Free Debt Money Is Corrupting Entire Economic Systems And Destroying Sovereignty Here

There are many, many, many deluded people who imagine that if only we have infinite money via zero percent loans, we could all be millionaires and billionaires.  As it was inWeimar Germany, obviously!  Yet the demand for infinite debt grants so one can spend today based on promises to pay off the debts someday continues unabated with the odious and quite popular Krugman of the NYT leading the insane charge for infinite debt:  Money for Nothing –


But a funny thing happened on the way to the predicted fiscal crisis: instead of soaring, U.S. borrowing costs have fallen to their lowest level in the nation’s history. And it’s not just America. At this point, every advanced country that borrows in its own currency is able to borrow very cheaply.


The failure of deficits to produce the predicted rise in interest rates is telling us something important about the nature of our economic troubles (and the wisdom, or lack thereof, of the self-appointed guardians of our fiscal virtue). Before I get there, however, let’s talk about those low, low borrowing costs — so low that, in some cases, investors are actually paying governments to hold their money.


This odious Zionist dares not mention who owns our national debt.  That is, aside from the usual cast of criminals using offshore tax havens, the owners of our debt were mainly Asian export powers, a number of European export rivals and as of today, increasingly, the Federal Reserve.  The purchases by the Reserve are pure inflationary in nature as anyone can see who has to buy things to survive, that is, food and fuel.


The purchase of previous massive US war bonds was done in order to gain export power advantages and to control the US military in some fashion.  That is, the funding of our wars were transferred to foreign hands.  This way, inflation was avoided via flooding the US with cheaper imports, exporting US office jobs to cheap labor venues and taxes were cut due to the ease of selling US war debts to foreigners.


Meanwhile, this also allowed a credit bubble to balloon as cheap loans were handed out here like candy.  The Japanese carry trade, a FOREX scheme caused by the Japanese zero interest regime, has collapsed due to the US and now the EU also following the fatal Japanese ZIRP program even though it is painfully obvious to anyone sane that this will lead to social collapse and political inertia.  The fact that saving money brings zero benefits to savers is highly dangerous: it means that capital no longer exists!  It has zero value.


The results of this are horrific.  Today, our politicians and the rich elites make no bones about controlling the US, running our country for their benefits alone.  The most dangerous case of this sort of myopia leading to historic dangers is the Zionists.  They are increasingly openly running the US off this fiscal cliff and luring us into grave economic hazard by claiming that zero interest government loans are good.


Well, they are good for Israel because Jews there are using the US to borrow money that never has to be repaid.  A true historic disaster since this is what traditionally the Jews were accused of doing to Germany during the Weimar era.  David Bromwich: Romney, Netanyahu, and George Washington’s Warning


During a December primary debate, Barbaro notes,


Mr. Romney criticized Mr. Gingrich for making a disparaging remark about Palestinians, declaring: “Before I made a statement of that nature, I’d get on the phone to my friend Bibi Netanyahu and say: ‘Would it help if I say this? What would you like me to do?'”


Other members of the Romney-Netanyahu billionaire entourage were touched on briefly in the Times account. Cheryl Halpern, a New Jersey Republican and big party donor, was named by George W. Bush the successor to Kenneth Tomlinson as chairman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and served in that office during the years 2005-07. She disciplined NPR for political bias and, along with Tomlinson, succeeded in bending the tone and content of NPR toward the platitudes and “human interest” by which it is mainly known today.


John Miller, the chief executive of the National Beef Packing Company, helped Tagg Romney and Spencer Zwick to find the $244 million they needed for the startup of a private equity fund, Solamere Capital, which in its early days shared an address with the Romney campaign headquarters.


Americans are told, we should love the very rich because they are successful.  At what?  Looting?  Stealing our national credit?  This is a severe problem.  Our national credit belongs to Americans, not Israelis or Afghanis.  We sold it so we could import cheap consumer goods so now a third or more of our national debt is held by foreign powers.  Simultaneously, many millions of Americans lost their manufacturing jobs and the pay in that sector has collapsed to poverty levels in many places.  Unions are now nearly totally dead.


Socialism works in Israel because it is paid for by US debt dollars cranked out by Congress and endorsed by every US President in the last dozen years:  Romney’s Israel healthcare stunner –  Romney has scrambled his eggs to explain why socialist medicine is good for Jews while evil for Americans.  He wasn’t praising their socialist system, he was dithering about trying to praise them about everything they do including saying that the poor Palestinians were that way due to being inferior people who deserve severe poverty and the loss of their homelands, being hated by gods of various sorts.


