Near-complete Collapse Of Electrical Grid In India Cripples Entire Nation

power grid ad.wmv – YouTube: ‘One Nation, One Grid’ is the title of this ad.  And this interlocked system has been taken over by the government 20  years ago and like all things in India, this is all about out of control growth as pressure rises on all Indian systems both ecological and infrastructure due to high birth rates.


No one has given a clue about why this entire grid has collapsed so nearly totally.  As usual, I go off to the corporate headquarters online to see how this organization sees itself.  The above video ad shows a boastful approach.  Power Grid Corporation of India Limited


Their website claims all is well and power is being restored.  But here is the latest news in India:  Over 20 states in power crisis as 3 grids collapse – The Times of India


While the northern grid failed for the second straight day, the eastern and north-eastern grids too collapsed. These three grids carry about 50,000 MW of electricity.


The collapse has left more than half of the country powerless. Essential services and public transport systems, including Railways and the Delhi Metro were also hit.


Many US businesses have moved their office operations to India because it is terribly cheap.  I wonder how many of these are being wrecked by this blackout?  The implications are dire: moving operations to cheap foreign countries has a very definite downside as we see today.  Nearly the entire economy of India is paralyzed.  This will impact many systems including international trade and banking systems.


India and China are in this race to see who has the better model for development.  China’s promise to western elites is, their system runs with few glitches.  So this is a win for China.  The other difference is China’s population controls which prevents cheap labor from swamping the social system there unlike India which lets the population grow out of control in a country that can’t possibly support many more humans at all.


Back to Power Grid in India’s near-total failure due to probably too much use due to hot summer days, here is their prospectus information for investors:   Power Grid Corporation of India Limited


POWERGRID Q1 profit rises 23% at Rs.870 crore
Corporate Communications,July 25,2012


Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (POWERGRID), a ‘Navratna’ Company and the ‘Central Transmission Utility (CTU)’ of the country, has posted a net profit of Rs. 870 crore for the first quarter of FY 2012-13 (April-June, 2012), against Rs.705 crore reported during the corresponding quarter ended June 30, 2011. Profit in the current quarter has increased by 23% as against 0.28% increase in the corresponding quarter of the previous year.


Total Income (turnover) for first quarter (April-June, 2012), rose to Rs.2980 crore, up 27% from Rs. 2341 crore in the corresponding quarter of previous year.


We have seen similar collapses here in the Northeast US with transmission from Canada failures leading to the dreaded domino effect as connected systems, stressed out by overuse during heatwaves, can’t supply enough power or the wires literally sag and melt.  Of course, one way to fix this is to require all buildings to have solar panels so on hot summer days, this can supply the bulk of extra energy needed to keep people cold.


Here is a You Tube video of plans by the Indian power giant to expand to neighboring countries, skipping Pakistan, of course.  PowerGrid plans to venture outside India – YouTube


All of these neighbor countries have out of control populations.  The problems caused by wild population expansions are due mainly to vaccinations being so extremely successful.  Previous to this last century, half of all children died of diseases before reaching adulthood.  Now, thanks to vaccinations, most survive to reproduce.  Due to the overwhelming success of vaccinations, most first world countries are seeing birth rates fall to replacement rates or lower.


But religious dogma in many regions means everyone reproduces as much as possible even though this is obviously fatal in the long run.  The twin problems of too many humans and too-fragile environments can’t be avoided.  Of course, no one ones to stop the religious fanaticism that is causing many nations to double their populations every 20 years or less.  So we head towards an ecological train wreck.


The issue of how to cool people during heat waves remains.  The only sane solution is to have sufficient solar energy available so power grids don’t suddenly get overused during heat waves.  This means social programming so that cities are controlled better and don’t simply grow like some sort of cancer.  Anyone looking at any news about India can see transportation services overwhelmed by humans, many of whom are hitching rides for free, for example.


In China, there are no trains running with thousands of hitchhikers sitting on the roof and hanging onto the outside windows.  Japan, for example, has run for several generations, a Tokyo subway system that is beastly and grossly overcrowded during rush hour as the government passively let most of the population there move into one place.  This over-concentration of population isn’t leading to total catastrophe there at this point in time due to birth controls and the present inability of Japanese workers to build families anymore.


So the stresses of too many people concentrated in one place is finally easing up.  But birth control is barely making a dent in India and that country continues to collapse under the stress of too many people and too fragile services.

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33 responses to “Near-complete Collapse Of Electrical Grid In India Cripples Entire Nation

  1. melponeme_k

    There is absolutely no will to fix the inequality in India.

    Time after time I see Indians working here in the US then go back to India to live like royalty among the squalor of the starving. It’s horrific. I don’t understand the mindset, the seemingly utter joy of watching other people suffer from the balcony of a mcmansion.

  2. CK

    Today we can watch them suffer, tomorrow we will be trying to pick them off as they attack, the day after that they will be standing on the balconey pissing on those worse off than themselves.
    I think that is known as a win win situation.

  3. Jim R

    I believe American “businesses” have switched over completely now, to a simple kleptocracy. That “moving operations to India” thing was soooo 2000’s.
    Now it’s “we are too big to fail and Uncle Sugar will bail us out”.

