I, Robot: Capitalists Find Fantastic Mechanical Slaves

A commentator I really, really despise is Thomas Friedman of the NYT.  This is the ‘flat earth’ guy who was supremely happy that our country has let in a flood of imports and of course, a requirement in the US for being published by the mainstream, he is a huge, huge Zionist.  Stealing stuff and abusing and killing Palestinians while running a big trade surplus with the US while taking US tax money to support Jewish socialism is the best of all worlds for this demented man.  He is worried about women being abused…except if they are Palestinians.  Then, it is all just jolly good fun, eh, chaps?  Anyways, today he crows about how robots will free us so we can be marginalized even further.  The Industrial Revolution rolls ever onwards.


This particular editorial presumes that a huge portion of humanity will be reduced to zero value and thus, made redundant and therefore must be controlled in ghettos or prisons:  I Made the Robot Do It – NYTimes.com by Thomas Friedman:


Rethink’s goal is simple: that its cheap, easy-to-use, safe robot will be to industrial robots what the personal computer was to the mainframe computer, or the iPhone was to the traditional phone. That is, it will bring robots to the small business and even home and enable people to write apps for them the way they do with PCs and iPhones — to make your robot conduct an orchestra, clean the house or, most important, do multiple tasks for small manufacturers, who could not afford big traditional robots, thus speeding innovation and enabling more manufacturing in America…


Rethink design team includes Bruce Blumberg, the product manager of the Apple LaserWriter — as well as 75 other experts from Russia, Georgia, Venezuela, Egypt, Australia, India, Israel, Portugal, Britain, Sri Lanka, the United States and China. “It is all made in America,” says Brooks, but by “the best talent” gathered “from around the world.”


This is the company of the future. Forget about “outsourcing.” In today’s hyperconnected world, there is no “in” and no “out.” There’s only “good, better and best,” and if you don’t assemble the best team you can from everywhere, your competitor will.


Actually, the robots will eliminate jobs, just as the PC did, but they be will lower-skilled ones. And the robots will also create new jobs or enlarge existing ones, but they will be jobs that require more skills…This is the march of progress. It eliminates bad jobs, empowers good jobs, but always demands more skill and creativity and always enables fewer people to do more things.


So, the jobs we will get creating robots depends on importing labor so this will produce virtually no jobs for Americans.  Isn’t that lovely?  China imports ‘brains’ to teach them how to do things but in a population pool of over a billion people, this is far less than 1%.  The US imports two kinds of labor: super cheap illegal aliens who drive down wages severely in the low end markets and who are easy to control since they have few legal rights, being illegal in the first place.  And then there is the high end imported labor that displaces college graduates.


This two-pronged attack on wages is deliberate.  The US produces people smart enough to do all kinds of things, we have over 300 million people in our talent pool, after all.  But the foreign brains brought in work for less money thus, are better for capitalists to use to develop new technology.  The ‘best’ team has many aliens in it because it also happens to be the ‘cheap’ team, too. How does bringing in lots of foreign workers as China, for example, cranks out a million engineers and designers each year as their schools race ahead of our own as well as students from there coming here, help US workers and students in need of high end high tech jobs?


It doesn’t, of course.  Eventually, US workers at the bottom and displaced US graduate students at the top will have to figure out, they are in the same boat.  This may lead to a revolt which is rather overdue at this point.  Of course, the populace is divided by this crazy sex war.  Christians, thinking their god will fry them, are anxious to enforce birth control rules on the rest of us in one of the more meddlesome actions I can imagine.  Spying on our sex habits is more fun than wrestling with the dangers of the Industrial Revolution and the Free Trade business.


This election was supposed to be about jobs which would mean debating about free trade.  Only, both candidates and Ron Paul, too, think free trade is wonderful.  The NYT thinks it is amazingly great, for example.  All the US media is very pro-free trade leaving the public to muck around wondering why jobs are continuing to vanish even if there are jobs here, they go to ‘the best teams in the world’ which seems always to be mainly foreigners working for less.  The sex wars are what consumes the public and the media loves this since they don’t have to talk about free trade:  Romney accuses Obama of stooping to a ‘sad’ new low in trying to link him with disgraced Akin after rape comments is one of the funniest headlines.


