Japan, China, Taiwan Confrontation Heats Up

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Like the sheep in Switzerland who followed the leader into a store instead of down a street, the people of this planet are easily led into wars, all you need is an excuse.  After gleefully getting a quite secret green light from the US, Japanese imperialists are now on full attack fighting off not one but both China and Taiwan in a diplomatic tug of war over some islands which is rapidly becoming a shooting war.  China is also beginning to implement the replacement of the dollar in petroleum sales.  The US squeeze on Iran is actually triggering a collapse of NATO and our Asian allies as everyone dashes to get ahold of potential oil fields with Russia gleefully going into the Arctic where ice is less and less a problem.


History is clear about the fall of empires.  They don’t go quietly, they are nibbled away by allies and foes.  No nation has more awareness about the rise and fall of empires than China.  When Chinese officials lived with me, the one book they really latched onto was Professor Kennedy’s ‘The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers‘.  This book detailed how industrial powers would nearly always prevail in conflicts with similar sized empires that have poorer industrial production systems.  I explained to them how the Japanese and Germans were industriously undermining the US industrial base beginning with the Reagan regime.


They liked the idea and declared they would double down what the former US WWII foes were doing.  They would take over the banking system via industrial power.  And they succeeded, totally and are now a global power which rivals the US which has many allies who work hard to destroy the US machine that sustains them.  The Chinese, on the other hand, do not have this handicap.  They are much freer to do as they see fit for themselves.  The island war in Asia is definitely heading towards a shooting war which Japan and the US cannot possibly win.  China tells Japan it will not tolerate violations of sovereignty ‹ Japan Today: 


“China will never tolerate any unilateral actions by Japan that harm Chinese territorial sovereignty,” Zhang told Japanese Vice Foreign Minister Chikao Kawai in Beijing, according to a statement posted on the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s website.


“Japan must banish illusions, undertake searching reflection and use concrete actions to amend its errors, returning to the consensus and understandings reached between our two countries’ leaders,” Zhang said.


Already with Taiwanese civilian ships sailing to the islands and protesting, the Japanese water cannon attack on Taiwanese fishing boats over Senkaku dispute is extremely unpopular in both Chinas.  Stocks of Japanese firms with a lot of business in both Chinas are now declining as panic begins to set in.  I may even suggest, based on seeing many Japanese anime shows, live action shows and history itself, the elites of Japan are very prone towards suicidal measures when pressed.  And Fukushima is pressing very hard indeed.


Attempts at pretending nothing is wrong is failing.  The antinuke protests are growing even as the Japanese military plot to use nukes against China in any conflict.  The fake constitution of Japan forbidding war is as much a tissue of lies as our own Constitution which is overturned at the slightest breath of the Dragon of War.


The dollar’s power disconnected from any sovereign wealth of which our country has exactly zero, the US diplomatic pushes to isolate both Russia and Iran has only driven both into the arms of the Chinese dragon:  Dollar no longer primary oil currency – China begins to sell oil using Yuan — Puppet Masters — Sott.net


“Crude oil is the standard currency of the world. Not the Yen, not the Pound, not the Dollar. More money is transferred around the world in crude oil than in any other product.”


“On Friday, Sept. 7, Russia announced, that as of today, we will supply China with all of the crude oil that they need, no matter how much they want… there is no limit. And Russia will not sell or trade this crude oil to China using the American dollar.” -Interview with Natty Bumpo on the Just Measures Radio network, Sept. 11


I predicted this would happen several years ago.  The idiotic push into an Iran war has only increased the dangers of WWIII in Asia and with the US on the wrong side of the statistical ledger.  That is, if we combine Russia and China into one political entity, this is a powerful alliance with the US underbelly exposed via the North Pole, big time, and all our allies in Asia who worked so hard to destroy our own economy are sitting ducks which Russia and China can literally annihilate forever by hitting just a few key cities which hold 90% of the populace and infrastructure that counts?  No way can the US regroup from a double hit from Russia over the Polar cap and China eliminating all rival Asian powers in a few hours of nuclear warfare.


Here is a pie chart showing China’s oil imports:  Google Image Result for http://blog.carbontalks.ca/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/oilimports.jpg


Russia, until this year, was one of the smaller importers to China, focused mainly on importing to Europe.  The EU NATO regime decided to arm former Soviet states with missiles aimed at Russia so the Russian oil is beginning to flow to friendlier nations like China.  Iran is a huge source of oil for China and Chinese resentment for disarming Iran while arming Israel with nukes is another force at work undermining US diplomacy.