    Business is the last thing on these peoples’ minds.

  4. Peter

    Electrical grid failures are one of the first signs of collapse..will India be the canary?

  5. tfoth

    Bridges falling into rivers has to be on that list.

  6. 90404

    India and infrastructure are 2 different animals. Ive traveled in India.
    And recently one of its billionaires built an ugly BILLION dollar home.

    Also here in 90210 land I see alot more Indians than 10 years ago.
    Not good, when US takes in people from a land of 1.3 billion.

  7. 90404

    ‘ the present inability of Japanese workers to build families anymore.’ ???

    Do you mean Japanese want 0 or 1 child per married couple?

  8. DeVaul

    They cannot marry at all, 90404. Not only do they not have the income to support a child, their own culture forbids marriages that are not “agreed to” by the parents, who will demand a “suitable” husband or wife for their child. I saw a show where the parents, all very old, went to local parks with photos and information on their children to see if they could match up with another parent’s child. The minimum necessary for a man to be eligible for marriage was that he own a car or a home. If he lived at home, he was ineligible. If he lived in an apartment, but owned no car, he was ineligble.

    They have no tradition there of poor people marrying each other for love only. That is an American thing that they mostly avoid. Asia is an entirely different culture and society, as I have learned since marrying a woman from Thailand, and Japan is one of the strictest, if not the most strict on marriage.

  9. Jim R

    “Do you mean Japanese want 0 or 1 child per married couple?”

    The Japanese want 0 grotesquely deformed teratomas per couple, now that their political leadership has left them with that as an only choice. I suspect the island nation will be much less populous in about 50 years.

  10. DeVaul

    Yeah, I forgot to mention the radiation thing too.

    I wonder how that island became so populated to begin with? Did they have some kind of baby boom after WW II? Germans could not have families until 10 years later because of all the devastation. I was shocked and surprised to learn that my fellow dorm students in Germany were the sons and daughters of WW II veterans. It blew my mind. That was like my grandfather’s war, but for them, it was their father’s war.

  11. wellwell

    Elaine, I hope you aren’t referring to the 2003 blackout in your remark about a power failure spreading south from Canada. It started in Ohio, even though Canada was incorrectly blamed initially.

  12. Christian W


    Whitehall have blocked public access to the Blair government’s files leading up to the invasion of Iraq. The minister in charge of the cover up claimed it was in the public’s own interest the documents remain secret… heh.

  13. Bob

    Guaranteed! It’s comming to the US. They always show us what they are going to do before they do it and they always do this in other counties as a test.
    Be preparied it is comming here as well as Capital Controls!

  14. 90404

    DeVaul, I have not been to Japan. friends say it is wonderful [well bf, befaw fukashima].

    The Japanese visitors I see / meet here in L.A. are thin, well groomed, happy, affluent. You say they cant marry?

  15. 90404

    ‘In China, there are no trains running with thousands of hitchhikers sitting on the roof and hanging onto the outside windows.’

    Yes, Mao got the trains to run on time, but at the cost of 70 million murdered and countless lives ruined. Ill take India over China, anyday.

  16. 90404, I have a hunch that if they can fly over the Pacific Ocean and visit L.A., appearing well groomed, happy and affluent, you can rest assured that they are also eligible for marriage. Now what about the Japanese who AREN’T travelling abroad, or even in Japan itself?

  17. JimmyJ

    @wellwell: You’re right!

    Here’s the links to the final report on that Canada-US 2003 power failure, all PDFs.

    Part 2 explains the causes, and it’s a complex picture of high load demands, lack of sufficient reactive power and equipment failure, but the dominoes apparently did start to fall in Ohio. Chapter 5 is titled “How and Why the Blackout Began in Ohio” in case there’s any doubt.

  18. JT


    Solar panels or wind might be part of the solution.
    But they do not help at all during nighttime.

    It is all about the peak demand.
    Power grids at least today are on/off systems.
    There is enough power or then there is no power at all.

    There has to be backup power for wind and solar.

    For the time being one should only worry about lowering the peak demand.
    Nothing else matters since the capacity has to be there.

  19. DeVaul

    Ed-M is right. If you met a Japanese person in America, you met a rich one or one that works for a large salary. The Japanese corporations do not send poor workers to America, but they will pay for upper level corporate officers or engineers to travel here and they will pay the full cost of their return. That is what I saw with my own eyes when my wife’s friend left. Her Japanese husband had been recalled to Japan — probably to be downsized. We have not heard from them since. They live just south of Tokyo and are being irradiated. Asians who make mistakes will not talk about it to others.

    They don’t want to lose face. “Face” is more important than anything over there, even the lives of their own children. It cannot be reformed short of a total collapse of the societal structure. Mao knew this.

    When India’s corrupt caste system finally crashes and burns, expect to see about 100 million dead or more. It is the price of real change, unfortunately.

