Enraged Muslims Riot In More And More Countries

The above picture is a screen shot of The New York Times front page.  The fact that Mitt Romney Attacks President Obama Over Libya Crisis  has gotten him a lot of bad press.  Of course, what isn’t being explained very well in the media is how the Libyan chaos was engineered by the CIA and the US pushed very hard and quite illegally to hamstring Gaddafi after he disarmed at US request and then deposed him quite violently.  The US praised the rioters and revolting forces back then and has tried, quite in vain, to now suppress them as the NATO powers seek mainly to exploit the oil profits, redirecting these from social services towards EU and US banks.


The need to recapitalize the NATO banking system is a key element in US policies abroad.  The need to steal oil profits motivates and excites the various men who fund our political campaigns here at home.  The price of gasoline in the US has shot upwards as I predicted due to the tremendous efforts of Hillary Clinton to enforce an oil embargo on Iran and this is hurting our own economy.


As winter lurks in the background, ready to spring at us, volcanoes are erupting in Central America, Japan and Aleutian Islands which will make this winter cooler than last year if these volcanoes increase their activity.  The money charged for all forms of energy shoots upwards when the price of oil rises which is why so many rich people at the top who speculate in energy markets all love the Iran boycott.


9/11 was seen abroad as a natural outcome of US policies directed at the Palestinians giving them absolutely nothing in exchange for them losing their homes and religious sites.  The State Department recognized the dire need for appeasing the Palestinians before persuading the UN to support the US invasion of Afghanistan.  It turned out that Bush Jr.’s historic speech at the UN talking about Palestine’s right for self rule was a pack of cynical lies and when Obama went to Cairo and did the exact same thing Bush Jr. did at the UN, he was praised overseas but couldn’t get Congress to back him up and instead, Congress went entirely over to Netanyahu and basically declared war on all Islam.


This isn’t a new war nor is it a surprise.  It has been going on ever since the Zionists in Europe, long before WWII and Hitler, openly declared they would colonize the Holy Land and displace the natives living there.  Looking into the past, consider the trigger for the 1967 war, the  Samu Incident – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


For three years King Hussein of Jordan had been meeting clandestinely with Israeli Foreign Minister, Golda Meir, and Prime Minister’s deputy, Abba Eban, concerning peace and mutually secure borders. On the night of November 11, an Israeli border patrol vehicle carrying policemen drove over a mine near the Israeli-Jordanian border, killing three and wounding six;[1] the mine was reportedly planted by al-Fatah men.[2] On November 12, King Hussein sent a letter of condolence to Israeli Prime Minister Levi Eshkol, via the U.S. embassy in Amman.


From there it was sent to U.S. ambassador Walworth Barbour at the embassy in Tel-Aviv; instead of forwarding it to the prime minister, he left the letter on his desk – assuming it was not important and there was no rush.[3] According to another version of the story, the letter reached Barbour on the 11th (a Friday), but he delayed passing it on due to the coming Sabbath.[4] Early on the morning of November 13, King Hussein received an unsolicited message from his Israeli contacts stating that Israel had no intention of attacking Jordan.[3] Early the same day also, the Israeli military mobilized 3000-4000 troops, and sent about 600 of these, with 60 half-tracks and 11 tanks, across the border into the Jordanian-controlled West Bank…


According to Tom Segev, Israel’s goal in the operation was to demolish houses in Palestinian villages located south of Hebron as a show of force to preempt future Palestinian violence.[5] Israel hoped that the residents of those villages would appeal to King Hussein to tame al-Fatah and other Palestinian militant groups.[2] Additionally, Israel aimed to warn Jordan as well as Syria of its military strength and tactics, without actually confronting the Jordanian Armed Forces.


Far from stopping the insanity, the US has been artfully encouraging it.  The Israelis provoke their neighbors over and over again.  For some odd (hahaha) reason, normal diplomatic methods fail to operate between Israel and its neighbors and the US is the (hahaha) stumbling lout that shows diplomatic ineptitude.  All causing Israel to have one excuse after another to invade neighbors or destroy more Palestinian villages.


Naturally, this seething mess is translated by the US media as a good guys/bad guys configuration with that Muslims clearly the ‘bad guys’.  When Israel’s military deliberately ran over Rachel Corrie, they dragged their feet getting around to investigating this murder and then exonerated themselves and the US response was nothing.  The US response to the report of the killing of another US protestor on a Turkish ship also went silent.


Anyone supporting the right of Palestinians to have their homes and have a country that gives them civil rights is a target for elimination by Zionists and the US government does absolutely nothing to protect citizens being killed by the IDF.  Much less, protest the crude, vicious suppression of the Palestinians by the Zionists.


This bleeding sore was made much worse this 9/11 anniversary.  Both political parties defied the Ron Paul and the antiwar left to insert provocative language about Jerusalem in both party platforms.  This didn’t launch the present riots, it just fueled the rage that exploded so violently. Demonstrations spread over anti-Islam film as the people of Yemen give vent to impotent rage.


If we were interested in spreading secularist civil rights, stopping actions such as these: 

the US must first turn to the European and American Jews who run the ethnic cleansing game in the Middle East and severely condemn this and immediately impose an embargo on Israeli goods and cut all funding of Israel.  But of course, the opposite is happening.  Israel tells us what it wants in US treasure and military protection and then we mindlessly give it to them even though this is bad for the US, bad for people wishing for secular freedom in Muslim nations and of course, the greater mass of Jewish people who don’t live in Israel and thus, gain nothing good from this insane fascist push for more territory and more power in Israel.