Diplomacy means having some level of honesty and honor and the US has totally, utterly and completely surrendered all honor on the issue of nuclear disarmament.  Utterly and openly dishonest, the US/Israel alliance for nuclear expansion flies directly in the face of demands by both heavily armed belligerent nations to disarm smaller, weaker nations.  So it is totally ironic that when Ahmejinadad flashes peace sign and dismisses war talk as chaotic U.N. convenes the Israelis storm out in a rage… and an Iran commander warns of ‘World War III’ | Mail Online:


He also said that Iran is neutral in the Syrian civil war, and denied that Tehran is providing weapons or training to the government of President Bashar Assad.

Ahmadinejad said: ‘We like and love both sides, and we see both sides as brothers.’

He referred to the conflict in Syria as ‘tribal’ fighting and said that international ‘meddling from the outside has made the situation even harder’.

It was Ahmadinejad’s eighth visit to the U.N. gathering held each September, which he cited as proof that he is open to understanding other countries’ views.


The US is being told this election is all about the middle class.  As we see in the video above, they run into the stores and mill about, hoping to buy something which more likely than not is made in Asia and is destroying our national wealth as our trade debt balloons.  Not a soul is talking about that pesky matter!  They talk about taxes and one thing no one seems to want to do is pay taxes nor pay any attention to sovereign collective capital wealth!   As taxes are not paid to maintain our government, the sales of foreign stuff to Americans who don’t produce anymore is eating up our future ability to do anything at all except live miserable lives as peasants!


The dire nature of this is lost on most people who think our present goofy system, based on petrodollars, will go onwards forever and ever.  It will most certainly not.  More cars are now sold in China than the US, for example.  We have such a totally warped tax system now, we have this headline:  Millionaire Mitt Romney says it’s fair he pays a lower tax rate than someone earning $50,000-a-year | Mail Online


‘I think it’s the right way to encourage economic growth – to get people to invest, to start businesses, to put people to work,’ the former Massachusetts governor said.


So, the richer you are, the less percentage you pay in taxes!  This upside down system is killing the middle class and what do they want?  The same thing for themselves!  Every possible excuse is trotted out to explain why they, too, cannot pay taxes and it is unfair to tax them.  Everyone wants to be Romney so they can ‘grow the economy’ by parking money overseas, funding factories in China and offshoring office jobs to India!  So, we would all then use what capital we can scrape together to finish killing off our industrial base!  Isn’t that beyond sad?  Meanwhile, inflation which has been roaring so far as food and fuel is concerned, is going to be twice as bad next year:  The cost of a fry up set to soar after pig cull forces up price of bacon | Mail Online

A mass cull is under way among farmers who can no longer afford to feed their animals, according to the National Pig Association.

Droughts in North America and Russia have caused a global failure in the grain crop used for animal feed, pushing up the price.


The rich have rigged this game so inflation in food, fuel, shelter and medicine, is totally excluded from inflation statistics so they can cheat people who put money in banks or are on fixed incomes.  The rage over this had been muted due to higher home prices so the elderly, for example, could live off of the value of inflated property prices.  But now that is gone and raw, harsh inflation is eating incomes very fast.  How long will people wait until they figure out multimillionaires, the millionaires of Congress, the billionaires funding our elections are all totally happy with this commodity inflation?  And the sheep being fleeced are the US middle class taxpayers?

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27 responses to “Japan, China, Taiwan Confrontation Heats Up

  1. DeVaul

    “Everyone wants to be Romney so they can ‘grow the economy’ by parking money overseas, funding factories in China and offshoring office jobs to India.”

    Beautifully stated. Yes, this is hypocrisy at its finest.

    Made in America.

  2. MikeM

    Funny how differently we all see our current events. What I see is a central bank ponzi scheme that has nearly reached the limits of its endurance. Debt permeates the land from homeowner to nearly every gooberment on the planet. Thanks, Nathan Mayer Rothschild.

    Throughout history, at times when monetary imbalances mount up, and demographics force gooberments to do stupid shit, wars break out. The way I see things is that WWIII is breaking out, and doing so in slow motion.

    I hope I live long enough to soak it all up. The global war will be as interesting to watch on the financial scale as the bullets and bombs confrontation scale. Ain’t shit I can do about it, except to ask “pass the popcorn please.”

    And that’s another reason why I live in SW Oregon. I saw this shitstorm coming years ago.

  3. nclaughlin

    “I hope I live long enough to soak it all up. The global war will be as interesting to watch on the financial scale as the bullets and bombs confrontation scale. Ain’t shit I can do about it, except to ask “pass the popcorn please”.”

