Right Wing Organization, ‘Americans For Job Security’ Election Adverts

Yesterday, I spent my time with my brand new grandson, Leon.  As per usual with babies, he is incredibly cute and cuddly. Today, we resume discussing the news.  We are in an election cycle in the US and like a unicycle, it is basically one wheel when it comes to finances and Wall Street with the only true concern of the two candidates and when it comes to sex or race, it becomes a bicycle with two different wheels and two real choices.  With war issues, it reverts to a unicycle.  Ditto, free trade.



My grandson is half Chinese and therefore, as with my half Jewish children, the issue of tribalism, racism and international relations hits very close to home.  The Chinese and the US are in a collision course in Asia and the Jewish colonization of the Middle East may lead to the Apocalypse, both events I would heartily resist and hope never happens.  As economic global trade conditions deteriorate in the wake of some immense banking lending scheme bubbles blowing up, we have to be aware that racism and religious factionalism is on the rise, too.


This is not a good thing.  GOP attack ad: Obama makes babies cry:  Running – YouTube a pro-Wall Street Romney put out by a gang calling themselves ‘Americans for Job Security’.

A quick analysis of this ad is simple: a white female who is very trim and physically fit is pushing her toddler in a stroller while complaining about her husband being laid off (by whom is conveniently left out, of course!) and then the camera shows a cute little white girl crying due to Obama being mean to her daddy.  This dishonest ad of course, is quite racist.  It is what we call ‘a dog whistle’ to people who think the mulatto in the White House is hurting white girls specifically.


When I was living in the South in the 1950’s, it was not all that uncommon for black men accused of ‘dissing’ white women to be lynched.  This is why the ad is important as well as disgusting.  The ad, paid for by some rather rich people who hide behind a fake front operation, carefully doesn’t endorse Romney.  All they want to do is plant deep psychological dislike of a ‘black’ man in the minds of voters who are not canny enough to question who these guys funding ‘Americans for Job Security’ really are and what these men plan to do to the average voter once they gain more power.


Here is a previous ad from the same organization:  Americans for Job Security | Hawker Jobs Ad – YouTube

It seems that it is an organization of defense contractors who want more money from the government of all things!  HAHAHA.  Here is their website:  Americans for Job Security – Issues

Reducing Taxes

AJS is fighting against taxes that are too high, too complicated and stifle the innovation and growth of businesses working to create jobs and grow the economy. In recent years we have seen tax relief that has led to economic growth and it is our goal to ensure that these pro-market, pro-paycheck policies remain in place. An active member of the Death Tax Repeal Working Group, AJS has fought hard to kill the Death Tax once and for all.

Tort Reform

Comprehensive tort reform is an important part to creating a strong job creating atmosphere within the United States. AJS supports robust tort reform proposals at the state and national level. Frivolous lawsuits stymie job creation and tie up our legal system. Small businesses are the engine of our economy and they most often become the targets of frivolous lawsuits, drowning these job creators in legal fees and distracting the court system from addressing legitimate claims. Tort reform helps consumers, small businesses and taxpayers and creates a stronger job creating atmosphere.

Free Markets & Free Trade

Through pro-market, pro-growth policies the American economy will continue to create jobs and grow. AJS advocates the eliminations of duplicative and excessive government regulations which inhibit growth and innovation and inordinately affect the countries small businesses. In addition, AJS will continue to fight to open new markets for American entrepreneurs.


So, they like free trade, hate paying taxes and don’t want to get sued!  Obviously, these are guys feeding off of the military/industrial spending by our government and like those 47% people who mooch off of the government teats, they want to not pay taxes on the money they make via taxpayer spending!  Yes, the despicable 47% has a lot of rich people!  Lots and lots and lots of rich people, nearly all of them, actually.


Like in Japan, they resent paying into the system that they mooch off of, they want someone else to pay, of course.  The idea that flat taxes are good whereby rich people pay as little a percentage of income as starving poor people is a charming idea if one wishes to reproduce Medieval Europe.  The Church had its 10% tithe which was levied against the peasants with due ferocity while the Church leadership came nearly entirely from the upper classes by 1500.


Other taxes were levied against the general population with the nobility exempting themselves more and more as time passed until their social obligations fell to nearly nothing and then violent revolutions erupted over and over again until most of the elites were physically eliminated or chased out.


As usual, I am curious about the people putting out these ads during election cycles so here they are, talking about themselves:  Americans for Job Security – About AJS


Who are your members? Our members are businesses, business leaders and entrepreneurs from around the country. AJS does not disclose or discuss its membership further than this. Too often politicians or the media define an organization or message not by the merits of the argument, but rather by the perception of the people associated with it. We would rather the people decide on merits instead of name-calling.


