Corporations Pay 10% For 100% Control Of All Public Affairs

90% of the cost of hosting the Olympics is carried by the taxpayers.  10% is corporate money.  But the corporations get draconian monopolist powers over the taxpayers during these idiotic games!  This is how a tiny minority can own public facilities and public affairs after paying basically, small bribes.  Also, there were huge demonstrations in Mexico about media corruption in politics which were nearly totally ignored by the US media.


The insanity of selling the public-funded business of the Olympics to private corporations is evil in may ways:  Olympics attacked for fast food and fizzy drink links | Life and style |


The Obesity Games report, published by The Childrens’ Food Campaign (CFC), found that corporate sponsorship accounts for less than 10% of the total funding for the London 2012 Games, while fast food sponsors contribute only about 2% of the IOC income. Yet the major sponsors Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Cadbury are given an unrivalled platform to promote their unhealthy brands and products, it says.


The CFC is calling for the IOC to help tackle rising obesity levels by setting conditions on promoting healthy eating in their sponsorship deals and for junk food brands to be excluded.


The findings will trigger fresh criticism of the stranglehold on food and drink at the Games held by sponsors Cadbury, McDonald’s (its largest restaurant in the world is in the Olympic Park) and Coca-Cola, which is expected to serve 23m soft drinks at the Games due to its near-monopoly at Olympic venues.


The people who control these fascist games are nearly all multi-millionaire elites who incidentally, many are Bilderberg gangsters as well as on the board of directors of various corporations.  They turned what was supposed to be government-directed games proving the physical prowess of elitist, colonialist powers which then morphed into capitalism versus communism games.


With the ending of communism, it has now become full-blown corporate exploitation of the masses.  There is nothing on earth the purveyors of dangerous products love more than to have healthy, fit, good-looking people peddling their wares.  Pasting the names of disgusting products being peddled to the masses onto the hyper-fit bodies of athletes…who get little pay for all this!…is how corporations cleverly delude people into thinking they can eat McDonald’s swill and not end up looking like an overstuffed  living room sofa thrown out on the street.


The fact is, these corporations can gain great coverage, literally plastering their logos over everything in sight as well as preventing anyone from even mentioning anything connected with any aspect of any sport in these corporate Olympics.  Anyone making even the slightest allusion to any aspect of these private games is prosecuted heavily.


Like with the bank bailouts, 90% of the cost is carried by the masses who are seen as collateral for corporations so they can borrow to their heart’s content.  And in the case of the Olympics, they totally physically own the entire event while bankrolling barely anything at all.  The poor people of England are hoping foreigners will come in great numbers and spend money there and thus, bring in revenues.


Now on to other news that is being ignored here in the US.  Mexico, our next door neighbor, is studiously ignored as much as possible.  The ruinous war on drugs is a roaring failure there.  And so are elections.  Like here, these are crooked affairs designed to protect the elites:  Thousands Protest in Mexico City Against Presidential Elections | Fox News Latino


Thousands marched through Mexico City’s center on Sunday to protest what they called the “imposition” of the candidate of the old ruling party. Protesters carried signs accusing presumed President-elect Enrique Pena Nieto of electoral fraud and Mexico television giant Televisa of being a “factory of lies.”… “Mexico didn’t vote for fraud. Mexico wants a country that is honest and democratic,” said marcher Marlem Munoz, 26, who studies dentistry at Mexico’s National Autonomous University. “What happened in the elections was a total mockery directed at the Mexican people.”


It is rather ironic that the NYT and WP didn’t cover this story.  Both pretend to be better than Fox News.  The Huffington Post did cover it, a little.  But in general, it was mainly ignored.  Here is why: This website tracks the corporate interests in our media, Interlocking Directorates:


New York Times Co.