    You mean, you just happen to live on this planet as a mere spectator?

  4. Paul S

    “The rage over this had been muted due to higher home prices so the elderly, for example, could live off of the value of inflated property prices. But now that is gone and raw, harsh inflation is eating incomes very fast.” Older folks are more and more beginning to realize what this means for them–and it’s not good. In alot of workplaces, you can find older folks who should be moving (or moved already) out of the workplace moving back in. They lost a BIG chunk of their retirement funds in 2008. Couple that with inflation. Result? A large number of elderly Americans, back in the workplace, making much less than they did when they first retired–or planned to retire. And these folks are frightened. Really frightened. They were expecting to be reitired and planning vacations but instead are working at pizza joints making $7.50/hr. This is one reason why I think raising the minimum wage is soooo important–and it’s why our rulers oppose it so much.

  5. DeVaul

    I just came back from the work lounge, where I read a story about chicken plant workers in Alabama. They passed laws there similar to Arizona, and all the illegal (and legal) Mexicans left, so the plant owners (who were never named) recruited Somalian, Haitian, and African refugees (all legal) from Miami and brought them in to work the lines at 10.50 an hour.

    Republican lawmakers said they had no idea this would happen. (Jews love to lie.)

    Some interesting facts about this southern plantation:

    — in a rural area where unemployment is high, but no locals interested
    — 50% turnover rate, and that was among the illegal immigrants
    — currently 90% turnover rate among anyone working there
    — no investigation of the owners or even naming them
    — no details given to help understand any of the facts cited

    The system is set in stone, and so many people support it that a few individuals cannot make any difference. I have stood and broken chicken up for frying when I was 15. It is no easy job, so I doubt retirees would be interested, but unemployed teens and twenty-somethings? Again, no details on why they will not work there or even if they applied.

  6. DeVaul

    Hey! I just got censored over at Russia Times.

    I posted a comment that mocked a Japanese commenter’s post, and I substituted the words “Jew, Jewish, Isreal, etc.” for China, Chinese, etc, and “Palestine” for Tibet, and then I mentioned how Japan invaded several countries to “suddenly change their borders” and they posted it and then it disappeared.

    It’s gone!

    This is my first official censoring. I am probably on a list now. I did not know the Zionist Jews or Israel controlled Russia Times. Sobbering.

    What will we read when Elaine dies?

  7. mi

    real estate broker/realtors who had me driving round and round looking at distressed listed propertys at pennies on the dollars of last highest sale sold prices while not submitting bids and buying for themselves instead are still keeping people out of the MLS systems so they can sell “their” crap at triple the prices they paid just so recently before “bailout” might understand the concepts of rocks and fire torches thru windows that came to mind but will not get done unless the enslaved get realy ticked off buying their necessities from sabateurs or the “help”…..wonder if QE Infinity was a payback for their politically correctness (bribes”)…………

  8. DeVaul

    Wow, Mi!

    Lot of thoughts expressed in that one sentence fragment, but yes, you are right (many times — in one prepositional phrase?).

    I wonder if Johnny Silver Bear would scrub me if I mocked his “quote of the day”?

    To wit:

    “The government’s war on poverty has turned from a short-term misfortune into a career choice.” — Harry Browne

    First off, as someone who is deaf, physically disabled, and terminally ill, I just want to say “Thanks Harry! My career choice turned out great! I am sure glad I did not stick with the ‘short-term’ version.”

    Here is my rewriting of his libertarian quote (and that’s what it is):

    “The government’s war on terrorism has turned from a few acts of violence into a career choice leaving millions dead or starving.”

    “The financial products industry has turned from a short-term swindle into a career choice affecting entire nations.”

    Oh, but that would all be scrubbed. Scrub, scrub, scrub!

    Thanks for not scrubbing me, Elaine.

  9. 90404

    Off topic…..Facebook gazillionaires invest in new site! [reuters]:

    In February, the brothers formed Winklevoss Capital as a vehicle to invest their personal wealth. Their first investment in June was SumZero, which brings together investors to share trading ideas and research, the WSJ reported.

    SumZero.com has 7,500 members and has parallels with the first versions of Facebook, including exclusivity.

    The site also allows investors to become members only if they work on the “buy side.”
    SumZero defines that group as investment professionals at hedge funds, mutual funds and private-equity firms.
    Analysts from the “sell side” such as Wall Street banks are not allowed, the report said.

  10. MikeM

    nclaughlin, if you’ve figured out a way to change the world, I’d be the first to listen to your plan. I’m all ears. In the meantime, yes, I am a spectator. The few peoples minds I’ve changed mean diddly/squat.

