US And Japan Rich Toss Lower Class Workers Into The Abyss

Paul Ryan booed by seniors at AARP convention over Medicare plan – YouTube

The GOP campaign to erase all social services while paying virtually no taxes rolls relentlessly forwards.  Romney released last year’s taxes after not taking all his deductions because he wanted it to show him paying at least 14% of his income whereas normally, he pays just 9% in taxes.  Both are ridiculously low and totally legal since the very rich have rigged the rules so they pay virtually no taxes and can park nearly all their profits overseas while importing their goods to our country which they use as their muscle for enforcing international deals.


The Romney Richie Rich campaign gets another blow as the top advisor departs to become a bank lobbyist:  Pawlenty to step down as national co-chair of Romney’s presidential campaign to take job at bank lobbying group | Mail Online


As the industry’s top lobbyist, Pawlenty will play a major role in the industry’s efforts to make new Dodd-Frank rules, which Congress passed in 2010 in response to the 2007-2009 financial crisis, more favorable for Wall Street as regulators implement the law…The Financial Services Roundtable represents 100 integrated financial services companies and accounts for $92.7 trillion in managed assets, $1.2 trillion in revenue, and 2.3 million jobs, according to the group.


The two-term ex-governor of a Democratic-leaning state was on Arizona Sen. John McCain’s short list for the vice presidential spot in 2008.


All the libertarians who were against the ‘banksters’ should vote against the GOP to punish it.  Yes, this means voting for Democrats who are partially owned by bankers.  But the GOP is not only owned by them, it actively embraces their many crimes.  Enthusiastically.  So, by punishing the GOP by voting for pro-choice/anti-discrimination of women Democrats, the libertarians can free themselves of the taint that covered Ron Paul.  That is, Paul is anti-civil rights and anti-women controlling their own sex lives.


I don’t expect any libertarians to do this, of course.  They could, of course, fight hard for the alternate third party candidates.  But the local libertarians around my home are not doing this.  They still think Ron Paul, a man who has basically disappeared after flying off in his private plane, is the man.  Meanwhile, the remaining Democrats who have something to say about this mess are at it again:  Senate accuses Microsoft and HP of avoiding billions in taxes by shifting assets overseas | Mail Online


U.S.-based companies can avoid taxes on much money earned abroad by asserting that they have invested those funds offshore or plan to do so.  Executives of both Microsoft and HP said they have complied with American tax laws


Of course, they complied with our laws which they happened to write, themselves!  Everything they do is perfectly legal and they pay a lot of money during elections and hiring Congress critters after they leave office, to insure that they get this legal protection.  This is why the Supreme Court ruling negating nearly all previous election laws forbidding funds this way is so very destructive.


The lack of any regulation is coupled with the ending of the equal time act which meant no one could make any sort of lie or defamation on TV without also giving exactly the same amount of time for the victim to answer.  I used the equal time act several times to appear on major TV in NYC in the past.  This was a great tool for people who are fighting the power structure which is why they got rid of it as fast as they could.


As for the fanatics at the retrograde churches supporting the GOP: Mormon church threatens to excommunicate member who criticized Romney.  Beware of Trojan horses!  The GOP also spent a huge amount of effort convincing white people that the darker skinned half-white guy in the White House is a secret Muslim.  Meanwhile, secretive religious factions running the GOP do all sorts of creepy things without blinking an eye.   The gang at the top of the GOP also used the Hasbra tool (many advisors are Israelis) telling white church goers that the Taliban are going to take over and take away women’s rights.  Even though this Taliban are the white Christians, themselves, in the GOP.


Clinging to the GOP as their ship sinks, whites, especially in the former Confederate states, see their lives in full decline. It is so horrible now, their Life Expectancy for Less Educated Whites in U.S. Is Shrinking –


Researchers have long documented that the most educated Americans were making the biggest gains in life expectancy, but now they say mortality data show that life spans for some of the least educated Americans are actually contracting. Four studies in recent years identified modest declines, but a new one that looks separately at Americans lacking a high school diploma found disturbingly sharp drops in life expectancy for whites in this group…By 2008, life expectancy for black women without a high school diploma had surpassed that of white women of the same education level, the study found…White men lacking a high school diploma lost three years of life.


These are the people being told Obamacare is evil and dangerous.  They are increasingly drug addicts.  They have no hope for any sane future and live increasingly depressed lives and the barrier between themselves and the despised races who are considered inferior to them are  merging.  That is, they are all becoming ‘niggers’.  This derogatory term applies totally.


