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Palestine Overwhelmingly Wins Recognition Status Vote

Tonight, history was made at the UN.  Virtually all of our NATO allies sustained from voting against the Palestinians.  All of our major Asian ‘allies’ did the same.  All other nations except a very tiny handful, all of whom are protectorates of the US military machine, voted for Palestine.  All of Africa, all of the Middle East, all of South and Central America voted for Palestinian recognition.  The rage of the US Zionists is hideous to behold. Continue reading


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Childish Zionists Whine Even More About Photos Of Dead Palestinian Babies

Due to losing the latest ‘war’ with Hamas, the Zionists have been all over the place trying desperately to make it look like Jewish-run media in the US is responsible for this loss due entirely to publishing photos of dead Palestinian babies and toddlers.  They basically are yelling, collectively, for the US media to stop showing any graphic images of IDF violence.  Meanwhile, we get endless pictures of Syrian violence with total approval from the Zionists.   Continue reading


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Corrupt Kabul Bank Disaster No News In US

The intertwined issues of war, free trade, imperial pretensions, the floating fiat currency regime and government debts ride on the History train track that goes often in a circle.  That is, we visit the same train stations over and over again.  This refusal to learn from the past is a haunting issue.  Why do humans refuse to learn from the past?  I would suggest, the past is viewed through a rosy set of glasses that hide the harsh outlines of what will happen next.  Bold attempts at changing history usually fails due to powerful people wanting to repeat the past. Continue reading


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Zionist AIPAC Spokesman, Zucker Leaves NBC In Shambles And Now Will ‘Fix’ CNN Real Good


Once upon a time, back when Ted Turner first began international coverage of the news, he actually called me one wonderful day and literally gave me my own camera crew to film the news in NYC for a month! It was grand fun. Then, years later, he sold stock in his media operation and was told by a bunch of hot shot Wall Street scam artists, he could be very rich while still staying the head of the board of directors of CNN. Continue reading


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Rich Zionists Attack US Voters For Not Supporting Ethnic Cleansing, No Taxes On Wealth


Goldman Sach’ Jewish President demands Social Security cuts.


Digging their hole ever deeper, Zionists in Israel who get lots of money from rich Jews using the US as their home base, are angry with US voters keeping Obama in the White House.  They also are plotting to yank away our Social Security and other social programs so they can have even more money.  The alliance of rich Jews in America with right wing Republican Christians who were bailed out by our Federal Reserve when they crashed our economic system is aimed at eliminating the very same social systems Israel is so generous with at home.  The frontal attack on the very basis of our society by greedy men (and women) while forcing us to pay a huge hunk of Israel’s military and social overhead costs is most disturbing.  They don’t intend to stop unless we stop them. Continue reading


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600+ Garment Workers Burn To Death To Supply Walmart With Cheap Clothing

Bangladesh Factory Fire – 100 Bodies Found in Clothing Factory Fire in Bangladesh 2012 – YouTube

We saw horror scenes of hysterical US consumers stampeding into stores on the Black Friday sales to buy all sorts of Asian goods.  This stampede comes on top of very serious and cruel abuse of workers in Asia who are treated like slaves and exposed to great dangers from terrible working conditions.  There is a Triangle Shirtwaist Fire every year in Bangladesh.  The sales in the US which are selling stuff as low a price as possible on Black Friday are directly connected with the exploitation of cheap labor overseas. Continue reading


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Black Friday Sales Wreck Entire Economic System

Victoria’s Secret Black Friday Opening Mayhem!! – YouTube

As per usual, we see a mad rush on an increasingly intrusive ‘Black Friday’ sales mania that grows worse and worse each year.  This year, many retail workers were forced back to work on a Federal Holiday (sic) due to frantic corporations needing this big, false boost in sales so their stocks would go up.  As workers are forced to have little to no holidays increasing their social isolation, businesses cling to Santa Claus to give them better sales records.  The production turning Santa Claus who took care of the poor into a corpulent corporate labor abuser has been slow but steady with the entire horror show reaching global levels of distress. Continue reading


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