Riots, Revolutions Will Sweep Planet As Inflation Bites Harder

Riot rage: Athens protesters throw firebombs, police shoot tear gas (VIDEO, PHOTOS) — RT


We all are in this together, there is no such thing as being totally isolated even on a distant island, when the world goes to war.  Tiny islands saw hideous battles during WWII, for example.  The social/political/religious chaos that is growing ever greater will flow across the entire planet especially since fuel and food inflation is biting very hard and will worsen next year.


Here is a video of riots in Spain where the young workers are nearly half unemployed, an unsustainable situation with dire consequences:  S25 Occupy Congress police abuse protestors – YouTube

The spain indignados and occupy (OWS) from all over spain combine to circle congress and demand congress to resign as the economy continues to fall . over 100,000, possibly a million took part in it throughout the day.


The Arab Spring is rapidly turning into the sort of riots and insurrections we saw from 1896-1914.  As we know in retrospect, these similar riots, police suppressions and agitation led up to WWI.  The following fascist backlash to Communist successes led to WWII.


Supposedly, the left has been totally abandoned since the fall of the Soviet Union and the capitalist shift of China.  So, when capitalist successes lead yet again to similar stresses we saw before WWI, we get another capitalist world war.  People raised during the preceding Cold War were lied to about capitalism and its intense relationship with going to war.  Labor issues cause wars, too.  The US Civil War was all about slave labor versus paid labor.


The one thing the South could cling to was the fact that slaves looked ‘alien’ that is, ‘African’.  Even though slave masters who interbred with their female slaves were producing slaves that looked less and less ‘black’ as an identifier of no civil rights status, the rich slave owners wanted to cling to their odious system because it was very profitable for them!


The rise of National Socialism in Germany was tricky: it gave social services only to ‘Nordic Germans’ so it was anti-civil rights socialism for an elite population.  Exactly what Israel’s Jews created for themselves.  Long ago, I said Israel would go full national socialist in the Nazi model and here we are today: exactly what Israel has become.


The Republicans in the US would love to institute a similar system here whereby only select populations get social services while others are denied not only that, but all civil rights in the end.  The rich who run both parties have to disguise themselves while they plot to take over things and run it so most of us have no social services.  Here is a typical example of this sort of faux folksiness:  Ann Romney tells Jay Leno that electing a Mormon president would mean ‘that prejudices are left behind’ and professes love for Costco | Mail Online


The wife of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney told the NBC host that the pair regularly visits the chain, where customers can buy any number of products in bulk….She had said at last month’s Republican National Convention that she had recently purchased an $18 three-pack of Costco Kirkland dress shirts, which Mr Romney wears ‘all the time now.’


Of course, she never visited the store.  And buying stuff there for Romney to wear was like buying Halloween costumes for these super-rich guys.  All over the planet, rich guys are stripping down naked with the British royals and wearing no neckties, etc, all in an effort to look as if they are working class slobs or better still, third world natives.


The desperate need to hide who they really are is actually rather funny, in a historical context.  This shows naked fear.  As they are simultaneously going around in expensive vehicles from jets to yachts to fast cars, parading their true wealth and being admired by poorer people who dream of winning a lottery like this poor man:  Powerball Winner Says He’s Cursed.


Money doesn’t buy society.  These have to grow organically, together, based on some sort of economic matrix which creates capital wealth and ‘grows’.  Romney doesn’t grow anything except profits because the best road to illicit, fast riches is to loot a system and wreck things and sell off the debris while tossing whole communities into the waste bin.


The richest sport on earth, owned by a consortium of billionaires who collude together to control this game is football and the present lockout of the referee’s union is causing turmoil as replacements are not nearly so expert as the union employees:  Aaron Rodgers: NFL’s Replacement Refs Tarnishing Game

Rodgers apologized to the fans, saying the NFL apparently isn’t willing to do so itself.

“I just feel bad for the fans,” Rodgers said on the show. “They pay good money and the game is being tarnished by an NFL who obviously cares more about saving a little money then having the integrity of the game diminish a little bit.”
“Our sport is generated, the multi-billion dollar machine is generated, by people coming to watch us play,” Rodgers said. “And the product that is on the field is not being complemented by an appropriate set of officials. The games are getting out of control.”


Most players have a brief window of seeming wealth and then they die very, very young, the average lifespan being less than 60 years.  They lose their minds and nearly all their money by the time of their premature deaths.  The rich who collect the vast majority of the profits from this ‘game’ get richer and don’t fear bankruptcy nor brain damage from being battered too frequently.


The battle to destroy all unions roars onwards:  Group files complaint against Murray Energy for forcing workers to attend Romney rally.  The men were forced to be a human background for Romney or face being fired.


Here is another antiunion operation going on in the telecommunications field:  Verizon workers should reject the concessions contract


Verizon has been cutting jobs by the thousands. In 2000, the time of the last major strike against Verizon, there were 87,000 workers represented by the CWA and IBEW. Today that number is down to just 44,000 even though the company has expanded its landline business with its FiOS (bundled Internet, television and telephone) services.
The CWA and IBEW have worked closely with Verizon to cut jobs, allowing the company to not fill vacancies and negotiating buyout after buyout to cut the workforce, while forcing those who remain to do the extra work. Over the same period the unions have allowed the company to expand the use of term, temporary and contractual workers.
In addition to the job losses through attrition, workers hired since 2003—approximately, one-third of the workforce and growing—are not protected from layoff by the company.
A further provision states that only workers who retire before the end of 2012 will have the cost of their retiree health care benefits paid by the company. This is designed to force thousands more workers to retire before they are ready and cut more jobs through attrition.


