Netanyahu Bomb Scare At UN

Israel’s Netanyahu Draws His “Red Line” for Iran – ABC News


Netanyahu couldn’t see Obama who is not allowing him to draw near.  So he went to the UN to show everyone an exploding bomb.  Which went viral online because it illustrates who the real bomb thrower is: Netanyahu.  When Iran’s President spoke to the UN, the US orchestrated a joint walkout with all of its trade partners who run trade surpluses with our nation.  Even as the oil boycott is causing increasing economic problems, the US focus on disarming Iran continues. 


In the past, the New York mayors have let anti-whoever riots to rage when it comes to anyone Israel hates.  So, if UN guests arrive who are disliked by Zionists, they are openly physically assailed by uncontrolled rioters as the police, who beat up OWS demonstrators, are curiously lax and laggard.  ‘Run away, you scared s**t!’: Iranian diplomat chased through streets of New York after being confronted by angry mob | Mail Online


The scuffle was captured on video, in which Mehmanparast was called a murderer before chants of ‘terrorist’ and ‘Yeah, you scared s**t run away and go stand next to the police’.  The mob also shout: ‘Get lost and go back into your hotel… What are you doing in New York you sick criminal?’


The US makes a big deal about mobs attacking our embassies or Chinese assailing Japanese embassy staff but when the people being harried are targets of US ire, it suddenly is quite happy to see mobs attack diplomats.  The US is host to the UN and our behavior is so nakedly aggressive, more than one person has called for the UN to be moved to say, Iceland or some other more neutral place.


The US diplomatic machinery has been so abused over the years, it barely functions at all.  Imagine if we sent diplomats to China and they were chased through the streets of Beijing by hooting mobs?  The US would be furious.  And rightfully so.  The mob attacking Iran’s representatives who are under diplomatic immunity are people associated with a terrorist organization:  PressTV – MKO supporters attack Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman in New York.


This week, the State Department delisted MKO as a terrorist organization because the US and Israel both use this organization to terrorize Iran.  This legalizes terror attacks, of course.  But then, the US has devolved so badly we imagine running robot and human assassination squads is high diplomacy, not a collapse of diplomatic values.


The assassin versus assassin war in Afghanistan is a total failure for NATO.  Here is yet another example of total waste of money as the US and EU sought to cover up war crimes by piously building schools:  British-built schools in Afghanistan may be forced to close – Telegraph


Sir Richard Stagg, Britain’s ambassador to Kabul, said that the construction programme had been motivated by a desire to show Afghans the the West was “serious” in its commitment to rebuild their country.
“With the best of intentions, between the period of 2003-2008 we developed a very expansive view of how we could help Afghanistan, and many countries invested a lot in that mission,” he told the Guardian. “We focused on the physical and visible rather than the human capital which would manage the country in the longer term.”


When the Soviet Union invaded, they gave women far, far more civil rights and protection than the NATO troops.  They also built schools and increased education greatly.  All for naught.  The US and its allies worked very hard to insure the Soviet attempts at dragging Afghanistan into the 20th century would fail.  The US even began an organization via the CIA called ‘al Qaeda’.  Which was a roaring success.


Even the Pentagon now basically admits the ‘surge’ has been a serious, very expensive failure:  Military Report Shows Afghan Surge Complete Failure — News from



Basically, the Taliban shifted tactics and enfolded themselves into the US training program and hit our soldiers at home, very hard.  IED attacks had their usual yearly cycle with the most attacks coming in the spring and summer months but the number of attempts remained at levels much higher than before the surge.


This was easily foreseen.  The US political and military machine promised they would learn from the Vietnam War experience and then merrily reproduced the exact same situation as back then with the same results.  Never knowing when to quit, the Pentagon slogs onwards for years and years.  Now, the utter failure of the Afghan war is obvious even to many Americans and it is now longer than the Vietnam war.


Yesterday my husband had some exploratory surgery and while watching over him at the recovery room (this is why  no story appeared here yesterday) I watched TV and they had the right wing female firebrand on to spew her insane analysis of what is going on in the Universe with predictable results:  ‘That’s B*******!’: Whoopi Goldberg loses her cool with Ann Coulter during race row on The View as she claims ‘liberals never cared about black people’ | Mail Online


Each of the four other women sat around The View’s table picked their own faults with Coulter’s claims.

