Anti-Mohammed Jewish Movie Triggers Fatal Attacks On US Embassies

US ambassador to Libya and three other embassy staff killed in rocket attack

The iron grip AIPAC has on our government has so fatally warped all of our foreign policies, it is rapidly destroying our ability to function in most places on earth occupied or run by Muslims.  Even as cynical Muslim dictators in various oil export nations use our military and political power to control their own people and fight local rivals such as the Shi’ite people, the US has been gradually dragged into a religious war ultimately with a billion Muslims.  The Saudi and other Gulf state dictators barely hang onto power these days as the ‘Arab Street’ seethes with fury.  The US attempts at occupying Iraq and Afghanistan are a total failure due to religious fury that vents itself upon the US/Israel occupations.  


The anti-American riots that began sweeping the Muslim world started ironically on 9/11.  One of the most disturbing story lines cooked up in America is the increasingly stubborn belief that 9/11 had virtually nothing to do with Muslim rage at the US/Israeli alliance which as hammered and basically destroyed the trapped Palestinian people.  Wiping out this story line has been surprisingly successful.  Even as a contingent in the US ignores the motivation and the ultimate success of this attack which was engineered exactly to drive the US into a fatal invasion of Afghanistan, the economic destruction caused by the AIPAC desires for perpetual war is rapidly bankrupting our empire.


The Muslim Brotherhood members and the Saudi and Yemenis who plotted and successfully attacked on 9/11 made it very clear why they were attacking the US.  Bush Jr. and the State Department understood, too.  This is why Bush Jr., to the great rage of the Israelis and AIPAC, hiked off to the UN to announce that he supported a Palestinian state and would work towards some justice for the Palestinians.  After this pledge, the UN voted overwhelmingly to let the US attack Afghanistan.  I suspect the Russian and Chinese delegations did this with some dark motives knowing very well what the outcome would be: destruction of US imperial powers.


Now we have a Jewish man living in the US to make money off of real estate deals in California, making a propaganda video attacking the founder of Islam in a very crude, dark and obviously provocative way.  This, coming on the heels of the two US candidates for President pandering to Netanyahu and the Zionists, caused a surge of further rage against US policies towards Muslims in general:  Anger Over Film Fuels Anti-American Attacks in Libya and Egypt –


On the 11th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, the assaults were a violent reminder that the changes sweeping the region have hardly dispelled the rage against the United States that still smolders in pockets around the Arab world.


The mobs were set off by Egyptian media reports about a 14-minute trailer for the video, called “Innocence of Muslims,” that was released on the Web. The trailer opens with scenes of Egyptian security forces standing idle as Muslims pillage and burn the homes of Egyptian Christians. Then it cuts to cartoonish scenes depicting the Prophet Muhammad as a child of uncertain parentage, a buffoon, a womanizer, a homosexual, a child molester and a greedy, bloodthirsty thug.


The trailer was uploaded to YouTube by Sam Bacile, whom The Wall Street Journal Web site identified as a 52-year old Israeli-American real estate developer in California. He told the Web site he had raised $5 million from 100 Jewish donors to make the film. “Islam is a cancer,” Mr. Bacile was quoted as saying.


Here is the trailer for the movie:

This comes on the heels of another movie that mocks the Muslims for having insane leaders while ignoring the fact that these corrupt leaders are nearly uniformly supported 100% by Israel and the US and often are kept in power by both: The Dictator – Trailer #2 – Full English – Sacha Baron Cohen Movie (2012) HD – YouTube

The rule of thumb for making movies making fun of someone are simple: make fun of oneself.  So, if a bunch of Monty Python skit staff makes scenes about going to schools run by religious factions, both Protestant and Catholic, they are mocking their own life experiences in their own schools.  Here is one fine example:

There is a certain affection and fondness to the ruthless barbs thrown at Christian ideology and practices.  It also meant that most movie goers in the US who are extremely faithful refused to see the films made by the Python crew.  The Python crew also made fun of British imperial pretensions.  In Islamic countries, under fire for being Islamic, anyone who mocks the religion is persecuted or even executed.  The recent news about the Christian girl being falsely accused by a cleric who tried to set her up, was embarrassing to most Islamic people here in the US and they have no control over what happens in Pakistan which is a country created by British cartographers who drew up the borders literally overnight, rather secretly, I may add.


