Storm of Century Redux And Global Warming: No Candidate Is Talking About That


Twenty years ago, I lived through the Perfect Storm—in a tent!  We struggled to tie down an emergency tarp over the whole thing as the winds began to buffet us hard.  A tree came down between the tent and the chicken roost and missed everything but we had to stand outside in the violent storm while the tree swayed back and forth before finally deciding where to fall.  This was a killer storm and was made into a movie and…we are having sequel, Son of the Perfect Storm, again on Halloween this year!

Howl-o-ween: Nor’easter brewing

In late October 1991 a cyclone known as the “Halloween Storm” fomented chaotic waves in the North Atlantic for several days and became more-famously known as “the Perfect Storm.”
Another late-October nightmare could be brewing for early next week.

The above map shows the stationary front with no cold front to be seen to push this hurricane to sea.  So it will go straight up the coast.  My community is finally fixing the last bridges destroyed or weakened by Hurricane Irene.  I must spend the next several days battening down the hatches here and doing chores at other family member’s houses before the storm hits.  These storms are quite dangerous and should  not be ignored.  Flooding is a real possibility here.


Of course, there have been plenty of ‘Storms of the Century’ in my life and if we were to time travel, we would rapidly discover that these storms happen more frequently than we think.  It is just that we have a wealth of weather data now that didn’t exist in the past.


Times of climate change causes big storms.  When the Little Ice Age began hammering the Northern Hemisphere, there were terrible, cold storms and glaciers grew rapidly, consuming villages in the mountains and eliminating the toehold the Vikings made in Greenland.  Volcanic eruptions create monster storms, too.  The sudden plunge in planetary temperatures can even cause ice ages to be triggered after Yellowstone mega-eruptions, for example.


Climate Change In Presidential Debates … Until Now (VIDEO): both parties have dropped the climate change issue.  First of all, as I correctly predicted, changing ‘global warming’ to ‘climate change’ killed the efforts at stopping global warming.  Duh!  This name change was necessitated by the fact that the year the global warming people had their mega-meeting in Europe was the same year Mother Nature decided to show who is boss by delivering Ice Age climate conditions to the continent, locking everyone down with blizzards and howling winds.


So the geniuses who called this meeting decided to change the name and made it ridiculous.  Now, everything, hot, cold, wet or dry is…climate change!  This idea that the planet should have a climate that never deviates from ‘normal’ (whatever the hell that is!) is an unique human hubris moment.  That is, as Dr.Faust  made this deal with Mephistopheles, he would be carried off by the devil the minute he sighed, ‘Linger longer, this is so beautiful’.  


That is, the devil knew that humans always want to keep something at an ideal moment.  Never aging, never changing, this is why we love gold.  Gold never rusts, rots or changes at all.  Hot or cold, it remains gold.  It doesn’t lose its mass over time, it is pretty much anti-life.  The devil said to Faust, he could have any woman he chose, live anywhere and do anything. The irony of the story was, the only time Faust uttered these fatal words was when he was digging a grave.  Into which, he fell.


The debates this year, as I expected, didn’t dare mention the cure for global warming which is high oil prices because we got that.  And did high oil prices save us from doom?  Nope.  Tar Sands Pipeline Protestors Swarm British Columbia Legislature due to this very dirty business is booming due to the Hubbert Oil Peak causing ‘clean oil’ to be burned and gone and of course the Zionist Iran oil embargo embraced by trade rivals in the Gulf States working with Israel and the US to make oil very expensive.


Alberta Tar Sands Illegal Under Treaty 8, First Nations Charge as the natives grow increasingly concerned about massive pollution problems.  The nuclear industry told the people living on reservations in Hopi and Navaho lands that uranium mines would make them rich.  The Hopi rejected this and gambling and today, can hold their heads high whereas the once-free roaming Navahos who lived like the Arab tribes in the desert in Israel (who are now being penned up in ghettos by the Jews) , chose to run these mines and now have a high rate of cancers and birth defects as their reward.


Birth defects that the tar sands will cause, too.  Like nuclear energy, some forms of energy business can be quite deadly.  The US is no longer debating this issue because what we want is the past when oil was cheap and everyone celebrated this by buying huge SUVs and driving near and far as fast as possible.  Controversial studies suggest pollution from Alberta oil sands is largely localized as Oil sands development about to exceed Alberta’s new pollution limits.  We were told that deep sea drilling was safe, too.


After the explosion in the Gulf, what did we do?  Both Democrats and Republicans increased deep sea oil exploration rights, of course.  The reason why?  High oil prices which is caused mainly by…the US embargoing Iran.  A vicious political circle indeed.


And if we go to Iranian news to learn what is really going on, we see that riots and resistance in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf petty dictatorships propped up by the US military are in trouble:  PressTV – Police break up mass protest in Kuwait, 100 injured

According to Barghash and other activists, more than 100,000 people attended Sunday’s demonstration, making it one of Kuwait’s biggest demonstrations.

“The way demonstrators were dealt with is unprecedented in Kuwait,” he said.

The opposition called for the demonstration after the government announced last week it was holding elections on December 1 and would change the electoral law “to preserve national unity”.


Next door, Bahraini forces attack anti-regime protesters attempting to enter a besieged village in the east.  So the revolts are spreading.  The hostility shown by the US towards Shi’ites is due to that religious faction taking most of the control of Iraq after the US was forced to back down there.  And the issue of using assassin robot drones to murder civilians:  The UK is suspected of encouraging war crimes by helping US strikes against Pakistan.  This is a dangerous choice by the US.


Because of our political power and the fact that we let our allies flood our nation with imports, no one calls the US onto the carpet over war crimes.  We think this will go on forever but like the weather, it won’t.  Nothing is static and this includes US power which is going to be eclipsed if we go bankrupt for any reason.