  11. Martin

    ‘Like the sheep in Switzerland […]’

    Arlberg is a village in Austria … do you use Apple Maps by chance? 😉

  12. emsnews

    Made a mistake in a hurry due to my daughter having her son yesterday. The baby arrived via caesarian section at 9:30 last night. I am now officially a granny!

  13. Congratulations!

    (… and confusing Switzerland with Austria is much less of an issue than with Germany!)

  14. 90404

    off topic…Maybe this will make someone happy 100 scientist letter.
    As I post this I am listening to KCRW, ‘global policy.org’ Green house gas crisis

    The following letter was sent to Ban Ki-moon,from 100 scientists
    Secretary-General of the United Nations on the UN Climate conference in Bali:

    Dec. 13, 2007

    Dear Mr. Secretary-General,

    Re: UN climate conference taking the World in entirely the wrong direction

    It is not possible to stop climate change, a natural phenomenon that has affected humanity through the ages. Geological, archaeological, oral and written histories all attest to the dramatic challenges posed to past societies from unanticipated changes in temperature, precipitation, winds and other climatic variables. We therefore need to equip nations to become resilient to the full range of these natural phenomena by promoting economic growth and wealth generation………………..etc

  15. 90404

    Elaine, I hope you get a kick out of the above, esp.
    ‘Ban Ki-moon,Secretary-General of the United Nations on the UN Climate conference in Bali’

    Bali, the ideal place to spend tax dollars on a vacation. I mean ‘crisis conference.’

  16. 90404


    ‘ I did not know the Zionist Jews or Israel controlled Russia Times.
    Well ya learn something new everyday!

    Here in 90404 land theres a ‘senior center’. A long time resident of the area says it was the ‘Presbyterian Christian Senior living center’ [or similar].

    So many Russian jews have invaded this area and now live there, as ‘refugees’ on tax dollars, with ‘to the grave entitlements’,
    they demanded it not be called ‘christian’ and the fools who own or run it took the name ‘Christian’ off the building.

    There are so many russian parasites now in the USA. Refugees getting a check from the government.

    A friends dad lived a few miles away, in a housing project, 300? nice, newer units. 300 units of russian jews getting freebees.
    He asked how was this possible?
    A Russian jew was in charge of who gets a unit and was taking bribes from his people. Thats what a russian told my friend!

  17. DeVaul

    Congrats Elaine! I am really happy for you. Not everyone gets to see their grandchildren. How many children do you have, if I may ask? Will you get to see him? How far away are they?


    Interesting. You know, when I was trying to add my ex-wife’s family to my genealogy program, it turned out that they were “Jews” from Russia. Odessa, to be exact, and they ran a grocery and daycare center in Pittsburgh, but they all hated each other, and it got passed down in the family. I should have considered that more carefully before I married her.

    They shunned me for three years. Would not meet or talk to me. I thought they were just pressuring my then girlfriend to break-up with me, but later I learned that it is a religious thing of some kind. Apparently, her grandmother shunned her mother for over 10 years because she married the wrong person (a non-jew). He was… I forgot the word… someone who does not care if there are gods or not. Anyway, I did not learn that until we were already married and had a son. I was flabbergasted. This is why I married a nice woman from Thailand. I did not even want to take the chance of marrying a Jew again. Too many lies. Too much deceit.

    I’m glad I did it. Sometimes, you really do have to go to the other side of the world to find a good match.

  18. Alex Yam

    It’s been almost a year since my last visit, good to see the idiot bashing is still going on around here.

    About the recent island disputes between China/Japan:

    In 1979 Dang needed to develop the economy so he went to visit Japan to make friends and sign a peace agreement with Japan regarding the small islands as well as the oil fields, Japan saw an great opportunity so both nations agreed to leave the past behind and “be friends for eternity”, they’ve decided to stop fighting and drill for oil together, and leave the boundary disputes for the future generations to deal with. That’s why over the past decades China never gone past Japan claimed boundary when they dig for oil and gas, even though we never agreed with their boundary claim we did that base on the respect of Dang’s agreement.

    But what do you know, typical Japanese once again mistakes kindness with weakness and arrested our fisher men 2 years ago, and to top that off they’ve even decided to “buy” our island from some idiot who didn’t even own it. That told us the agreement 30 years was no longer valid that’s why we’ve decided to kick their ass.

    First we sent our official high-res islands map and boundary claim to the UN, which is based on land mass extension like everyone else, this move alone means Japan has now officially lost 40,000 square miles of sea (in their head anyway, since they never really “owned” it the first place):

    Then we spoke to our neighbours and we are now all jumping onto Japan at the same time.