During the Civil War, the poor whites of the south were terrified of losing their privileged position vis a vis slaves.  Of course, the slaves displaced them so they were made poorer and poorer because they were competing with labor that cost less and the laborers could be severely beaten if they didn’t perform!  Being able to spit on the slaves while walking around proudly in rags was the last vestige of power of the southern poor whites.  And they clung to this power for a long, long time during the Jim Crow years.


Now, they are still petted and praised by rich bankers from the northern states who use their votes quite cynically so they can expand the power of the rich elites who look down on them as fools, sheep to be fleeced, as people to be conned with lies about say, medical care overseas which is so superior to the US system.


Enough of the US insanity!  Our endless wars against Muslims are backfiring and we are going bankrupt because of this and it isn’t even a campaign issue with anyone, not even the ‘Muslim’ in the White House who is a Christian.  In Europe, as it collapses, desperate governments seek to tax the rich and this means attacking all the bank havens starting with the Swiss Banks  Which Stand to Lose Hundreds of Billions.


The hunt is on!  The states must survive and taxing the poor doesn’t cut it.  They must tax the rich and the rich are quite slippery, they will move from place to place seeking somewhere to hide their wealth.  Meanwhile, the systems that protect them all staggers towards bankruptcy.  Eventually, all of these dictatorships and screwed up ‘democracies’ that protect the very rich will become a machine to seek them out and not tax them but eliminate them all.


The #1 place where this has been stalled out nearly totally is Japan.  Japan isn’t seeking to tax the rich at all.  Japan’s Next Leader Faces One of World’s Toughest Jobs – Bloomberg


A case in point would be to approve plans by Masayoshi Son, the billionaire chief executive officer of Softbank Corp., to spend about $1 billion building 10 giant solar farms. They are snarled in red tape, sending a dispiriting message to other would-be investors at a time when Japan needs lots of alternatives to nuclear power.


Noda’s biggest failing, in our view, is a lack of vision and imagination. He won kudos for doubling Japan’s consumption tax to 10 percent to pay down public debt. Yet raising taxes on a population traumatized by two decades of economic drift and last year’s earthquake was taking the easy road. It’s a quicker route, certainly, than shaking up a change-resistant economic and political system. It’s about time Japan’s leaders choose the road less taken.


Prime minister from 2001 to 2006, Junichiro Koizumi was the closest thing Japan has had in decades to an economic reformer. He reduced wasteful public-works spending, put deregulation on the table and privatized the vast postal system, which ran the world’s biggest savings bank.


So, it is brave to double taxes on the poor!  HAHAHA.  Poor Richie Rich Japan!  As the billionaires have money to throw around, they have to double the sales tax on the poor.  Typical.  This is exactly the system the US is copying.  Bigger and bigger government deficits, lots of warmonger talk and imperialist gestures coupled with reduction of services to the masses and higher taxes on the lowest levels while billionaires complain they can’t build solar farms.


Note that none of these clowns offer to put solar panels on every roof!  In the US, this is also not encouraged.  They always talk about huge, disgusting solar ‘farms’ that cause more ecological problems whereas, using existing roofs and letting the homeowners keep the energy profits is the last thing these guys want.


The economic war with China is taking its toll in Japan as China tightens customs inspections for Japanese products.  Japan exports Chinese-made goods to the US and pockets the profits while the China statistics with US trade looks really bad.  The US corporations do this, too.  Then, they tell the Chinese they are evil for exporting to the US.  This is why they park their money overses: to invest in China, for example, and then import into the US.  This is what is not being debated during this election.  


As Japan reels from trade war with China which is now actively attacking Japanese interests deep inside of China, we have Fukushima continuing to destroy Japan from within:  告発2 – YouTube

Worker At Fukushima Daiichi Exposes Labor Conditions | SimplyInfo


He was given a pre-filled resume to use that claimed he had previous nuclear experience that he did not have.
They attended a 1 day seminar as the extent of their radiation safety training.
They were misinformed that exposure to 1mSv of radiation would “go back to zero” in 8 days.
He was told he would be checking in/out equipment and doing radiation survey.
His actual work involved changing the agitator in the Areva decontamination system (high dose work).
He was told this high dose work was the same as the exposure other workers at the plant received daily.
There are many 18-19 year old workers at the plant.


