Billionaires Lose Billion $ On Romney Power Bid

Home | Mail Online: The right wing Brit news has the funniest headline for Trump.  Rich gambling bosses backed the GOP to the hilt and the sword of the voters went right through them.  Adelson, a fellow gambling boss, was absolutely financially hammered by his selection of who he supported.  The sleazy leeches who make money off of foolish people thinking they can get rich by playing rigged games were gamed by the voters who choose to back the other pony in this race.  Like any bad bettors, these rich gangsters were handed a defeat they richly deserved.  I am absolutely ecstatic that they lost over $100 million total in this election.  A very bad bet by a bunch of bettors!  HAHAHAHA.  


See which industries funneled the most cash into presidential race – Open Channel


Since Gingrich flamed out in the primaries, Adelson and his wife Miriam have shifted their allegiance to GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, giving the pro-Romney super PAC Restore Our Future $20 million.

With Romney as president, Adelson, the billionaire chairman and CEO of the Las Vegas Sands Corp., could bring his profits home tax-free…

Adelson and family’s nearly $54 million in contributions through Oct. 17 to conservative super PACs puts the gambling industry at second place among super PAC donors’ corporate interests, according to the Center for Public Integrity’s analysis of data from the Center for Responsive Politics and the Federal Election Commission.

The tsunami of loot that flowed into this election, virtually all of it from rich people, shows clearly how 1% of the nation that owns 50% of the wealth is grossly over-fed, over-wealthy. The naked attempt at imposing a multimillionaire Wall Street offshore banking hedge fund jerk as President failed in the bitter end, luckily for us.  We still have the terrible problem of alternative candidates who are not super rich, being held hostage by the rich who bribe them to do things that are good for rich people and terrible for the rest of us.


Far from seeing an end to all this bribery, I suspect it will step up.  Adelson, for example, wanted to pay zero in taxes like Romney succeeded in doing for the last 12 years.  The critical issue of taxing the rich has still not been faced fully.  Someone has to pay taxes and since the rich love our military so much, they should pay a very high military tax premium for the services of our military state.  Obviously, they want to pass the buck and dump debt on all of us.  They also hold much of this debt themselves and profit from this so they like putting everything on the bill which they, themselves, hold, while they, themselves, refuse outright to pay their share.


Since you can’t get blood from a stone, it is important for rich powerful people to tax themselves.  When they do this, society is strengthened and they are made safer.  Running a police state only goes so far.  China, for example, is constantly broiling with street rage of the masses who are a force to be scared of for they can spontaneously combust.  Here in the US, the street attacks itself as it devolves into disconnected gangs that fight each other for drug territory.


Even that is very dangerous.  We see in South American and Mexican drug gangs, they can create outright open warfare.  Several states had drug issues on the ballot and some of these pot initiatives passed including in my neighboring state of Massachusetts.  They also removed the Tea Party Senator, Brown.  Good for them.  Vote on Maryland same-sex marriage law is close but passed!  Amazing.  Congratulations to the good people of that shire.

The hunt for rich people evading taxes and stealing stuff picks up pace:  Kazakh billionaire Mukhtar Ablyazov suspected of ‘epic’ £3billion fraud could be stripped of £18m mansion on Hampstead’s billionaires’ row.  Greece now has to hunt down its super rich and hammer them.  This hunt has begun, it will hit China, maybe even make a tiny peep in dying Japan but I doubt it, sad, no?  Vital, growing, dynamic countries will see a surge in going after the very rich to pay for governments that work for the very rich.  Or the alternative happens: the whole thing is smothered to death under a mountain of bad debt.


