Who Exploits Our Nation Is Big Issue In This Unfair Election

We are in the middle of an election that is showing rapidly all the deterioration of our process with both main candidates fighting for the same dollars dispensed by mainly the very, very richest 0.01% thus warping everything sideways in their own favor.  Fear of the working class which is being ruthlessly squeezed and the middle class which has to choose between cutting themselves off entirely from the workers just to maintain their position a while longer, we also have strong appeals about social issues that are ridiculously basic like women’s rights or civil rights as our only ‘choice’ options.  Meanwhile, the depravations of the rich continue to pop up in the news in concealed ways and the foreign policies favored by the richest often dual citizens are severely harmful for our nation as a whole.


Here is one example of how the rich operate to remove things from Federal control to state control and then exploiting lax regulations and lack of information:  The Trillion-Gallon Loophole: Lax Rules for Drillers that Inject Pollutants Into the Earth – ProPublica


On a cold, overcast afternoon in January 2003, two tanker trucks backed up to an injection well site in a pasture outside Rosharon, Texas. There, under a steel shed, they began to unload thousands of gallons of wastewater for burial deep beneath the earth.


The waste – the byproduct of oil and gas drilling – was described in regulatory documents as a benign mixture of salt and water. But as the liquid rushed from the trucks, it released a billowing vapor of far more volatile materials, including benzene and other flammable hydrocarbons…The site at Rosharon is what is known as a “Class 2” well. Such wells are subject to looser rules and less scrutiny than others designed for hazardous materials.


The GOP is all about ‘state’s rights’ and this emphatically includes Ron Paul.  The idea is a fake one: states are supposed to be more responsive for the voters.  Only they aren’t.  They are much easier for rich people at the top to control.  Money for elections pour in from the outside to support people for elections that support the rich with TV ads filled with lies, emotional trigger points, etc.  Overt manipulation of marginally informed voters leads to tyranny as all sorts of secret deals are cut that let the rich loot various states.


The old slave-owning Southern states are particularly prone to being fleeced this way.  The rich, far from loving the south, actually despise it and view it as a garbage dump filled with cheap labor.  The white voters there think these sharpsters coming in to exploit them viciously, are the good guys because they are also ‘white’.  The idea that white men and women are out to exploit white lower working class people doesn’t occur to them due to fear of blacks.  Meanwhile, jobs are moved ruthlessly to say, China.


I have often pointed out that Chinese workers are hard workers but also are uppity workers and getting increasingly restive:  Riot breaks out at Foxconn’s Taiyuan plant (Part 1) – YouTube

This riot began as a fight between groups working there but it shows the volatile nature of the Chinese peasants.  In stark contrast, plants are closed here and workers discharged with impunity and they simply slog off to their homes to rot away, bit by bit.  Often, they move away to job venues which increasingly for the lower classes, is  inside former slave states where the rich hold near-total sway and living in cheap trailers on back roads with few or no services and declining schools.


There is a third party candidate who is virtually never mentioned in the mainstream news or is allowed to appear on TV due to our media owners backing this ‘no choice’ election process:  Gary Johnson files anti-trust lawsuit to appear in presidential debates.  Yes, the Libertarians have a candidate!  And note that Ron Paul is NOT going around, urging his supporters to support Gary Johnson.  He cynically milked his own followers and then basically left them hanging.  I hope they all vote libertarian because this will force the issue of third party status, a thing the US has been missing for years and with the collapse of the entire left, means virtually no ‘mainstream’ candidate has to talk about any issues with someone who can openly dispute their talking points during debates.


Johnson was also barred from nearly every single Republican primary debate this election cycle, with organizers saying he did not register enough poll support to merit inclusion. He ultimately abandoned his campaign for the GOP nod, opting to instead pursue the White House on the Libertarian ticket.


Televised presidential debates date back to 1960, and have been a regular event since the 1976 election. Originally administered by the League of Women Voters, they’ve been jointly organized by the Democratic and Republican parties through the Commission on Presidential Debates—a group the two parties jointly formed—since 1987.


Yes, the ‘debates’ were basically terminated during the Reagan years.  Reagan was the camel who put his nose under the tent and than came in.  Many, many things plaguing us today were launched by that smiling servant of the very rich.  Union busting, opening us up to unfettered imports starting with Japan and Israel, etc, the entire political system was changed so it would service the very rich and only the very rich.  The law forcing our TV stations to give equal time was also suspended by Reagan’s goons and I used that a lot and was furious about it being eliminated and it was eliminated because people like myself or Ralph Nader used this a lot.