The workers being rounded up to do dangerous work are young males.  Their reproductive systems take a hammering and they will be increasingly unable to have children who aren’t deformed in some way and they also will have health problems later in life.


They are lied to about the dangers, of course.  If this is true, it should be investigated by it isn’t being investigated because the government of Japan is more interested in some uninhabited islands and doesn’t give a damn about the Japanese underclass that is suffering so hideously under high taxes and poor services.  When Chernobyl blew up, the Soviet rulers decided to use ‘human robots’ since mechanical robots broke down too fast, to clean up.


These ‘human robots’ were not robots, they were all real human beings with real feelings, not slaves.  But they were treated like slaves and used and then discarded.  Most of them have died due to the exposure.  The callus treatment of citizens is a feature of more than one country.  Countries that do this gain power and their rich get richer.  So, while protecting themselves from dangers, they carelessly fling everyone else into the abyss to die.  And they don’t care.  Not at all.

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44 responses to “US And Japan Rich Toss Lower Class Workers Into The Abyss

  1. Being There

    I just posted this on another site:

    Cutting taxes for the wealthy to create jobs is not going to do anything for job growth. Read one of the creators of supply side economics, Paul Craig Roberts. He’s being interviewed by Torture Magazine about what we’re doing around the world.

    What you need to understand is that he separates the principles of supply side from neoliberal globalism which he says is turning the USA into a third world country. Please read his interview it’s truly an interesting read by one who was once in a powerful position and is now fighting everyday against the system.

    [The era of jobs offshoring began. US corporations, pressed by Wall Street for higher profits, by large retailers such as WalMart, and by the cap that Congress placed on executive pay that is not performance based, moved the production of goods for US markets offshore where labor costs were a small fraction of US wages. This development caused profits to rise, but separated American consumers from the incomes associated with the goods and services that they consume. The same happened to professional service jobs, such as software engineering, Information Technology, and research and design. The ladders for upward mobility for Americans were dismantled. Wages and employment fell, medical benefits were lost, and careers disappeared.

    The system by which First World corporations offshore the production of goods and services that they market in their home countries is called “globalism.” Globalism is turning the US into a third world country. For the past two decades, the only jobs the US economy has been able to create are in lowly paid domestic services, such as waitresses, bartenders, and hospital orderlies. There has been no increase in real income for the bulk of the population. The gains in income and wealth are concentrated at the very top, and the distribution of income is now the worst in the developed world and worse than many Third World countries. The economy of the Reagan years is simply gone, disappeared.]

    He talks about torture too. Its too important not to read. Sorry for grandstanding, but it needs to be looked at in a broad way. The medical industry will collapse–it’s way too expensive. It will need to radically change. Paul Ryan is just another small minded fascist.

  2. 90404

    Is the Japanese Mafia making money from ‘The Disaster’?
    Forcing people who owe it money to work on the clean up, for low wages, while collecting ‘good money’ from the government?

  3. nclaughlin

    I just finished reading the article too. He’s mostly correct. But he doesn’t understand (because of his pride as one of the originators of supply side economics) that supply side economics resulted in huge deficits that Japan maliciously offered to fund in exchange for opening up our markets. This is how the export of jobs and technology began.

    As far as the stagflation of the Carter years was concerned, it was the aftereffects of the damaging way the Vietnam War expenses were handled. The Vietnam War was marginally popular, and its marginal popularity would have been destroyed if it were financed by tax increases or other sacrifices.

  4. Being There

    True enough, Nclaughlin
    He does have a blind spot for his theory, but beyond that I give him credit for calling this present situation for what it is and for that reason I read him on a regular basis.
    He seems truly horrified by the direction this country’s taking.

  5. emsnews

    He pushed us off the cliff and then said, ‘Yikes! I am chained to all that’ as he fell, too.

    He still doesn’t say Reagan caused all of this. If I were him, I would slit my belly and die.

  6. Mr Bill

    Well, here is a link to the Romney 2011 tax return for all of us voyeurs. Wow, it is 379 pages long return prepared by Price Waterhouse.

    I am not a tax expert, but I have studied the IRS archives of annual individual tax summaries, and I do my own tax returns. In my opinion, for the best quick summary for tax returns look at (1) Adjusted Gross Income, a measure of starting gross income, (1040 page 1 line 37), (2) Taxable Income, a measure of the total deductions, (1040 page 2 line 43) and (3) Income tax due, a measure of the tax table, (1040 page 2 line 44). The total tax due is the figure that most taxpayers look up in the appropriate tax table.