Now, on to Israel’s dictator.  This vicious, racist man wants to drag us into a war with Iran.  He worked with Romeny’s tax evasion hedge funds in the past and is a personal friend of Romney.  Here is the Jewish fascists talking about our election which they wanted desperately to control for their own selves:  Israel on the roulette table – Israel Opinion, Ynetnews


Secretly, Netanyahu would have like to see Romney in the White House. People, like countries, have a tendency to connect to those who smile at them. Netanyahu would have loved to help Romney get elected and get rid of Obama’s bitterness and the tense relations. But the Israeli prime minister never went public with these wishes.


Despite what his opponents claim, Netanyahu did not bet on Romney. The PM is not the gambling type (even though Sheldon Adelson, one of his biggest donors, is a gaming tycoon). You cannot accuse Netanyahu of being hesitant and unable to make decisions and at the same time allege that he is a wild gambler who takes risks.


Netanyahu did not create the tension with Obama. We should not confuse the victim with the rapist.


What is it with these right wing, anti-women’s rights yahoos???  They always think, when someone refuses to have sex with them, they are being raped?  We refused to go for Netanyahu’s best buddy so we are rapists?  The ‘tension with Obama’ was due to him being slightly fair to everyone who isn’t a Jew!  Anyone even talking nice to someone the Jews hate is a rapist?  This sort of sexual anxiety confused with violent threats against anyone being nice is exactly the dark, ugly face of mindless fascism that is so scary.


As the Israeli Jews rape the Palestinians, they cry victimhood.  Now, just voting for someone to represent ourselves is ‘rape’.  As for Israel being on the roulette table: has the fact that many gambling bosses are Jewish Mafia sorts causing a mental breakdown in a society that supposedly is ‘moral’ and ‘good’.  What defines ‘good’ is odd indeed, mostly it means being mean to gays and oppressing women.


The rich Jews who backed Romney in order to get some goodies for Israel have been badly burned and very exposed in this election.  So of course, they are now denying Netanyahu’s dirty fingerprints aren’t all over our election.  Netanyahu’s greatest disability: the social agenda – Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper: Israel’s election is all about expanding the welfare state there.  Which they can do since the US funds their military  nearly totally as well as other goodies they get thanks to bribes handed out generously to US politicians in both parties.


Oddly enough, while running ads here attacking our own social services, rich Jews are expanding this in Israel.  Isn’t that just hunky dory?  Viewing the US as this milch kuh has got to stop.  These rich guys could easily fund Israel’s military by paying high taxes there.  But they won’t do this, either.  They put Israel’s military costs onto our bill while not paying that, either.  They have to pay someone taxes!


Instead, they have this dopy tax of themselves to control our elections.  And in the process are finding they are losing money and will eventually be taxed, anyways.  In the bitter end, there is no other solution.  If the US goes bankrupt, Israel will be destroyed.  They must support our nation via taxes, big time, all the time.  As should Mormons who think giving to themselves via ‘charities’ that help only Mormons expand is good enough while evading taxes that support our government.  To hell with them, too.  Pay up!  Now.  Or see chaos destroy their little empire that depends greatly on US power for protection.


Same goes for Japan that rides on our backs and is driving us into a war with China that we cannot possibly win and still have any major cities left at the end, if anyone survives WWIII.  Talk about insane.  China relentlessly harries Japan in island dispute ‹ Japan Today:  China’s navy is closely tagging after the Japanese who insist on keeping control of islands unilaterally with no negotiations with anyone.  The lunatics running that country off the eco-cliff also think they could ally with Russia while disputing islands with Russia!


They have gone totally insane after Fukushima.  And the Japanese people have open racist contempt against China and China has retaliated with a refusal to buy Japanese goods which is hammering Toyota big time, a 40% drop in sales in China.  This is catastrophic for Toyota yet they can’t get off the tiger and stop teasing the dragon.  This suicidal push off the cliff is no surprise to me, Japan’s rulers have done this over and over in the past and their people learn nothing from each attempt at mass suicide.sunset borger

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30 responses to “Billionaires Lose Billion $ On Romney Power Bid

  1. Jim R

    Chris Hedges knocks one out of the park. The S&M Election:

    “Disciplines that prod us to think are—and the sneering elites are not wrong about this—“political,” “leftist,” “liberal” or “subversive.” And schools and universities across the country are effectively stomping out these disciplines. ”

    I voted green, mostly. Mostly because, here where I live, the trend is so tilted that my vote for a Democrat would be pointless.

