The Pirate Party: US Rich Flaunt Their Rapine Wealth

Holding secret parties aboard yachts flying the flags of the offshore islands that the rich Americans use to hide their wealth…this is a core issue this election.  The super rich have rigged the game so they pay minimal to no taxes while running our country for their own benefit.  These globalists want to use our money, power, resources and humans to expand their global empires entirely at our expense. No longer even giving us the fiction of good jobs, they ruthlessly cut wages and social services while pursing infinite wealth.


It is rather funny that the major GOP fund raiser meeting are in a room named after pirates:  Mega-donors lavished with attention at convention parties – The Washington Post


As members of the Wisconsin delegation lined up for a luncheon and straggling Mississippi delegates looked for their group down the hall, the money delegation — clad in the state uniform of business suits and designer dresses — walked into the Buccaneer Suites on the second floor of the Hyatt for an off-the-record political analysis session from Karl Rove.


Just outside, aides to billionaire hedge fund manager Paul E. Singer, who organized the event, made plans for another donor fest in the evening.


As gas prices and corn prices shoot upwards, the people who play the commodity markets are getting richer and richer.  This is a problem that haunts all societies throughout human history.  When things go bad, if the elites exploit this to make themselves richer by stripping the lower classes of all wealth in order for them to stay alive, this inevitably leads to a collapse of the entire society and the rich being ruthlessly eliminated either by the masses being dispossessed or foreign invaders who simply shove the whole mess into a deep pit of looting and killing.


Even as the very rich go out of their way to pretend they are like the middle class, the small business people, regular folk, as they talk about eating pasta and raising children (no nannies, of course, in these fake stories) as they desperately try to disguise themselves on TV as ‘regular folk’ they run around in expensive designer clothes with their butlers and maids and party on giant floating palaces:  Romney Party Yacht Flies Cayman Islands Flag – ABC News


Gov. Mitt Romney’s campaign toasted its top donors Wednesday aboard a 150-foot yacht flying the flag of the Cayman Islands.


The floating party, hosted by a Florida developer on his yacht “Cracker Bay,” was one of a dozen exclusive events meant to nurture those who have raised more than $1 million for Romney’s bid…The event, attended by no more than 50 people, along with Romney relatives, including older brother Scott, appeared on no public calendars. ABC News obtained a schedule of the Romney campaign’s “Victory Council” and waited dockside to speak with members.


Whoever is elected, the rich own both candidates.  The one major difference is obvious: the Obamas are not super rich.  So they are the servants of the rich and are treated like servants who occupy the White House but have to be super nice to the very rich who give them their marching orders.  Even so, the super rich are very unsatisfied with the Obamas because they don’t do 100% of their bidding so they are tempted to back one of their own, the Romneys.


It would be quite delightful to have a total control of things via conspiring with their own buddies to run the government, get rid of all of the populists and instead, directly run the country as an oligarchy with the rich lording it over everyone.  Since most of the population of the US is viewed as disposable, this is bad news for anyone who is of no use to the oligarchs which seems to be the vast majority of us.  This is why they want to get rid of Medicare, Social Security and other social systems.  Makes it easier to drive excess population into the ground.


Ann Romney Marriage: GOP Presidential Candidate’s Wife Says Her Marriage Isn’t A ‘Storybook Marriage’ but instead is a ‘real marriage’ which she means is not like the Obamas who are not real people.  Her marriage is a storybook marriage in that she has mansions, servants, private jets, etc, etc.  She is rich.  Many young women dream of being her because they don’t like the struggle to survive.


One of the paradoxes of reality is, the more you struggle to survive, the more creative you are.  This is why billionaires are so uncreative.  We get individuals like Steve Jobs who was consumed with creating things with his teams of equally creative people all of whom came from a middle class or even working class background.  But he is dead and gone and replaced by CEOs that are money grubbers who will destroy the creativity of Apple.