360 Degree Communication
Bristol-Meyers Squibb
Campbell Soup
Carlyle Group 
Chase Manhattan
Cummins Engine Corp
Grace & Co.
Hallmark Cards
Hanson PLC
Johnson & Johnson
Lehman Bros. 
Lucas Digital
Lucent Technologies
Metropolitan Life
Principal Financial Group
Springs Industries
Starwood Hotels & Resorts
State Street Research and Management
US Industries
Warburg, Pincus & Co. 
Zurich Insurance


Here is a story from England about the insane system set up with ‘free trade’ that has basically moves much of our industries overseas.  That is, the few jobs left for Americans are for moving Asian goods around this country.  And to keep things cheap, they have to severely oppress the truck drivers, the warehouse labor and everyone connected with selling this junk:  ‘They shout at you and harass you’ – how workers toil at Walmart’s US suppliers | Business |


Walmart says the labour conditions are the responsibility of its contractors. Indeed, the contractors themselves also then often subcontract, especially with staffing agencies who often supply most of the labour for the manual jobs.


Critics say such an argument is disingenuous. “Walmart uses these companies as a buffer to negate any responsibility for what happens in their workplaces,” said Professor Juan de Lara, an expert at the University of Southern California…Recently, in response to the WWU efforts in the warehouses, supervisors at NFI Crossdock handed many workers a flyer with their wages. The leaflet, a copy of which was obtained by the Guardian, warned against supporting the formation of a union. “Don’t sign away your rights,” it claimed.


One recipient of the flyer was Miguel Gonzalez. He was told to make sure he read it by a woman manager, but warned against doing so on company time when he should be lifting boxes. “She said I needed to read it on my break,” Gonzalez said.


Outsourcing has prevented workers from organizing.  The nuclear power plants in Japan are run the same way with layers of contractors padding the business so that ultimately, no one is responsible and if anything goes wrong, they can simply evaporate and reorganize under a new name.Evading responsibility for the welfare of workers is key.  The US system which once had powerful unions that forced businesses to have reasonable working conditions and the 30 hour week have evolved into nonstop labor under inhumane conditions.


Central California relies on Mexican labor as Mexicans and others are desperate for work.The same process is eating away at Europe turning well-educated Europeans into part-time, cheap labor:  Italy’s labor market sees looming scenario – Xinhua |


On Monday, the central bank of Italy said that wages have remained almost unchanged in 10 years in a country whose unemployment rate soared to 10.9 percent in the first quarter of 2012, and is expected to reach 11 percent in 2013.


Other recent studies highlighted most of the Italian companies refuse to offer their workers regular contracts with sick pay, holiday pay, or any other employment protection that can give them a chance to plan their lives.

All over the first world, we see socialism in retreat as raw capitalism takes over. People are told, this will lead to better times yet I see no sign of this happening.  Exploitation of labor and denial of services runs alongside socialism for bankers and corporations who feed at the public trough nonstop.  As I predicted, the Arab revolution is all about wanting more socialism but being allowed only raw capitalism:


Egypt’s New Prime Minister Faces an Angry Nation – ABC NewsAlmost daily, armed Egyptians angry over poor services storm hospitals, beating up or menacing doctors. Others took over a governor’s office to protest weeks without running water. Fabric workers shut down factories with strikes demanding better conditions.


So finally, we come to the news that Congress, scared of public unrest, is finally pretending to do something:  Federal Reserve Audit Bill Overwhelmingly Passes The House


Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke recently told the House Financial Services Committee that he agrees with the “basic premise” that the Fed should be transparent, but raised concerns that Paul’s bill doesn’t exempt monetary policy and deliberations from its reach.


Not including an exemption on this point could create “a political dampening effect on the Federal Reserve’s policy decisions,” Bernanke warned.


But Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) pointed out that the House vote on the bill comes on the same day that the Washington Post reported that the New York Fed “did not communicate in key meetings with top regulators that British bank Barclays had admitted to Fed staffers that it was rigging LIBOR,” the index which sets interest rates worldwide.


“The Fed creates trillions of dollars out of nothing and gives it to banks. Congress is in the dark. The Fed sets the stage for the subprime meltdown. Congress is in the dark. The Fed takes a dive on LIBOR. Congress is in the dark. The Fed doesn’t tell regulators what is going on. Congress is in the dark,” Kucinich shouted on the House floor, just before the vote.


Basically, they are going to kill it in the Senate!  Now, the only bills to pass overwhelmingly are Zionist bills wanted by Israel.  If it has to do with more wars, it passes.  If it has to save the bankers, it passes.  So why did this pass?


