Romney Has Secrete Fundraiser In Israel

It is almost impossible to warn Jewish people of a great peril when they, themselves, are determined to bring this down upon themselves.  Anyone issuing warnings is told, they are anti-semites and that pretty much kills off any messengers.  Once upon a time, I had a large number of Jewish readers and lost nearly all of them because they don’t want to hear these obvious warnings.  A refusal to heed history’s lessons is a common human trait.  Many turn history’s lessons on its head by getting the opposite moral story even when it is painfully obvious what the lesson really is.

In the case of the Jewish community, it has always gained great security and happiness only when it backs liberalism.  Being a tribal minority religion, it cannot survive unless governments are liberal about alternative cultures and alternative religions.  Religious tolerance is good for all Jews.  As it is for any minority religion.  Religious and tribal intolerance is evil.  Yet what we see happening across the planet to all tribes, all religions is rising intolerance even as movers and media owners push hard for more tolerance in first world countries like the EU and US.


That is, tribal and religious warfare is gathering steam as it blows up one country after another and countries even on the fringe of Europe are torn into smaller and smaller units as tribal/religious intolerance and hate violently divide former nations.  We see this happening now in Syria as NATO cynically aids and abets tribal/religious warfare there.  At the core of this insane business are the Jews: they want tolerance, liberalism and freedom of religion and no tribal identity for Europeans and Americans while at the same time, want fascist religious intolerance and warfare aimed at Muslims and absolutely no toleration of any ethnic groups within Israel which sees religious Jews baiting and attacking each other for not being ‘pure’ enough Jews and examining each other’s birth history to detect ‘tainted’ Jews who have the ‘wrong blood’ and therefore, should be shunned.


Yesterday, Romney went to Israel to get more Jewish money for attack ads which he will buy from mainly Jewish media owners here in the US.  This is designed to increase the power of AIPAC which has deserted the Democratic Party due to voters choosing a President who seemingly promised to end the endless anti-Muslim wars that have cost us several trillion dollars which is a huge, huge part of the US debt hanging over our heads.


The above headlines are from the NYT, a screenshot of their coverage of all this.  Recently, the Times ran an editorial penned by an Israeli Zionist who boasted about winning the West Bank and keeping it for Jews only and no one was going to change this and the Palestinians there were to remain stateless and helpless forever and if they wanted to be free, all they had to do was give up everything and leave forever.  End of story.


This crude, racist and colonialist declaration was published by the Jewish owners without any rebuttal from anyone who was not a Jew.  This is true throughout our entire media: no one is allowed to rebut against raging Zionist racism.  Even as Zimmerman is raked over the coals for being a racist, even as the media pretends to worry about racism, rank racism practiced by Jews is accepted as normal which is why our media barely covered the recent open, violent race riots in Israel which aimed at Africans and other foreigners who came into the country as refugees.


Romney Fund-Raising Breakfast in Israel to Bar News Media – does cover at the last paragraph the unusual nature of Romney’s foreign fund raiser (he had one in London, too, with many bankers involved in the libor scandal giving him money).


Mr. Romney seems to be taking pains to keep the fund-raiser under wraps. Typically, a small pool of reporters is allowed into fund-raisers held in public locations, in order to provide a written report on Mr. Romney’s remarks. Though there have been a few occasions when the campaign has tried to limit access — citing an especially small venue or the fact that Mr. Romney was not giving formal remarks — this is the first time that a public fund-raiser has been closed without any explanation.


Will the stable of commentators at the Times talk about why there was this secret meeting with rich Jews in Israel?  Will there be a harsh examination of AIPAC and dual citizens including Netanyahu who votes in our elections and is today defacto ruler of the US via a very corrupt Congress and a media system that enables his iron rule while hiding nearly all of this from US voters?


The Huffington Post has a bit more colorful story about how Romney ordered reporters to stay away from his private deals being made with rich Jews overseas:  Mitt Romney Closes Israeli Fundraiser To Reporters


Romney traveling press secretary Rick Gorka, asked to comment, simply said, “Closed press, closed press, closed press,” as he walked down the aisle of the candidate’s campaign plane during the flight from London to Tel Aviv.


I notice in the comments section, many leftists are outraged by this and over the last decade, I have noticed more and more leftists are gradually (very, very slowly) becoming aware that AIPAC exists, it runs our government and is totally behind the endless, expanding, noxious, expensive Muslim wars that are rapidly destroying America.


