Hurricane Sandy Hammers NY Harbor And Atlantic States Hard

This is one amazing storm!  Yesterday, I took dawn photos showing a pellucid, pearly sky.  Today, it was a total pink-out.  This storm dwarfs Irene which dumped tons of water on the upstate lands which caused huge floods, the worst in 100 years.  What will this hurricane bring us?  We can’t tell, yet.

Hurricane SANDY


This graphic shows the tropical wind from this storm which is quite wide.  It will extend all the way into Canada.  We have a 70% chance of high winds and already, they are happening here.  Lots of sudden gusts.


We can see from the rain that this storm’s main fury is very concentrated at the center right offshore of New Jersey.  The backlash where the hurricane has melded with a winter storm means maybe up to 3 feet of snow in  the Appalachian mountains.


My son-n-law is working with fellow residents in their building in the NY harbor to move things to a secure, central part of the structure.  Things are rapidly deteriorating there.  The Battery Park at the tip of Manhattan is already underwater.  Boardwalks, some of which have been around since the Victorian era, are being washed away.


The ship used in Mutiny of the Bounty was, for some bizarre reason, sailing about the vortex of this monster storm and was finally abandoned in the high seas where waves are now over 24 feet.  An 11 foot storm surge is expected in the NYC bays, harbors and shorelines which is why there has been a mandatory evacuation there.


Seems harsh but when people refuse to leave, they create a hazard for rescuers who have to risk their lives to save people who think ‘These people are stupid, why do I have to listen to them?’  Which is how bankers think, actually.  People refuse to heed historical warnings such as ‘Only a demented fool invades Afghanistan.’

Being the proactive sort, I have been running here and there and everywhere, pushing my winterizing work slightly ahead of schedule.  I also had to do emergency shopping in Vermont since most NY stores are being stripped by shoppers.  The closer to the Atlantic Ocean, the emptier the stores.  I shopped in Vermont and they told me that they had double the customers.


While driving over the mountains to Vermont, and forgetting my camera, I say an awesome, huge rainbow.  It was very fuzzy and wide due to the very fine moisture that was like a sunny fog and then a strong gust of wind buffeted us and the rainbow vanished and we  have increasing rains since then.  Driving upstate NY is increasingly challenging due to the sudden buffets of wind.


As I was tying down tarps outside, a big blast blew through the forest at the higher elevation above me and some trees made loud cracking sounds.  The Chickadees are the world’s bravest, tiny birds and I can see them and the pine siskins at the feeder, darting in and out, wet feathers and all.


Here is another weather map that is interesting: Intellicast – Current Surface Analysis in United States


This hurricane has stopped a fall cold front.  It is now stationary and the cold front has become wrapped around the spool of the vortex of Sandy.  We can see from the blue on the map that snow is already pounding West Virginia and Virginia all the way to the border of  North Carolina.  I am assuming this hurricane will cartwheel into my direction in the next two days!


California-Nevada Fault Map centered at 34°N,118°W

As we endure yet another Halloween Hurricane, here is a screen shot of the quaking and shaking in LA and neighboring communities:

It is definitely going to blow rather sooner than later.  Unlike hurricanes which we can see and do sane things to protect ourselves including the very important thing, fleeing for your life, doesn’t happen with earthquakes.  All flight is after the destruction.  And there is zero warning for the exact time of a strike.


The arrest and conviction of scientists in Italy who didn’t totally accurately predict a quake is insane, a monstrosity and note, please, it happened near the Vatican in a country that gives the Catholic Church huge power over society.  Note, also, that God who supposedly runs things there, isn’t blamed.  Nor are his priests who gave no warnings, either.  No, they punish scientists just like the did to astronomers 500  years ago, burn them all at the stake.


When the governors of the Atlantic states that are being ravaged by Sandy predicted things would be very bad, they did this to protect people.  True, Wall Street had to close down and people aren’t making money flipping stocks between mega-computers.  But money is nothing compared to life.  Living is all.  If you die, your gold, stocks, bonds and property are worthless to you.