Running away from his own VP choice, running away from the toxic Republican plank about abortions, he wants us all to shut up.  He is not just ‘linked’ with Akin, he is Akin’s leader and has told Akin, he wants the same Taliban rules here in the US.  Both the Democrats and Republicans have been eroding all of our civil rights even as mass murder, hysteria, suicide, drug addiction and other woes frighten us and we seem to be text messaging while crashing our cars.  The chaos in the US is directly connected to more and more citizens being shoved out of jobs while any jobs that do exist are handed off to foreigners even here in the US so bringing jobs home is useless if this merely means moving cheaper foreign college graduates here to displace our own children.  Meanwhile, the GOP is screaming for more children to be born.  A bizarre impulse.


This editorial by a pro-women’s right to choose GOP Senator who had to retire thanks to the domineering Taliban voters in the GOP rejecting her, brought much merriment to readers:  Sen. Olympia Snowe on how the GOP can mend its image among women.  What does she say?


Talk about jobs more!  Bring home the jobs!  HAHAHA.  This is the last thing anyone in her party wants to do.  The elites love cheap foreign labor and love putting local labor in prison because then, they can live happy lives while the excess population is kept under lock and key.  Snow approved of free trade and lied about it and still lies about it.  No one is bringing any jobs home.  They are simply shifting workers from Asia to the US.


Friedman never, ever talks about this:  Israel breaks silence over army abuses – Middle East – World – The Independent


Hafez Rajabi was marked for life by his encounter with the men of the Israeli army’s Kfir Brigade five years ago this week. Sitting beneath the photograph of his late father, the slightly built 21-year-old in jeans and trainers points to the scar above his right eye where he was hit with the magazine of a soldier’s assault rifle after the patrol came for him at his grandmother’s house before 6am on 28 August 2007.


He lifts his black Boss T-shirt to show another scar running some three inches down his back from the left shoulder when he says he was violently pushed – twice – against a sharp point of the cast-iron balustrade beside the steps leading up to the front door. And all that before he says he was dragged 300m to another house by a unit commander who threatened to kill him if he did not confess to throwing stones at troops, had started to beat him again, and at one point held a gun to his head. “He was so angry,” says Hafez. “I was certain that he was going to kill me.”.


This is just one young man’s story, of course. Except that – remarkably – it is corroborated by one of the soldiers who came looking for him that morning.


Yet another story that is censored in the US.  No one knows about this because it is not mentioned.  No politician dares breathe a word about these outrages because it is verboten by AIPAC.  As the US degrades itself by imitating Israel, the religious wars rage on and on.  This flat earth of Zionists like Friedman is a convoluted world with huge walls protecting their own ghetto while the rest of us have to fend for ourselves while unable to have even slight borders at all.


Recently, the NYT had this funny article about how rich people who bought islands to get away from the hurly-burly masses are desperate to sell them and can’t because running an island and traveling to and from these is very bothersome.  Humans still need society and society is what has to be protected.

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30 responses to “I, Robot: Capitalists Find Fantastic Mechanical Slaves

  1. Peter

    I think another factor in the Elite’s retreat from their private islands is status.
    What good is it being rich if there are no peasants around to see all your riches?
    Same as their big yachts,big enough to live on but not lived on as that would make them just another “liveaboard” like me!

  2. DeVaul

    Yeah, I can’t really see Warren Buffet or Jamie Dimon hanging out on a tropical beach by themselves drinking a martini for the rest of their lives. These men adore attention and adulation, and that cannot be found on a deserted island. And how many people can afford to visit them?

    Eventually, all their “investments” will go belly-up, and for reasons they never expected.

  3. DeVaul


    I actually saw all these yachts parked in a bay in the Bahamas a year ago. I took my wife and daughter on a vacation/honeymoon (long overdue) and we saw these huge yachts with spare speed boats and 100 inch flat screen TVs in the bars at the rear of each ship and all kinds of other gizmos, but their owners where all missing. At best, a skeleton crew was present or, in most cases, no one at all. They just sat there the whole time and were never used. What a huge waste.

  4. larry, dfh

    if you don’t assemble the best team you can from everywhere, your competitor will. That precisely explains why the NYT has been in financial trouble for years. Unfortunately, Tommy the Putz’s salary is probably paid for by the c.i.a., so he can’t really be fired, and will only be replaced in kind.
    Who wants to see an orchestra conducted by a robot? Who wants to be part of one?
    I think Peter is correct, and the stock and pillories is just the place for the attention these folks need.