‘You’re saying liberals don’t care about black people,’ Sherri Shepard complained.

‘Then are you saying that Republicans embrace us in a warm fuzzy.’

To which Coulter staunchly replied: ‘I do, we are not embraced back.’

The women continued to bicker as Coulter adamantly stated that the ‘Southern Strategy is a lie’ and even claimed that the OJ Simpson verdict was ‘the best thing that ever happened to black Americans.’


Of course, no one bothers to mention that the US is the #1 sponsor of rank racism in Israel.  The GOP continues to dance around the race issue as do the Democrats.  Both political parties use race as an issue to distract from what is collapsing here.  The white lower working class is joining ghetto blacks in becoming marginalized, isolated and eliminated as members of the economic community.


They are being systematically cut off from all hope of rising out of poverty except via criminal activity such as drug dealing.  Just as extremely violent drug gangs ravage Mexico, they are doing it increasingly here.  As white lower class women see their lives contract and shorten, their men are going to prison along with black inner city youth.  All are being thrown onto the garbage heap of history by US elites.


Coulter knows all this.  She is poking the black women on the show in the eye because she makes money by being obnoxious.  The women on this panel are equally obnoxious because they are unable to articulate what is really going on.  They simply heave insults on this lying woman who smiles with glee because her real point was to make the black women look like inarticulate animals.


They fell for it, of course.  Mrs. Obama doesn’t act this way, she is a lawyer and chooses her words carefully.  One of the oldest tricks in debates is to not lose your temper.  Once it is lost, the debate is won by the opposition.  Since most children are not taught how to debate (I, of course, was a debate team participant who used the ‘enrage the opposition’ tactics) so they don’t know how to fend off verbal provocations.


The inability to debate is degrading all our political and diplomatic positions.  The US continues to explode in rage when poked so of course, there are plenty of people more than willing to poke at us over and over again just to see us rage wildly and fling things around like a demented gorilla.


Finally, the EU is being forced into taxing the very rich who will flee to the US, of course:  France Unveils 75 Percent Super-Rich Tax Rate.  The point here is obvious: the very rich must be pursued from country to country until they are stripped of much of their wealth.  Why is that?


Well…history is pretty clear, you can’t have 1% of the world’s population holding more than 50% of the wealth.  This just does not function.  Functionality is everything.  When more and more wealth is concentrated in fewer and fewer hands while all governments (and yes, ALL first world governments are doing this!) are being driven into deeper and deeper debt.  This is an impossible situation to continue to infinity.  We cannot have infinite government debt and total wealth accumulation of the richest 1%.  The peasants can and will revolt and when revolting, will then turn militant and use the US/NATO machinery to go on a global expedition to seek out the richest people’s wealth holdings.


And the rich?  Will they run off to China?  That would be hilarious.sunset borger

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40 responses to “Netanyahu Bomb Scare At UN

  1. CK

    Chav culture in america, who would have thought it???
    About that bomb, I believe it can be ordered from ACME Products, tell em Wiley sent you.

  2. MikeM

    Interesting post for several reasons. First, I’ve read in a couple of different places that the Rothchild family all by themselves own 50% of the globe’s assets, albeit much of it is hidden in trusts and with associates.

    Second, Netenyahu is very unpopular in Israel. Protests there are allowed, unlike here in the land of the free, where no protest zones are now commonplace. There goes the 1st amendment. I’ve read several stories of Israelis setting themselves alight to prove their point. Haven’t seen anything like that since the Vietnam war.

    As far as Coulter goes, she should visit Oregon and become bear food, not that she’d be much of a meal. I’d be happy to help out, but I’m trying really really hard to make it out of this life saying that I’ve never killed anybody.

    As far as the very rich goes, they need to learn how to live a simple life. Nobody ever taught them you can’t buy happiness. It’s fun to hate them for their ignorance, but in my heart of hearts, I know that’s a miserable thing to say.

  3. Christian W

    Some ‘random’ comments:

    * Netanyahu is a nutter. This farce reminds me of Colin Powell’s pre-invasion of Iraq charade in the UN .