  2. Christian W

    I hope second term Obama stops being a butcher, and returns to being a real human being that promotes the well fare, human rights and security of all human beings.

  3. Christian W

    …I’m not holding my breath however. I agree with Chris Hedges in the article above…

    What a perverted state of affairs to pretend electing Obama, a disaster in itself, is some kind of ‘victory’.

  4. Paul S

    “Far from seeing an end to all this bribery, I suspect it will step up…” Exactly right. These uber wealthy types–like Adelson–have always been around. In the early 20th Century, it was the likes of J.P. Morgan. These guys NEVER learn a thing. They are too consumed with ego and arrogance to ever, EVER admit they are wrong. My guess is these idiots are going to respond to this crushing defeat thinking just as Elaine says: “We’ll have to spend more money next time.” And so the con artists are the ones who are really getting conned. HAHAHA. Fun to watch. I hope the Obama team sends the IRS Sheldon Adelson’s way.


    Trump is a laugh riot, but u r still screwed

  6. emsnews

    We just had an epic battle over women’s basic civil rights and of course, gays, too.

    This meant we couldn’t fight on other vital issues, of course. But who decided this???

    Why, the religious nuts of America! They have 100% responsibility for the ‘War on Women’ which they wage every day in every legislative level. They are my sworn enemies since they want to take over my precious body which is mine. Not theirs. And I was raised by religious nuts and know them all too well.

  7. 911

    37 failed in California. Very sad. GMOs will still be unlabeled.

  8. 911

    Did Mc Mahon [WWF] lose 100 million trying to get elected?

    ‘I am absolutely ecstatic that they lost over $100 million total in this election’
    Its peanuts to someone worth 5B or 10B.
    IF someone is worth11B thats not even 1% of their loot.

  9. melponeme_k

    I’m surprised the elite didn’t do any of their black magic.

    They couldn’t get Bushie Jr. to dance around with any skulls? What, was Yale’s calendar too busy?


  10. Christian W

    All rights are important. Yes women and gays rights are crucial, as are all human rights, but supporting one guy for not going after women and gays while taking away lots of other civil rights is not a step forward, it’s a giant step backwards still and no use to pretend otherwise. To reduce the whole complex picture to one issue is to miss the point, that is what gun nutters do also for example. Obama murders women and children, he doesn’t give a shit about their rights if it justifies his ends. Maybe he holds American women and children is slightly higher regard, but that is just Nazism.

  11. Christian: “Obama murders women and children, he doesn’t give a shit about their rights if it justifies his ends.”

    Do you mean the drones?

  12. everything have got waste for Romney when Obama elected as President… you can find more news on …

  13. emsnews

    All the bad stuff Obama does would be done even more harshly by the GOP. PERIOD. And I would at least have some basic rights with Obama and NONE with the GOP.

    End of story.

    This was not an antiwar candidate versus warmongering candidate. When we did have these antiwar people like McGovern, guess what the right winger libertarians did?

    Voted for Nixon, naturally! Their antiwar position is thin indeed. And we saw in this election the antiwar right like Justin (the censor who hates debates) Raimondo of most likely voted for Romney, too. He doesn’t say who he voted for.

    The antiwar libertarians did not give the Libertarian party more than 1% of the vote this time around. Anywhere. They are a near-zero political force because they hate socialism and even the Nazis weren’t that stupid, they had socialism like in Israel, for ‘Aryan Germans’.

    I keep saying, socialism is a great force that is quite popular deep down and the sneering ‘we hate the 47% freeloaders’ talk the GOP is having even today, in defeat, means the anti-lowerclass warfare is very much going on and THAT is the real battle with the side battles over our ongoing imperialist wars attached to this ongoing war against half of the nation here at home.