The rich, when they actually run things, crush creativity because they want servants who obey, not people wanting to make something new or better.  The dead hand of the oligarchs destroys economic systems because it is all about hoarding and squeezing, not making things more vibrant, functional and popular.  Here is a story that illustrates how evil this attitude towards workers is:  Coal miners say they were forced to attend Romney event and donate | The Raw Story


“We do not appreciate being intimidated into exchanging our time for nothing. I heard one of your callers saying that Murray employees are well aware of what they are getting into upon hire, or that they are informed that a percentage of their income will go to political donations. I can not speak for that caller, but this is news for me. We merely find out how things work by experience.”


Murray Energy Chief Financial Officer Rob Moore told Blomquist that the charges were untrue.


“There were no workers that were forced to attend the event,” Moore said. “We had managers that communicated to our work force that the attendance at the Romney event was mandatory, but no one was forced to attend the event. We had a pre-registration list. And employees were asked to put their names on a pre-registration list because they could not get into the event unless they were pre-registered and had a name tag to enter the premises.”


“What about not getting paid for an eight-hour day?” Blomquist wondered. “If the mine was shut down for the visit, I understand, but wouldn’t it be fair — let’s use the word ‘fair’ — to still pay these individuals for that day? I mean, it wasn’t their fault they weren’t working.”


“Our management people wanted to attend the event and we could not have people underground during Romney’s visit,” Moore insisted.“But why not still pay then their wage for that day?” Blomquist pressed.


“By federal election law, we could not pay people to attend the event,” Moore replied. “And we did not want anyone to come back and see where anyone had been paid for that day.”


So, attendance was mandatory but not mandatory?  That is, the workers could refuse to be Romney’s human backdrop but they would lose their jobs.  This is the mentality the rich have, that is, we must do their bidding and we still have free choice but this means starving to death.  This ham fisted force is exactly how they will relate to all of us once they get a total grip on power.


The rich cynically use Jesus and the Jewish devotion to Jerusalem to drive everyone into a hell designed to let the rich act like devils while everyone else gets their reward after death, that is, they can go to heaven but only after being treated like slaves on earth.  Social responsibility will be capricious as sob stories in the media gets the lower classes to donate pennies for each other’s care while most go without any aid while the rich luxuriate in vast palaces and huge yachts and fly giant jets as the grubby masses hike around on foot or rid on the roof of trains like they do in India.


The entire first world political system has devolved into begging the rich to hire us as servants and cheap manufacturing labor while they distain us and use us for foreign adventures:  Don’t drive away wealthy, says George Osborne – UK Politics  is interesting to read for the comments on this story.  That is, most are enraged at this coddling of the super rich which brings a few jobs, mainly as servants, while the unionized jobs vanish and working conditions deteriorate.


Despite the crisis, Britons are still spending like drunkards shows us how the debt bubble drives everyone into the poor house while the rich make rich off of these debt bubbles and end up owning everything quite literally.  The Brits, driven to difficulties by inflation, have asset inflation continuing as the price of homes goes upwards.  So they load more debt on their homes to keep up the fiction of being middle class only, like in the US, when the housing bubble bursts, they will be homeless as they cannot pay future expenses by dumping more debt on their dwelling spaces.


I have warned many times, don’t put debt on your own home.  This is where one lives.  At all times, we must live somewhere.  I once lived for an entire decade in a tent complex we built and one can be homeless but one can’t be without property.  That is, my tent complex was on a property I owned outright, no debt.  So I lived very cheaply.


Most people, made homeless, live desperate lives, moved  here and there.  It is a bad thing.  The promise of homes for the middle class has been turned into perpetual debt where they are renters paying banks for the right to live in some small dwelling.  This is self-slavery.  I know few people who own their own homes.


The issue of debt is a cloud over the entire political structure of the entire EU, Japan and the US.  These mega-economies are all dying due to too much public and personal debt and can’t get out of this thanks to the oligarchs taking over all systems in every one of these entities.  The only way to erase this mountain of debt is to erase the holders of this debt mountain and the rich know exactly who holds the debts.  Eventually, the masses will figure this out, too.sunset borger

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14 responses to “The Pirate Party: US Rich Flaunt Their Rapine Wealth

  1. larry, dfh

    I hope things are going well with your husband.
    A few years ago I saw a yacht in the Boston harbor, named ‘News’ flying the Cayman Islands flag. At the same time, James Murdoch was buying a street corner in Boston. Lord Mountbatten comes to mind!