    * Read this snippet today:

    “According to the Lionheart Foundation, the U.S. criminalizes and
    imprisons more people than any other country in the world. It has
    over 2 million people in prisons, six to ten times as many as any other
    nation. Three-quarters of these prisoners have a history of drug or
    alcohol abuse and one-sixth have a history of mental illness. One out
    of every three black men between the ages of 20 to 29 are in prison
    or on probation.
    In the last 20 years more than 1,000 new prisons have been built.

    Abbott Kinloch Walpole of the Gateless Gate Zen Center in Gainesville, Florida says the prison-industrial complex is a “confluence of interests,” which depends on a steady supply of prisoners from which money and property can be harvested. Politicians and judges
    to be “electorally viable” must help supply prisoners. Not only their
    jobs but the jobs of many judicial, police, and prison officials depend
    on having lots of prisoners. In Florida there is nothing for prisoners
    to do in prison but to take psychotropic pills to deal with their brutal

    Reading such facts makes you wonder how much ‘social engineering’ really is going on. Even Big Pharma is in on the ‘business’ of sucking value out of the ex-slave community…

    And that story reminded me of when a Finnish schoolteacher I know was working in Harlem, NY and was shocked to find the kids there were fed ‘psychoptropic’ pills to keep them calm… The drug feeding starts early apparently…

    * Elaine, hope your husband’s surgery went well. And belated congrats on you being a Granny now 😀 Happy news 🙂

  4. tfoth

    Coulter is also a lawyer.

  5. MikeM

    Christian W, speaking of imprisonment, I notice that Julian Assange is basically a prisoner in the Chilean embassy in London, and what really pisses me off is that Bradley Manning has been jailed and allegedly psychologically tortured for more than two years in military prison. Sweden wants him on sex charges which is so laughable it deserves no further comment.

    Under military law, a prisoner can not be kept in custody for more than 120 days without trial, but Manning has been in custody for over two years with no trial.

    I’m quite sure that as the months/years go by, it will become more apparent to all that there is no longer a rule of law in the USA. I’m also of the opinion that the only way to change that, is for common people to unite and demand change. I’m also of the opinion that if we attempt that change through the political process, we will then see that We The People will be put under martial law.

    Divide and conquer. I’ve never seen our population so polarized, and so angry.

    I’m pretty sure the only way out of this political mess is through an open revolt, but I also realize we shouldn’t skip any steps before taking such drastic action. If there is any hope for the US Constitution, it would be in the hope that the US military will uphold it’s oath to it, and not side with the police state.

  6. fred

    Ahmadinejad should have asked rhetorically whether Iran would meet Bibi’s approval if it had simply stolen enriched uranium and related technology from the USA like Israel did. And he should have asked what Israel’s response was way back when JFK wanted inspections at Dimona. He should ask why everyone in the mideast should accept an Israeli nuke pointed at them without so much as an effort to possess a deterrent.

  7. MikeM

    Man, Netenyahoo (sic) is getting slammed all over the internet for this prank, deservedly so. Meanwhile back at the ranch, here’s two minutes of complete insanity.

  8. MikeM

    Speaking of Israel and false flags…Israel, who probably leads the world in internet attack efficiency, has begun attacking the American banking system, according to a growing number of websites that I’ve come across. Of course the boogie man on the other side of the Persian Gulf will be blamed.

    Who could expect less from the country that brought us the King David Hotel bombing, USS Liberty attack, the annihilation of the Palestinians, the annihilation of professors, local political leaders and scientists in Iraq after the US invasion, and of course 9/11.

  9. emsnews

    Better than engineering an attack, what they are saying is they will provoke an attack. The huge, huge difference between Iran and other examples such as Germany and Japan and their attacks on the US is that Germany and Japan were the invaders provoking everyone into fighting with THEM, not the other way around.

    Foolish people forget this immense distinction. Germany and Japan would provoke and provoke and then do sudden sneak attacks based on claims they were attacked by their victims.

    What the US has done since we became an Evil Empire during the Cold War was have deliberate ‘open door’ events where the government would lure ‘terror attacks’ and assassinations as to manufacture an excuse to attack.

    The guy in the video is typical of right wing theorists who redesign history to a new model for example, blaming Lincoln for the Fort Sumpter attack. He stood his ground and rightfully so. The southern rebels insisted the troops surrender when THERE WAS NO WAR YET.