The American rightwing is quite pleased with Jewish fascism and encourages this and hopes the Jewish community will commit mass suicide by endorsing, enabling and excusing ethnic/religious cleansing because the Christian right hopes to do this to American Jews in the not-very distant future.  Christian fascists will cheerfully inform all Jews here that they are traitors and they will then be unceremoniously kicked out of America.  I happen to have a Jewish family that is quite extensive and worry greatly that this will happen.


I want religious liberalism including people who don’t believe in crazy gods in the first place.  We can lose this all too easily!  Our freedoms depend on religious freedom.  The US was founded on ‘freedom’ while denying both religious and actual freedom.  Slaves and religious intolerance continued for quite a while.  Even after the Civil War, this still continued until the Civil Rights Act was passed.  This was passed with a lot of Jewish support and help.  And then, once the Jews in America finally got full civil rights and freedoms, they proceeded to eliminate this in the Middle East, thinking this monster would never, ever come to America.


Here is a report that made near-zero news in our media:  Afghan Rights Report Kept Secret to Shield Political Leaders — News from  A forensic report showing clearly that the leaders in Afghanistan which we support by billions of bribes a year, are all war criminals.  Duh.  The US has utterly destroyed that country, morally and physically.  Two NATO soldiers killed in IED blast Commander among three policemen killed – PakTribune is typical news today in Pakistan, not the US.  Virtually no mention of the travails of our troops darken our media headlines here in the US.


KABUL/HERAT: Two soldiers with the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) were killed Thursday in an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) blast in restive southern Afghanistan, the military alliance confirmed in a press release Friday morning.

The brief press release disclosed neither the nationalities of the victims nor the details about the incident under the ISAF policy, only saying “it is ISAF policy to defer casualty identification procedures to the relevant national authorities.”

Troops mainly from U.S., Britain and Australia have been stationed in the southern region within the framework of ISAF to curb Taliban-linked insurgency there.

Violence has been on the rise since Taliban insurgents launched an annual spring offensive on May 3.

The simple but difficult to be detected Taliban weapon, the IEDs used in making suicide vests and roadside bombs, has proved a challenge for Afghan and NATO-led forces in the insurgency-hit country.

The casualties bring to 260 the number of foreign soldiers who have been killed in Afghanistan since beginning this year.


This war is extremely unpopular in Britain yet their soldiers continue to die there and nothing ever changes.  The deaths are very unpopular in the US so the US media deals with this by simply never mentioning it.  The six NATO troops killed by an IED Sunday in Afghanistan were all is an earlier headline that was also ignored for the most part, in the US.  From the official news service for our troops in Afghanistan:  2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment Medics Treat U.S. Soldiers Injured by IED in Zabul | ISAF – International Security Assistance Force:


The Stryker formation carrying Hill had just passed by the route clearance vehicles, which were going the other direction, only seconds before the estimated 800 lbs. bomb was remote detonated.

“IED…IED…IED..,” Stryker Gunner U.S. Army Spc. Grant Cornell, 22, from Montgomery, Ala., shouted after a loud boom was heard close by.

A smell of burning oil drifted throughout the Stryker’s rear compartment.

The roadside bomb exploded under the lead RG-31 mine resistant ambush protected vehicle, as it searched for IEDs on the desolate stretch of highway near Qalat.

“We just rolled over it!” Cornell said. “It was a huge one…..Dismount.”

Several different voices crackled over the PSD’s radio headsets inside the Strykers

“Drop the gate,” came a command from inside Cornell’s Stryker, where an Army medic was seated.

More than a dozen Soldiers from two Strykers poured out onto the highway into the blazing hot desert and hurried towards the twisted MRAP, which lay on its side.

The up armored nine-ton vehicle had been blown off the road, down a steep sandy embankment about 1000 meters away.

“I turned around and saw it flipping through the air,” U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Abdel Phipps, combat engineer, HHT, 2nd SCR and Brooklyn, N.Y. native, said later. “I thought, ‘those guys are dead.’”

The MRAP was heavily damaged; its front rollers, the two front wheels and its engine block had been sheared off.

Oil had spewed everywhere, but the main cabin, which had been thrown 10 feet further away, was slightly crushed and dented but overall it was intact.

The capsule had done its job. It had protected the Soldiers inside from more severe injuries, fire and even possible death.

“[We wanted] to go outside and see what happened, see if they need help,” U.S. Army Sgt. Darlena Cherry, medic, 2ns SCR HHT PSD, said, “see all the possible injuries, see what we could do.”

As the Stryker Soldiers moved closer they could see U.S. Soldiers from 618th Eng. Co. silhouetted against the tan colored hull of the MRAP, as they crawled all over the U.S. Army vehicle to get their injured buddies out.