    In the Romney case, the income tax due (line 44) is $1,340,834. For most taxpayers in 2011, the highest marginal rate was 35% of taxable income greater than $359,150, which should compute out to $3,152,698 for the Romney family (Married Filing Jointly). Hmm, this seems strange and smells a little fishy. What am I missing? I suppose Price Waterhouse knows someting that I don’t. It still seems fishy.

    Then, they add an altenative minimum tax?, SS tax, etc to the total tax due to get the $1,935,708 figure reported in the MSM. But. let’s stay with it. The typical ratio of Taxable Income to Adjusted Gross Income is about 0.86, the typical ratio of Total Tax Due to Adjusted Gross Income is about 0.25 and the typical ratio of Total Tax Due to Taxable Income is about 0.30. But, the respective ratios for the Romney family are 0.64, 0.14 and 0.21. Again, it seems strange that all of these ratios for the Romney family are well below typical for their income bracket.

    Then, I get to the end of the form 1040 and find that the Romney tax return requests that any tax refunds should be set up in an account to apply to future returns. What an idea. I never thought of leaving my check in an account.

  7. MikeM

    Ya know, one thing that really pisses me off is that people can’t believe than a different individual can change their mind on a particular subj. I’ve changed my mind numerous times on issues, as I’m sure most readers here have also.

    That Paul Craig Roberts has changed his mind is an important fact, in it’s own right, let alone what he is saying. He knows more about banking/finance than all us here put together.

    I’m really sick of all the BS about discrediting someone based on their own prior history, when all evidence points to an expanded point of view based on recent developments. It’s just retarded.

    My two cents.

    Oh, and BTW, I’ve also found through personal observation that most people who are rigorous in their belief system on anything on the planet are usually wrong on very important occasions.


    ELAINE: He is kind of late changing his mind…AFTER he made the awful events happen. Stopping BEFORE one acts is highly important in life. Many a guy called ‘mia culpa’ after committing crimes they later regret.

  8. Christian W

    I read that PCR article over at I’ve been reading him for years and to me he is a top voice speaking out against the corruption at the top. I like his economic analysis and in particular the way he keeps track of the increasingly powerful American police state. Nobody is perfect, but to me PCR is one of the sanest voices in the US atm. On this occasion he correctly points out the danger Obama is to the US.

    Craig Roberts:

    “The neoconservatives reasoned that if the executive branch could violate, with impunity, both constitutional and legal prohibitions against torture, the precedent could be expanded to habeas corpus, due process, and to free speech, free assembly, (protests) and to criticism of the government’s policies, which is being redefined as “aiding and abetting terrorism.”

    Once law and the Constitution could be side-lined, the regime could escape war criminal accountability for its wars of naked aggression. President Obama won the presidential election, because voters expected him to stop the wars, stop the torture, and to hold the Bush regime criminals accountable.

    However, Obama found the new powers convenient and held on to them and expanded them. He refused to hold the Bush regime criminals accountable. He had the illegal and unconstitutional powers asserted by the Bush regime codified in US law. And Obama asserted new powers—the right to murder American citizens of whom he was suspicious, without due process of law. What the Bush and Obama regimes have done is to turn the United States into a Gestapo-like police state. Prior to Bush/Obama it was illegal for the government to spy on Americans without cause presented to a court, which, if convinced, would provide a warrant. Now every aspect of Americans’ lives are routinely watched, their movements, their emails, their internet usage, and even their purchases. Not only are air travelers subjected to intimate searches, but train and bus travelers too, and car and truck traffic on interstate highways is stopped and searched. There have been no terrorist attacks on trains, buses, or highway travel. Yet, the freedom of mobility in the US has been compromised even more than it was in the Soviet Union with the system of internal passports.”

    All of that is true, to vote for Obama is to support the above. I don’t see how anyone can ignore Obama’s appalling record and actively support him. Voting for Obama is to give up dissent.

  9. Christian W


    I agree with you. People must be allowed to change their views and opinions.

  10. emsnews

    But we have to pay for previous bad choices first!

    This is step #1 in the process of undoing crimes. He still thinks Reagan was someone nice and not a traitor who sold us to the Japanese industrialists for $2.5 million dollars in bribes.

    I am glad he thinks things are rotten now but when he first enabled Reagan he set us on a disastrous course. I find that hard to forgive. I could foresee what his actions would cause back when he was causing them. His previous blindness is to me, unforgivable.