    When the captain rightfully refused, they attacked. THIS caused the shooting war. They started it. Not Lincoln. Rewriting history whereby the Germans who were told to NOT attack civilian ships then went and did exactly that was the Germans provoking the US not the other way around. Got that, everyone?

    When Japan attacked it was because the US said we would not sell them raw materials they needed for their war against the Chinese! So they decided, quite cowardly, to do a sneak attack to disable our entire Pacific fleet and Hitler then declared war on us and attacked. Roosevelt didn’t do anything illegal or wrong. Germany and Japan were 100% the aggressor nations.

    Now we are Germany and Japan, the aggressor nation. And this is amoral and will lead to very bad things in the long run.

  10. DeVaul

    I respectfully disagree with your entire analysis of Germany and Japan attacking us without warning and unbeknownst to our military, which was supplying England with war materials using civilian passenger ships. When a country is at war, you don’t send civilians there in passenger ships through waters infested with submarines unless you are willing to join the war.

    We don’t send buses full of tourists to Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, or any other danger zone. The US State Department issues a warning not to go there. German U-boat captains could see the ships heading for England were fully loaded and not empty. They were not stupid.

    There is enough evidence out there now to show that we deliberately joined these wars, and that the means of joining was done in a way that would outrage the American people, who were largely anti-war.

    A sneak attack is NOT a sneak attack if you know the enemy fleet is coming. FDR was responsible for making sure the defenses at Pearl Harbor were on Red Alert the whole time after the Japanese fleet left port.

    The order to stand down at Pearl Harbor was no different than the order to stand down on 9/11. Same number of people killed. It was only a “sneak attack” to those who died.


    ELAINE: Back to the BEGINNING of that war, who declared war first by being aggressive? Germany and Austria! The Germans then expanded the war by blockading Britain with a new thing, the submarine. First, they sank only war ships. Then, as desperation set in, they began sinking civilian ships. THEY did this, not us. They chose to sink civilian ships and then claimed later, there MIGHT have been ‘weapons’ on board!!! They didn’t KNOW this at all when they shot the ship.

  11. JIm R

    As Noam Chomsky has pointed out, we have been at war with Iran for some time now. Those things that *we* define as acts of war when someone does to the USA, are being done to Iran without comment from the Infotainment complex. Things like the cyber-war attack on their isotope separation facility and the disconnection of Iran from the international financial network.

    Ironically, this financial disconnection has the potential of eventually doing more damage to the $ than it does to the Persian currency.

  12. MikeM

    DeVaul, you are totally correct. FDR knew what what coming. That’s why on Dec 7th, a bunch of aged warships from San Diego were inport Pearl, and ALL the carriers just happened to be out to sea.

    The entire planet needs to figure out how to have leaderships that aren’t psychos. People generally don’t want to go to war. When they are subject to a propaganda campaign coordinated by psychos though, everything changes.

    Latest example being Iran. If I knew Israel had nukes pointed at me, I’d kind of want to have a deterrent to keep the peace. The misinterpretations, the misquotes, the bias as reported by our political dipshits and media is absolutely immense. Does anyone remember the last time the Iranians attacked anyone? It wasn’t the Iran/Iraq war, that was a US sponsored war, which I participated in for a short while.


    ELAINE: A grave misunderstanding of diplomacy is rampant here.

    Look, the Japanese were NEGOTIATING with the US when they sent a SNEAK ATTACK on our fleet. The ships were ‘aging’ because Congress refused to vote enough money to replace these ships due to BUDGET CUTS. Got that? What sane nation would first let half of their entire fleet be sunk right before going to war with a nation with many ships? This is INSANE.

    The WTC attacks: the government spies here or rather, Mossad, thought the planes would be hijacked and held. None of them knew they would fly into buildings! This took the government by surprise and so scared the Bush gang, they ran and HID right after the attack. Their plans of being a hero failed. But then, after three days of silence, they came out of hiding again.

  13. DeVaul

    I remember sitting in the mensa at Marburg University in West Germany talking to my best friend, Mansur, who was from Persia. He and I lifted weights together and played pranks on the Germans, who were very gullible. He insisted on being called a Persian, not an Iranian. I think because of all the Arab groups on campus who had blackballed him from their political groups. He was living in exile in Germany because of the Ayatolla. I guess you might say he had secular political beliefs.