And once again, Iran oil minister says Tehran will halt oil exports if more sanctions are imposed on the country.  We don’t know if this is effective for them but I do know and predict that the side effect of the US cutting Iran out of oil markets will kill our own economy.  Making energy expensive doesn’t make solar energy cheaper.  It makes all energy systems including say, wood, more expensive overall.  It fuels inflation in all necessary things set up to replace oil, for example.


Last of all, Changing: Site To Allow Corporate, Anti-Abortion, GOP Campaigns, Say Internal Documents.  That website was liberal but now wants to ‘grow’ and that means toadying up to fascists.  Here is an example of one of the petitions on the website today:  Petition | Secretary Clinton: Publicly Support Saudi Women’s Right to Drive |

Dear Secretary Clinton

We are leading Saudi Women’s rights activists and we write this open letter – endorsed by thousands of United States citizens – to express our deep concern over the US government’s public silence on the issue of Saudi women’s right to drive.

Saudi Arabia, one of the strongest and longest standing US allies in the Middle East, is also the only country on earth where women are not allowed to drive, or even ride a bicycle, often dubbed ‘the world’s largest women’s prison’. As Saudi women our lack of freedom of movement places an extreme burden on our lives. We lack a public transportation system and the most basic errands and medical appointments are missed due to the difficulty and expenses of arranging transportation, notwithstanding educational and work opportunities. Many from our religious establishment openly state that the reason they prohibit women from driving is to keep women at home and in need of men. Our lack of this basic right to drive our own cars has been repeatedly exploited by abusive fathers, brothers, husbands and even hired drivers. Just this week a Saudi woman reported she was raped by her driver.

My mother stormed out of SA back in 1975 right before the Assassination of King Faisal of Saudi Arabia.  The reason?  She was OK with appearing on TV there where they only showed her black gloved hands.  We have a funny photo of Faisal glaring in the distance with her standing to one side of him while Faisal’s brother, the short fat guy, was open mouthed, looking up at my six foot tall mother who was not wearing a veil.
She left the country because a wife of an oil driller road her bike in public very briefly to take a short cut to the next oil compound to visit another woman.  The religious police (our GOP is filled with RAPE PREGNANCIES ‘SOMETHING THAT GOD INTENDED TO HAPPEN’ sort of goons, too) saw this female renegade and deliberately drove over her, killing her.  My mother protested to King Faisal and he refused to do anything except warn women to stay locked up at home or they would be murdered.
Jimmy, one of the comments below, gave us this website which has a fine meteorological examination of what could be a major hurricane event for the Mid Atlantic region next week:  Cliff Mass Weather Blog: Will Hurricane Sandy Make Landfall on the Northeast U.S.?

It looks increasingly like a bad storm and I have a dental appointment right smack dab in the possible middle of this storm!  sunset borger


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12 responses to “Storm of Century Redux And Global Warming: No Candidate Is Talking About That

  1. Peter

    Iran is dealing directly with China and swapping oil for supertankers and other goods,Turkey is paying Iran in gold for oil,the gold is going thru Dubai.
    Iran is not suffering the loss of American dollars as much as the US would like to believe.They are just speeding up the move away from the US dollar.

  2. itrucker

    The environmentalist green movement is anti-bubba!

  3. I’m okay with global warming being ignored by presidential candidates these days. It’ll have to be tackled by some country in a position to play a global leadership role, and that isn’t the US right now.

  4. Hector

    women probably shouldn’t drive. Particularly indian women. I’ve seen some terrible outcomes.

    Generally men are the best drivers, as long as they aren’t drunk or reverting to primate behavior.

  5. JIm R

    “Generally men are the best drivers, as long as they aren’t drunk or reverting to primate behavior.”

    When does that ever happen?

  6. JimmyJ

    This is a link to a good blog post about this at Cliff Mass Weather Blog. He is a Professor of Atmospheric Sciences at Univ of Washington in the Pacific NW. He covers modelling often in his blog posts, as in this case.

    “Will Hurricane Sandy Make Landfall on the Northeast U.S.?” (Oct 24)

    His previous post was about recent models indicating El Nino is faltering, that it will likely be a neutral year, and what that may mean for Pacific NW weather.

  7. emsnews

    What a great catch. Yes, this might be a big big storm.

  8. JimmyJ, great link. I infrequently turn on the TV, and often when I do it’s the Weather Channel. For tropical/subtropical systems like this I usually visit the National Hurricane Center. It’s starting to look like NY state will be in the right front quadrant of this storm. The best that can be said is that it’s not a Cat 5 storm.

    Going off topic, how many people knew that the third party candidates just had a debate that was not covered by any channels? I didn’t even know until after they took place. We sheeple are not supposed to know about third party candidates, I guess.

    Going even further off topic, I have an appointment at the VA with a new primary care physician on Halloween. I intend to show up for the appointment wearing a two foot tall dunce cap. Then I’m going to blow her mind, as I know more about my condition than her records will tell her.

    Life is about having fun and laughs, loving family and friends, while of course ensuring our personal security. Almost nobody gets it anymore.

  9. JimmyJ

    This real time satellite composite (visual and infrared I think, so you have an image over 24hrs) animation shows weather over North America and, more to the point, the converging weather systems on the east coast.

    Space Science and Engineering Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison (12hr sequence, large image):

  10. Ritchie

    All you need is a kite, some string and tie the end to your tooth…forget the dentist 🙂

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  12. You could definitely see your skills in the work you write. The world hopes for even more passionate writers such as you who are not afraid to say how they believe. All the time go after your heart.

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