The Rape Of Assange: Increasing Proof UK, US And Sweden Are Framing Him

As the uproar rises around Assange’s supposed rapine, the true rape is showing increasingly clearly.  The US, infuriated at the release of ‘secret’ cables and documents that clearly show how the US is run by Zionists and the US lied about nuclear arms negotiations, a host of miserable US secret actions that are embarrassing because they fly in the face of public US diplomatic statements that were pure lies.  Because the lying, deceiving, duplicitous nature of US diplomacy was revealed, naked, stark, the US wants to annihilate those responsible for revealing the ugly truth of US diplomacy.


This is the only reason false rape charges were cooked up by Sweden to arrest Assange and then hand him over to the dark art torture gang run by the CIA in NATO countries using Muslim dictators to do the dirty torture work or worse, for Assange, send him to Israel or hand him to a NATO country that would let Israeli and US security torture gangs attack him.


Much of this news, by the way, is hidden from the US but is big front page news in Europe which has full, running coverage.  The average American has been pretty much convinced that Wikileaks was evil becuas they exposed the lies and deceptions at the heart of US policies overseas.  Here is today’s breaking stories in Europe:  Arrest Assange ‘under any circumstances’: Police gaffe as top-secret document reveals how WikiLeaks founder will be dealt with if he tries to leave embassy | Mail Online


The document – headed ‘Restricted’ and ‘Decisions – Supporting Rationale’ was carried by the officer and made clear their determination to arrest the WikiLeaks founder should he leave the building in central London.


The top-secret paperwork, captured by Press Association photographer Lewis Whyld, was recorded at a briefing and appears to order police to make the arrest if Mr Assange attempts to leave in a diplomatic bag or vehicle.


It suggests he should be arrested if he emerges from the embassy either with a ‘dip’ (diplomat), in a ‘dip’ car, or even if he is smuggled out in a ‘dip’ bag.


My parents once carried a huge, technological object to Asia in a diplomatic bag the size of a refrigerator and they then used it to ship me a big Chinese carved chest.  Anything can be a ‘diplomatic pouch’ no matter how huge.  Pouches were originally for paperwork but evolved during the Cold War into anything with the diplomatic secret label on it no matter how big and obvious.


Back in the Bush Sr. administration, I negotiated with the Organization of African States to let dissident Chinese students camp on their land across from the UN and when the government tried to arrest them and deport them to China, I triumphantly informed them, the students were on diplomatic grounds and therefore, were outside US jurisdiction.


So, once again, a collection of states have joined together to defy the US President and the Pentagon because the Organization of American states back Ecuador over Assange | The Raw Story


Correa expressed relief at receiving assurances from London on Thursday that ruled out the possibility of British authorities forcibly entering his country’s embassy.


“While it is clear that there was a threat, we understand this message as a retraction of that threat, which we welcome with joy,” Correa said in an address broadcast on national television and radio.


Britain’s permanent observer to the OAS, Philip Barton, echoed London’s statement that it never threatened to enter the Ecuadoran embassy.


How pathetic is that?  When Bush, Sr, made a secret deal with the Chinese communists who were killing students in China in 1989, during the Tiananmen Square massacre, he was pretending in public that he was outraged by it all.  The Bush clan had many dealings with the communists at that point.  Most of these were secret.  Bush, Sr, asked to be the ambassador to China right after he ran the CIA, for example.  He did this for the business opportunities.


All of this was hidden from the US public but I knew about it since I knew this through my CIA parents knowing this stuff.  One thing I did was tell Bush via Senator D’Amato that we would be discussing his secret deals with the Chinese if he pushed me too hard.  So, he backed down and infuriated his Chinese communist partners by siding with me at the UN.


Today, the game of tit for tat is being played very harshly by the US because of the fall of Russian power and the Chinese have so many billions of business opportunities with US elites, no one is rocking the US diplomatic boat right now.  So the US has turned into a total bully and while whining about loss of liberties in countries our government wishes to overturn, has been the world’s nastiest bully boy of them all.  More news from England:  Is this the photo that could clear Assange? Grinning after a meal of meatballs and schnapps, WikiLeaks boss and woman who says he sexually assaulted her 48 hours earlier | Mail Online


In the two days after the alleged assault in Sweden, Mr Assange and Woman A, as she is known, attended a conference and two dinner parties where it is claimed they were practically inseparable.