HAHAHA…just call them Anonymous!  Why, if we knew who these creeps really are, we might call them names such as ‘rip off artists’ or ‘Wall Street bribers’ or ‘parasites sucking on the government teats’.  Not to mention, guys who offshore jobs while whining in public about the government spending money overseas.  The ad above talking about creating jobs in America made back in 2011 talks about how the Pentagon is handing out contracts to foreign governments which is true and which is emptying the public purse.


But the problem here is, who is fueling this?  Is the GOP going to stop this?  Of course, who started this in the first place?  The debate about free trade as fallen so far off the radar, few people know anymore how this began why it got to gargantuan size and what sort of danger this represents.  It is, of course, fatal to us all in the long run.  And nothing is being done to stop it, either.


As for taxes: the scandal of Romney is how he gets away with mostly paying less than 10% tax on his immense income.  Here is a story from England which is next to the rest of Europe where the topic of taxing the rich is a huge issue:  Hedge fund founder David Harding reveals £34m tax bill – Telegraph


David Harding earned an income of £87m last year from Winton Capital Management, the investment firm he founded in 1997, and paid an annual tax bill of £34m – enough to fund the salaries of 1,500 newly-qualified teachers.
But the 56-year-old admitted that he was not “whiter than white” and had paid an overall rate of just 39pc in the last financial year, as he makes the majority of his money from dividends rather than salary, which are taxed at a lower rate. Mr Harding currently owns 56pc of Winton Capital Management.


Eventually, the rich must be taxed.  The impending collapse of NATO and its economic engines will force the issue eventually.  Blaming China, a latecomer to the free trade business, is ridiculous.  The Chinese thought the US was insane to have lopsided trade with Germany and Japan during the Cold War.  I explained, this was for ideological reasons to counterbalance Russia and China but was fatal to the US for it gravely weakened our own industrial base, which it most certainly did.


The entire first world machinery has been warped grossly out of whack by US geo-political games that hurt the US economy.  The US flooded the planet with cheap dollars and this is overwhelming all systems which is why the dollar is increasingly worthless.  And floods of free zero interest dollars continues to disgorge with both candidates unwilling to stop this via taxing the rich.  Yes, the rich are directly responsible.  They don’t mind inflation because their profits are greater.


And yes, they love this flood of dollars which they move overseas as fast as humanly possible because they get much more value doing this so the profits are greater, of course.


The latest scheme for having the government soak up bad loans is this:  Student loan default rates jump – Sep. 28, 2012

In terms of schools, those with two-year default rates above 25% for three consecutive years can lose eligibility for federal aid, including Pell grants. Two schools fell into that category: Centro de Estudios Mutidisciplinarios in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Tidewater Tech in Norfolk, Virginia.
In addition, the agency said 218 colleges and universities had three-year default rates of 30% or more.


These bad loans are fully insured by the US taxpayers and the people benefiting from these loans are the guys running these fake schools.  These schools are enriching their owners at public expense while providing little to no public good.  Eventually, there will be no loans for real schools that educate people so they can benefit our nation in the future.  This goal of looting today and ignoring tomorrow is a problem with many rich people who think this business can go to infinity, forever.  It can’t and it won’t. sunset borger

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17 responses to “Right Wing Organization, ‘Americans For Job Security’ Election Adverts

  1. Elaine, I think you left out the word ‘NOT’ in this sentence:

    Is the GOP going to stop this? Of course (NOT), who started this in the first place?

    Congratulations to the parents and you on the new grandbaby.
    You should attempt to do a Mr. Spock ‘mind meld’ with the little one as he will need to acquire your knowledge and wisdom as soon as possible to deal with what lies ahead.

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  3. DeVaul

    Go easy on Leon with the mind meld. You don’t want to over stimulate him and have smoke coming out of his ears while babbling: “Does not compute! Does not compute! Just arrived! Must terminate!”.

    Stick it somewhere in a far back corner of his brain so he can access it later in life when he needs it. Like, perhaps when he starts high school.

  4. Christian W

    Leon, like the hitman from the movies eh? Ahhh, the terrible associations from contemporary ‘culture’… O.o

    But the above ‘association’ is a nice comment to the overall gist of this excellent expose over propaganda in modern media and the extreme power it has. This image the people ‘catapulting’ this propaganda are trying to create is of Obama as a ‘job destroyer’. It may or may not have anything to do with reality, but in the case of propaganda reality is irrelevant.

    The human mind is a wonderful machine that creates objects, or images, that it uses to deal with the perceived reality. Some we reject and some we accept as ‘real’ or ‘true’. What we accept as ‘real’ becomes part of our mind machine and it’s workings.

    And this is where propaganda comes in. It aims to plant objects/images in people’s mind machines. And it works, it is highly efficient since the mind accepts ALL images that comes into it. It is only after it has seen an image/object that it either accepts or rejects it.

    And effective propaganda is often on the level people aren’t even consciously aware of the objects they are implanted with, or they may be partial to this particular range of objects based on previously stored propaganda etc (like nationalistic images, values thought by parents/society/peers/religious figures/professors etc).

