Nobel Prize To NATO Countries While Russia And China Strengthen Alliance And Trade

Europe celebrates the insane Nobel Peace Prize while Russia, threatened by NATO expansion in the east coupled with hostile US nuclear installations, is moving rapidly into a tight alliance with China.  This peace prize, already a total joke, illustrates why we are moving relentlessly towards WWIII thanks to the first world nations being displaced by China and ravaged by high oil costs, are now confrontational and desirous for more wars with oil pumping nations which are then stripped of resources and thoroughly looted.


Why Norway gave this prize is no surprise: they are scared.  They can see clearly how NATO is causing Russia to become more dangerous yet are unable to stop this because they want NATO protection for themselves.  The Norwegians are, unlike Russia today, easy to loot and as the rest of Europe grows increasingly desperate, looting Norway looks better and better.  Attempts at looting Germany are crashing into a Berlin Wall there.


What is very funny is how this prize, being money, is now leading to disputes within the EU as to who gets the prize!  Nobel Peace Prize Awarded to European Union –


European officials immediately raised the question of who would accept the peace prize on behalf of the bloc’s often bickering members, divided by tensions between its more affluent north and its struggling south. They are also frequently at odds over personality differences and critical questions, like whether Turkey should be admitted and whether the euro zone should include more countries than its current 17.


Turkey is desperately trying to show it is part of NATO and the EU by attacking Syria for the Zionists.  This earned Turkey a lot of good will but never enough to let them join the EU.  The true divisions in politics remain religious dogma.  The very temporary alliance of the Jews with the Christians is doomed to collapse and will collapse very, very suddenly to the horror of the Jews who seem unable to learn lessons from history.


That is, liberalism, when it defeats religious fanaticism, expands Jewish civil rights and protects them from terror and persecution whereas religious fanatics are, both Jewish, Christian and Muslim, a grave danger to the Jewish minority communities.  Instead of figuring this out, the Jewish community thinks they can eat their liberal cake in the US while supporting fascism in Israel…and in the US!


Insane, indeed.  Helping Christian fanatics to take over our government so they will vote in Congress for more money and wars for Jews is suicidal.  Adelson who is one of the richest Jews on earth is a fool if he thinks these Christian fascists don’t itch to loot him, too.


The NATO alliance is collapsing:  Defence chiefs draw up plans for faster withdrawal from Afghanistan – Telegraph


The Daily Telegraph has learnt that at a recent Whitehall meeting on withdrawal, the Chancellor questioned the purpose of continuing Britain’s Afghan mission for another two years.
David Cameron has promised that British combat operations will be over by the end of 2014.


The US isn’t pulling out.  Neither candidate for President is suggesting we pull out.  We are stuck there forever or until we go bankrupt which isn’t too far into the future at the rate we are going.  It isn’t too hard to figure out why.  When Napoleon invaded Russia, he claimed he and his Republican troops were doing this to free the Russian peasants.


They, in turn, didn’t believe this and resisted the invaders and without winning any battle directly, the people of Russia expelled the invaders and utterly destroyed them via nipping at their heels and giving them no help, hope or peace.  People who imagine battles win wars overlook this obvious lesson: if you can’t hold territory, you lost the war.


The catastrophe in diplomacy that concerns me the most right now, knowing that Muslims will eventually win all their wars with NATO due to the impossibility of the US holding these nations due to the people hating us, the other problem is in Asia.  The war that is brewing there is quite real and a million times more dangerous than wars with a billion Muslims.


That is, if we go to war in Asia, we will be at war with not just one but two major nuclear military powers with long histories of fighting wars successfully.  That is, the Japan/China confrontation is a potential WWIII trigger.  China denies visa to 3 Japanese in Taiwan orchestra.  The Chinese are warning Japan quite explicitly, there is hell to pay if Japan unilaterally declares ownership of islands that have been recognized to be in dispute since the end of WWII.  If not longer, much longer.