During one party, Woman A tweeted that she was ‘with the world’s coolest, smartest people!’…


Since the assault charges were brought, Mr Falkvinge and Ms Troberg have given detailed statements to the police in support of Mr Assange. Mr Falkvinge said their testimony included observations about the body language between Mr Assange and Woman A, who arrived with another woman, called Pietra, who stayed just for the starter.


I didn’t see the photo back when the story broke but I did hear much of the details of the Swedish stay and concluded based on logic alone that the two females were lying about being ‘raped’ and were just whining about him dumping them after a fun in the midnight sun escapades.  I have had one or three night stands, too, when younger and didn’t whine when the guy left to goof around elsewhere.


Indeed, while in college, one of these guys got me pregnant and I had the baby and love her to pieces to this day and he goofed off and never got to know her and hahaha, tough titties to him!  I did not turn around and falsely accuse him of rape.


The two misbegotten females in this case were grown women far older than I was back when I took responsibility for my own sex life (imagine that!) yet they pretended to be a pair of defrauded Victorian old maids who were cheated by a rascal male who promised marriage and then left with the silverware.  Neither did he promise marriage nor did he steal anything.


The Mail on Sunday has also learned that just hours after the alleged attack, Woman A accompanied Mr Assange to a Social Democratic Party conference…


For Mr Falkvinge, one of the things that was striking about it, in view of what he later learned, was that Woman A volunteered to become Mr Assange’s press secretary during the meal. Mr Falkvinge has refused to go into details about the way Woman A behaved with Mr Assange, because he has to give evidence in court if a trial is held.


But he made it clear that he did not think Woman A behaved like a victim or someone who had suffered a traumatic sexual experience only two days earlier.


He said: ‘You can look at objective facts and draw far-reaching conclusions: the fact that we are at the dinner and it was with very passionate people and with good food and drinks; the fact that I and Anna Troberg have left depositions as key defence witnesses in the upcoming trial – that does tell you a lot.


Much of this informational detailing didn’t come out at the time the US and British media were defaming Assange because of the investigation wasn’t done in Sweden.  But seeing how the defaming and the viciousness of the legal rape of Assange was going, witnesses are finally getting fed up and going to the press to explain what really happened.


It is increasingly obvious that the two ladies in Sweden were urged to cook up false charges in order to corner Assange and put him into legal jeopardy so he could be seized and punished by NATO powers who want  to prevent anyone knowing their plans to rule the entire planet via the US military machine.  The use of NATO to invade distant countries is a reality that is totally against the diplomatic agenda that NATO pretends to have and this is what is so explosive.


The US wants desperately to control the entire planet via secret, violent, bribery means and this is all for the sake of the elites who are using and abusing our powers so they can steal stuff, make themselves richer and so on.  THIS is the real scandal.  THIS is what the Wikileaks cables clearly show.


We are going into a corporate election with a flood of deliberately misleading ads due to Big Business pouring billions of tax deducted funds into elections designed to give us no real choices when it comes to Big Business and foreign affairs:  Big Givers Converge Outside Republican Convention –


Both parties are receiving $18 million in taxpayer funds, money controlled by party officials to put on each convention’s official speeches and nominations. But far more private money flows into each party’s “host committee,” a tax-exempt nonprofit organization that, under a loophole created in the 1980s, can accept unlimited individual, corporate and union contributions and does not have to disclose its finances until October.


Lobbyists and trade groups will descend in large numbers on the Democratic convention in Charlotte next week. But in a bid to limit the conventions’ growing dependence on corporate financing, Democrats this year banned their host committee from accepting direct contributions from businesses and lobbyists. No self-imposed limits apply to the Republican host committee, which has a $55 million budget and is sponsored by corporations like Target, Chevron and Microsoft.


The tax money funding these fake conventions (the Ron Paul Revolution has been totally and completely destroyed by the GOP leaders after Ron gave up and secretly conspired with them to let his own followers be kicked out) was given years ago during the time when lawmakers, to clean up the election messes, stopped corporate money from flooding into politics.


So, the taxpayers took up the bill only to see the rich overturn all contribution restrictions and now it is naked corporate celebrations with the party leaders and their minions while everything goes to hell as the rich openly loot our country especially via evading taxes and their beloved game of pretending that ‘flat taxes’ are fair (obviously, false).  As our country sinks into debt, they focus only on tax cuts and cuts to social programs while keeping their Pentagon fat and well oiled while soldiers commit suicide or die in Afghanistan.