Preserving life is important.  The California politicians are saying virtually nothing due to being unpopular if one mentions that all of the LA basin will be cut off from all water, electricity and much of the food delivery systems, etc, for an extended time if there is a huge San Andreas event.  Instead, it is all about dreaming about warm sun and happy times.  At least we, on the East Coast can see the storm clouds and do whatever can be done.sunset borger

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12 responses to “Hurricane Sandy Hammers NY Harbor And Atlantic States Hard

  1. DeVaul

    From RT:

    “Atlantic City, New Jersey is already feeling the effects of the storm, with streets flooded, boardwalk sections broken up and first responders fielding scores of calls from locals who thought they could ride out the storm. ”

    I think any rescue worker who is harmed or killed should be able to sue the persons who stayed behind under joint and several liability except for those who were disabled or elderly and thus left behind. I am tired of seeing signs that say “we ain’t afraid of no hurricane!”.

  2. This morning’s 9:30 am EDT H*Wind analysis from NOAA’s Hurricane Research Division put the destructive potential of Sandy’s winds at a modest 2.9 on a scale of 0 to 6. However, the destructive potential of the storm surge was record high: 5.8 on a scale of 0 to 6. This is a higher destructive potential than any hurricane observed since 1969, including Category 5 storms like Katrina, Rita, Wilma, Camille, and Andrew. The previous highest destructive potential for storm surge was 5.6 on a scale of 0 to 6, set during Hurricane Isabel of 2003. Sandy’s storm surge will be capable of overtopping the flood walls in Manhattan, which are only five feet above mean sea level.

  3. Christian W

    I’ve never seen a full magenta coloured sky before. Impressive.

    The storm has sunk the replica tall ship Bounty with two hands possibly lost :O

  4. Regarding the Bounty, those idiots waited until the last minute to put to sea. In the navy, days in advance we would put to sea to stay out of harms way. Being tied up pier side would damage both the ship and the pier.

    Oddly enough, we have special weather statements up here in Oregon for a front coming in around Halloween. This one is different, it is sub-tropical in nature.

    The PacNW coastline routinely gets fronts that bring in winds of 70 mph+ during winter months. They won’t see that this time, but gusts of 35-50 mph are predicted west of the coastal range of mountains which is unusual, and heavy rain is forecast.

    Our weather is becoming surreal.

  5. That should read east, not west…I was thinking of the Cascades.

  6. emsnews

    It is the size that matters, not the wind. This has got to be the world’s biggest category 1 hurricane in history. Comparing this elephantine storm with small cat 1 hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico is ridiculous.

  7. DeVaul

    I don’t understand why a sailing ship was out near that storm. My understanding is that ships at sea move out away from shore and those near shore seek shelter in a harbor. This ship tried to move out right in front of the storm’s path. I don’t understand that at all. What a waste. There are not many sailing ships like that anymore. I also don’t understand how ten men could crew that ship in less than ideal conditions.

    I think the real danger will be the run-off water coming back down from upstate New York towards towns already flooded by rain and storm surges.

  8. Peter

    Just checked Iris…Queen Charlottes,The Yukon,and Calif all lit up!!

  9. Jim R

    Not to mention that a lot of our produce is grown in the Central Valley … no more artichokes for a while 😥

  10. larry, dfh

    Well, Elaine, you done good by getting your folks out of NYC. I can imagine you had to hear ‘Oh Mom, you’re exaggerating, it’ll be O.K.’ I’m sure it was a big trip from Berlin to NYC, but obviously very prudent, and well worth the trouble.


    This has been a year of the strangest weather ever. We seem to have gone from summer to winter, now this huge storm.

  12. emsnews

    The wind is still raging outside. I had zero damage because I built my own house and it is quite strong. I also pushed my winterizing work forwards due to the hurricane and am now nearly done with it so I can have an easy November thanks to this big, big push. It was hard, hard work and surviving is hard work indeed.

    We are a cautious family when it comes to Mother Nature due to living very close to danger for so very many years (we lived in the mountains in a tent complex we built while building the house, for ten years).

    Respecting Nature is highly recommended because otherwise, She will teach you to respect Her the hard way and praying to any of the helpless Gods to stop Her is just silly. She and only She chooses to begin or end something.

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