  5. Peter

    Yes,I used to work for a couple of big yacht builders here in BC,WestBay Sonship and Crescent Yachts…both gone now,talk about conspicuous consumption…interiors designed by a Florida interior designer all their friends used.Made me want to puke allright.All the showers had to be granite and marble…stupid on a boat but that is what happens when there is too much paper crap “money”floating around.I always wondered how they “earned”their money…now I know…they didn’t.

  6. 90404

    Plate, TF, Krugman.The 1% ‘cheerleaders’.

    TF said ”Nations with Mc Donalds dont attack each other’, or some-such nonsense. He said this just before Yugoslavia imploded, and proved him wrong. He of ‘the lexus and the olive tree’.

    Its written up in a cool book called ‘Idiot Proof’. Along with other dumb things he and Hillary said and did.

  7. 90404

    I decided to comment on ‘ he is a huge, huge Zionist’.
    DUH? He works for the Times. Of course he is.
    See ‘Crimes of the times’ blog for more info.

  8. Liberal AND Proud

    The first personal app written for the robot will involve pleasuring human naughty bits.

  9. DeVaul

    “The first personal app written for the robot will involve pleasuring human naughty bits.”

    What if the robot is defective? That could be painful.

    Can you imagine all the lawsuits put out by the rich guys? How would they be “worded”, exactly?

    I will now go check the Restatement of the Law, Third, Products Liability, to see how exactly how this kind of tort would be described in a complaint.

  10. Dana Hegna

    @Peter and @DeVaul describe Thorsten Veblen’s (Norwegian-American economist and sociologist) ‘Conspicuous Consumption’ in an understandable manner. @L&P and @DeVaul definitely understand (Human) Nature, and are thinking ahead.

    It is virtually impossible (for the U.S., for example) to compete in worldwide sales. But they could make their own products. Any size company offering a LIVING wage with health benefits to produce quality, durable, essential products, AND, the government representing its people by tariffing specific imports, would be a good start.

    There are many companies in the world who make huge profits with very few employees, e.g., within the oil industry, telecomm’s, construction contractors here in the U.S. currently working on the intrafucture (yup), etc. Since robotics have already made many jobs obsolete, and, obviously are continuing to so do, perhaps other schemata could be considered – i.e., since so few of society worldwide will have opportunity to ‘make money’ for survival and some bit of comfort beyond that in the here-to-fore archaic manners, certain services and products would become ‘rights’ for individuals, e.g., the right for electrical power, a reasonable hovel, etc. Of course, initially, it is imperative that the basis of any kind of quality of life – world population – be recognized and understood, in order that action regarding quality of life for the future can be more correct and more enduring.(Ask @90404.)

    Quite a fine cadre around you, Elaine. Quite fine.

    ELAINE: I read all comments. When I make an error, everyone tells me. I make errors, naturally. But I love the comments section and think the readers here are quite intelligent. Reading comments elsewhere, we often see people don’t bother reading the articles or misunderstand simple statements. Here, not so. People actually read and I am very pleased with this. Thank you, everyone.

  11. Dana Hegna

    P.S. Making Waste is one of the methods consciously utilized by the sophisticated Advantage-Takers to make huge profits. The waste ‘hides’ the profits and who gets them.

  12. Paul S

    Yes, Thomas Friedman is despicable; a mouthpiece for the Corporatocracy. That said, my vote for most reprehensible would have to go to David Brooks. In my humble opinion, Brooks is a little more rancid than Friedman. About Ron Paul: Ron Paul is a fraud. A boot-licking lackey for the GOP. Ron Paul is the “safety valve” Republican. GOP leaders put him on a leash and let him rant and rave a little so as to appeal to one of the GOP’s fringe groups. Ron Paul writes his books, pockets his campaign donations…and then shuts up when he is told to do so.On a scale going left to right, with the left end being very honest and the far right end being extremely DIS honest, Ron Paul is to the right of Mitt Romney. I have more “respect” for Mitt Romney; at least he doesn’t pretend to be something he is not. Ron Paul does.

  13. DeVaul

    Yeah, Ron Paul’s behavior is mystifying, to say the least. His actions are strange enough, but his inactions are what leaves you scratching your head and having to listen to an army of apologists explain why he did not do the right thing when it was so obvious. A real man would explain himself, not hide behind an army of apologists and idol worshipers.