Here is what Romney thinks about the struggles of small businesses trying to keep things in this country going while Big Business offshores jobs and evades taxes:  Romney: ‘Big businesses are doing fine’ – CNN Political Ticker – Blogs


In calling for a broader, simplified tax code, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said Friday that bigger businesses, in knowing how to utilize loopholes in the tax code, are “doing fine in many places” compared to small businesses.


“We’ve got to make it easier for small businesses,” Romney told a crowd of about 300 people at a high-dollar fundraiser in Minnesota. “Big business is doing fine in many places -they get the loans they need, they can deal with all the regulation. They know how to find ways to get through the tax code, save money by putting various things in the places where there are low tax havens around the world for their businesses. But small business is getting crushed.”


So, the solution isn’t to stop the Big Business by closing the tax loopholes they put in the codes via bribing Congress.  The solution is to have the small businesses be as nasty as the Big Business guys!  They, too, shouldn’t pay any taxes!  They should bank offshore, too.  They should do all the nifty things the very rich do!


Yeah, right.  That will fix things good, won’t it?  It is like a bunch of rich guys in a helicopter telling people in a ship below, their boat will sail better if only they punch more holes in the hull.  It isn’t just the US elites, this is true in Japan, too:  Hatoyama says DPJ has surrendered in war against vested interests ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion


“To the same extent that the people were wildly enthusiastic, they are now disappointed. The reason is that the party has switched from fighting vested interests to standing on the side of those vested interests,” the soft-spoken Hatoyama, who stepped down as premier in 2010, told Reuters.


“If things go on this way, we will suffer a huge defeat. The very raison d’etre of the Democratic Party is in question.”


Hatoyama’s successor, Yoshihiko Noda, scored a rare policy win this month when the opposition Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) helped enact a controversial law to double the sales tax by 2015 to curb public debt.


Note that the Japanese elite solution to the debt problem is to double sales taxes paid by the middle class and the poor.  Some of the world’s richest corporations are run by very secretive Japanese families who obviously have paid virtually no taxes for the last 60 years.


Now that Japan’s trade surplus is negative, they are in a panic and their only solution is to squeeze the poorer Japanese harder.  Any serious discussion about national debts must include the novel idea that very rich people should pay more if a country needs the money.


This is what is collapsing all over the first world nations as globalized trade has decimated incomes in these countries.  For a while, ‘strong’ currencies in the EU, US, UK and others has  masked this by  making imports cheap and foreign travel inexpensive so people felt rich due to being able to run around the planet throwing money at everyone with glee.


That is now collapsing.  And the value of middle class assets falls in tandem with the cost of government shooting upwards while the one group of people barely touched by this global depression has been the very rich whose incomes have climbed, not fallen thanks to rigged laws and tax games they created for themselves.sunset borger

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17 responses to “The Rape Of Assange: Increasing Proof UK, US And Sweden Are Framing Him

  1. beyonder

    It remains possible that Woman A filed against Assange for the exact reason she stated: rape. There is missing information in this story. It could be he pretended he would make it worth her while to stay with him and make him look good, but lied. It may be that Woman A has a self esteem problem. Missing information will come out. Assange is no angel, after all. He cares not one whit about agents whose cover is blown, if they die or not. He never, ever cared. I don’t care about him.

    Does anyone think that Bradley Manning will be reprieved? Will President Obama forgive him because whistleblowers are misunderstood people? If Obama supported Manning, would that get Obama more votes?

  2. emsnews

    The reason witnesses are breaking their silence is simple: they see this turning into a railroading of Assange and know there will never be any real hearings in Sweden so they are revealing the truth via the press.

  3. 90404

    Off Topic but I think worth sharing:

    Immigration’s Sickening Numbers /
    Futility For America
    By Frosty Wooldridge

    In my 12 part series, now in its ninth week, “THE NEXT ADDED 100 MILLION AMERICANS,” I intend for every reader to connect the dots of the futility and danger of adding tens of millions to the United States. Additionally, as readers around the globe read the series, I hope you understand the futility of adding two to three billion more humans to our planet home by mid century.

    Since world leaders abrogate their responsibility in the face of this planetary “human dilemma,” I intend for average planetary citizens to become the new leaders of the 21st century. Armed with knowledge and integrity, you form a formidable armada to provoke change.

    Back in the U.S., by 2040, that 100 million will have manifested itself in our country, IF, and that is a big, IF, we fail to stop the human tsunami that will turn into a ‘Human Katrina’ of destruction of our civilization. It doesn’t have to happen, because we enjoy being sentient beings. We possess choice above our instincts.