The template for this union busting is pretty common.  The idea is, give the present workers all their rights but terminate it for later hires and have the new hires coming in the door get nothing but semi-slave working conditions.  Then, the oldsters retire and run off while the younger ones get nothing.  Then, the corporation is sold to hedge fund vultures with money overseas and the organization declares bankruptcy and stops the checks going to the retirees who end up stiffed in the end.


Because he is a vulture, Romney suggests teachers unions should be prohibited from campaign donations.   The war against unions means in the long run, we will be right back where we were in 1914 with riots, revolutions, insurrections and all that.  Nationalism is being waved as the flag to fix these looming insurrections as we see in Japan:  Former PM Abe wins LDP leadership election ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion


Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, a staunch nationalist who walked away as Japan’s leader five years ago, won an election Wednesday to lead Japan’s main opposition party, making it likely he will return to power if the unpopular government goes down in promised elections.


Abe, who was prime minister for a year before abruptly resigning in 2007 with an intestinal ailment, has taken a tough stance against China in a territorial dispute over a cluster of uninhabited islands in the East China Sea controlled by Japan but also claimed by China and Taiwan. He also promised to work to revive Japan’s long-stagnant economy and renew a sense of national pride.


See?  Nothing much has changed in the last 100 years.  We are going full circle back to 1914.  The destruction of Japan is obvious to anyone reading the news there such as this story:  82-year-old woman dies after apparent bear attack in Fukushima and Beleaguered Japanese firms face risk of massive exodus of engineers to foreign rivals.  sunset borger

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9 responses to “Riots, Revolutions Will Sweep Planet As Inflation Bites Harder

  1. DeVaul

    Yesterday I was going to comment about how all these interlocking military alliances with out-of-control allies was similar to the set-up before WW I, but I was distracted by being censored by RT.

    The Japanese are using some kind of military defense treaty we have with them to just go totally berzerk over some tiny islands that are worth nothing. (If there was gas and oil under them, the previous private owner would have assigned the rights to some company to extract them). No, this is about nationalism and distracting unemployed workers in both China, Japan, and Taiwan from the fact that their dreams were stolen by some rich dudes who have disappeared on their yachts with all the money.

    Add to this the constant drumbeat for war from those who make their money off of military spending (the entire US Senate) and you have the perfect recipe for another archduke or ship going down and triggering all these alliances along with the fanatical urge to go to war by the common people who have been led to believe some other country took everything from them.

  2. DeVaul

    Here are excerpts from Iran’s president’s speech to the UN. If he were an American politician, he would be called a “bleeding heart liberal” or perhaps even a “communist”.

    There was a time when the rantings of foreign leaders seemed bizarre and ours calm and collected. Now it is the opposite.

  3. anne ony mouse

    A new report from the Stanford and New York University law schools finds drone use has caused widespread post-tramatic stress disorder and an overall breakdown of functional society in North Waziristan. In addition, the report finds the use of a “double tap” procedure, in which a drone strikes once and strikes again not long after, has led to deaths of rescuers and medical professionals. Many interviewees told the researchers they didn’t know what America was before drones. Now what they know of America is drones, death and terror.

  4. Cut off cable TV and there would be riots all over America within the hour.

  5. floridasandy

    i am too disappointed and can’t even read your column anymore, supkis.

    you are going to vote for the guy who unleashed this inflation on the world via bernanke.

    liberals are evidently clueless.

    i notice also that they aren’t willing to protect their fellow citizens in foreign lands when “their” guy is in charge-and that is really sad. our foreign policy IS a disaster and our soldiers are being murdered.

    no matter what party you support, you should oppose that at least.

  6. DeVaul


    And you are going to vote for… whom? Romney?

    He wants war with Iran, so can we assume you want our soldiers to be murdered there too? That is the logical consequence of voting for him.

    Are you going to vote for the people who wanted Bernanke appointed after coddling Greenspan for decades? (Reagan unleashed Greenspan on us).

    You know, I asked some questions here about Republicans (and their libertarian allies in Congress) and all the wars they started, but no conservative would touch them other than 90404, who simply said I was “just so cantankerous!”

    Are you going to vote for the Libertarian Party? You know, the one that espouses libertarian values that Ron Paul will not support with his endorsement or even a TV ad for them? His name is Gary (something).

    Why don’t you tell us who to vote for and why we should. That is what Elaine did, so now you can do it. Are you afraid of the responses you might get to the candidate you put forth?

    Every time you rant about Elaine or Obama, you leave a huge void behind that clearly implies “vote republican”. I am really disappointed in you. Even here, on the far fringe of the internet and political landscape, hypocrisy continues to rear its ugly head with no shame. It is depressing.

    Time to put your mouth where your typepad is, Sandy.

  7. DeVaul

    You should like this, Elaine:–5-billion-dollars–the-army-is-eyeing-these-new-camouflage-patterns.html

    The 5 billion dollar mud uniforms will be thrown away, I guess. I wonder if they will donate them to the poor? Or give them to Afghans just to see where they end up?

    We don’t need social services. We just need better uniforms.

  8. 90404

    nazi uniforms?
    for when the ‘checks’ stop flowing ?

  9. While the riot police will get Roman Imperial Army uniforms (except shirts, slacks and boots instead of tunics and sandals) just like is beginning to appear in Spain!

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