One of the saddest document titles this year is this one:  Americans Deserve Pre-emptive Debate on Iran Strike –  which made the Bloomberg News.  Few mainstream media owners are reporting about this document.  IranReport_091112_ExecutiveSummary.pdf


Ten days ago, a high-level group of national-security experts offered some answers to the questions about cost and consequences that the candidates are avoiding. Called the Iran Project, the report was signed by more than 30 experts, including prominent Republicans such as former Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage and ex-Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel. Also included were leading Democrats such as former National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski and former House Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Lee Hamilton, as well as respected diplomats such as Frank Wisner and Thomas Pickering who served under Republican and Democratic administrations.


Actually, it was NOT signed by everyone at all.  Many GOP signers chickened out:

14 refused to sign.  18 signed.  So, barely more than half actually endorse this document.  This chickensh*t paperwork about nuclear disarmament never makes so much as a peep about the #1 violator of nuclear arms regulation: Israel.  Israel refuses to sign any treaties at all about nuclear arms and being the #1 pusher for punishing Iran for doing what Israel is doing is a core issue of highest importance for the US.  All the lies by our government about knowledge of Israeli nukes lies in the core of the corruption in DC.  Jews pay our government to look the other way and attack only Iran and this is a huge, huge, gigantic issue of highest importance.


For ANYONE with ANY objective of ANY sort who has enough money like say, the Texan Koch brothers who are mega-polluters, can buy our national elections if they so wish and can openly and with impunity, bribe Congress and pay for propaganda to deliberately mislead people into voting for people who intend to treat their homes like so many garbage dumps.  In Louisiana, the gigantic sinkhole that is getting more and more toxic and bigger and bigger has displaced many, many people from their homes…forever, like with Fukushima’s victims.  And they get virtually nothing in return except the right to move to yet another garbage dump which may end up being fatal, too.


The bribes that create unfair situations are so numerous, it is hard to keep up with it all.  Even as both main candidates yap about trade, jobs and how evil China is, the originator of these deals, Japan, gets off free from any negative comments:  Consortium comes together to save Renesas ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion


Major Japanese companies have teamed up with a government-backed turnaround fund to rescue troubled chipmaker Renesas, in a move designed to block a purchase by a U.S. investment firm, a report said Saturday.  A consortium, which includes Toyota Motor and Panasonic, is looking to invest more than 100 billion yen, with plans to acquire a majority stake by the end of the year, the Nikkei business daily said.


Yes, the government there prevents foreigners from running things in Japan as much as humanly possible.  Japan is a mostly closed society that exports like crazy, a dangerous combination.  The US finds it nearly impossible to import anything.  And this has been allowed for generations thanks to generous bribes funneled in various tricky ways, mainly via paid speeches which are, like Reagan’s $2.5 million given for a short, Alzheimer’s riddled recitation.  All this has to be made illegal if we want to keep our government for ourselves.


Right now, Congress has the best healthcare insurance on the planet earth and is debating cutting off all the rest of us from similar care or pricing it so that only the upper classes have access to it.  We have civil rights being undermined due to endless wars waged against Muslims, religious wars we can ill-afford and which violates the very essence of our government set by the Founding Fathers who were very allergic to religious wars.  The GOP is doubling down with the born again Christians urging pastors and preachers to egg their followers to vote for the GOP as if that organization gives a fart about any of these voters who are more scared of Muslims, women having abortions and blacks, than they are of losing their homes because corporations pumped toxic wastes into the underground beneath their feet.

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8 responses to “Who Exploits Our Nation Is Big Issue In This Unfair Election

  1. 90404

    Is a Soros owned company in Spain counting this falls US election votes?
    Or is that an absurd rumor?

    Stalin said something like ‘Votes dont count, who counts the votes counts’.