    Romney makes no pretense regarding his hatred of the poor, the disabled, the elderly, the disenfranchised, and everyone else he has cheated with his his offshore tax havens.

    With Romney, you know who the enemy is and what he thinks. With Paul, you have no idea what he is up to or what he will do next (usually nothing).

  14. DeVaul

    Well, here is his latest “nothing” move:


    He will not speak at the convention and simply fade away with his millions while his son has endorsed Romney in hopes of becoming vice president.


    His followers got to see a final video of him and they seem satisfied with that. Someone above was right about that part.

    I am now convinced that libertarians cannot be reasoned with anymore than rabid GOP religious fanatics or corrupt Democratic bribe seekers.

    The Age of Reason in America is over.

  15. DM

    The Age of Reason in America is over.

    Now that’s a quotable quote!

  16. DK

    I was recently listening to a BBC podcast on youth unemployment in Britain. The following was revealed:
    In the 1960’s British Leyland (where MGB’s were made) employed 250,000 people. Today, thanks to computers and robotics, Nissan can produce the same number of cars with 5000 employees.

  17. Anon.

    Elaine, you might get a laugh if you google:

  18. I know it’s depressing and all to talk about, think about, or even consider, but population control is the sole goal of TPTB. Robots are their salvation they believe, because robots can be CONTROLLED!

    But no need to go without a fight:

  19. The Jews, being the undisputed rulers of America, love duplicity. They seem to have a need to rub our noses in it. They entice, bribe, and protect illegals to infiltrate our society. In Israel, they kick out the African “jews.” Here, they glorify the virtues of multiculturalism. In Israel, they treat their own unwanted black brethren with contempt. In America, everyone must pay their fair share of taxes, under threat of imprisonment due to the existence of the unconstitutional IRS. In Israel, they are more than happy to mooch off the American taxpayer to whatever extreme they feel they can get away with. It’s a mixed-up, muddled-up world of theft and deceit we live in, and I want no part of it, if I have to become like them to partake of it or beg them for favors if I must live in it. Bring on the New Jew Order. I’ll be here waiting for Justice to arrive. You worms and traitors haven’t seen the night of the long knives yet! A purge is coming. Vengeance is mine says the Lord.

  20. Seraphim

    @Dana Hegna,

    Speaking of consumerism, let’s give a pious thought to Vance Packard: The Status Seekers, The Waste Makers, The Pyramid Climbers, The Ultra Rich: How Much Is Too Much? and many other, all written in the past century.

  21. emsnews

    There is no limit to consumption except the natural limits set by nature. Humans have ingeniously created systems whereby we can consume like crazy but in the bitter end, we learn that there is no infinity. There are limits.

    This is why the best philosophy is for limits. That is, controlling the urge to run anything to infinity. I talk about this a lot because many people emotionally refuse to understand the concept of limitations. Infinity is terrible, it is total destruction. We have to, to survive, avoid it.

  22. DK

    Perhaps our slogan should be:

    Remember Easter Island – they landed in a paradise and turned it into a hell by overbreeding

  23. 90404

    Was EI ‘problem’ overpopulation or mis use of resources?
    As in their time and energy went into those ‘stupid’ statues. The purpose of the ‘art’ was status. Mine is bigger and better than yours.

  24. JT

    “they landed in a paradise and turned it into a hell by overbreeding”

    or by just chopping too much wood for moa’s.
    (no more crops after the palms were gone)

    there are warying theories.

  25. JT

    transporting moa’s I meant.

  26. kenogami

    “Remember Easter Island – they landed in a paradise and turned it into a hell by overbreeding”

    There is a most interesting chapter about its collapse in the book by
    Jared Diamond:

    Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed

  27. craig

    A great philosophy of limits is the IChing (the Book of Changes) which basicaly says ‘when something reaches its extreme, it is about to change, sometimes into its opposite.’


    ELAINE: Correct. I am not the only one who has noticed this. My information, my learning about this came from looking at things ancient people discovered and realizing it was very true. Many myths, fairy tales and cautionary stories illustrate this concept.

  28. JT


    Easter island is too interesting.

    I bet in 1946 the reason was wars between tribes.
    Among religious people it is people destroying eden.
    I bet in the Sovjet Union it was lack of central planning and small tribes.
    And now of course it is an environmental disaster.


  29. emsnews

    No, it was all that illicit sex between consenting partners that did it! 🙂

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