The 2nd SCR medics made their way to the scene as the first injured U.S. Soldier was being carried to safety by fellow 618th Eng. Co. troops.


The dark details are hidden here in the US.  The brain damage and psychological damage is also concealed. Recently, a soldier was with his father and after the VA told him he was exaggerating his PSTD symptoms, he shot himself dead in his father’s backyard!  Here is another story that was reported by NBC:  Witness: Soldier who killed self was forced to crawl – US news – Crime & courts –


A Chinese-American soldier in Afghanistan was forced to crawl about 50 yards as punishment while his superiors yelled and hurled rocks at him hours before he took his own life, a fellow soldier testified on Friday in a court-martial hearing.
U.S. Army Private Danny Chen killed himself by a gunshot in a guard tower in southern Afghanistan last October.
One of his superiors, Sergeant Adam Holcomb, is standing trial in Fort Bragg on allegations his physical mistreatment and racial harassment pushed Chen to commit suicide.
Holcomb, 30, has pleaded not guilty and faces nearly 18 years of confinement and a dishonorable discharge if convicted on charges that include negligent homicide.
On Friday, Holcomb’s defense lawyers called a dozen witnesses in an attempt to shift the focus from his conduct to what some described as Chen’s shortcomings as a soldier.
The soldiers described harsh conditions at the remote combat outpost where stress ran high, politically incorrect nicknames were used and soldiers endured physical discipline when they failed to measure up.
A service member who served with Chen, Specialist Nicholas Sepeda, said Chen was not physically fit when he arrived in Afghanistan and their superiors frequently put him through “corrective training” involving push-ups, squats and other harsher measures.


Victims of war: Hammond man among growing number of military …3000 US soldiers have killed themselves so far in the post-9/11 wars.  Racism and religious intolerance is rising within our military.  The mental disease of tribal intolerance is growing worse in America.  US soldiers are killing themselves nearly at the same rate the desperate Muslims are killing them.  And our very rich including emphatically our very richest Jewish citizens are refusing to pay for these hideous, expensive and destructive wars:  House GOP trying to fast-track tax cut bill for wealthy and corporations | The Raw Story.


The Congress/Knesset recently voted for even more military spending while telling us there is no money for social services.  And they intend to keep up this spending on wars with no taxes until Israel is satisfied.  Which means forever.  The US cannot pile on cheap loans for wars forever.  Eventually we will be bankrupt.  Naturally, we see our elites doubling down with a push for a war with China.  This would be a complete catastrophe for the US.  Not to mention, Japan and South Korea.  Not that anyone sane is noticing this obvious outcome.

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22 responses to “Romney Has Secrete Fundraiser In Israel

  1. Being There

    Hi Elaine,
    There are several issues here. I think globalism is part of the sectarian uprisings. For one people always react against the grain, as things homogenize culturally, the identity to culture becomes more of a fight for people’s roots. Also, like Communism, Inverted Communism, that is global neoliberalism wants to wipe out differences between people to sell their products.
    We may very well be stirring the pot to get these groups to rise up so we can squash them.

  2. Peter

    No such thing really as surviving an IED attack…your brain is subject to so much concussive force in the blast .Bout the same as having George Foreman punch you in the head for 24 hours.

  3. Christian W

    I think the US already IS bankrupt. The global economy is just so huge it will take some time before other nations have adjusted, besides, most of them are busy struggling with their own economic problems atm. But this clay giant will stumble eventually. The strategy for dealing with this is much the same as the Japanese approach to radiation. Just immerse everybody in the problem and the ‘new normal’ makes the problem go away (kinda sort of).

  4. MikeM

    I learned a neat trick from reading James Carr’s “Rule by Secrecy” where this dilemma is discussed. Being jewish describes people who subscribe to a religion which is separate from people who consider themselves being direct descendants of Abraham, which oddly enough includes many peoples the jews consider enemies. The politics of the state of Israel is just that, aka Zionism.

    The idea that because the claim is laid that Israel is a Jewish state doesn’t hold water. All Israelis are not jewish. I’m amazed that Israelis appear to have more freedom to protest their governments actions than US citizens do. That’s pretty scary, considering that AIPAC has bought most of our politicians.

  5. Seraphim

    Have the Jews EVER listened to the warnings of their own prophets?

  6. emsnews

    Cassandra: proof that few people listen to prophets.

    Aesop wasn’t much liked, either. As the enraged people threw him off a cliff, his last prediction was, ‘Soon, you will all be slaves, too!’ And very shortly afterwards, they were conquered and turned into slaves, too.

