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Right Wing Organization, ‘Americans For Job Security’ Election Adverts

Yesterday, I spent my time with my brand new grandson, Leon.  As per usual with babies, he is incredibly cute and cuddly. Today, we resume discussing the news.  We are in an election cycle in the US and like a unicycle, it is basically one wheel when it comes to finances and Wall Street with the only true concern of the two candidates and when it comes to sex or race, it becomes a bicycle with two different wheels and two real choices.  With war issues, it reverts to a unicycle.  Ditto, free trade.


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Netanyahu Bomb Scare At UN

Israel’s Netanyahu Draws His “Red Line” for Iran – ABC News


Netanyahu couldn’t see Obama who is not allowing him to draw near.  So he went to the UN to show everyone an exploding bomb.  Which went viral online because it illustrates who the real bomb thrower is: Netanyahu.  When Iran’s President spoke to the UN, the US orchestrated a joint walkout with all of its trade partners who run trade surpluses with our nation.  Even as the oil boycott is causing increasing economic problems, the US focus on disarming Iran continues.  Continue reading


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Riots, Revolutions Will Sweep Planet As Inflation Bites Harder

Riot rage: Athens protesters throw firebombs, police shoot tear gas (VIDEO, PHOTOS) — RT


We all are in this together, there is no such thing as being totally isolated even on a distant island, when the world goes to war.  Tiny islands saw hideous battles during WWII, for example.  The social/political/religious chaos that is growing ever greater will flow across the entire planet especially since fuel and food inflation is biting very hard and will worsen next year. Continue reading


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Japan, China, Taiwan Confrontation Heats Up

Stantonhammer Schafe im Intersport Arlberg presented by – YouTube

Like the sheep in Switzerland who followed the leader into a store instead of down a street, the people of this planet are easily led into wars, all you need is an excuse.  After gleefully getting a quite secret green light from the US, Japanese imperialists are now on full attack fighting off not one but both China and Taiwan in a diplomatic tug of war over some islands which is rapidly becoming a shooting war.  China is also beginning to implement the replacement of the dollar in petroleum sales.  The US squeeze on Iran is actually triggering a collapse of NATO and our Asian allies as everyone dashes to get ahold of potential oil fields with Russia gleefully going into the Arctic where ice is less and less a problem. Continue reading


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Who Exploits Our Nation Is Big Issue In This Unfair Election

We are in the middle of an election that is showing rapidly all the deterioration of our process with both main candidates fighting for the same dollars dispensed by mainly the very, very richest 0.01% thus warping everything sideways in their own favor.  Fear of the working class which is being ruthlessly squeezed and the middle class which has to choose between cutting themselves off entirely from the workers just to maintain their position a while longer, we also have strong appeals about social issues that are ridiculously basic like women’s rights or civil rights as our only ‘choice’ options.  Meanwhile, the depravations of the rich continue to pop up in the news in concealed ways and the foreign policies favored by the richest often dual citizens are severely harmful for our nation as a whole. Continue reading


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US And Japan Rich Toss Lower Class Workers Into The Abyss

Paul Ryan booed by seniors at AARP convention over Medicare plan – YouTube

The GOP campaign to erase all social services while paying virtually no taxes rolls relentlessly forwards.  Romney released last year’s taxes after not taking all his deductions because he wanted it to show him paying at least 14% of his income whereas normally, he pays just 9% in taxes.  Both are ridiculously low and totally legal since the very rich have rigged the rules so they pay virtually no taxes and can park nearly all their profits overseas while importing their goods to our country which they use as their muscle for enforcing international deals. Continue reading


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Texas Brine Filled Louisiana Salt Dome With Radioactive Toxic Wastes

Louisiana Sinkhole Updates – September 17, 2012 – YouTube

The energy industries tend towards lying about the environment, lying about the downside to their activities.  They talk a lot about creating jobs and very little about creating huge messes.  Many places in the US that are pro-GOP and hate environmentalists are places exploited by the Koch brothers and others who leave a huge mess when they occupy some territory.  Whole countries have been ravaged this way such as Nigeria.   Continue reading


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