The march of liberalization and secularization that ran for a while quite strongly thanks to the Soviets encouraging this caused the US to take the opposite tack and we went whole-hog for religious fanatic fundamentalism.  One result was the insertion of ‘In God We Trust’ in our currency right at the same time the government began devaluing this currency in order to run perpetual wars against the Evil Soviet Empire.  This week, Romney has been going around the boonies telling everyone that Obama is going to eliminate these words from our collapsing, debased currency.


The noise over the Democrats having a secular platform and then the efforts of AIAPC to make it a document endorsing religious warfare shows that efforts to have liberal secularization is collapsing not only in Muslim countries but in the US as well as Israel.  Even though most Israelis are ‘secular’ and don’t attend synagogues regularly, they are still religious fanatics who believe that anyone who isn’t Jewish deserves no basic civil rights!  So this neo-Nazi form of half religious fanaticism coupled with tribal identity politics is leaking into the US and is a danger to all of us especially Jews.


Germany harbored more Jews per capita than the US even today and this led to a backlash after the WWI defeat.  A movie was made that exactly mirrors the Jewish attempts at the same here in the US:  The Eternal Jew (1940 film) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Hitler and Goebbels believed that film was a very potent tool for molding public opinion. The Nazis first established a film department in 1930 and Goebbels had taken a personal interest in the use of film to promote the Nazi philosophy and agenda. Soon after the Nazi takeover, Goebbels was insisting in speeches that the role of the German cinema was to serve as the “vanguard of the Nazi military” as they set forth to conquer the world.[4]


Saul Friedländer suggests that Goebbels’ intent was to counter three films whose messages attacked the persecution of Jews throughout history by producing violently anti-Semitic versions of those films with identical titles.[5]


In 1934, a British film titled “The Eternal Jew” had been produced by Gaumont-Twickenham studios. Unlike the Nazi film, the British production portrayed Jews in a favorable light as the victims of unjustified persecution throughout history, in the Spanish Inquisition, for example. The Goebbels film appears to have been intended as a violently anti-Semitic version of this previous British film.[6]


The end result is Israel demanding more from our Presidential candidates:  Israel Sharpens Call for United States to Set Iran Trigger so entirely to appease rich Jews throwing great wealth (tax-free, of course) at the candidates to bribe them into supporting this insane future war, Obama, Netanyahu vow to prevent Iran from acquiring nuke bombs.  History shows crystal clear that nukes are defensive weapons.  They prevent invasions.  They stop wars.  The US secretly mused about nuking China during the Korean War only Russia had detonated its own nukes and further, went on to explode hydrogen bombs.  This stopped the US from using nukes ever since then.


Of course, the US refuses to acknowledge this fact and the fact that Israel has the most nukes on earth after the Russian/Chinese/US armaments.  Pretending this doesn’t exist continues to degrade US efforts at arms controls since the US has no desire to control Israeli arms.  Everyone on earth now knows that Israel has nukes and the born again Christians are excited and quite pleased with this secret arsenal because it means the Apocalypse will come sooner, not later.


Even as Obama must bend every time the Jewish backers of the DNC demand this, he still tries to cling to the last shreds of his pride so Obama Refuses To Meet With Netanyahu During His UN Visit.  Will Netanyahu parade himself before his sycophants in Congress after alienating nearly everyone at the UN?  I suspect he wants to do this but panicked candidates running to keep their cushy jobs in DC might hesitate to show Americans, yet again, who they really follow.  So AIPAC, fearing too much exposure despite the heavy blanket of nebulousness thrown over their activities by Zionist media owners, might ask him to not do another Seig Heil display in Congress.