  11. Being There

    To vote for Romney is the same. He has a group of foreign advisers that have dual citizenship with the US and Israel and all the same neocons that were around for W.

    This political system is what I call going nowhere fast. Romney is a front for the neocons, Obama for the Trilateral (ZBIGNIEW).

    Please understand that this is a duopoly and not distinctly different agendas. There are some differences about culture and taxes but a the end of the day we the people have not been represented in years and the tax dollars are going to the Chinese who are loaning us the money to run this insane operation.

  12. Being There

    PS, PCR doesn’t like Romney either!

  13. tom jones

    @MikeM. agree. a great example is the creator of the NeverGetBustedAgain videos. Barry Cooper, a former star narcotics agent wises up and makes amends as best he can.

  14. Being There

    PCR inhabits a strange corner in our political dialog no doubt and his refusal to see what he enabled is indeed a blind and unforgivable stance, but today he is looking at what is happening to this country and at least he has put his reputation on the line at his own dismissal of editor at WSJ. He’s left on the fringe and I think he’s really speaking out on all things current, now.

    At least we should give him credit for that…

  15. DeVaul

    You are all right about Paul Craig Roberts. He does have the right to change his mind and come forth with information that we did not know, but Elaine is also right that he cannot cast a cloak of invisibility over his former patron forever. He must own up to the fact that the disaster started under his watch, and was pushed forward by his patron: Ronald Reagan.

    Changing your mind is often a very good thing, but it also goes hand-in-hand with admitting that you were once wrong.

  16. larry, dfh

    Gracious Hostess has written about how evolution occurs most spectacularly under near-extinction conditions. Those are the conditions in which I hope to put the Democrats: evolve or perish. Currently, for both parties, it’s all about the top line on the check, the Payee.
    About Chernobyl, there are press-whore, including on npr, that insist that no one was killed.

  17. Being There

    I received a link to this from MoveOn that I find rather amusing:
    Five Guys Took A Boy Band Anthem And Created One Of The Best Romney Parodies, Hands Down.

  18. MikeM

    The problem with admitting that you have changed your mind when you are a highly visible political player is that the dumb ass American public with then say “he’s a flip-flopper,” “he’s admitted that he’s been wrong before, so why trust him now?”

    It’s the public’s fault that he doesn’t come clean with admission of prior guilt. He want’s to set things straight, and is going about it in the best way that he can, unfortunately in this case Elaine’s .opinion of him proves the point.

    Elaine, I’m sorry to say I’m disappointed with you on this. We don’t need to burn people who are on our side at the stake. We need more people on our side, not less.

    BTW, a tidbit of great internet news coverage…Google “The Young Turks.”

  19. Christian W

    @Being There

    Yes, I am well aware of futility of voting within this “system” that is remote controlled by various parasitic groups controlling the corrupt political (and legal etc) systems. The US has parasites in the brain and is slowly but clearly going insane. As for Romney he is even worse and more radical, even if Obama is a complete disaster in his own right. I never thought otherwise.

    Re: PCR. I agree he needs to take responsibility for opening the Pandoras Box and letting some major demons out and that he has an obvious blind spot when it comes to Reagan. Still, that is human and it is hard for people to admit that their lifes work may be futile or deeply flawed. But in the here and now, this present moment, he is doing what he can to balance things with reality and that’s a good thing.

  20. Christian W

    It’s a bit like with Elaine. All her long life, starting even as a child, she has fought with incredible strength, integrity and tenacity for her own, and her family’s, personal independence and freedom. Now some freak loon like Romney shows up threatening not only herself but much of what she has been fighting for all her life. In that light it is easy to see why she would fight Romney by voting for Obama, even if that make sense only from the most narrow of perspectives. The problem is that when we fall into personal fixations (we all have them) our perspective shrinks to the point we, to some extent, lose touch with ourselves and reality.

    For those interested Elaine is probably an Enneagram type 8 (8w7 wing “The Maverick)

    “Eights are self-confident, strong, and assertive. Protective, resourceful, straight-talking, and decisive, but can also be ego-centric and domineering. Eights feel they must control their environment, especially people, sometimes becoming confrontational and intimidating. Eights typically have problems with their tempers and with allowing themselves to be vulnerable. At their Best: self- mastering, they use their strength to improve others’ lives, becoming heroic, magnanimous, and inspiring.