    Anyway, he had just heard about his family. His house had been hit by an Iraqi missile. His mother, two sisters, and a younger brother were believed to be buried in the rubble. He had already lost two other brothers on the western front during the war. His father lived in exile or was executed because he was from Georgia. I did not know what to say. I had never experienced anything like that or met anyone who had. I just remember food sitting in my mouth as he spoke. I could not even chew.

    Americans are stupid to think that Iran will cave in under threat of war. They have already survived one bloodbath, and they will submit to another one as a matter of national pride and survival as a nation. Almadoodad tried to explain this nicely to us, but until we lose a spectacular battle or war, we will probably not understand it.

  14. Paul S

    I think Netanyahu has a screw loose–seriously. That time-bomb graphic of his isn’t befitting a 9th graders presentation. Good thing Bibi is so unpopular in Israel; they should throw a net over him. About Ann Coulter: she (he?) picks her venues carefully. The propagandist knows when to strike and when to hold off. Selling a Con, that’s what it’s always about with the likes of Coulter. BTW: Ann’s Daddy-O was a Union busting Labor lawyer. Big surprise.

  15. MikeM

    That graphic of Netanyahoo cracks me up. It reminds me of old Felix the Cat cartoons when I was a kid.

    As I recall there was a flight squadron in WWII that had an emblem of Felix the Cat running with a similar looking bomb.

    People all over the internet are going crazy over this incident. Netanyahoo really shot himself in the foot this time. I’m loving it.

  16. MikeM

    A couple of pics from VF-3

    History is cool…

  17. Sharkbabe

    Haaretz had some good spoof pix of Bibi’s puerile stunt:

  18. larry, dfh

    FDR was acting
    Secretary of the Navy
    when the Lusitania set sail, and Churchill was the British equivalent when the Lusitania’s escorts were called off in hostile waters.
    Concerning Pearl Harbor, FDR had opportunities to
    NOT go to war in the Pacific,
    but he was determined not to pursue those.

  19. emsnews

    Larry, one of the saddest things on earth is how people cannot understand cause and effect, random chance and happenstance.

    The Lusitania was NOT a navy ship. It was a civilian ship. The idea of ‘escorts’ were developed during WWII, not WWI. During WWI at that time, the assumption was, Germany would NOT sink a civilian ship.

    And then a captain chose to do this WITHOUT WARNING in international waters off of Ireland. The international zone was outside 3 miles of any landmass back then.

    It was a NEUTRAL NATION ship which made this doubly illegal in the diplomatic sense and the Germans KNEW they were 100% in the wrong and at first tried to make excuses and then made up the story about the arms to justify what was obviously a warcrime.

    They fooled no one back then but over the years, hatred of one’s own country is driving many Americans into rewriting history to make our own heroes, villains. This is a dangerous and stupid mental game that makes the libertarians and many leftists very unpopular with people of their home states because it makes everything ‘dirty’.

    History isn’t all about good and evil but we should never lose sight on how bad German and Japan, when in the grip of imperialism, behaved. Not that England and France or Spain were all that much better than WWI Germany!

    The Germany that arose from WWI was totally evil in every possible way! Just as the post-WWI Russia became very evil, too. And Japan, seeing France and Britain very weak from WWI, became very evil seeking domination of all of Asia in a most violent and vicious way.

  20. emsnews

    Another fact to remember: Germany understood how totally in the wrong they were in WWI and they carefully avoided sinking civilian passenger ships before unilaterally declaring war on us, we never declared war on them.

    As a neutral nation, we always had the right of the High Seas and trade with anyone we chose including nations Germany wanted to destroy! They, not us, cut off trade as did Japan. Any country conquered by either entity was then cut off from all world trade by the victors who enslaved entire populations.

    But Germany and Japan were increasingly out of control when they finally both suddenly declared war AFTER the Japanese illegal, undiplomatic, and totally uncalled for attack on Pearl Harbor which also attacked the civilian facilities there.

  21. Being There

    Just keep in mind, we haven’t been winning wars. That’s not what it’s about anymore. There is huge money to be made waging war. It’s disaster capitalism, it’s redirecting tax-payer money to private contractors while the Republican party is marching on to privatize all enterprise in the US.
    The are smashing the Post Office, they want to smash the social programs, highways, schools, National Parks….It’s all part of a mindless program.