    If you look at the end of this column, you will see that I offer a program, “THE COMING POPULATION CRISIS IN AMERICA: AND WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT.”

  4. The ABC channel in Australia has a news journal program called “4 Corners” which recently ran an investigative piece that neatly lays out this clumsy stitch up attempt of Assange. I really believe this should be disseminated as far and wide as possible:

  5. DeVaul

    “He cares not one whit about agents whose cover is blown…”

    Neither do I. In fact, I want to know who has been assassinating people in foreign countries to support the rich elites and setting off car bombs in crowded markets to cause trouble and instability in peaceful countries that had decent living standards right before we invaded and leveled the place.

    Neither does the GOP or George Bush, who blew the cover of a CIA agent in order to score some political points. No one was ever punished, but that doesn’t trouble you since you did not call for Bush and Cheney’s arrest.

    Obviously, you would prefer to allow these pyschotic killers go free.

    What does that say about you, beyonder?

  6. EC

    Ron paul does not fully support romney. Turned down chance to be a stooge at rnc convention. Ny times article.

  7. emsnews

    Why can’t Paul attack Romney for the warmongering???? This half-endorsement is an attempt at keeping the remaining Paul followers in his control. I say, Ron’s support of Romney is based on Romney wanting to control MY sex life. Disgusting men. Wish they could be forced to bear babies, themselves. Then, this issue would be easy for them to finally understand.

  8. DeVaul

    True. He also has to support his son, who was on TV last night again with Mitch McConnell (Rand was seen holding Mitch’s hand while sucking his thumb) to demand that abortion be —- REGULATED!!!!!!! OUTLAWED!!!

    Yeah, big time libertarian. He even went berserk at an energy conference and attacked the speaker because of his obsession with abortion. Here is a humorous take on that weird episode:

    All weird, women hating religious fanatics come to Kentucky because they will be placed on a fast track through the political system that leads straight to the capitol. It’s embarrassing, but other states have similar weird issues, I guess.

  9. larry, dfh

    In 1968 Gene McCarthy’s delegates were not allowed to be seated at the Democratic convention, and they literally took to the streets. It seems likely that Ron Paul supporters, having been systematically robbed of their seats, will roll over and applaud a meaningless ‘video tribute’.

  10. Dana Hegna

    Assange is a great man. He was well aware of possible consequences for his pathway. Elaine’s accurately described foreboding (second paragraph) is still a possibility.

    Courage to you, Sir Assange (Ha Sang).

    “One man with courage is a majority.” – Thomas Jefferson

    Friedrich Nietzsche paraphrased, “A man who has a why to live, can almost always find a how to live.”

  11. DeVaul

    One thing I don’t understand about the wikileaks thing is that the information was handed over in one bundle, unless I am mistaken, so why not just release all of it at once to every computer in the world and make thousands of CD’s and mail them everywhere before the US can respond?

    That’s how the Pentagon Papers were leaked, I believe, and that is what I would have done. Then, you just disappear — like Deep Throat did.

    What is the point of dribbling the info out a little at a time? This gives the US time to come up with a response that prevents further disclosure of their nefarious activities.

    My rule is that if you plan to blow the lid off something, you push all the way down on the plunger — not just half way.

  12. Rocky Anderson formerly mayor of Salt Lake City is running a write in third party campaign for president he supports Bradley Manning “the Justice Party”

  13. Christian W

    “Rachel Corrie’s death was an accident, Israeli judge rules”


  14. Christian W

    US troops escape criminal charges for incidents that outraged Afghanistan


    Funny how the US is moving heaven and earth to get at Assange, while murderers in the military, and the war criminals at the top, who are guilty for all the crimes under their watch, walk free.

    One law for the top (and their chosen/protected ones) and one law for the rest.

  15. Please help promote this link wherever you can; if you believe in freedom of expression and freedom of the press.

    Julian Assange for the Nobel prize for freedom of the press:

    Lets see how “Noble” the Norwegians and their righteous Swede neighbors are or claim to be, since they offered Obama the Nobel peace prize!

  16. JT

    Not sure if they have to frame him.

    They just have to get him to have sex in a country where everything is rape if the woman says so.

    You have no idea how far the socialdemocratic human testing has gone in Sweden.

    They are now testing gender free kindergarten for children in Sweden.
    Boys will be punished for playing with sticks for example (swords) and girls have to be equal in all sports etc.

    I wonder what these human experiments will produce.
    IMO it will be a total disaster.

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