“Governor Romney recognizes the success of the Israeli health care financing system, and believes that we in the US can and should achieve something that equals or surpasses the Israeli accomplishment. That should not be construed as an endorsement of the means that the Israeli government uses to achieve this success.


Romney was talking about outcomes, not methods. Israel, like Massachusetts, has a unique set of problems that require solutions that don’t work on a nation wide level in in our entire country, even while they might work in other countries or in individual states. It has always been Governor Romney’s position that this issue should be left to the states.”


See, it’s clearly bullshit, because why NOT use methods that Romney enthusiastically used to endorse, and that are proven to be MUCH better than what we currently have, and more popular to boot?


The Israeli system won’t work  here because of several things: insurance companies want to leech off of the US system to get rich here.  And  the payment system used by Israel to keep its social systems working with low taxes is to leech off of the US credit which runs now at zero interest so why not pile on foreign spending so they can enjoy our money at our future expense?


The US can’t do this.  As for Krugman, not even China is buying our debt anymore, they sit on it like a fiscal nuclear bomb.  They hold the most US debt of any single creditor nation and can easily destroy our credit system by suddenly selling this when the Federal Reserve is frantically buying up US debt to keep the ZIRP fictional system going.  NO ONE is buying this debt anymore at zero percent!



US audit: $200M wasted on Iraqi police training – is a typical headline from yesterday as all the Muslim suppression/repression wars lead to natural failures.  Here is another Israel/Egypt story showing clearly how all Muslim leaders have to kowtow to Israel due to the looming danger of US retaliation:  BBC News – Egypt and Israel dispute ‘presidential letter’


Netanyahu released this because it would harm the Egyptian winner in the eyes of his own people.  It was unsigned so it is not a legal document.  It is also polite and promises nothing but the sudden release by the Jews enraged the Muslim Brotherhood who are being deliberately pushed by the Zionists into openly resisting Netanyahu so he, in turn, can call on his many servants working in our government to drive us into attacking the Egyptian people for the Jews.


Meanwhile, Obama Calls for Decisive Action to Stop Euro From Unraveling – Bloomberg:


“I don’t think ultimately that the Europeans will let the Euro unravel, but they are going to have to take some decisive steps,” Obama told a $40,000 per-plate fundraiser at the NoMad hotel in New York City yesterday. “And I am spending an enormous amount of time, trying to work with them. The sooner that they take some decisive action, the better off we are going to be.”
Obama told the donors, including members of the financial services community, their taxes must rise to help provide $1.5 trillion in revenue to put the country’s fiscal future on solid footing. He added that he wouldn’t be asking them for any more money after this political campaign. “Fortunately, I’m about to graduate, so this is it, guys,” he said.


Europe has one aim: to export to the US.  They collectively run, like Asia, a trade surplus with the US.  The US trade deficit, yet again, makes zero news in the US during this election of who will serve our foreign masters.  The rulers in DC hope to fake us on this by constantly resisting, verbally attacking and wishing revolutions, riots and disasters on our paymasters in China.  The US puppet rulers also are helping the Japanese in warfare with China which is totally futile and completely insane.


Of course, the Chinese accept this abuse but they know our rulers are daring them to pull the trigger on our economy and destroy the dollar.  They dare China to do this.  Eventually, China will.  But not now, not while running huge trade surpluses with the US.  Time is on China’s side.


The EU is a mess due to growing much too fast while ignoring history’s iron rule that all fast-expanding confederations always fail and always cause currency collapse.  Angela Merkel ‘profoundly disturbed’ after poll shows over half of Germans believe they would be better off without euro | Mail Online


Survey comes as expectations grow that Germany will have to play big role in bailing out Greece and Spain
It also shows 71 per cent of Germans think Greece should leave euro if it fails to carry out austerity plan


This is causing Unemployment at Record High in Euro Zone –


“News agency reports suggest that the E.C.B. may already be planning a coordinated bond purchase with the rescue fund E.F.S.F., where the latter would lend support in primary markets and the E.C.B. would intervene in secondary markets,” they wrote in a briefing note. “More likely than not, the E.C.B. will not act immediately but deliver a strong verbal intervention instead. Draghi is likely to warn officially that turmoil in sovereign bond markets impairs the transmission of E.C.B. monetary policy and that the E.C.B. will react decisively if the situation deteriorates.”