Meanwhile, our insane electoral situation created by the Supreme Court letting loose the dogs of financial warfare on our elections continues:  Candidates Juggle Demands of Trail With Need for Funds.  They need to beg for money and as the American people grow weary of wars, wild spending in DC and the loss of jobs and the collapse of the middle class, there are fewer and fewer people with deep pockets to pay for TV commercials.  The Jewish wealthy community doesn’t mind spending money on commercials and ads since this flows within their own tribal limits, that is, the profits of these ads support TV and media shows the Jews wish to keep running and makes their own tribal members financially secure.


So it isn’t a loss operation on top of also giving AIPAC tremendous power over our entire State Department and the money returns to Israel ten-fold in the form of US aid to a rich nation that is heavily armed and quite socialist.  Even so, demonstrators in Israel are demanding more, not less socialism.  While socialism is being annihilated in the US due to presumably, our many wars and our wild unpopularity with billions of people on earth is too expensive and bailing out the richest Americans who offshore their funds and even cynically run for President while tax evading, continue to ravage our economic system.


I have to vote for Obama simply to stop the total erosion of my hard-won civil rights.  When the Civil Rights Act passed, I went to the ACLU to ask for them to sue for me, sue the schools for sexual discrimination.  And I won!  It took years for the courts to finally rule in my favor.  I didn’t get the benefits of this directly, but millions of girls did and I like thinking that they did get this.  And this was due to the triumph of secularism.  That is, if one is not ruled by gods that have food phobias and sexual perversions, one is finally free to live a normal life.  The torment that is sweeping the world is due to all religions needing various conflicting and often bizarre rules and then telling everyone, if we don’t obey these, we are doomed to torment (yes, even the Buddhists have ‘hell’ as punishment).


Secularism doesn’t cure all social ills.  Humans tend to have ‘social ills’ because we can manipulate our culture unlike animals that exist within very strict Laws of Selection rules set by the ultimate gods, Mother Nature and Random Chance.  We, on the other hand, can create any sort of god or culture we think we want at any given time.  Expanding social civil rights is difficult and easily endangered as we see in communist dictatorships.  But then, communism was just yet another religion.

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42 responses to “Anti-Mohammed Jewish Movie Triggers Fatal Attacks On US Embassies

  1. 90404

    Thanks for the above ‘tidbit’.

    And what about ‘Cartoons that mock Mohamed and Islam’?
    Should they be suppressed or encouraged?

    I found this elsewhere [Taki? AWD?]. To me it was the main news of y’day.
    Once more Obongo apologizes and does his anti USA ‘thing’.

    Im not voting, your vote doesnt count, unless alot of people vote for Independent candidates so they seem more ‘viable’ to most people.

    “9/11/2012 will be remembered in history as the day a sitting U.S. President and his cronies apologized to Muslim terrorists after THEY attacked American property!
    Radical Muslims in Egypt attack the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, rip up a U.S. flag, and fly Al Qaeda flags. Radical Muslims in Libya set fire to American consulate and shoot to death one American official. So what has been the Obama/Regime response to these attacks?

    The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims – as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions.
    Today, the 11th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, Americans are honoring our patriots and those who serve our nation as the fitting response to the enemies of democracy. Respect for religious beliefs is a cornerstone of American democracy. We firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others.”

    Remember his ‘response’ [cough] to the killings at Fort Hood [that are not classified as terrorism, let along Islamic terrorism]?
    He said ‘ lets no rush to judgement’.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lets not rush to f”king judgement.
    Obama is a muslim.

  2. Peter

    Boy I’m glad I’m an atheist..too bad all these people took some scrambled myths from bronze age middle east hill tribes and figured “GOD” was the author.
    You would think observing the many faiths and sects in the world would give a true believer a pause as to if whether they should be so sure that what they believe is true.
    But that’s not what belief is about ,is it?
    Belief is blind obedience without critical thought.
    Too bad they are going to burn down the whole world.

