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US Destroying Its Own Economy With Oil Boycott And Warmongering

The price of gasoline rises relentlessly while the politicians pretend they have no control over this even though one of the biggest factors is the Iran oil boycott.  Iran counterattacks the NATO machine controlling the international nuclear bomb regulators by demanding more non-nuclear armed countries be represented.  This causes the nuclear armed NATO countries and Israel to howl with rage because they openly defy the rest of the world to try and disarm them!  Also, the Taliban are pursuing their new strategy of infiltration of NATO troops and then killing their ‘trainers’.  And US jobs in the middle incomes have vanished and not returned.  One wonders why…not. Continue reading


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The Pirate Party: US Rich Flaunt Their Rapine Wealth

Holding secret parties aboard yachts flying the flags of the offshore islands that the rich Americans use to hide their wealth…this is a core issue this election.  The super rich have rigged the game so they pay minimal to no taxes while running our country for their own benefit.  These globalists want to use our money, power, resources and humans to expand their global empires entirely at our expense. No longer even giving us the fiction of good jobs, they ruthlessly cut wages and social services while pursing infinite wealth. Continue reading


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Hurricane Isaac Will Flood New Orleans Like Katrina

HPC Tropical Cyclone QPFs


When hurricane Irene came to my mountain, it dropped well over 10″ of rain on us and many places nearby got up to 15″ and the flooding was terrible.  Irene had hardly any wind at all for a major hurricane but it moved very, very slowly and dropped a lot of water.  Hurricane Isaac is the same.  The problem for New Orleans isn’t the high winds, it is the entire Mississippi basin flooding and moving in a vast wave towards the besieged city. Continue reading


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Mainstream Media Hides Desperate Ron Paul Delegate Battle

Ron Paul’s Maine delegates erupt after getting barred from Republican convention. – YouTube

As expected, the Ron Paul push to take over the convention was terminated with a lot of actions by the GOP elite to eliminate all mention of Ron Paul.  So, the rules were changed at the last minute and anyone supporting Ron Paul was ruthlessly suppressed.  The Paul people should question their leader about being part of the Republican Party.  Leaderless, they are now reduced to having  no candidate on the ballot and zero say in what goes on in the GOP.  The rich own the GOP, lock, stock and gun barrel.  And use their followers to shoot down social spending and protection of our health and education causing everything to be privatized and thus, turned into a profit machine for themselves to get richer. Continue reading


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Warnings About San Andreas Earthquakes Are Necessary

My husband is in the hospital again for observations and tests.  I hope all is well in the end.  As for California: massive number of quakes have occurred in the southern end of the Salton Sea.  California-Nevada Fault Map centered at 33°N,115°W

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I, Robot: Capitalists Find Fantastic Mechanical Slaves

A commentator I really, really despise is Thomas Friedman of the NYT.  This is the ‘flat earth’ guy who was supremely happy that our country has let in a flood of imports and of course, a requirement in the US for being published by the mainstream, he is a huge, huge Zionist.  Stealing stuff and abusing and killing Palestinians while running a big trade surplus with the US while taking US tax money to support Jewish socialism is the best of all worlds for this demented man.  He is worried about women being abused…except if they are Palestinians.  Then, it is all just jolly good fun, eh, chaps?  Anyways, today he crows about how robots will free us so we can be marginalized even further.  The Industrial Revolution rolls ever onwards. Continue reading


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The Rape Of Assange: Increasing Proof UK, US And Sweden Are Framing Him

As the uproar rises around Assange’s supposed rapine, the true rape is showing increasingly clearly.  The US, infuriated at the release of ‘secret’ cables and documents that clearly show how the US is run by Zionists and the US lied about nuclear arms negotiations, a host of miserable US secret actions that are embarrassing because they fly in the face of public US diplomatic statements that were pure lies.  Because the lying, deceiving, duplicitous nature of US diplomacy was revealed, naked, stark, the US wants to annihilate those responsible for revealing the ugly truth of US diplomacy. Continue reading


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