    Basic Fear: Of being harmed or controlled by others
    Basic Desire: To protect themselves (to be in control of their own life
    and destiny)”

  21. MikeM

    Christian W, I was sitting here with mouth agape for a few seconds. I can’t talk a single one of my friends or family into discovering their own personalities. You’re the first one I’ve met outside of a place like PersonaltiyCafe that even knows what an Enneagram even is.

    I’m an ENTP… enneagram Type 6 with a 7 wing…tritype 6w7, 4w5, 1w2. There are a lot of aspects of my personality that I enjoy, but I think most of all is having that classic ENTP twisted sense of humor, and being quick enough to make a comeback right on the spot verbally.

  22. MikeM

    Christian W, wanna make a bet? I’ll bet Elaine is an SJ type. If I lose I’ll stand in traffic for a few minutes. If you lose, you’ll have have to drink a beer and toast me. DAMN! There’s that twisted sense of humor again!

    Understood is that we may agree, whereupon I would propose we each cheer each other with a good brew, even if done at long distance.

    We’ll probably never find out, but it’s fun to think about, as I’m sure you know.

  23. nclaughlin

    Enneagrams, Myer-Briggs? Please, enough with the psychobabble.

    BTW, I do have a lot of respect for PCR (nobody’s perfect).

  24. Christian W

    I like psychobabble! 🙂 MikeM, I normally get on superbly with ENTPs 🙂 I’m an INFP/J myself 9w1, 4w5 and 7w6. More later.

  25. MikeM

    nclaughlin, do you mean PCL-R? That’s a test our politicians should be screened for with before being allowed to run for office.

  26. emsnews

    We are all crazy apes. Seriously, as our brains evolved, we went mad because we can foresee the future in our imaginations and this means facing our own deaths which scare us greatly and is the #1 reason we created ‘gods’ that were originally supposed to protect us only these Id creations of our own brains act in weird ways which means, these gods actually MENACE us greatly and so we are not just afraid of death but afraid of our own gods we created in our own brains!

    How about that? Pretty much sums up what is going on with humans, no?

  27. DeVaul

    “…that the dumb ass American public with then say “he’s a flip-flopper,” “he’s admitted that he’s been wrong before, so why trust him now?””

    Yes, this is true for a large segment of the “voting” public, but PCR is not running for office, is he? Besides, everyone, even the dimmest among us, will figure out that he was once wrong anyway, then comes the dreaded “aha!” moment and the “gotcha!” moment the “voting” public also loves so much. (Infotainment).

    IMHO, best to just admit it up front and move on.

    Plus, I think it helps keep a person sane.

  28. MikeM

    Elaine, I beg to differ. I’m staring death right in the face, but I’m not frightened at all, but I do understand what you’re saying. When I was told in 1991 that I had hep C, I was definitely frightened, as the Drs told me what the inevitable would be. I was 36 years old.

    Now that the inevitable has caught up with me, my next stop in life is going to be a hospice, maybe. I have every intention of turning it into Comedy Central. Because I’m in stage IV of liver cirrhosis, it’s also possible I could blow a gasket and bleed out before tonight is over, but that’s just fine with me. Nobody lives forever.

    In the meantime, I’m enjoying every minute of it. I’m curious about pretty much everything, so having an internet connection is insanely beneficial.

  29. MikeM

    As an addendum to the prior post, I’m not frightened because I believe in an afterlife. I’m pretty sure death is just like being put under general anesthesia…the lights just go out. No thoughts, no dreaming, no anything.

    Of course none of us will know for certain until that day arrives, but I think that’s a fairly logical conclusion.

  30. DeVaul

    Well, MikeM, that’s the difference between you and the man in the garage. You still have an interest in the world. You communicate with others and make friends and share ideas. That man in the garage did nothing but sit on a pile of gold. He had enough to actually do something beneficial for others or society or something, but he did nothing. He lost his gold in the end. He could not even part with it for food. He used stocks instead.

    Now the government has his gold, and it will do nothing good with it. That’s called: not planning ahead. Hell, give it to an orphanage or the Red Cross, but not the government. Why help arm them? What a waste! By sitting on his gold and leaving it to the government, he actually harmed all of us.

    Bury it!

    I’m glad you lived longer than the doctors gave you. If you go into a hospice, use your humor as much as possible. My father died in one and everyone there needed to laugh some.

  31. MikeM

    DeVaul, I appreciate your comments.

