped out of view this month.  Dubbed the “King of Tokyo” by traders, the 53-year-old American seemed to have it all: wealth, professional acclaim and status as a patron of contemporary art.


In his best year, Brogan had managed over one billion dollars in his flagship Whitney Japan Fund, although much of that has been withdrawn.


So many scam operations have been allowed to proliferate, it is hard to tell what is legitimate and what is a rip off scheme.  Alas, so many rich have bent the laws so badly, they have ceased to be part of a good government system and have become pirates and bandits.  Making money trumps being a good citizen.  In Japan, the moral collapse is quite profound.  This government is deeper in debt than any on earth, per GDP while the US is the biggest overall.


Germany is in trouble these days due to being forced to bail out the rest of the EU:  Germany, Netherlands Rating Outlooks Cut to Negative by Moody’s.  The Germans are furious about this and there is open talk of chopping off the Mediterranean sector from the EU.


Meanwhile, the dollar is increasingly worthless as anyone going shopping for food can plainly see thanks to the bank bailouts and the ‘quantitative easing’ which is fancy-talk for printing money like this is Weimar.  This is troubling Japan because they want a strong dollar so they can destroy our industrial base.  So, the Japanese Gov’t may intervene in forex market after dollar falls to upper Y77 level ‹ Japan Today:


Just before the close of trade in Tokyo, the euro fell to nearly 12-year lows against the yen and two-year lows against the dollar. At one point, the dollar was trading in the upper 77 yen level.  The yen’s recent rise may be due to speculators building positions in response to the uncertain outlook of the U.S. economy, Azumi told reporters. The yen tends to be bought when global uncertainty grows.


For years and years, the US and Japan demanded that China cease manipulating the yuan by controlling FOREX holdings which happens to be what Japan was doing all along.  ALL the central banks are grossly manipulating their currencies and the main goal is to export goods as much as possible.  This is all quite naked now and all money is being debased rapidly as we can plainly see when we compare any currency with the price of gold.


Gold has climbed pretty high thanks to the race to print money to debase it as much as possible!  It is a WARNING SIGN.  This cannot go one forever.  All currencies will eventually be worth zero.


On the heels of the US announcing we are going to focus mainly on building many bases all over Asia so we can contain China, we have this news:  Vietnam, Philippines slam China garrison plan – Australia Network News – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)


The Paracel Islands are one of two archipelagos in the South China Sea that are claimed by both China and Vietnam.

Manila, which is involved in a dispute over another archipelago, the Spratly Islands, also weighed into the row, summoning the Chinese ambassador to lodge a complaint against the garrison announcement…

Meanwhile, US Senator John McCain says that China is “unnecessarily provocative” in saying it will establish a military garrison on disputed South China Sea islands.

He has called for a multilateral solution to the dispute.

“The decision by China’s Central Military Commission to deploy troops to islands in the South China Sea, which are also claimed by Vietnam, is unnecessarily provocative,” the Republican McCain said in a statement.

He said other action by China including its appointment of legislators to govern such disputes “only reinforces why many Asian countries are increasingly concerned about China’s expansive territorial claims, which have no basis in international law, and the possibility that China will attempt to impose those claims through intimidation and coercion.”

The actions by Beijing “are disappointing and not befitting a responsible great power,” he said.


The US started this by deciding to open bases all over the place.  This is naked aggression.  Of course, the US is self-serving in this matter and loves to accuse China, a country that is bombing no one right now, of being dangerous and aggressive.  Meanwhile, the US threatens Iran yet again and butchered more pesky peasants who aren’t Syrians, in Yemen.  More NATO soldiers were killed in Afghanistan and this was, as per usual, ignored by the US media for the most part.


Meanwhile, the police in America act as if this is Afghanistan:  Anaheim riots: Video shows police firing on women and children | Mail Online.  Totally uncalled for.  Typical when one views Americans as peasants to be brutally suppressed.  Shooting women with babies in their arms is bad if done by a schizoid student but is normal if done by crazy cops.


Exclusive footage shows taliban attack in afghanistan – YouTube


The Taliban like the idea of running around shooting everyone especially in movie theaters.  They love their guns.  Very much.


Now on to something else, a nonviolent population of natives who are quite troubled but don’t carry dual machineguns:  Australia’s Lost Generation – 101 East – Al Jazeera English


Young Aborigines are four times more likely to commit suicide than non-indigenous Australians. Experts and aboriginal elders believe a variety of reasons drive aboriginal youth to suicide, including a disconnection from traditional culture and land.


In Western Australia’s Kimberley region suicide has reached epidemic proportions, with one suicide every week on average since the end of December 2011.


So, they have Japanese-levels of suicide.  The US prefers to have 30,000 die each year due to gun shots.  In Japan, that many commit suicide a year.  Each culture has its own suicide method with the US being rather novel about it and having people be killed by suicidal gunmen rather than choosing to die voluntarily.


Another group slated to die, more ‘useless peasants’ to our rulers:  6 million to lose out on health reform’s Medicaid expansion – Jul. 24, 2012


…the Supreme Court, while upholding the Affordable Care Act, said last month that states can opt out of the Medicaid expansion without any threat of losing other federal funding for the program.  The CBO, explaining its new estimate, said it now expects that some states won’t expand their programs at all.


I heard on the radio today while driving from the hospital, the GOP members of the Supreme Court discussing how the ruling on the healthcare thing was being worked out OK because surprise…it only looked as if they were allowing these peasants to have coverage.  They really weren’t doing that at all, they had this sneaky provision that allows states (GOP ‘red’ states) to opt out and let these unwanted citizens to die.


To hell with these people!  Who cares!  Our rich don’t care.  Our politicians are being tricky and the average American still believes that Romney is an honest businessman who happens to park all his money offshore!  Don’t we all?


Last of all and this is important to me because my grandchild is coming next month to live on this planet earth and I do NOT want him to be exposed to whooping cough:  CDC: Whooping cough outbreak ‘worst since 1959’.  What next?  The Black Plague?  As Whooping Cough Spreads, Schumer Demands Free Vaccinations – New York News – Runnin’ Scared.  I hope they have free vaccinations.


No baby gets whooping cough vaccinations before three months. Already a number of babies have died due to adults giving them these germs!  The anti-vaccinationists have succeeded wonderfully in spreading more germs.  This is insane!  Stop it!  Whatever irritable ideas one has that vaccinations are evil are…childish. Whatever bad side effects, they are DWARFED by the deadly, destructive actions of the Germ Empire when it seeks to colonize our children and ourselves.  End of story!


Thank you for protecting all of us by getting proper vaccinations.

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Congress Mocks Ron Paul While Libor Scandal And Debt Scandals Threaten World Banking

One of the most pathetic Washington Post stories about banking is the retirement of Ron Paul.  Bernanke and the corrupt members of the House Banking Committee all laugh at him while smugly patting themselves on the back…right in the middle of yet another of zillions of banking scandals.  The real scandal, of course, is the collapse of all sane oversight for bankers who then ran amok and by creating way, way too much credit, have caused the entire global banking system to collapse. Continue reading


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