  14. JT

    What’s Trump up to?
    Calling for a revolution?


    Listening to some R spokeswoman this , morning [R’s are all for fiscal responsibility, in spite of the bush yrs] . Are they stupid or just deliberately stupid? big mystery.

  16. Paul S

    @911: “‘I am absolutely ecstatic that they lost over $100 million total in this election’
    Its peanuts to someone worth 5B or 10B.
    IF someone is worth11B thats not even 1% of their loot.” Peopl who earn a Median income can not imagine just how DEARLY the uber wealthy LOVE their money. The amount isn’t important. People like Sheldon Adelson are “wired” much differently than most people. Same with the Koch brothers. These folks drop a buck into the Salvation Army bucket around Christmas time and think they are wonderfull people because they give to charity.

  17. IMO, the sad truth is that there are a very wide range of social issues that need to be addressed, and that’s not even considering the geopolitical, monetary, financial, corporate, governmental, and election issues.

    Our country has so much on it’s plate right now it’s difficult to prioritize the problems anymore, but I agree with Elaine, the GOP would only exacerbate and hasten the results of our current problems.

    Reiterating, We The People are the solution to our problems, not those who call themselves our leaders. Voting by itself is not enough.

  18. @911…I’m in total disbelief that prop 37 failed, but it’s a classic example of why corporations need to be removed from the political process. The anti-37 advertising was five times that of the pro-37. The populace basically bought a bunch of outright lies.

  19. floridasandy

    supkis, how are you going to explain the next 4 obama years away?

    it should be good, especially because you can’t blame it on the GOP this time.

    obama inherited his bad economy from obama.

  20. “If the US goes bankrupt, Israel will be destroyed”-EMS

    Israel’s conscious decision to choose expansion over peace with her neighbors is what will lead to her inevitable downfall. The United States, however, cannot go “bankrupt” for it is sovereign in its currency and is in no way operationally constrained by tax revenue (or lack thereof) or by the need to “borrow”. The federal government in the ISSUR of the currency not a USER of the currency.

    This deficit-mania has always been a silly construct given the fact the government must operate in deficit for there to be money in the economy at all.

  21. Make that ISSUER of the currency of course…

  22. Jim R

    The ISSUER of currency? So you want to have a chat with the supernova that exploded about 4.5 billion years ago?

    … Good luck with that …

  23. emsnews

    The dollar buys foreign goods. We go bankrupt and it will cease doing that. But if we have no sovereign capital, we can’t rebuild all our industries we moved to Asia.

  24. “The United States, however, cannot go “bankrupt” for it is sovereign in its currency”

    I agree with Elaine. Money isn’t wealth.

    There’s a nifty concept in calculus called “limit”. It’s a mathematical way of talking about infinity. If you can print an infinite amount of money, but the value of that money decreases the more of it you print, then there’s an upper limit to how much value you can produce by printing more money. The “limit” is a total value that you could get closer and closer to, but it would always be just out of reach, because printing new money wouldn’t add enough value to get you there even if you could print it to infinity. That’s how it works when you add things that get smaller and smaller, the more of them you add.

    Elaine’s sister goddesses concept is a hell of a lot more sexy. 🙂

  25. Christian W

    Elaine: “All the bad stuff Obama does would be done even more harshly by the GOP. PERIOD. And I would at least have some basic rights with Obama and NONE with the GOP.”

    This is true, but I am not arguing against this at all. It should be seen in a wider scope. If the party gives you an option between a pure brute and a slightly less brutish brute, of course most people will go with the less brutish brute. But when that brute is still removing rights then the ‘victory’ is only one of buying time at best…

    A bit like fighting endless rear-guard actions but over time losing the war.