  7. Seraphim

    Twice their Temple has been destroyed because they did not listen but killed and crucified the prophets. They want now to build the third one when they have been warned that a third one would never be. Isn’t that insanity?

  8. anne ony mouse

    Ron Paul supporters photobomb Mitt Romney’s visit to Poland

  9. DeVaul

    How depraved can a people get in this day and age?

    Watching civil wars started by your own country instead of going to the beach or the lake?

    Every time I see an image of that area, I know that JRR Tolkien was using it as the “Land of Mordor”. If he used Central Kentucky as the backdrop for the shire, then the only other place that would match Mordor is Israel and the surrounding area. It even inlcudes an all powerful death god who lives in the desert and wants to control all living things. The orcs fight each other over every little shiny thing they find there.

    He picked the right place.

  10. @Seraphim, They’re going to go ahead with it, as soon as they get those “dirty rotten pondscum” Muslims off of the Mount of the House of the Holy Place. And they have huge backing from the fascistic Christian Zionists, who hope that the Construction of the Third Temple will precipitate the Rapture, and seven years’ hence, the Second Coming of Christ. Problem is, for Jesus to return, Israel must be destroyed. Look in Revelation where the world’s armies are supposed to meet: Armageddon, which is Mt. Megiddo. In Israel. And all those troops will most assuredly devastate the Holy Land.

    Problem is, it’s all fiction.

  11. Another great post, Elaine. Sometimes I wonder if the elites want us all, even here in the USA, to fight and kill and cannibalise each other like starving rats? And what sort of future would they leave their children and grandchildren if they have to bury all the corpses? That is, if they’re successful in fighting off the masses who rise up when they (or if they) rise up?

  12. Arrrgh… the last “rise up” I meant to say :wise up.”


  13. emsnews

    My parents worked day and night to create the Apocalypse because they wanted Jesus to come and they were a big part of the beginning of the CIA and the US nuclear missile program.

    I fought this all my life and this meant my own parents didn’t like me much at all. I am anti-Apocalypse and the dreaded ZIRP system leads inevitably to an Apocalyptic ending since zero and infinity balance each other out.

    And few people want to understand this message: we cannot go to infinity in any way. No infinite energy. No infinite population growth. No infinite money.

    The avoidance of infinity means controlling growth of anything run by humans. We evaded Mother Nature but she will strike us all down in the end because she doesn’t allow anything to go to infinity, ever.

    Naturally, humans hate this goddess. They want her to be a slave of human desires which is why anti-natural gods were created. Yet, even these things destroy everything in their path, too! Only it leaves out the impossibility of infinity.

    That is, people think these new, better gods will give us something infinite: eternal life. And this is obviously impossible.

  14. Ed-M

    Yes, Elaine, exactly! :^) And which invented god is better than the insane end of times born again Christians’ Jesus Christ? The standard procedure for them is, all you have to do is say a “sinner’s prayer” to him and then you’re automatically saved and will live forever!

  15. Seraphim


    One should remember the story related by the Roman historian Ammianus Marcellinus in his Res Gestae a Fine Cornelii Taciti (usually known as the Roman History), Book XXIII: “(the Emperor) Julian…eager to estend the memory of his reign by great works, he planned at vast cost to restore the once splendid temple at Jerusalem…. But, though Alypius (the appointed man to conduct the works) pushed the work on with vigour, aided by the governor of the province, terrifying balls of flame kept bursting forth near the foundations of the temple, and made the place inaccessible too the workmen, some of whom were burned to death; and since in this way the element persistently repelled them, the enterprise halted”. Ammianus was not a Christian and on the contrary a sympathizer of Julian the Apostate. The event is described in Christian sources with more details, of course, as a proof that the re-building of the Temple is not pleasing to God.
    That the Jews will go ahead is precisely the proof that they do not learn anything. They expect the Messiah to return to the new Temple. The “Christ” of the Christian Zionists is not the Christ of Christianity, but the Jewish Messiah “the lawless one that the Lord Jesus will consume with the breath of His mouth and destroy with the brightness of His coming”. Then there will be the real end, no thousand years kingdom on earth, but the Day of the final Judgment, “Dies Irae, dies illa/Solvet saeclum in favilla/Teste David cum Sibylla!”.

  16. Christian W

    I just saw an article quoting a survey saying that 89% of voting Republicans believe Iran is a nuclear threat to the US… (even 72% of Democrats believed the same).