It DIDN’T!  This is a trick designed to stop anyone from demanding the Fed have an accounting.  The Fed runs 100% on red ink.  The US runs 100% on red ink.  The rich refuse to pay taxes while payroll taxes fall like a rock as workers are disinvested and destroyed.  The destruction of our manufacturing is causing the government to run in the red, our trade is in the red, everything is red ink all over the place.


While America has the most billionaires in the world!  And this is why Romney was chosen: he is one of them, not us.  Obama was one of us but was bribed and now is one of them just like everyone except Jimmy Carter and everyone is encouraged to hate him because…well, he isn’t a Zionist, of course.  That is why.  And he talks about peace, not stealing stuff.


Time to stuff our faces eating unhealthy foods while passively watching professional athletes toil for capitalists!sunset borger

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17 responses to “Corporations Pay 10% For 100% Control Of All Public Affairs

  1. DeVaul

    These monopolies are so blatant now. I think it is emblematic of the complete disconnect between the super rich and the rest of humanity. They have convinced themselves that they are essential to all life on earth (god’s work), but in reality they destroy everything.

    I strongly recommend this week’s Archdruid Report. It gives another good perspective on the derivatives beast and the financial “industry” as a whole. It also explains why interest is incompatible with self-sustaining economies. I agree.


    ELAINE: traditionally, paying interest was to give money to savers so it could be lent. You can’t ask for free money! That leads to rampant inflation just like we see today. Interest payments are for capital use. Anyone doing with out capital ends up like Argentina. Hyperinflation and no one saves money.

  2. 90404

    How did the Olympics get ‘corporatized’? Yet one more example of ‘Circuses and Bread’ with Big Macs for the bread!

    And ‘Obama was one of us’. Nonsense, unless yr an Alinsky-ite.
    Obama never gave a rats ass about anyone outside of his leftist camp.

  3. billibaldi

    It is amazing.

    Obama has this reputation for being leftwing. Is there any evidence for this? Obama is leftwing like John Fitzgerald Kennedy was working class. Obama’s mother worked for a certain three letter organisation, Obama worked for the organisation. Just as the Bush family can be considered to be the reps for the Oil industry, Obama is the candidate of the MIC. The three lettet organisation that Obama worked for is an intergral part of the MIC.

  4. Christian W

    Obama is a fascist. The idea he is ‘left-wing’ is frankly nonsensical.

    So many Americans are just hopelessly lost when it comes to the political landscape. But that is by design of course. It has taken a lot of effort to turn the political landscape into the current waste land. It was done deliberatly to make any reasonable discourse impossible of course. And now the rich players are picking up the pieces, and Obama is one of those players.

  5. DeVaul

    90404 thinks Obama is “leftist” because he is black.

    Obama was and still is a gangster from Chicago. Nothing leftist about that.

  6. merceeme

    One question that keeps popping up in my mind is how long the government can continue to run in the red. Wars are expensive. The rich don’t want to pay ANY taxes, and the working class and middle class are seeing their incomes drop or diappear all together. So how long can the U.S. run the MIC and their creeping intrusion via survellance on its citizens before there is no more cashola left?


    ELAINE: The Soviet Union limped along for a long, long time after it was essentially bankrupt. Ditto with the US system.

  7. merceeme

    Charles Hugh Smith has a series of articles, one of which is about how deflation is good, primarily by the holders of the debt. For people who hold large amounts of debt, inflation is bad, because those people see a steady decrease in their wages and ability to pay on the debt.

    This seems to jibe with Nicole Foss’ prediction at The Automatic Earth that what we will see in the (near) future in not inflation but deflation. Maybe I’m missing something, but Smith seems to be promoting the various positive aspects of having a floating fiat currency.


    ELAINE: The present paradox of free trade means ALL nations strive to make their currencies less attractive while holding trade rival currencies. So we have deflation in the value of LABOR (wages fall across the planet) while inflation when it comes to buying any essentials for survival.

  8. Being There

    Romney is the awkward embodiment of the corportization of the Olympics, but in this inverted communist structure is anything not Corporatized?

    What people don’t seem to understand about our politics is that the polity (folks who vote) still think we’re living in the 1960’s before we changed this country over to supply-side and globalism.

    Once the government was marginalized, the game was over. If people read Alvin Toffler’s Megatrends and Third Wave they would get the idea that it is the global corporations that will be more powerful than governments of mere nation-states.