    Korea supports us because that means they can also offically own the Dokdo island (another disputed area between Korean/Japan)

    Russia just announced they’ll be building bases and missiles on the Kuril islands (another disputed area between Russia/Japan)

    What that means is nobody gives a shit about Japan anymore, Japan is now on the path to lose EVERYTHING.

    F*cking sushi idiots just never learn.

  19. DeVaul


    I’m confused. Are you saying that China has already been drilling for oil there with Japan? I did not quite get what you said about the oil drilling agreement.

    I do think Japan has gone off the deep end here with this island dispute. They carry way too much baggage to be fighting with all their asian neighbors again after what they did during WW II.

  20. Alex Yam


    Yes, China and Japan have been drilling for oil together for years, this map explains the previous situation:

    The dashed red line in the map is China’s boundary claim, the plain red line is Japan’s boundary claim. the white dots are China/Japan shared oil rigs, China picked those spots because that avoids any boundary arguments.

    Apparently the Japanese considered sticking to previous agreement as some kind of weakness, so now they’ll get nothing.

  21. Alex Yam

    The Japanese is now f*cked from 4 different directions by China/Taiwan/Korea/Russia:

    Russia to complete Kuril troops’ reinforcement by 2014:

    Seoul pumps up PR on claim to tiny island:

    S.Korea refuses Japan port call in drill:
    TOKYO — South Korea is refusing to allow a Japanese warship to dock at its port during a joint naval exercise, media said on Tuesday, as ties between the pair remain strained over disputed islands.

    The Japanese have been asking for this for a long time.

  22. DeVaul

    So, China was sharing an oil rig in its own territory with Japan and Japan now wants to take everything?

    Good grief!

    I think Fukushima finished them off. If I were China, I would not want to get too close to Japan — just because of the radiation. What idiots!

    Thanks for the map info. Now I see why Taiwan is involved.

  23. Alex Yam


    Yes, and this was all because of Shintaro Ishihara, the current governor of Tokyo. A few months ago he wanted to help his son Nobuteru Ishihara (Secretary General of the LDP) to win the election, so he started a fund raising campaign to collect money from the public to purchase some of the disputed islands between China/Japan.

    Shintaro Ishihara successfully collected about USD$6.5M from about 40,000 people in May, but just before the purchase, his opposing party, DPJ, the one the current Japanese PM is in, stepped in and make the government use public money (using 4 times Shintaro Ishihara’s offer) to purchase the island instead, because DPJ didn’t want LDP to win.

    This whole mess was just a competition for votes, that’s why in the past few months China called the purchase a circus and asked the Japanese to back off, China never wanted to send any military ships near the islands because they are right next to Taiwan, any move China makes in that area will be used as an excuse for fear mongering and ‘rock the boat’.

    Before the circus, the island disputes were just a ‘he said she said’ so everyone just kind of let things slide, but since the Japanese government officially ‘purchased’ the island, China was forced to take things to the next level. The Japanese had also gone too far to back down as well that’s why we’ve got to where we are today.

    Btw, Ishihara has just lost the election, so they did all these for nothing, classic Japanese idiocracy.

  24. emsnews

    Good analysis. Yes, this is all about Japanese overreach. And they did this because the US secretly told Tokyo the US would back Japan 100% wit our NUCLEAR ARSENAL.

    This flies in the face of public US bellowing about Iran using nukes, of course. And everyone at the top of all the governments know this including the craven Europeans who back US nuclear blackmail.

  25. DeVaul


    You must live in Asia, Alex, because we just don’t have access to this kind of information. All we get to see is a bunch of fishing boats ramming each other and spraying each other with water guns.

  26. Christian W

    Yeah, the Pentagon planners clearly enjoy creating trouble on the borders of China and Russia (and elsewhere). All these mind games and sleight of hand tricks… The Pentagon aggravates the borders while the CIA stir up shit inside nations…The US can have NO complaints when blowback hits back.

  27. Paul S

    Another lesson of history regarding crumbling Empires is this: they run out of options. US elites are now forced to continue their warmongering. If they don’t, if the US concedes to China, the world will recognize this for what it is: the US is surrendering, both economically and diplomatically–and a tacit admission by US eites that yes, indeed they ARE a failed world power. But, on a positive note, US elites STILL believe they are the elite of the elite; the best of the best. Maybe this is because they have all these secret rituals, such as kissing Geronimo’s skull like the Numbskulls and Boneheads do.

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