  3. larry, dfh

    Obama has shredded the constitution and the bill of rights. I seriously don’t understand how someone can vote for him based on his civil rights record. Oh yeah, Gays can marry, for which he gave very tepid approval. That’s nice. Meanwhile, we as citizens can no longer assemble peacefully, and can be locked up indefinitely by our government, and have no rights to appeal our imprisonment. We can be killed by our government with no cause provided and no recourse. And all our communications and even our physical whereabouts are subject to constant surveillance by the government. And after Obama rams the TPP down our throats, we will no longer have any environmental or work-place safety or organizing rights, either. Some protector of the constitution, indeed!

  4. Richard

    We were told that Al-qaeda was responsible for 9/11, our mortal enemy. Then we supported Al-qaeda to overthrow Libya and are doing the same in Syria. Now Al-qaeda has turned against an killed the U.S. Ambassador. Surprise! Suprise! The chickens have come home to roost. This what we get when we allow Israel and IAPAC to control U.S. foreign policy.

  5. DeVaul

    Here is a really good article by Paul Craig Roberts, who I really like. While he believes the buildings were brought down by demolition, he correctly points out the real smoking gun: total failure of all security agencies and no investigation into anything after a total failure of all agencies. He is right. We don’t need to know anyting else beyond that.

    We can argue forever about how the buildings came down, but there can be no argument that the government enabled and “possilbly” staged the entire event just so that it could drive us into wars they had already planned years in advance — wars that have made a few men fabulously rich at a cost to millions of innocent people which cannot be calculated by any means.

  6. 90404

    Eliane, I know there are lots of Israelis here in SoCal..
    thought you might enjoy this:
    As The Jerusalem Post reported, a high-ranking Israeli official in Los Angeles said that after numerous inquiries, it appeared that no one in the Hollywood film industry or in the local Israeli community had ever heard of him.

    Steve Klein, a “a self-described militant Christian activist in Riverside, California” who was involved with the film, told The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg that Bacile was not the director’s real name, and that he was not Israeli and probably not Jewish either. “I would suspect this is a disinformation campaign,” Klein said.

    The mounting evidence seems to suggest that the trailer was either a poorly-edited, wild rewrite of the film’s original script or a flat out hoax, though no evidence has yet emerged confirming the possibility. [Jpost]


  7. floridasandy

    anybody voting for obama after all he has done is an idiot.

    with all due respect. 🙂 (of course, this is what DEPENDENTS do-they rationalize no matter what, even as their freedom erodes)

    wait for cap and trade if obama wins.

    there is no way anybody could sit through and watch that whole incredibly bad movie, so it’s a load of NYT BS as usual.

    maybe obama’s foreign policy just sucks.

  8. 90404

    Alternative Right:
    The film was supposedly funded by an California real-estate developer who describes himself as an “Israeli Jew”
    . Meanwhile, the Sanhedrin over at the Atlantic repudiates it as the work of goyim. Inquiring minds want to know!

    [Yes we do!]

  9. Seraphim

    Good to remind the definition of insanity attributed to Albert Einstein: “Doing the same thing in the same way and expecting different results” (In fact it was Benjamin Franklin who said that, but we always have to credit a Jew with famous quotes!).
    It was irresistibly brought to my mind after reading the post of Pepe Escobar of 12 Sept in Asia Times Online “Ground Zero redux” :”We all remember the mujaheddin in the photo side-by-side with Ronald Reagan; they were cherished as ‘freedom fighters’. Blowback was inevitable in Afghanistan – AS IT WILL BE IN LYBIA and northern Africa, and Syria and the Middle East”. It was just few hours before the prediction was materialized in Benghazi!
    Benjamin Franklin again: “A great Empire, like a great cake, is most easily diminished at the Edges”.

  10. Well it terms out that “Sam Bacile” is not a Jewish real estate magnate but a Coptic Christian exilee from Egypt by the name of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula.

    So it turns out that yes, indeed, someone from the Coptic community here in the US made this. Bah! Deceitful Christian. Besides, the production values are just too horrible, even for the stingiest Jew. It has the fingerprints of “lazy insane end of times Christian” all over it.