  20. Paul S

    It seeems to me that the electrical companies in India are taking a page directly from the Big Banks. They are creating a Too Big To Fail situation, of course in this case it involves the supply of electricity. The “plan” plays out like this: do absolutely nothing to upgrade ANY power grids. Let them fail. This accomplishes two objectives for the criminals running the electrical companies in India. One, spending money on upgrades cuts into profits. Not good. Second, if you can “luck out” and have a huge electrical failure, like the kind that is happening now in India, you can force the peons to pony up the money for upgrading India’s electrical supply system. Yes, this is blacmail and of the worst kind but you are talking about morally and ethically bankrupt people running things in India. Naomi Klein call this ‘Crisis Capitalism”. The people running India’s electrical system are willing to extort the population of India (“You need electricity, don’t ya?”)to save money. The people running India’s electrical sytem are actually thrilled to tears that this power outage happened; it is the profit opportunity they have been waiting for.

  21. 90404

    The newspaper once had an article on Water Scarcity in the slums of India.
    And the ‘Water Barons’ and their stolen water. And the poor there having to buy water. Very unpleasant.
    India is poor and corrupt, with little infrastructure. Sad.

  22. 90404

    Now what about the Japanese who AREN’T traveling abroad, or even in Japan itself?

    I had believed the media story of Japan the Success.
    And what I see here in LA confirms that.

  23. emsnews

    What you are seeing are the top 10% of Japan fleeing their homeland.

    LA is a disaster area, when the San Andreas blows northwards suddenly, they will all discover they are in a Western Tokyo which has lots of angry, armed lunatics.

  24. 90404

    ‘What you are seeing are the top 10% of Japan fleeing their homeland.’
    What I am seeing is well heeled college girls.
    The Japs know how to dress!
    UCLA, did you know its called that because ‘U C Lotsa Asians’?

    ‘LA is a disaster area’, time will tell.

  25. 90404

    Elaine, if this is news to you, enjoy:

    Why did Al Gore buy a 9 million dollar mansion by the beach if sea …
    You +1’d this publicly. Undo
    18 answers – May 3, 2010
    Top answer: good question but i think a better one would have beeb why is al gore buying a 9 million dollar mansion if he is so eco friendly. why dosent he live in …

    When Al Gore buys a home on beach front property …‎ – 8 answers – Feb 18, 2011
    Is Al Gore’s Montecito, CA home proof that he still …‎ – 16 answers – May 7, 2010
    If Al Gore is concerned “Global Warming” will make …‎ – 10 answers –

  26. JT

    German guy is importing new “heatballs”.

    It is the same here in Finland.
    Old fashioned light bulb is BY FAR the most efficient way to produce heat and light during wintertime here.
    And they have the added bonus of not making electric grids unstable.

    You get heat with 95% effiency and the light is a nice byproduct.

    Now the EU is investigating if light 75w light bulbs or “heat balls” are safe for consumers.

    You could not make this stuff up.

    Energy saving light bulbs are for warm climates only.


    ELAINE: I agree. Lightbulbs should heat homes! I once lived in NYC in a brownstone with no heat and we loved the lightbulbs. Eventually, we bought a new heating system and set it up. Before then, we wore snowsuits indoors.

  27. JT

    “A HEATBALL® is not a light bulb, but fits into the same socket!

    The most original invention since the electric light bulb! Although a heatball is technically very similar to a light bulb, it is a heater rather than a source of light.”


  28. Ed-M

    @90404: “I had believed the media story of Japan the Success.
    And what I see here in LA confirms that.”

    Elaine is right, only the top 10% are seen in the United States, Australia, Europe, etc. Even the affluent, sharp-dressed college at UCLA are from that economic stratum. The Japanese middle classes, I am quite certain, do not send their kids to university abroad, unless they win the lottery or the kid gets 100% free or reimbursed tuition, room and board, etc.

  29. 90404

    I hear a rumor UCLA /USC are mostly foreigners. And first generation Asians are another 20 to 40% of the students!
    Blacks are in incoming UCLA class as about 2 to 4 %. Sad.

  30. DeVaul


    Well, you have to consider something here. China alone has over one billion people, and all the other Asian countries are overpopulated as well unless they have a god-like leader to make questionable decisions for them.

    They will migrate to the US just as millions of white people migrated here from Europe, and yes, they will become the dominant social group here in the future. We did that to the Native Americans, and they will do it to us.

    The list of tribes, cultures, whole civilizations that have been displaced by others is too long to recount. It is best to simply accept it if one is not in a position to stop it. Our borders are wide open. Closing them now would take nothing short of martial law.

    In general, Americans are afraid of living like North Koreans.

  31. 90404

    DeVaul, ‘Cindia’ has 3 BILLION people.

    You seem wholly ignorant of the 1965 Immigration act, Ted Kennedys ‘promise’ [cough] that only 6000 people would be added to TOTAL US population, and the endless ramifications of that one Bill.


  32. emsnews

    Please refrain from calling each other names, please, 90404.

  33. DeVaul

    Well, I was only 2 years old in 1965, so I would know nothing about that act, or any acts subsequent to it that amended it, since I do not study immigration law. I can say this: anyone who believed that only 6,000 people would be added to the U.S. population — ever– is somewhat [cough] gullible. I find it hard to believe such a promise was ever made, but I will take your word for it. It does not change our current reality.

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