    A lot of people are commenting on how ‘brainwashed’ Americans seem to be, but the amount of propaganda they are exposed to is just extreme.. But this is also a universal problem and not specific to any society.

    It is very interesting and, I’d say, very revealing to question your own ‘programming’.

  5. DeVaul

    Ross Perot finally speaks again. He says the US is ripe for a hostile takeover by a foreign power. He was right about the giant sucking sound, so I would bet he is right about his latest warning.


    He cannot give details because they would wack him. His face shows it.

  6. Christian W


    Very interesting comments to that article. The ‘blogosphere’ is very alert. Of course atm these people are in a minority but that will change.

    Also I found it annoying that the Ron Paul people there commenting were trying to steal Ross Perot’s thunder and transfer it to Ron Paul as if Ron Paul had any gravitas whatsoever. Unlike Ross Perot Ron Paul is just another empty suit (like Obama) and the sooner some people realize that the sooner a real political oppositon with traction can form.

    Obama and Ron Paul are there for people to project labels on and delude themselves into believing they are voting for people with substance.

    Then again, in the US people with substance and political traction tend to have the bad habit of getting themselves shot… for some strange reason. At least if they have leanings towards the 99%…

    My bet is that the CIA will run the joint, Putin style but probably with more sophistication, within a decade or two.

  7. emsnews

    I actually supported Ross Perot due to his position on free trade. He was then driven out of politics very rapidly not just by the mainstream but by libertarians and leftists who tore into him when he tried to start a third party. I was very engaged in all of that and watched it unfold in the early 90’s.

  8. Christian W

    I remember seeing Ross Perot make his points (with his charts) watching CNN when I was working nights back then 🙂 He really did have a huge following. Now in hindsight it is easy to see how strong the herd mind was in the US electorate and Perot was shunted even if he was correct. His views were simply too threatening, people preferred the ‘feel good, all will be well’ propaganda not someone saying ‘we have real problems and they will be far worse if we do the wrong choices now’. Or they felt their group, their party, was threatened by this outsider.

  9. larry, dfh

    Gee, I thought we were already taken over by a hostile power, or am I at the wrong blog?
    If this is indeed Elaine’s blog, then it’s a wonderful blessing to hold your grandchild!

  10. 911

    Christian W, blame wimmen. Clinton [the arch villain in this scenario playing out] knew that he was in, that the soccer moms would not vote for the ugly guy.
    Blame NAFTA and the ruination of the USA on women voters.

  11. Verlander


    You’re an idiot. Sorry, but it’s the truth.

    How many different ways in a short paragraph can one prove themselves an idiot? You certainly seem to be going for a record.

    While lately I have given up on actually speaking to Fox News addled dingbats (might as well try to teach pigs calculus), did you really call Cinton the arch-villain of this scenario.

    Sure, dipstick, he’s a part of it. Hell, pretty much every politician since JFK got hisself ventilated by a “lone gunman” has been in on it, whatever nonsense they call themselves. They don’t last very long if they try to be anything but.

    But that means nothing to you, does it, Hannity?

    Blame women? Utter hogwash and rubbish. I will not waste time on a Fox News watcher (in other words, a non-critical thinking moron who prefers lies and despises facts only when he is told to by authority), exactly as Elaine has described you bunch for so long, explaining how many different ways this comment is oversimplistically idiotic.

    In the immortal words of that sage philospher, “What a maroon!”

  12. @911

    Elaine provides an excellent blog that displays intelligent discussions of important matters.
    You, however, leave a brown skidmark through the comments section like a dog dragging his butt across a white carpet.

  13. Another dog whistle is the scenery. If you have a keen eye like I do, the ad was shot somewhere in an upscale 1950s Virginia suburb. The message is: Eeek! The you-know-whats are coming after us in our own homes!!

    Egads, the “Americans for Job Security” who only want their own jobs secure, and those of the top 0.1%, can’t be more obvious!

  14. 911

    ‘All they want to do is plant deep psychological dislike of a ‘black’ man in the minds of voters ‘ Whites.

    American whites dont hate Blacks, Heck, many voted for our bi racial President. Blacks vote for Blacks, uniformly.

    Whites fear Blacks and Black violence.
    And rightfully so.
    Despite the medias disinformation about it, Whites know whats going on.

  15. @911, Whites also fear whites and white violence..

  16. MetalGoddess

    I just saw a barrage of this group’s ads and my boyfriend heard something about Americans For Job Security and immediately wanted me to find out who this organization is. Naturally it’s a pro-business pro-Republican organization. They really need to re work that ad because that lady looks way too posh and well manicured for someone whose husband is laid off. I can tell it was wealthy people who put that ad together. It would make more sense if she was waiting tables at IHOP. These people really need to get off it already. Romney is no messiah. He reminds me of a used car salesman who will say anything to get someone to buy a lemon. And a lemon is all this man has to sell.

  17. emsnews

    It looks like it was filmed in Connecticut on the North Shore. 🙂

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