Playing tit for tat, the Chinese nationalists covet Okinawa.  The Tokyo government has always abused Okinawa.  For example, during WWII, they ordered all the civilians to commit suicide!  This is beyond cruel, of course.  It is totally evil.  When the Democrats in power today in Tokyo ran for election, they said they supported shutting down US military bases in Okinawa and then betrayed the voters there who demonstrate their ire frequently.


Japan and the US run trade deficits with China and indeed, the entire world.  This sudden reversal in fortunes for the Japanese elites comes at a bad time for them.  They are deep into China for production and now are being expelled rapidly.  Japanese exports to China are being ruthlessly hindered and the Chinese public, remembering WWII, are boycotting Japanese goods.


The IMF is happy that China Exports Exceed Estimates, Easing Concern Over Slump Risk  which is funny.  This is the final proof that China, not Japan nor the US, is the true Engine of the World Economy!  Thank you.  The tables have finally turned.  The US can pretend its NATO countries make it a greater power than China but with China’s rising alliances, this fig leaf vanishes, too.


As Europe explodes as the southern tier states collapse, the NATO troops will have their hands full attacking and suppressing the populations of millions and millions who can’t flee their home states and whose markets have collapsed at home.  There is no way these people are interested in Japan’s territorial demands.


Here is Russian TV:  Russia and China pull together to counter US Asia drive — RT

“China is Russia’s strategic partner. We enjoy mutually beneficial, mutually trusting, open cooperation in all fields,” said Putin.


The US thought backing the Pussy Riot ladies was the key to diplomatic success and this was insane since we all know, anyone calling themselves Pussy Riot doing noisy protests here in the US would be tasered to death and if surviving that, would be stomped, too.  Or shot.  All three.


This childish ‘diplomacy’ has plagued the US for generations.  Foolish choices are often made due to a noxious belief, the US is strong, has led us to bleed our nation to death while putting all our eggs in the military basket.  This turned our nation into a basket case.  Application of military solutions has proven to be increasingly disastrous due to high cost thanks to ‘privatization’ gambits coupled with strengthening our alliances via letting ‘allies’ run perpetual trade surpluses with us.


This isn’t an ’empire’.  It is an ‘anti-empire’ in that unlike imperial centers bleeding provinces, the US is bleeding the center to the provinces who then demand top quality military protection.  With our imperial billionaires refusing to pay taxes to maintain our military control of our many provinces, we have a classic Roman situation which dooms our Rome in DC.


Russia today just declared the  the 1991 nuclear missile and military agreement is now dead thanks to US naval activities in Asia.  It is dead!  This news isn’t being discussed by our media which is focused on sex and is Biden a mean bully and Obama a weakling and is Romney a good rich man and Ryan a weight lifter scared of mean old bullies like Biden…HAHAHA.


Projection of power!  The US public wants to be bullies strutting and fretting on the world stage while the power balance shifts day by day making us weaker, poorer and stupider.  Note: the commies are winning.  They are even winning the capitalist game.  Isn’t that utterly hilarious?

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11 responses to “Nobel Prize To NATO Countries While Russia And China Strengthen Alliance And Trade

  1. Jason & Dana Hegna

    During the ’70’s, one of my mentors, Ray Woodriff, wrote an essay on “The Rise and Fall of Nations” highlighting Spain – with its ‘high-tech’ Armada – dividing its spoils instead of seeking New Knowledge, hence reverting to peasantry, while England – with its wool and ‘new-fangled’ looms – took over dominance, until it, too, stopped seeking New Knowledge, and the U.S. with its focus on science and basic research (and, subsequent applied research) dominated. Already, in the 70’s, China was educating more scientists and engineers per capita than the U.S., which was educating more attorneys per capita! I hope we can hang onto our hoe, so we can work for some feudal lord during our ‘golden years.’

    Dana & Jason

  2. billibaldi

    How much money will the EU spend to collect this prize, 10, 20 or 50 million € ?

  3. Old Ari

    Yaroslavets was a defeat!

  4. emsnews

    Hi, Old Ari!

    Billibaldi, I don’t think the prize will be enough money to bail out Greece. 😦

  5. MikeM

    Damn…this is one of the best pieces I’ve read here, and that’s saying a lot.