  2. 90404

    also…..Yesterday, the US Senate voted 81 to 10 to CONTINUE aid to Pakistan, Egypt and Libya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And ‘scared of blacks’
    You ‘hit the nail right on the head’. Whites are not hateful [ray-cist] to blacks, but afraid of them. And rightfully so.
    All one has to do is look at the facts and the medias denial:

    When they picked up the Trayvon Martin case, hordes of TV dupes donned hoods and said they, too, were all young black kids being murdered by racist vigilantes.
    Then we find out Zimmerman is some kind of Peruvian Jew and may have had his ass kicked by Trayvon before the shooting, so they drop it.
    They wanted Dharun Ravi to go jail for ten years for the hate crime of pranking his roommate, but the evidence left him serving 30 days for “colossal insensitivity.”
    When blacks are randomly assassinated in Oklahoma, the left quickly goes mute when they discover one of the shooters is Cherokee.
    When a white couple is raped and dismembered in Knoxville, the media is suddenly deaf, dumb, and blind.
    When children get gang-raped but the bad guys are Muslim, even the police won’t touch it.
    This kind of naiveté would be laughable if it wasn’t so deadly.
    In Louisiana, the Jena 6 were duped into pulverizing a kid based on a noose incident the media wrongly determined was about race.
    This fake story had a domino effect and years later we’re left with jail time and lawsuits. Countless violent attacks were committed on behalf of Trayvon, at least two of which left their victims (Dallas Watts and Matthew Owens) comatose.”

  3. DeVaul

    I seriously doubt the police in Louisiana are “politically correct” slaves to the media. I grew up there, and I saw what went on there. My parents had a “nanny” for us, and I was in charge of her when they were gone. I was like, maybe nine or ten? Maybe younger. She was mentally slow, and she liked icecream, so I always gave her icecream in a cup. I remember my mom telling me one time not to give Mimi more than one cup of icecream per day. I felt disappointed. One time, Mimi had no ride home, and so dad and I took her home. It was the first time I saw where the blacks lived. It was something I had never seen before. I still remember it.

    I also remember the day in Eastern Kentucky, soon after we arrived, that I forgot to put the trash out on the curb. The truck stopped, and two white men walked up our gravel driveway and carried the cans back to the truck. I just stood there staring. I had never seen a white garbage man before. I called to my mother to come look. I was stunned. It was surreal to me.

    There was only one black family in Johnson County, and they were from Africa. He was the doctor who agreed to work there as part of some federal poverty program. No white doctors would come and work there. The sign hanging outside the one doctor office on main street was unreadable to most of us. African, Arabic, Indian names of all kinds. I passed it on the way home from the sundry store every day and tried to figure out how to say their names. The first white doctor I saw was in Ashland, Kentucky.

    I lot of famous quotes come from Stalin.

  4. itrucker

    Time to censor the internet…you make too much sense.

  5. Being There

    One more “trouble” spot is India where the people are demonstrating against the repeal of a law that prohibits the big transnational box stores from taking over their retail businesses.

    Yes the Global inverted communist neoliberal rule must continue in all areas of the world. Again this is what the US exports along with military might and armaments. It’s all about making the world safe for WalMart at the expense of all that is local. This is what these elections are all about. The only people that don’t know that the Sovereign state is our biggest target is us. Those on the ground who believe this is still a nation-state. Not to Mr. Global.

    As we continue to steamroll our objectives for big bucks for a few, we can all witness the end of a healthy planet. This is the planet on which we’re going to have to survive when peak oil rears its ugly head.

  6. emsnews

    And Romney parks his loot overseas, too. And his main voter base is ‘angry white males’ which he is courting as much as possible. These guys are the exact same guys he will use as soldier/slaves and let them ‘beat up some towel heads’ and thus, feel strong and good even as they are being turned into beasts of burden by other, much richer white males.

    This is all so very sad to watch. The dangers of being exploited go not only for black people but white lower class (below the top 2%) white males.

  7. 90404

    Africa, China, India are ‘up for grabs’. Did you hear the NPR show this morning with the writer who went to China and India?
    Foxcon has opened a factory in India. I figured Indias natural resources were depleted but he said Japanese had opened a mine there.
    Was it in Tamil Nadu?

  8. I don’t think you understand the first thing about states’ rights which has nothing to do with “responsiveness” but of applying the Constitution as written and ratified – one which provides for a limited federal government of enumerated {and implicit thereto} powers.

    The problem with many liberals is they have no problem confusing the legislative ends with the jurisprudential means, that is, they’ll happily shred the bill of rights if they think it will do some “good” as they see it – a good which always seems to involve taking more of my rights away and expanding government power.

    No thanks.

    I’ll take my government with the 9th and 10th amendments intact, thanks.

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