    Our politicians are just falling in line to make this a reality, that’s what they’re there for. Notice that there is 0 leadership in this country.–That’s because the nation state only exists in the imagination of the voters.

    We have the fiat currency until we don’t—that’s the calculus of change.

  9. Christian W


    But what do you think will replace the fiat currencies? Without government credit or capital, what supports the government created fiat currencies?

    Even the CEO’s are payed in fiat currencies and their tax haven accounts are nominated in fiat currencies. This need to outrun the impending collapse of the fiat currency is why I said before that wars (like the invasion of Iran) are inevitable. They have to grab physical (or political/business) control of the tangible resources like oil.

    I guess their dream would be one global currency that everybody had to use, so they could hoard most of it and have everybody rest pay for their party.

    But if the dollar goes ‘poof’ there won’t be much left of the tax haven hoards.

  10. “The people who control these fascist games are nearly all multi-millionaire elites…”

    Elaine – I beg to differ as the opening ceremony did a pretty good job of showing the light and shade of capitalism last night. We saw:

    * industrialisation shown literally ripping up the turf
    * miners emerging from holes in the ground
    * NHS (National Health Service) written large – at a time of creeping privatisation
    * The Jam’s Going Underground played loud! Note the lyrics…

    “You choose your leaders and place your trust
    As their lies wash you down and their promises rust
    You’ll see kidney machines replaced by rockets and guns”

    I don’t recall seeing a single sponsor logo – when, of course, you can’t watch a football match on TV these days without the whole pitch being surrounded by constant flashing commercial advertising.

    On the whole, I think it was well balanced and a lot better than we could have anticipated – so as an olympics – it’s so far, so good.

    I’d contend that the ‘war on drugs’ is much more overtly fascist though – as we see power dictating terms often with huge loss of life in Afghanistan, Mexico and Columbia.

    Of course, you only have to read a bit of history to realise that the forces of the UK/US economies which are kept secret from the public are knee deep in the white stuff :

  11. Christian W


    Strip clubs in Tampa are expecting booming business from the GOP convention…

  12. Being There

    Alinsky was referred to in a post here. I hope people realize that the right wing has tried to make Alinsky sound like a commie. He was just a community organizer. If you like the idea of community and not top-down fascism I don’t know why you’d attack Alinsky.
    from Wikipedia: Saul David Alinsky (January 30, 1909 – June 12, 1972) was an American community organizer and writer. He is generally considered to be the founder of modern community organizing, and has been compared to Thomas Paine as being “one of the great American leaders of the nonsocialist left.”[4] He is often noted for his book Rules for Radicals. (radicals meaning localized, not Federal). You’d think the libertarians would have liked him more, instead of trying to make him sound like a commie just to attack Obama.—Oh let’s see, his name sounds like a Russian Commie lets infer something to smear O.
    O is just another global neoliberal who still wants to give the taxpayers something back for their money, otherwise it all goes to privatized contractors.

  13. Christian W

    I’m glad people are staying away from the corporate games. Enough is enough. What sane person brings their family through the corporate gauntlet to be fleeced every step of the way for hundreds of bucks to watch these plastic games?

  14. tio

    @Christian W

    Everyone wanted tickets and they still do, that’s the point. There is a lot of dark muttering and much counter spin. For example, the empty seats now (mysteriously and after many iterations) belong to ‘friends of the olympics’ .. to paraphrase Elaine .. HAHAHAHA

  15. emsnews

    Virtually no Brits who paid 90% of the cost of the Olympics, were able to buy any tickets at all since corporate hogs who gave the 10% money were also given most of the tickets!

    This is criminal. A rip off. Theft.

  16. Christian W

    I was thinking the lack of audiences was a combination of free tickets for the corporations and too expensive tickets for the hoi polloi, maybe i was wrong.
    I read people saying that bringing your own food to the events was not allowed (meaning you have to buy at the event). Tickets, food, transport/parking etc quickly adds up for a family.

    Watch the corporate section fill up at the more glamorous events where the big shots can show themselves off. I bet these empty seats went to middling corporate chiefs who simply didn’t bother to waste their precious time on the non-sexy sports.

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