    Still, I wouldn’t doubt Israeli dual citizens behind this and the timing of the attacks on the embessy. For that despicable creature, Mitt Romney, who hobnobs with AIPAC and will ask “how high” when Netanyahu will say “jump” (if he’s elected) came to and left his “press conference” this morning looking like the cat that swallowed the canary. Problem for Mittens is, he just sunk his campaign and won’t get to ask “how high”.

  11. Seraphim


    It has all the marks of “Jewish humor” which characterize the anti-Arab Hasbara productions (genre Sasha Baron Cohen). It is the same kind of humor that underpins the “art” of the “anti-Putin, anti Russian Orthodoxy” group Voina (with its subgroup, the notorious pussies in revolt) which clearly points at their common source.

  12. Christian W

    I saw Sean Penn’s new movie, where he plays a retired rock star, has as a plot driving mechanism Penn’s character on a quest to avenge his father’s suffering during the [Jews exclusive] Holocaust TM. How inane, the movie could have had a hundred more plausible plot devices than the Holocaust but no.

    As for the murdered US ambassador. If he had been buggered with a knife, what would Hillary and Obama have said? This killing was apparently “”outrageous and shocking” [Obama] while performed by “a small and savage group” [Hillary]. Where is the glee now, Hillary? These “savage people” are the people Obama and Hillary support in Syria.


    ELAINE: Al Qaeda was a CIA operation and the CIA still funds various al Qaeda clones and groups. The entire US political system in DC supports radicalizing the Muslims and destroying civil authority, note that quite a few secular leaders in Muslim states are being actively undermined by the CIA and Mossad acting in concert with each other.

  13. emsnews

    To all who think I should ask everyone to sit out this election: that is insanity. Handing over even more power to the US Taliban Christians is crazy!

    Look, I wish we had real choices but really, fixing the loss of various Constitutional rights by letting fascists take totally over by not voting is the stupidest response, ever.

    I have some desire to keep what civil rights I still have. The suppression of demonstrations here is old hat, it began during the Vietnam war and only got worse as the US/anti-Muslim wars have proliferated.

  14. itrucker

    Jesus is Lord!

  15. One thing I agree with all the religious wing nuts out there is that we are approaching end of times rapidly. But all the other stuff, I don’t have any affinity for. There is probably no “God” out there, but there is an equilibrium that nature will always try to maintain. We are an unbalanced species that is unbalancing this whole planet and nature will take its course. I’m rooting for nature by the way!

  16. N00b


    Re this:
    “The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims – as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions.
    Today, the 11th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, Americans are honoring our patriots and those who serve our nation as the fitting response to the enemies of democracy. Respect for religious beliefs is a cornerstone of American democracy. We firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others.”

    Remember his ‘response’ [cough] to the killings at Fort Hood [that are not classified as terrorism, let along Islamic terrorism]?
    He said ‘ lets no rush to judgement’.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    I would think that you, a long-time reader of Elaine’s, would finally understand the POINTS SHE HAS BEEN TRYING TO MAKE. To wit:

    Blowback is a motherfucker when you’re playing both sides of the Muslim coin.

    To spell this out for you: The US is trying very, very hard to gin up support to attack and blow Iran back to the stone age. The US needs what? The SUPPORT OF OTHER MUSLIMS to accomplish this goal.

    So yes, President Obama will absolutely apologize, if that is what he did, to Muslims for pissing them off. Don’t you already know that Muslims will fuck you over if you 1) insult the Prophet; 2) insult the Koran? Haven’t you learned this yet? And why is this bad? Say one bad thing about the Jews–just see what happens. In fact, I don’t recall Jews ever making fun of their religion, although Christians will do so, as per Monty Python and The Family Guy.

    So if somebody has some nuts, why don’t they put up a YouTube video that makes fun of Jews in a similar vein? What difference does it make if we REALLY have free speech? What could possibly go wrong?

    Iran was a democracy under Mossadegh back in the ’50’s already. What happened? The US and the Seven Sisters, via the CIA, overthrew that democracy and installed Shah Pahlavi. And finally, the people of Iran revolted and threw that tyrant out. And now we have what we have today. Are you happy now? No, huh?

