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Romney Wants To Kill FEMA As Northeast Is Destroyed By Sandy


I am so very  happy my son and I drove down to the City to save the baby!  The hurricane tidal surge went beyond even the highest prediction of 11 feet to devastate the entire coastline of Long Island, Manhattan Island and the entire shore of New Jersey from top to bottom not to mention all the way from Canada to Georgia.   This has to be one of the most brutal category 1 storm in history.

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Hurricane Sandy Hammers NY Harbor And Atlantic States Hard

This is one amazing storm!  Yesterday, I took dawn photos showing a pellucid, pearly sky.  Today, it was a total pink-out.  This storm dwarfs Irene which dumped tons of water on the upstate lands which caused huge floods, the worst in 100 years.  What will this hurricane bring us?  We can’t tell, yet. Continue reading


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Earthquakes and Hurricanes and Full Moon

IRIS Seismic Monitor – Recent Earthquakes


Many great quakes happen during full moons as we see yet again last night.  Also, the hurricane is very bad because it is very slow moving and will have a high tidal surge so my son and I are going to make a rescue operation this morning and save our family who lives right on the shoreline of the NY harbor. Continue reading


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Rare Double Halo Moon Glow Due To Hurricane Sandy

I was outside tonight at 8:30pm to observe the effects of Hurricane Sandy in a near-full moon sky.  The conjunction of a full moon and the arrival of a major hurricane is a once in a lifetime experience.  Only once before, when I was a child, have I seen this cosmic effect!  The large ring is actually much, much bigger than shown here.  The moon was well above the horizon but the ring reached nearly to the North Star, it was so huge! Continue reading


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Fukushima: For Want Of A Battery, A Nation Was Lost

Fukushima The Truth Behind the Chain of Meltdowns – YouTube is a NHK Japanese TV report that discusses the now-unfolding scandal of why several of the reactors blew up. That is, the SRV, safety release valves, which remove gases accumulating like in a pressure cooker and thus, lets more water into the chamber to cool the rods, were inoperative after the tsunami and the only way to open these valves was to find 12 volt batteries.  Which Tepco refused to give. Continue reading


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Bank Of England Says Downturn Will Be Identical To Victorian ‘Long Depression’

BBC show making fun of ‘Wife Swap’, showing how Victorian workers lived with humor, of course.

Long ago, I pointed out an obvious historical fact about bubbles: they always destroy social systems and bankrupt entire nations, they take twice as long to recover from the bubble as it took to grow in the first place and thirdly, the main reason why bubbles are so very destructive is because people love bubbles and do everything possible to restore the status quo of an infinity bubble rather than to balance things and make they operate on a sustainable, sane level.  We see this yet again, as history runs in circles like a dog chasing its own tail. Continue reading


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Storm of Century Redux And Global Warming: No Candidate Is Talking About That


Twenty years ago, I lived through the Perfect Storm—in a tent!  We struggled to tie down an emergency tarp over the whole thing as the winds began to buffet us hard.  A tree came down between the tent and the chicken roost and missed everything but we had to stand outside in the violent storm while the tree swayed back and forth before finally deciding where to fall.  This was a killer storm and was made into a movie and…we are having sequel, Son of the Perfect Storm, again on Halloween this year! Continue reading


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