    The elected legislature has no idea who Milton Friedman was, they focus on Ayn Rand, but it’s Friedman’s neoliberalism that is the inverted communist model. The Chicago School of business is the focal point by which the entire intellectual class has gotten it’s MO.–and that includes Clinton and Obama.

    400 people here won more assets than 160 milion citizens and counting…It’s going to be way more extreme than that.
    Remember folks, Austerity is just around the corner…..

  22. emsnews

    We definitely won WWI and WWII and we basically won the Cold War.

    We lost various direct confrontations with peasants who refused to be ruled by us. A common problem with more than one empire over the eons.

    We are losing the global trade wars. Big time. Worse than Iran! That is a terrible defeat and one that will haunt us badly over the next century or two.

  23. DeVaul

    I did not know FDR was Secretary of the Nave during WW I. That makes a lot of sense now. The Germans sent a full page advertisement to every newspaper along the east coast warning people not to set sail on the Lousitainia because it was smuggling arms into England. Wilson ordered the newspapers not to publish it, but one newspaper down in North or South Carolina did, so the evidence is there. The civilians on the ship had warning from Germany, but this was kept from them by our government.

    I am glad Elaine acknowledges that the attack on Pearl Harbor was not a “sneak” attack, just an illegal, immoral, undiplomatic, and uncalled for attack, which it most certainly was.

  24. socapa

    When I first saw Bibi with his little illustration I thought he was pitching an idea for a new children’s cartoon on the Jewish Channel.Then I soon realized he was crying wolf…AGAIN!!!

  25. MikeM

    Elaine, not to be critical, but your knowledge of US warfare needs to be sharpened up. The Lusitania was know to be shipping war material. The Germans had advanced knowledge of this, and wished to warn American civilians not to board her. They requested numerous newspapers to publish notices of their warning that they would sink her. Only the Des Moines Register actually published it.

    There is still an ongoing debate as to whether the one torpedo hit she took caused a secondary explosion of a boiler, or munitions that were stored below decks.

  26. MikeM

    How refreshing! Here’s a short piece that ties together several points I’ve made here over the last couple of months.

  27. MikeM

    Man, I’m having a lot of fun with this thread. Is austerity just around the corner? Witness the riots in Spain. The PIGS countries populations are very well informed about how Iceland handled it’s own problems. Here in the US, people remain ignorant. I don’t think that’s going to last long, because the news from the EU will have such a financial impact on the US that the propaganda machine here in the US will be unable to twist or ignore it.

    The EU was a bubble that already popped. All we’re seeing now is how the central bankers (think Rothchilds) are trying to hold it together, while they suck as much wealth out of the western world as they can, while they can.

    I’m sticking to my guns with my argument that there will eventually be a popular uprising, and it will likely have resemblance to the French Revolution. It doesn’t matter if that’s the best course or not.

    If that doesn’t happen, we might as well all shoot ourselves, and let them figure out how to eat with their own bare hands.

  28. 90404

    MikeM, comment 26,

    Prior to the WWW the only group I knew of that mentioned this was,
    Oddly, their ‘UN Watcher’ was on Coast 2 Coast radio last night, talking about UN Agenda 21.

  29. emsnews

    Spain’s unemployment rate of 24+% is depression levels.

    The German submarine warfare: whatever else was on that ship it was still filled with NEUTRAL citizens and flying a NEUTRAL flag. Sinking it was totally and utterly criminal and the Germans knew this!

    Pretend that they did ‘warn’ they were going to sink it. When everyone ignored this warning, they sank it with the neutral citizens and thus, were still very much in the wrong! Got that? I find this simple to understand.

    Proof of weapons was never fully acceptable this was along the same lines as the US claiming Iraq had WMD. Same old garbage. Trust not the German self-serving propaganda any more than other propaganda!!!!

  30. DeVaul

    We are not saying the Germans should have sunk her, only that they gave full warning they would sink her. What kind of president keeps this info from American citizens, and why were they visiting a war zone? We were not then nor now a good empire. We were at most a little better than others.

    I often wonder why the Irish did not follow the Iceland path. They are an island too, and somewhat more isolated than Spain.