This ‘verbal intervention’ is like King Canute ordering the incoming tide to turn.  It can’t work.  What has gone wrong is very fundamental.  In any confederation, the weaker parts will spend freely so long as the stronger parts allow this.  We see this in the US which is a slightly improved confederation.  This is why many GOP states run tax deficits compared to the states that fund everything.  This was fixed by having NO ONE here pay the cost of government.  Instead, it has been exported overseas and now, to the Federal Reserve.  From the NYT:


“People are taking some chips off the table as they don’t expect the Fed to come up with any positive surprise,” said Michael Holland, chairman of New York-based Holland & Co. His firm oversees more than $4 billion. “In addition, you have a mixed bag of earnings and news out of Europe is not helping.”
Equities fell on bets the Fed may forgo announcing a third round of large-scale asset purchases this week, and is more likely to wait until September to unveil plans to buy $600 billion in housing and government debt.


As US housing goes underwater, no one wants to hold that debt as capital anymore so the Federal Reserve is sucking it all down for them.  All housing booms take twice as long to return to former highs than it takes to run up the debts to record highs.  That is, housing bubbles, once they deflate, are nearly impossible to re-expand.  Of course, the main tool to cause value of inflated homes to return to former highs is simple: give wage hikes that brings income in line with housing values.


Instead of inflation driven by wage hikes, we have the horrors of wage reductions while credit is cheaper and cheaper leading to LESS credit for workers who can’t pay for any sort of repayment system since wages are dropping.  Add to this rising cost of living and you get the mess tormenting US voters who get to vote only for anti-Muslim warmongers!  Meanwhile, the dangers of easy money are obvious yet again now that Uganda is no longer aping Weimar Germany, it is once again, Argentina doing this:  Roaring inflation: Argentine “double zero” peso bills are “legal tender” — MercoPress


The error in the bills emerged from the fact they were wrongly clipped on one side, cutting off the centennial and leaving the zeroes…Authorities admitted the mistake but said the number of bills in circulation was “irrelevant”. Off the record they admitted the need for paper money since at mid year all dependent workers in Argentina are paid a mid year bonus equivalent to half a month’s salary.
Workers at the Argentine currency printing house have been in conflict for several weeks interrupting production of bills and thus forcing the Central bank to have them printed in Brazil.


This astonishing story about 00 currency being used in Argentina is NOT making news in the US.  Alert readers  here showed me this story and I found it very funny and sad, of course.  Anyone who claims the number of bills in circulation is irrelevant is insane.  This is the entire core issue: money is valuable only if scarce.  It is scarce for workers but not for billionaires.  Billionaires are the ones causing the world printing presses to run overtime.


They are the holders of all this ZIRP debt and they cynically do this to EVADE TAXES.  All systems get to run on credit costs which are zero but tax collection collapses and the rich get to hold more and more wealth and then use this to bribe government systems so they continue with this ZIRP insanity.


Here is another debt balloon that will pop with tremendous disasters facing all our young people:  With $32 billion in subsidies, over half of for-profit students drop out | The Raw Story.  Student loans are greater than all credit card debts and due to loss of manufacturing jobs, it is driving all our youth into seeking some employment with a degree only there are limited jobs in that area as the US continues to let in foreign labor and offshoring of US jobs.


Worse, the ‘debt reforms’ passed under Bush Jr. means one can never escape student loan debt and when one retires, it is taken from the SS payments so they live in the far future in tremendous poverty.  This looming catastrophe isn’t known by young people who can’t see that far into the future.  But the rich who hold these debts can see it plain and pure.  They figure, SS won’t have a problem in the future due to few getting any money from it as it vanishes for the lower working class completely.

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5 responses to “Free Debt Money Is Corrupting Entire Economic Systems And Destroying Sovereignty Here

  1. Christian W

    “Worse, the ‘debt reforms’ passed under Bush Jr. means one can never escape student loan debt and when one retires, it is taken from the SS payments so they live in the far future in tremendous poverty. This looming catastrophe isn’t known by young people who can’t see that far into the future. But the rich who hold these debts can see it plain and pure. They figure, SS won’t have a problem in the future due to few getting any money from it as it vanishes for the lower working class completely.”

    Sins and crimes for the poor are virtues and blessings for the rich. Small time crimes by the poor are punished excessively while the rich walk away from epic crimes. The rich have the tax payers pay the debts of the rich while holding guns to the heads of the tax payers (like students) and forcing them to pay off every penny of their personal debt.

    Strict laws for the masses and complete freedom for the rich. This two tier system is ripping society apart. You can see this divide in the military as well, officers are never charged with anything while the soldiers occasionally get a slap on the wrist if they are too obviously sadistic and cruel.


  2. 90404

    Zacariah, Plate, Krugman, Friedman…all creeps.

  3. 90404

    Do any of the ‘Muslim’ countries have Nukes, besides Pakistan?

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