US warships steam towards Libya coast as the Japan’s new ambassador to China collapses prior to being sent to a very angry China where demonstrators have burned Japanese flags, stormed around Japanese consulate buildings, etc.  The arrogant rulers of Japan, secure in the knowledge that the US has pledged to back even grossly aggressive territorial demands of Tokyo, are cheerfully fanning the fires in both Koreas and China hoping to restart their empire even as they destroy Japan, itself.  Yet again.


The imperialists learned nothing from WWII except how to manipulate the Gaijin who are looked upon as barely smarter than monkeys.  So, Hashimoto formally launches new party to ‘revive glorious Japan’  while some papers in Tokyo grow frightened of the diplomatic disasters unfolding right before their eyes:  Past progress on comfort women issue must not be dropped in heat of moment- 毎日jp(毎日新聞).  The average Japanese has virtually no information about Japanese war crimes.


But then, the US has the same problem.  Our childish need to be #1, to be proud, to strut and fret on the world stage is destroying our ability to reasonably examine what is really going on here.  No one respects a giant nation that lets various foreign powers yank it here or there and do their bidding even if it hurts the US itself.  The US elites know quite cynically, if people across the planet are provoked into hating the US, this is good for various looting expeditions and attacks on rival powers.


That is, far from being peace-loving, our government has the world’s biggest armament, NATO is the world’s biggest military machine and it works for anyone but the European people or the US citizens.  Both the EU and US are falling apart financially and culturally.  And expanding wars isn’t bringing us together, it is fueling race and religious hatred at home, increasing insecurity and causing more pain and suffering, not reducing it.  This religious cold war is burning hotter and hotter and no one at the top is lifting a finger to douse these fires.sunset borger

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11 responses to “Enraged Muslims Riot In More And More Countries

  1. Joseppi

    Today’s burning question is – The film that’s causing quite a stir, Mad Mohammad, despite the corny acting, seems to have some sizable money behind it, Israeli influence and right wing Christians involved. Could it of been made to incite ME unrest just before the elections to put the US in such a predicament that Israel could force an attack on Iran as chaotic extremism runs amok?

  2. Paul S

    “This religious cold war is burning hotter and hotter and no one at the top is lifting a finger to douse these fires.” Of course not. Why would US elites try to stop their warmongering now? It is amazing that the US ruling class actually believes they can be successful in any kind of military confrontation with eithe China, Russia–or both. Of course, it won’t be THEIR kids who will be sacrificed in the coming wars, so I suppose that helps their lust for war alive.

  3. MikeM

    Weird…the first piece of news I saw this late am (when I finally woke up) was the the US embassy in Kuwait had been evacuated.

  4. Christian W

    “On Wednesday, the Chicago Tribune reported on the plans of Democratic Mayor Rahm Emanuel to close between 80 and 120 public schools, mainly in the most impoverished working class parts of the city, including Bronzeville, North Lawndale, Garfield Park and Englewood. This would involve laying off thousands of teachers.

    The Chicago Public Schools (CPS), the third largest school district in the country, currently manages 600 schools. Thus the city aims to eliminate up to one fifth of the public schools.

    At the same time, the Tribune reports, “In a proposal to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, CPS officials have laid out a plan to create 60 more charter schools over five years.” This would bring the total number of charter schools up to 160 and the total number of public schools down to 480…”



    How can you possibly vote for these right wing thugs? This is elite level mental acrobatics and creative ethics of the highest order. 😦

  5. doh

    PressTV is an arm of Iran. Probably the same folks who got occupy NY to show a fake picture of a burning ship when a US naval vessel had a collision in the Straits of Hormuz last month.

    RT news, an arm of Russia on the other hand strangely seems to give the enemies of the financial elite quite a lot of air time.

  6. MikeM

    Here’s an interesting perspective from the Israeli political point of view on the relationship between the Obama white house and Netenyahu. It’s a bit off topic, but anything Middle East related fits into a broad category, imo.


  7. JimmyJ

    It’s an interesting convergence of serious foreign policy issues: the Diaoyu Islands confrontation, accelerating Muslim response to video/general pissed-offed-ness and Israel potentially attacking Iran. Could several concurrent blowups generate a delay or suspension of US elections? I suppose it’s unlikely since even during the Civil War, WW I and II they went ahead. Still, the statements by military and security folks that the homeland has never been under the risk it is now seems to lay the foundation for anything.

  8. Jim R

    Pepe Escobar reckons it might have been a different film:
    “In September 2012, for the first time in three months, al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, aka The Surgeon, released a 42-minute video special to “celebrate” the 11th anniversary of 9/11, finally admitting the snuffing out of his number two.

    “His number two was none other than Abu Yahya al-Libi – targeted by one of US President Barack Obama’s cherished drones in Waziristan on June 4.”


  9. Being There

    Yes, Elaine

    I call it Pax Americana–this global war game in both finance and military. It’s the only thing we make.

    ps, Jim R.
    Love Pepe Escobar! I read him regularly on Asia Times online.

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