    And yes, piggybacking on your comment from yesterday, but without the brackets: IT IS THE FAULT OF EVIL WHITE MEN. Blowback is a motherfucker. And not only are they evil, they are stupid. They never learn. Or maybe stupidity, like confusion, is a hallmark of evil.

    As to voting: I am voting for Obama. The rest of you all who are not, please vote for the independent candidate of your choice, or as 90404 has noted, don’t vote at all. In fact, tell your like-minded friends: Vote independent, or don’t vote at all. That’ll show em!

  17. DeVaul

    Well, the fact that floridasandy has asked us not to vote for Obama (while being silent about “Rich Romney the Jewish Slave”) has caused me to reconsider whether I will take the time to actually vote or not. Romney would be a total disaster for us, but it still puts a foul taste in my mouth to vote for a gangster. I just don’t know yet.

  18. Christian W

    Of course Romney would be a total disaster for you. But so is Obama. Obama may at least be a little saner and not push the red button outright, and that does count for something.

    But at the end of the day voting for either of these will have the same end result. It really is high time to pull the fingers out and start to bring the US back to reality. Voting Obama will only take you further down the road towards hell.

    Voting Obama legitimizes the system and it’s drive to more wars. I agree with Elaine’s answer to my highly rhetorical comment above (#12). As I’ve often stated the only logical conclusion to the US problems as they stand now is a military attack on Iran to get control of the oil and keep the petro dollar system alive as long as possible. However, we all know that down that road lies WWIII. Voting for Obama is voting for WAR, there is no way you can argue around that point.

    After four more years of Obama the Republican candidate, even if it is a crazier version of Romney, will be a shoe in. And where will that leave you?

    The time for hand-wringing and nitpicking and rationalizing is over. Take the pain now, without war, like the Russians did, or take the pain WITH a major war (quite possibly WWIII) on top.

  19. 90404

    Meanwhile, back to the [trailer?] for this badly made film.
    Who made it?
    Is it the cause of the diplomats death or was the killing / attack planned for months?

  20. 90404

    Christian, did you know Sean Penn is jewish? [big surprise, eh?].

    I dont know much about the Arab Spring, etc.
    Is Obamas plan, including Arab Spring, to make a big enough mess so that USA has a reason to invade Iran?

    Sounds like some tale from an old ‘Hal Lindsay’ book!

  21. MikeM

    90404, there’s no doubt in my mind that “Arab Spring” is a massive CIA anti-Muslim, pro-zionist misadventure. But that’s just my opinion. As far as our looming elections are concerned, either choice (since nobody thinks voting for a third party is viable) is a mistake.

    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” JFK, our last REAL president.

  22. 90404

    Mike, I thought obama was ‘less than friendly to Israel’? Yet he did support AS, yes?


    Seraphim Good to remind the definition of insanity attributed to Albert Einstein: “Doing the same thing in the same way and expecting different results” . THAT IS NOT A DEFINITION OF INSANITY.
    Have you ever practiced [sport, music] ???
    ……you do it over and over and if you are mindful and ‘have the ingredients’ get a different result.

    If you want to see insanity, youtube/ Timothy Treadwell.

  23. emsnews

    Why on earth would Israel, very happy with the Egyptian dictator, conspire to remove him and replace him with the Muslim Brotherhood?

    They are very, very upset about this! They hate the revolt, greatly. The revolt wasn’t run by the US, either, which tried desperately to keep a lid on it.

  24. Jim R

    We were against All-queedah, before we were for it, before we were against it, before…

    We are at war with Westasia. We have always been at war with Westasia.

    This is NOT about religion, mostly. It is mostly about the natives of countries that have been looted and pillaged and left in poverty (where they used to be relatively prosperous), getting together to DO something about it.

  25. Seraphim

    Insanity is to feed the hand that bites you. Like the children who get bitten by the animals in the zoo because they believe they are like the cartoons animals.