    As a counter, what if the guy didn’t respect a govt that is corrupted? He does have that right. And now that that gold was discovered, guess who gets about 75% of it? Yep, the corrupted US gooberment. I can understand his thinking, but disagree with how he handled his affairs. The gooberment isn’t getting one slim dime of my savings, my closest friends are. It will help them, and it will help the local economy. I already did all I could do for my ex-family.

    So now that idiot’s gold is going directly into GS, JPM, and other Zionist asshole corporations that work to disenfranchise we common people so they can be rich.

    Under our current system, it’s my opinion it would have been left undiscovered out in the wilderness somewhere. Our system is so obviously corrupted…

  32. emsnews

    This ethos of ‘non for all and all for me and my closest buddies’ leads to social annihilation. The cynics in our government artfully exploited this natural human tendency to have a tiny circle of friends and family. While they played this ‘taxes are EVIL’ game with you all, they cheerfully run up the deficit to huge levels while cynically knowing you all would pay for this via being either enslaved or LEFT TO DIE.

    And I have seen the face of social chaos more than once when the government simply departs and leave us all to fend for ourselves in a disaster.

    People died. The place I lived was nearly totally destroyed, burned down, terrorized by thugs. Only those of us with guns and some organizational skills were able to eke our way through the mess.

    It is not romantic or fun. It is terrible. Someone also has to stay up all night in guard duty, for example.

    I have lived with no electricity…for years. I know how hard it is to survive with nearly nothing.

    The State protects us and the rich know this and want the opposite: no protections for us while castles and armed compounds for them.

  33. DeVaul


    Well, yes, he did handle his affairs badly, but I guess I also imply from the way he did handle his affairs that he was probably more of an antisocial type person than some kind of freedom fighter or patriot. That is my point. I could be wrong, but it just has the feel of an antisocial miser living in a cave.


    What you say is all true, but it does not really offer any solutions to the current problem, which I believe is too big for us to handle anymore. The government itself has grown so big and unwieldy that any real attempt to reform it could bring down the whole damn thing. It is called: empire.

    It is a terminal stage, and the real question is how not to become an empire. That debate raged 100 years ago, and the imperialists won. The real question for me is: how can the republicanists win next time around?

  34. MikeM

    “This ethos of ‘non for all and all for me and my closest buddies’ leads to social annihilation.”

    Elaine, you definitely need to expound on that quote. I explained that MY money was going to help the local economy, therefore being of general benefit to people I know and very many I don’t know in this locality/region.

    What I think I hear you saying is that instead, the Federal Gooberment is more efficient and better qualified to do this on my behalf. Or an alternative view of what I just said is that you’re a communist, and you do own guns.

    I own guns too, except I practice with them regularly.

    I’m seriously questioning your paradigm of an ideal economic model. You contradict yourself in saying that lower Manhattan will distribute wealth for all the little people for the benefit of all everywhere. I’m helping out the people who live around me, and you criticize that. I don’t get it. I’m beginning to think you are clueless about economics.

  35. emsnews

    The ‘tiny nation’ model only works when the tiny nations are protected by a gigantic empire and the empire doesn’t then crush them. Let’s look at Switzerland: it was left pretty much alone only because, historically, it was very poor and not worth much during the 1500-1900 eras.

    During that time, even remote mountain kingdoms in Asia were being assailed by the rich European empires due to there being something to loot. Switzerland became richer only due to being a central bank for competing empires when gold was the valuation of currencies.

    It became a bank hideout for wealth so it wouldn’t be taxed by empires that got their money from looting foreigners in Asia, South America and Africa. Once the empires fell, the Swiss have been squeezed by desperate tax officials who need revenues now that looting is harder to do.

    The US loots now and the extraction of loot is getting harder and harder to do over the years and for our government is a net loss. For the rich running military corporations or commodity extraction schemes, it is still a great looting machine…but only for them.

    And they very cynically use antitax sentiment to line their own pockets while lying about the results of them and anti tax people creating a huge deficit which WILL be paid for in one way or a violent other way.

    YOU CANNOT ESCAPE THIS. WWIII will affect everyone in a million horrible ways. There is no real hiding from this. People should fear WWIII but don’t.

    Why is that?

    Well, thinking through, imagining the results is very hard to do. I saw all this long ago in a dream and it was quite vivid and this is why I am so very much antiwar.

  36. emsnews

    And how great were little countries at stopping imperial war machines? Ask Belgium which was a small empire with holdings in Asia. Run right over by first Germany and later, Japan which took their foreign looting expedition sites.