    They are as brainwashed today as they were at the start of the invasion of Iraq. The simple, and scary, truth is that these people simply believe what they want to believe. A lot, if not most, of them are Christian fundamentalists. Their mindset is such that no amount of facts will change their minds. In fact, the more facts you feed them that is contrary to their emotional belief system the harder their defense mechanisms will kick in and the harder they will cling to their belief systems. They are simply not rational in the sense liberals believe people to be, and in the way the scientific system is supposed to work. These people are the perfect tools in the hands of unscrupulous leaders.

    Please keep these nutters away from your nuclear arsenal.

  17. Ed-M

    @ Seraphim, there is always a perfectly naturalistic explanation, or at worst, a conspiracy theory, to explain great balls of flame exploding from the foundations of the old Herodian temple. No displeased Death Gods necessary.

    And about Jesus Christ returning to destroy the planet: nice, for proving Elaine right. You guys DO hate Mother Nature, the goddess of all the biosphere, including us! Now what will happen to people who try to destroy humanity or destroy the biosphere? They become demons in the Outer Darkness! Ergo, Jesus Christ CANNOT return.

  18. Seraphim


    Jesus does not come to destroy the planet, or the “Nature”. Even in the Book of Revelation it is said that there will be a “new Heaven and a new Earth”. What He would destroy is “Death and Hades which will be cast into the lake of fire”, along with “the ones not found written in the Book of Life”. And the “New Jerusalem will come out of heaven from God” and a “pure river of life, clear as crystal will proceed from the throne of God and of the Lamb”. So much for the “Death Gods”. Get your facts right. It is true that it entails some more serious readings at the very least. I know that it is harder that parroting half digested ready made slogans.

  19. Ed-M


    A new Heaven and a new Earth, eh? And WHY does the Book of Revelations talk about NEW ones? Because the OLD ones will have been destroyed and maybe even turned into a lake of fire! Christians have been believing this crap ever since Christianity got off the ground. Do study the history of Christian belief and get educated, thank you.

  20. Seraphim


    I hope that this kind of knee-jerk “answer” reflects only a child-like naivety.
    As to education, I presume that I am a lot older than you are and therefore a “relic” of a time when schools were still offering education through strenuous curricula and verifying that it really delivered it by serious examinations.

  21. emsnews

    The Apocalypse is another name for WWIII. The ‘new world’ will be wonderful for slime molds like the ones thriving in Japan since Fukushima. The original earth was a single cell culture for 90% of its history. Then evolutionary accidents created all the rival life forms.

    No, you would NOT like a post-Apocalyptic earth unless you are a germ.

  22. fred

    “the Christian right hopes to do this to American Jews in the not-very distant future. Christian fascists will cheerfully inform all Jews here that they are traitors and they will then be unceremoniously kicked out of America. I happen to have a Jewish family that is quite extensive and worry greatly that this will happen.”

    Nonsense. Christians have been so brainwashed that they do not know that a small group of Zionists have indeed been manipulating the USA and basically being traitors – to use your word. The antidote to a backlash against ordinary Jewish Americans is to point out that 70% of American Jews opposed the second Neocon war on Iraq in 2003. And they did so at the same time that only 50% of Americans generally opposed that war. So statistically, they are less guilty of what the USA did to Iraq than average Americans. But the risk still remains that Christians will figure out how their Country is being run by a cabal of ultra-rich dual-citizens with primary loyalty to a foreign country and when they figure that out, they ought to pissed off. I hope that when that time comes, if it ever does come, that they will merely deport the Israel lobby, end dual-citizenship, defund all ethnic-cleansing activity, and basically re-evaluate our entire foreign policy with an eye toward implementing policies that would not make George Washington roll in his grave.

    But don’t hold your breath Elaine. Christians have indeed been brainwashed into accepting the racial, religious and political axioms of Zionism and no matter how these violate the Christian religion or the best interests of the USA, they can never be made to see it, admit it, or do anything about it. Trust me. I know a cult when I see one and no matter what facts are brought before Christians about ethnic cleansing or the warmongering of the Israel Lobby, the sheep repeat back “but the Jews are God’s chosen people” as if that justifies anything the Jews do including stealing nuclear materials from the USA, attacking us with false flag terrorism, attacking our Naval vessels, running spying operations against us, controlling our Congress, talking about Presidents like they are puppets, and openly boasting that they control America. Cult succeed because they replace thought with training. It no longer matters what evil is done by a person or a party as long as that party is viewed as being better or more deserving than the victims. Believing Jews are the chosen people frees Christians from ever thinking any deeper about anything and that, unfortunately, is the way Americans want the world to be. They don’t want to be forced to question that single, poisonous premise because they have been trained to fear that if they do, they might offend God. They need to begin to wonder if they are really offending God by not thinking.

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