  26. We Americans will not recognize the real demon in these demonstrations; it is the sellout of our national honor for pac monies and other perks to Congress, the slaves of fanatic zionist movements. The die is cast for the death of all of us in what our country had been years ago before the zionists took control of the United States. What a shame we cannot march on the offices of AIPAC and burn their zionist flag of Israel right in front of them. It won’t bring back the thousands and thousands of Palestinians who have died at these murderous zionists’ hands, but at least it would bring back some of our honor thrown away.

  27. Seraphim

    @Why on earth would Israel…?

    Israel has reasons that normal reason does not understand (to paraphrase Pascal). Why on earth did Israel backed Georgia in its insane attack on Russia? Why did Israel support the “freedom fighters” (Al Qaeda!) in former Yugoslavia? Why can’t Jews sleep when Khodorkovski is not free? And the Patriarch with the golden watch “persecute” the “pussies” (who BTW are Jewish).

  28. 90404

    So 2 immigrants, both Christians, used their right to free speech and made a clip that appeared on Youtube. Yes?

    Heres something from ‘newsbusters’:

    The caption accompanying a September 13 TIME magazine photo slide tags the filmmakers behind “The Innocence of Muslims” as “Islamophobes” while those rioting in the Arab street supposedly in reaction against said film are merely “orthodox Muslims.”:

  29. @90404. Orthodox Muslims, eh? If they’re right, it shows that Islam is a religious psychosis.

  30. It is very clear, indeed, that the video’s producer is an American Jew with dual citizenship, and has been described as an extremist zionist. This zionist was/is part of a conspiracy conducted by Mossad under the direction of Netanyahu to rile up Muslims right at the time of the American Election time and Netanyahu’s efforts to draw the U.S. into another war on behalf of Israel’s desire and efforts to maintain total hegemony in the M.E. AIPAC funds paid for this video!

  31. Whew………………….! What naivete! There are some gentiles who “acted” in this video, to be sure, for pay. But the conceptuality of it, its direction, its funding came right out of Washington in the AIPAC offices of AIPACERS who conspire frequently with Mossad leadership and Mossad operatives right in Washington and elsewhere in the U.S. to spread disinformation, Israeli propaganda, email stories, and hate materials about Muslims, all designed to get more support from Americans for Israeli aims and objectives. They are masters at it, and they consider themselves already at war with all Muslims, and, indeed, in calculated mis-doings and propaganda, they are. Mossad operatives are frequent lunchers with AIPAC personnel, right under the watchful ears, eyes, and noses of the F. B. I.

  32. @Barney: And why would Israeli dual citizens endanger Israel’s existence by getting the Muslims all worked up?

    I still maintain that “Evangelical Christians” are behind it, to bring on the apocalyopse!

  33. They do not feel that they are endangering Israel in any way; au contraire, they are enabling Israel in its overall propaganda. The holy rollers encamped with them are absolutely thrilled to see their very own prophecies about prophecies coming to what they hope is fruition – pathetic, and most of their leaders have been on paid-for junkets by Israel, for they are THE GREAT PARTNER ENABLERS of Israeli apartheid policies and land-grabbing. What harm these policies cost us in honor, fortune and self-respect as a country mean absolutely nothing to either of these people. The American Zionists are paying our senators and congressmen and women to support their dirty work with PAC monies and their media support in elections. Mossad operatives on the Hill have the dirt on so many of these guys and shrewdly let them know that they’ve got the goods on them, so that they dare not whimper a contrary word about anything, especially when they have added profit, and paid-for junkets to experience “high life” in cosmopolitan Tel Aviv. They have made a sham of what once was a great democracy. Most of our politicians are scared ..itless vis-a-vis AIPAC.

  34. Seraphim

    This is absolutely true. Netanyahu did not waste a moment to link the attacks on the American Embassies with the “unbelievable fanaticism” of Iranian leadership, “warning” against possession of nuclear weapons by those “fanatics” and ordering their “Schwartza” in the White House to bomb Iran “while is still time”. Can one have any doubt who really concocted the “film”?