    Elaine:”I keep saying, socialism is a great force that is quite popular deep down and the sneering ‘we hate the 47% freeloaders’ talk the GOP is having even today, in defeat, means the anti-lowerclass warfare is very much going on and THAT is the real battle with the side battles over our ongoing imperialist wars attached to this ongoing war against half of the nation here at home.”

    But Obama’s removal of rights and support of the obscure military state cannot be denied even in the context of him not removing some other basic rights.

    MIkeM is correct (comment #18). The US and the world have problems of such magnitude that voting for more of the current politics is not going to help. You, and we all, need a new approach. But I fear that that new approach will only come after the complete collapse of current systems.

    The main thing, imo, is to realize that we are all in this together, and that the problems are ultimately not dualistic (like Floridasandy amazingly still seems to believe that the economic crisis is created by Obama…). The GOP and the Dems are just two sides of the same coin and neither have the solution to the US problems. Both parties are invested in making things much, much worse by their fascist policies.

    Obama’s victory has changed nothing and things will keep going on like before.

    I think you were conned tbh, By running the insane GOP candidates people were conned into voting for more of the same crappy policies that have put the western world in the dumps.

    The real victory for the establishment is that they keep the show on the road and people believing in the corrupt system.

  26. @ Steve

    I never implied that money was wealth for I know full well that money is a proxy for the goods, services, and things we value i.e real wealth. I’m saying that the government can no more run out of its own currency than the scorekeeper at a football game can run out of points.

    It’s quite simple actually. If you were to head to your local IRS office and pay your taxes owed in cash the employee would (hopefully) thank you then send those dollars to be destroyed. Yes, you read that correctly. The government does this for the same reason that the ticket agent at any of the 32 NFL stadiums destroys the ticket you paid your hard-earned cash for: it has no need for the dollars it issues. If you pay your tax obligation via personal check then the process is even simpler, the Federal Reserve marks down your bank account on its spreadsheet by the required amount and marks up its reserve account by this same amount. There’s no gold coin that drops into an account at the Fed. All that changes are numbers on a spreadsheet. If the government needed your tax dollars to fund its spending why on earth would it destroy the dollars you gave it to settle your obligation?

    The US government is sovereign in its currency and, unlike households, states, or municipalities who are users and not issuers of the currency, the government need not raise tax revenue or borrow in order to spend. Taxes are one of the mechanisms by which the government regulates aggregate demand (manipulation of interest rates is another) so as to cool down an overheated economy. All the deficit is is the deference between what the government takes from the population (taxes) and what it spends. If the government does not spend money into the economy from what source will the population get the currency to pay its taxes? The government should NEVER be in balance and MUST deficit spend always.

    A “loan” to the federal government is just a savings account at the Federal Reserve that pays interest and nothing more. There is no scenario in which the federal government will not be able to meet the interest payments (i.e change the appropriate number up on one part of its spreadsheet and down on another). A government check cannot bounce. Ever.


    Yes, imports are a very important issue but that street goes both ways. If foreign exporters determine that they will no longer accept US dollars then I would suggest that they quickly get to work on that massive hole in their balance sheets that formerly represented US demand. Can the Gulf Tyrannies really drink all of that oil they’ll no longer ship to the US?

    I’ll be the first to admit that we’re screwed by the reckless trade imbalance but the solutions that would require massive government spending (public works, green tech, re-industrialization, etc) are political issues not fiscal ones for there is absolutely no solvency risk at all. When people equate the federal government to households it serves only to add a layer of confusion about this issue where there need be none.

  27. The trillions we spend on what is euphemistically called “defense”–via deficit spending and in transfer payments to the health insurance racket could just as well be spent on rebuilding the country. Medicare for All and the slashing of “defense” spending by 75% is doable and entirely political which is all that I am really saying here. The notion that the US will go bankrupt is completely inaccurate and I believe that clarity is important here for this is the false language of the plutocrats themselves and we should not adopt it.

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