Hurricane Isaac Will Flood New Orleans Like Katrina

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When hurricane Irene came to my mountain, it dropped well over 10″ of rain on us and many places nearby got up to 15″ and the flooding was terrible.  Irene had hardly any wind at all for a major hurricane but it moved very, very slowly and dropped a lot of water.  Hurricane Isaac is the same.  The problem for New Orleans isn’t the high winds, it is the entire Mississippi basin flooding and moving in a vast wave towards the besieged city.


I remember Katrina very well.  Here is a link to my previous coverage of Katrina:  Culture of Life Energy News: A HOLE IN THE BUCKET.  Below is a picture of the Mississippi flooding New Orleans well after the storm blew past.

Here is the map showing the path of Isaac.  It is nearly identical to Katrina’s path.




Here is the path Katrina took as seen by radar.


From my blog in  2005:  Culture of Life Energy News: A HOLE IN THE BUCKET


The picture above is just one of several dikes that were breeched. The city won’t stop filling up with water until the water levels equalize. The breech is wide, the entire bank has collapsed so no simple sandbagging is possible. The breech has been too long, too, and the water cuts deeper and deeper.


So the city will be underwater and will remain so until the water pressure of water draining into the lake ceases as well as the water out ceases for then, it slows down. After it slows down, one can fill the breeches only to do so requires getting to them all!…


…(Speaking about the Great Depression and the Great Flood that preceded it) The Great Mississippi Flood was the push that sent countless workers, farmers and banks spiralling down the rabbit hole. When economies are as unbalanced as ours is…and remember, the Mississippi Flood would have been tolerable if Germany didn’t suddenly announce they were suspending paying for WWI and basically declared bankrupcy, thus forcing the dying British Empire that was running deep in the red to lurch off the cliff…along with poor France who bore the brunt of the WWI mess…when the scales are unbalanced, any mishap to the “core” destroys the world’s economic balance. And we are witnessing just such an event. Just like the rape of California by Enron pushed us into a recession that we used $2 trillion in deficit spending to “grow out of” which failed, by the way. We shall see exactly how badly this failed in the next year.


So, here we are, once again: three major floods of the Mississippi and a great drought all during a bank bubble crisis caused by too much speculative borrowing!  Naturally, the price of oil is rapidly climbing again to everyone’s distress due to the soaring price of corn used to make gasoline coupled with the incredibly stupid US-driven boycott of Iran.  We are in deep, deep trouble and neither candidate has a solution to this because every action they take makes things worse.


At least Bush isn’t President. A reminder of the Bush administration (sic):  Culture of Life News Comix: CHERTOFF SUBS FOR HIS BOSS



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9 responses to “Hurricane Isaac Will Flood New Orleans Like Katrina

  1. 90404

    You like geography and climatology so! As far as……
    ‘The problem for New Orleans’ its location, location, location.

  2. Mr Bill

    Hurricanes are acts of the Fates. They arise as they will, move as they will
    and pack the power that they will. Proper preparation is the only recourse.

    In this case, the natural conditions at this time pushed a lower power hurricane to the west of New Orleans. That put the brunt of Isaac onto the Cajun people from mostly southwest Louisiana. I regret that nature appears to impact the Cajun people, but they are much better prepared than the “city dwellers” of New Orleans.

    The Cajun community tends to be very self sufficient and well prepared for severe weather conditions. They know what to do, after generations of experience in the swamp and waterway terrain of southwest Louisiana.

    Cajun is a variation on Acadian. The original “cajuns” were French Acadians who migrated from Nova Scotia in the 1750’s. Their original destination was the French city of New Orleans. But, upon arrival, they were presumably not well embraced by the established citizenry of New Orleans. So, the Acadians migrated to the westward wilderness and established “cajun country”.

  3. I think I’ll build my house in a hole and then pray real hard it doesn’t rain. But you just can’t beat Mardi Gras. What a party!

  4. Being There

    Another go-round leading to genocide?

    First we saw how Katrina was handled. Oh, it wasn’t our asses on the line, just the poor who couldn’t leave by car!

    Let’s just say that the economic rescue that Ryan describes is yet again another blow to the poor. Yes they know that Americans don’t care what happens to the poor anymore than they cared about what would happen with the skilled labor in this country when they shipped their jobs overseas.
    Again, people think in terms of them and us. What happened to all the jobs exponentially is what selfish people should at least contemplate, since—ah, we’re all going through this global economy nightmare: Neoliberalism is reverse communsim!

    So not only are the people of this country completely amoral and immoral no matter how much they profess to love god, they will eventually pay for this. These things never effect just one group, it travels up the economic ladder. My advise to this country is don’t smugly sit there saying let them fall, we will all be on the chopping block, its just a matter of time.

  5. Jason & Dana Hegna

    This Thursday morning, some coastal cities (certainly those below sea level) are busily pumping rainwater. Rainwater. This is an engineering problem. This is a Planning and Zoning problem, which causes an engineering problem. In other words, Planning and Zoning is where the money is.

  6. kenogami

    Mr Bill writes:
    “Cajun is a variation on Acadian. The original “cajuns” were French Acadians who migrated from Nova Scotia in the 1750′s. Their original destination was the French city of New Orleans. But, upon arrival, they were presumably not well embraced by the established citizenry of New Orleans. So, the Acadians migrated to the westward wilderness and established “cajun country”.

    A migration???
    Thousands of French-Canadians lived in Nova Scotia; they had drained the swamps and were sitting on the best agricultural lands in Eastern Canada.
    When France lost the war against England, the British general Monkton practiced a very thorough ethnic cleansing with the blessing of the British autorities. The important point was to break up the families, so the men were either shot, hunted like animals or deported to England and France. The women and children, after breaking up what was left of the families, and a few remaining men were sent to the American colonies; but the good general had forgotten to warn the American that he was sending them some immigrants; so most colonies along the Atlantic refused them. So they ended up in the swamps of the spanish colony of Louisiana.

  7. emsnews

    Yes, it was just like the Palestinians. This sort of event is quite common which is why it is condemned today…except it is endorsed by the US and the overall Jewish population which loves doing this sort of crime.

    We never learn. History tells us of all sorts of ugly, horrible events and then we recreate these yet again and again.

  8. Shawntoh

    N.O. is the birth place of Jazz and I hate to see the place get yet another power-wash job like Katrina–

    …along with the free “Kabuki theatre”, like with W. and his brownie point of light in the legacy solar system of his dad’s thousand points of light– or so they told me long ago.

    Well, it doesn’t shine here anymore but then my eye-sight isn’t as good as it used to be. Anyway–

    Too bad hurricanes and other weather phenomenon can’t get rid of human greed– that greed seems to never die, along with the politicians that make good breeding grounds for corruption that comes with human greed–

    But at least with some of the hurricanes recently, the Zitka virus got blown out to sea with the hosts, the vermin mosquitoes, for a while. That’s what some of the reports mentioned in the science field–

    But I fear that might just be a brief hiatus before the microbe world strikes back again and launches another attack on the nuisance species I now dub “The Human Swarm” at 7.5 billion and growing every day…


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