    Elaine, I’m sure you know this, but most of the general public does not. Alfred Nobel created the Peace Prize because of his guilt over his creation of dynamite (TNT).

    He was horrified at how his invention was used in warfare.

    Per his wishes, the Nobel Peace Prize is not even supposed to be awarded during a time of armed conflict, anywhere. He wanted peace for all people.

    He’s probably rolling over in his grave.


    I’m watching carefully as the Russian/Chinese allies are growing more openly vocal to the growing threat that the US/NATO is putting in their faces. As far as I’m concerned, NATO is a terrorist organization.

    I’m also watching the deployment of forces world-wide, including that ongoing hostile posturing between China and Nippon.

    I’m an optimist at heart, but I have to say I see a shit storm on the horizon.

  6. Christian W

    Mike, I have to agree that the signs are not looking good. The US will launch WWIII soon.

    If it calms you down, it might be good to know that the financial elite (and probably otherwise “elite’s”) are popping Adderall by the bucketful.


    Gives a new meaning to the old joke about a ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ doesn’t it…

  7. “if you can’t hold territory, you lost the war.”

    WW3 will all be about slaying enough population to reduce any popular resistance to the planned total control grid. There will be no compunction in slaughtering civilians for power gains.

  8. Seraphim

    Elaine has defined accurately US behavior: childish. It is a regression in infantilism. That does not make them less dangerous. On the contrary.

  9. MikeM

    Christian W, that was a very enlightening article. I’d never even heard of it before.

    After getting my wonderful sister to come to grips with my medical condition, the only thing I have left to fear is developing encephalitis. I don’t fear death, and I’m appreciative that I have had the opportunity to know what it’s like to have no fear.

    While I’m not a violent type of person in the least, if you’ve never seen the movie “Tombstone,” I highly recommend it. Val Kilmer’s portrayal of Doc Holiday is stunningly accurate per the historical record. Most of the movie is actually as well, although there are parts that are exaggerated for typical Hollywood reasons.

    But to point, Holiday had no fear, and was in fact a southern gentleman who knew how to watch his own back.

    Kilmer’s performance portraying Holiday has been praised by several historians. It’s weird that I can now know from first-hand experience how he felt. While I have many friends that freak out about my condition, I’m at the most enlightened stage of my life. It’s indescribable to have no fear.

    I think I’ll re-watch that flick right now.

  10. Being There

    China, not Japan nor the US, is the true Engine of the World Economy!
    Indeed, what did we think was going to happen?

    The calculus of change is a condition we must always expect because that’s an organic reality that can never be controlled, so you don’t put yourself in that position in the first place, but we had an economic ideology and uh, we raised all ships!(not).

    Pax Americana is about to go south as it must over time. We managed to keep our military around the world and the world agreed, as we were going to keep the peace, so to speak, but with the disaster capitalism at full tilt, we cannot keep the ruse going for much longer.

    These wars the big powers get themselves stuck in like the briar patch are a pattern that we just don’t seem to understand. In Vietnam people just dug trenches and lived underground. You can’t fight Indigenous in their own country over a period of time and not lose.

    We won many battles in Vietnam only to lose the war in abject defeat, but we keep doing this over and over again. This time it’s about the pipelines that are being built in the Afghanistan plains and their rare minerals. Erin Burnett once said on Morning Joe that our troops were protecting Chinese miners there. (I almost feel off my couch) I couldn’t believe she said that on TV. Now she’s on CNN.

    Yes, I think most people think this thing will fall apart and we’ll see new alignments forming. A new “Axis of Evil” will counter global neoliberalism, while old religious differences will blow up.

    Yes, Tom Friedman the world will not be flat for long.

  11. 911

    Comment #1, ‘more engineers per capita than the U.S., which was educating more attorneys per capita! ‘
    Yes, theres a book ‘America What Happened’, about Milken [jooish, of course] etc.
    And its significant the USA has alot of lawyers per capita, twice as many
    as UK, at least last time I checked, and longer, more costly litigation, to keep the lawyers in money.
    There are not so many ‘bars’ on opening Law Schools here, hence US
    has lots of them.

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