    Little countries between Russia, Germany and France were overrun repeatedly over the centuries. They found, each time, it impossible to hinder. They got simply run over.

    Americans who dream of breaking up the country don’t realize there are huge empires out there licking their chops waiting for our country to collapse into tiny, easily destroyed enclaves. We still have something for them to loot and yes, they WILL loot us. Afghanistan can’t be held by empires but the wars fighting to do this have warped the people there greatly and they have very little wealth there and only the inept US invasion has given them some wealth via corruption.

    But the bitter lives they lead should not be admired, it is a hell hole that has great suffering and pain. Americans have no idea how bad that can be.

  37. MikeM

    I have a better idea Eliane…let’s NOT look at Switzerland. Let’s instead look at upstate NY, or SW Oregon. The picture changes dramatically, doesn’t it?

    Both locals are capable of self-sustention. Both locals are populated with hard working people, who circulate money locally/regionally.. Ever seen the Fed’s own velocity of money chart recently? It’s lower than at the great depression.

    I’m standing my ground on this one, big time.

  38. Christian W

    I read a story in a local paper about a couple of bikers who went biking in Siberia. It was pretty rough and they had to band together for safety, even if I think at first they set out to do it alone. Later they were joined by an American. At one point they were threatened by an armed gang and were saved by a farmer and his wife. They said where they traveled it was desperately poor with lots of alcoholism, but the creepiest thing, by far, was that there were hardly any old people at ALL. That was really disconcerting for them to see.

  39. MikeM

    Interesting point christian. While Elaine brings up valid points about empires running over smaller countries, I think about how empires can suck the life out of their own population before they collapse.

    This is a real no-shitter. One guy I worked with at HP was the nephew of Hamid Karazai. His dad was the ambassador to the Czech Republic, and still might be today for all I know. When he showed me a pic of him shaking hands with Henry Kissinger, I stopped doubting him.

    Since he took July off every year and gallivanted around Europe, he told me about what it was like after the USSR collapsed. He said everywhere he went there were Russian women “hitchhiking” on roadways. The were hooking, because it was the only way they could survive.

    My dad taught me very early in life to prepare for the worst, but pray for the best. Most people today would think that if you prepare for the worst you’re a doomtard. Or what I find most annoying is that if I put my own personal welfare above that of society’s, I will draw criticism for it. I just can’t wrap my head around that one. If I ever had to become parasitic to society in order to survive, I’d probably just shoot myself.

  40. Mike: “I just can’t wrap my head around that one. If I ever had to become parasitic to society in order to survive, I’d probably just shoot myself.”

    Who is a ‘parasite’? A well balanced society works both ways. People pay taxes to support society, but with the expectation society is there for them when they need something back, health care, education (for their kids if nothing else), pension when they get old, protection from criminals (not the least big time financial criminals) etc.

    To give and to recieve is not being a parasite. The rich oligarchs who avoid paying taxes, who devour and destroy far more than they contribute, are the real parasites. In the big picture a society where the vast majority of people enjoy the basic protection they need is in better shape than one where people are struggling to meet the basic needs of day to day survival.

    A strong collective is far stronger than any individual and can look after individuals much better than individuals can alone.

  41. DeVaul

    I agree with Christian. People consider me to be a parasite, but I pay taxes too and I don’t just sit on my front porch and do nothing. I had to fight immense discrimination just to learn a new trade after I became ill, so this “live and let die” attitude of many Americans does not help society. It hurts it in many ways, both financially and spiritually, and what hurts society hurts individuals. They are not separate entities. They never were.

  42. MikeM

    I’m only going to ask one question here. Why pay taxes when many billions of dollars are simply created with the same type of laptop I’m using right now?

    You did actually work for that money (capital), but it is becoming more diminished by the day.

  43. DeVaul

    Well, you can add to that “why pay for murderous military adventures in far away lands”?

    Elaine is a capitalist. She makes no bones about that. She also strongly believes in the possibility of political reform, a belief I don’t happen to share at this point in time, but I understand it.

    Unfortunately, our empire has taken away the means of financial protest we once had: the poll tax. If you did not support a war, then you could refuse to pay for it and go sit in jail, like Thoreau did.

  44. emsnews

    Most people raised within the US education system haven’t the faintest idea what ‘capital’ is and how capitalism operates. None at all.

    The missing component is ‘labor value-added’ and the elites work hard to insure people never figure out what that means or how they fit into the operational process of capitalism.

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