    I am glad people are ridiculing Bibi and his ACME bomb drawing. That might avert war all by itself if it reaches enough people around the world.

  31. MikeM

    Elaine, just so you know…when I was the communications officer on a naval special warfare platform in the Persian Gulf in 1988, which was a converted jacking barge with the jacks removed, we flew a Panamanian flag. I have pics of it and can prove it.

    We packed some amazingly awesome firepower, and were there to support The Iraqis. We also had four 65′ Mk III patrol boats manned by special boat units, that are now called SWCCS. Things are not always what they seem to you folks that have never served in the military. If I could talk about some of the stuff I know on these forums, I could really blow your mind.

    I wish digital cameras existed in those days. A 5 min Youtube of a night fire excercise would really freak you out. We weren’t anybody to be messed with.

    For the entertainment of all, here is a video on the SWCCS. A personal friend of mine has a son in this video.


    DeVaul…my email address is Drop me a line if you care to.


    ELAINE: Germany had a superb war machine superior by far than the US machine in 1939. Ditto, Japan, for that matter! And what good did that do for either country?

  32. JT

    Elaine for a smart woman you have a pretty childish view of the reasons of WWII.

    The reasons are the same as they are today.
    War is an extension of foreign policy nothing else.

    Rudolf Hess, the world’s loneliest man:
    “My father opened our conversation with an interesting piece of news, the details of which he asked me to set down in writing: He had sent a new application to the heads of state of the four occupation powers, requesting release from his 46 years imprisonment. I was particularly struck by one point. He told me that he had appealed especially to the Soviet head of state to support his request with the other three custodial powers. “Did I get that right?,” I asked. My father nodded. So he knew — obviously from the Russians themselves — that they were considering approving his release.”

  33. JIm R

    Thanks for the video.
    Wouldn’t it be nice if the terrorists would all wear colorful uniforms and stand in a line to be mowed down by that machinery …

    I’m convinced that Orlov is right. It will be a lot like the failure of the Soviet Union, only bigger and worse.

  34. emsnews

    Look, we did NOT invade Germany during WWI. We went HOME. The Brits and French decided to expand their empires in Africa and Asia after we bailed them out of WWI.

    THEY, not us, hammered Germany to pay for all of WWI’s costs. The US protested but could not stop this from happening.

    Germany and Japan attacked the US because they wanted to cut us off from trade with China, Europe, Africa, etc!

    END OF STORY. We did NOT attack them.

  35. emsnews

    It is life and death to figure out what aggression is. The US is now aping Germany/Japan during the run up to WWII. We imitate these two very bad examples because we are turning fascist as did Israel. Since we are now 100% identified with Israel and endorse Israel’s fascism totally, we are morphing into a fascist imperialist power which is delighting Japan’s elites who never felt the slightest guilt about WWII. Far from it.

    This toxic mix is driving us into WWIII, of course. A huge danger to the US since this war will hammer our homeland unlike WWI and WWII.

  36. MikeM

    Yep, the Germans had the best warfare hardware in the world at that time, by far. The Japanese also had superior hardware. They both ramped up war manufacturing and R&D well in advance of the US, in our “great depression.”

    Hardware doesn’t win wars, strategy and tactics do.

    It helps to have that edge in technology, but poor leadership and poor insight will always ruin the day. I wouldn’t trust our current leadership to call me a taxicab after a few too many beers.

  37. emsnews

    Superior arms led both Germany and Japan into total disaster as they decided to go to war with EVERYONE. We are doing the same thing, accumulating enemies rapidly.

  38. @Elaine: The WTC attacks: the government spies here or rather, Mossad, thought the planes would be hijacked and held. None of them knew they would fly into buildings! This took the government by surprise and so scared the Bush gang, they ran and HID right after the attack. Their plans of being a hero failed. But then, after three days of silence, they came out of hiding again.

    Well they should have known! During the Clinton Presidency, some right wing crazy tried to fly a small plane right into the President and First Lady’s Bedroom! Lucky he missed AND the First Family was elsewhere.

    “In 1994 a small plane crashed just twenty feet away from President Clinton’s bedroom, in what seemed to be an suicide attempt on the president’s life. Fortunately the first family was sleeping across the street at Blair House while repairs were being made to the White House ventilation system.”

    And you’re a Grandmother now! Congratulations! 🙂

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