  35. American Jews work feverishly to dispel any notions of their collusion with Israeli fanatics for moving toward “Eretz Israel.” They do greatly fear that anti-Israel feelings in the U.S. will turn into a national boycott against Jewish owned corporations, and businesses. And they have worked tirelessly to have so-called “Anti-Hate Laws” passed which attempt to preclude things from getting to the point where their machinations backfire on them with a massive national boycott in retaliation. (I hope that this never comes about.) The Holy Rollers are legion in number and can always be counted on to support the extremist fanatic zionists.

  36. Today’s revelations of Romney’s tale of having Netanyahu’s Israeli “consultant” aides working his campaign for him prompts me to ask the question: WHO ARE THESE ISRAELIS working for Romney? Are they Mossad agents in disguise as so-called consultants? We need Romney and his crew to identify these agents of Netanyahu who are working Romney’s campaign. Let each of us, pondering the implications of Romney’s admission of this fact, demand, in the various comment forums, the identities of Netanyahu’s “consultants.”

  37. I ask this question because I think that we, the American People, have a right to know who these foreign nationals, consultant’s of PM Netanyahu’s, are – who are working in Romney’s campaign offices. We have a right to expect that the F. B. I. and the CIA can establish whether or not they are operatives, part of Israel’s Intelligence establishment! Little wonder that Romney spouts the b.s. he gives relative to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. How long have these consultants been in the U. S? Do they have green cards enabling them to work in the U. S? Or are they doing their work in the Romney campaign as a labor of love on behalf of Netanyahu? Are they actually being paid by AIPAC under cover? There are any number of “whats” to consider.

  38. 90404

    Barney, are you aware of the California prop that makes ‘slandering Israel illegal as hate speech’?
    It wont pass.

  39. I am not aware of this prop; they can damned well put me in jail, and my martydom will not be one dumb. The chickens will come home to roost in due time.

  40. Mutohir ibn abdulazeez

    When let americans produce the man (sam bacile)we muslims want to hear from him the reason why he made the film,because our noble prophet did not deserve that from anyone.

  41. Please understand that most of us Christian Americans have our hands tied behind our backs while the Jews manipulate all thought about the Middle East. They pay in so many different ways these sheister politicians to do Israel’s bidding for dirty work, particularly against the Palestinians. They like nothing more than to incite American public opinion against Muslims and Arabs. Remember that they own all of the US Media, TV with News Programs, Radio, and all the Newspapers and Magazines. It is this element in the United States who are able to contribute money to all Israeli institutions, public and private, and declare the contribution as a tax write-off. The same is true for Jewish owned corporations, and unincorporated Jewish owned businesses. When I say that our hands are tied behind our backs, I mean that quite figuratively, because there is nothing that we can do about it. AIPAC (the umbrella organization representing all Jewish organizations in the United States) has corrupted the politics of this country. And you must proclaim these facts to the masses of Arabs and Muslims. It is not the vast majority of American Gentiles and Christians who are at fault, and we are not the ones with whom you should make war against in the demonstrations. Perhaps at a certain point it is conceivable that we will have a leader who will wrest their control of us out of their hands.

  42. Lest I come across ambiguously, let me also clearly restate my first comment about Jewish contributions to all Israeli institutions, both public and private. Not only can Jewish owned corporations and unincorporated businesses contribute to them, but individual rich American Jews can pare down their income tax load by writing off their income tax to the United States Government for each contribution they make to an Israeli institution. This is in addition to their (AIPAC)payment of PAC monies to U.S. politicians to skew everything in their favor vis-a-vis them as a community, and in favor of direct money aid to Israel. And so, let me be very clear about this: even their contributions to AIPAC, basically a foreign organization, are all income tax deductible.

    And they consider these truths stated to be hate speech and declare that I am anti-semitic. Nothing could be further from the truth. I do, however, hate what they have done to our country over the long haul, but I cannot find it in my heart to hate any Jew for being a Jew. And that emotion is the basis of what anti-semitism is. I lament pogroms, and persecution which they have undergone, but I also look at what they have done in the ME, particularly to the Palestinians, and I see red.

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