  2. “The rich cynically use Jesus and the Jewish devotion to Jerusalem to drive everyone into a hell designed to let the rich act like devils”

    How come Jesus always gets a bad rap? He gets blamed for everything; including satanists who pretend to be Christians & Jews. Nobody dumps on Mohammed for all the Muslim antics.

  3. 90404

    What % of ‘luxury goods’ are bought by the 1%?


    Nobody dumps on Mohammed for all the Muslim antics.
    PEOPLE FEAR ISLAMIC BACKLASH, and rightfully so.

  4. 90404

    Elaine, as much as I enjoy yr writings…
    How about this? Neither were the Clintons, until they left the Whitehouse.

    ‘the Obamas are not super rich.’ Not Yet].

    I also saw at Drudge a gruesome news clip….the GOP has an ad, a young gal talking about how she was [gulp] born in an abortion [clinic?] and left to die.

  5. Christian W

    Tony Blair has set up numerous of impenetrably complicated off-shore businesses and is now earning around £20 million pounds a year. Give it a few years and he’ll be as rich as the Clinton’s.

    Obama and Cameron/Clegg etc will be rewarded in the same way when people can’t stand their faces anymore.

    Why should the politicians care about the little people, when they will earn tens, if not hundreds, of millions selling the little people out, and as a reward get some CRUMBS from the trillions of dollars in the tax havens the corporations and rich elite have stashed away?

  6. 904 PEOPLE FEAR ISLAMIC BACKLASH, and rightfully so.

    I know, I know. Christians are just too passive. I guess this is why we’ll be public enemy number one once the Illuminati take control.

  7. Duski

    Don’t drive away the wealthy? Every society should do exactly that! Drive away the ones who hoard wealth only for themselves through whatever means they can find. The less we have tax avoiders, fraudsters and morally bankrupt bankers, the better our society will function.

    So: Drive away the parasites, the faster the better.

  8. Shockuhzulu: “How come Jesus always gets a bad rap?”

    Jesus is the part of the Christian message that’s aimed at the masses. But then there are a bunch more books that come after the gospels. I guess the shepherds are supposed to emulate Paul, and the sheep emulate Jesus. But being a sheep has been going out of vogue for a few centuries.

  9. adam mateyko

    Why is your reply box so tiny now?

    OK the rich ie debt issuers who place the debt on the “real” world workers/commodities are able to do so due to the system that allows it. Ie. banking and paper derivatives.

    How about burning all the paper first.
    A bonfire of the paper wealth and we would see who is the goat and who is the sheep.

    Maybe that fire will come from the sky as I see the common man has no idea how to use matches. Prometheus where art thou???


    ELAINE: When you begin typing, the box expands immediately in size.

  10. Jason & Dana Hegna

    The talking-heads have been presenting the Republican threat as a ‘War on Women.’ We think they know better, but just don’t have the guts to point out to the public that it’s really a ‘War on Society’ by the religious fanatics. The religious fanatics are on a Crusade, where the end justifies the means, so the truth has no meaning. They are completely rigid and have no tolerance for diversity in thought, and, want to force everyone to do the same as they do through legal and unethical maneuvering. The talking-heads are too afraid of the controversy surrounding religious fanaticism, and, its effect on our government and the decline of the U.S.

  11. “The rich cynically use Jesus and the Jewish devotion to Jerusalem to drive everyone into a hell designed to let the rich act like devils while everyone else gets their reward after death, that is, they can go to heaven but only after being treated like slaves on earth.”

    Except there is no Heaven. There is just the Universe and the Outer Darkness. If we have an afterlife, the rich who act like devils will become demons in the Outer Darkness; the rest of us will be tortured by those very same demons! No doubt egged on by some Death God.

    There is NO justice in the Universe, or outside of it! 😦 😡

  12. shockuhzulu

    Wow Ed. How do you get up in the morning? That’s a pretty depressing picture of the Universe.

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