Egypt Brokers Ceasefire And US Diplomatic Power Declines Further

Due to family logistics, our Thanksgiving dinner will be on Sunday due to this being my mother-in-law’s birthday.  So, instead of spending the day cooking and preparing for a big meal, I get to write instead.  The ceasefire between the Gaza Ghetto and their oppressors, the Israeli occupiers.  True, the enforced isolation of Gaza by the militarist Jews will continue and the Muslims don’t mind this all that much because it shows quite clearly that the Israelis are evil, not good.  The longer it goes, the more people will see the resemblance between the Gaza and Warsaw ghettoes.  This will erode US diplomatic power much further as the US is seen as the sponsor and protector of rank Naziism.


What a disgraceful end for our diplomatic history!  Just as our nation was stuck all alone against all of Europe, endorsing slavery, so it is with this protection of Jews tormenting the natives of Palestine.  Every hour this goes on, our status as ‘defenders of the free world’ collapse.  Just as the US, pretending to be the ‘beacon for democracy’ was a total failure during the first half of the 19th century, our present embrace of a similarly odious situation weakens us.


Today is Thanksgiving and the people of Palestine are celebrating their endurance by not knuckling under repeated violent attacks by the walled-in Jews who think, by turning all of Israel into a double ghetto, they will be safe.  The mental ghetto is destroying Jewish minds across the planet as many embrace totally opposing positions on nearly everything.  That is, they want one totally different system in Israel and want the exact opposite in countries where they are in the minority.


This cannot last.  The minority position here in the US has nearly all Jews rightfully fearful of the GOP right wing Christian Taliban who want to impose ‘Christian’ ideology on all laws and systems.  At the same time, AIPAC hands over money to these same Christian right wingers to have them embrace Israeli ethnic cleansing.  These Christian right wingers cheerfully go off to Israel and loudly say, ‘We agree, ethnic cleansing is great and we love it and embrace it wholly.’


Then the Jews at home grow fearful and wonder if this is true.  Yes, it is true.  100% true.  The plan is to move all Jews into Israel and then have ethnic cleansing here at home.  We see this clearly with the sour attitude of the US Christian Taliban media at Fox TV.  Murdoch, a rank Zionist, along with his delusional gambling buddies, funds and runs propaganda machines to convince US voters that a half-black US President isn’t even a citizen and is a secret Muslim and this attack failed miserably in the recent election.


There are ‘Christians’ on Fox TV snarling that the ‘old America’ the ‘Leave it to Beaver’ idyllic past is dying and dying due to all these foreigners coming in and blacks multiplying, etc.  This is exactly the same line the Zionists are yelling in Israel.  Blacks from Africa are coming in, Asian workers are coming in, and the Muslims who are natives are multiplying rapidly.  Got to stop them, deport them, eliminate them and box them into ghettoes!


Last 4th of July, I noted how my town was not happy at all.  When I went through the photos, I noticed far fewer smiling faces, even many children were frowning, compared to past photos I edited.  This last election, my town went for Romney.  A foreign banker who loves the present system that is killing my own village.  Why did they vote for him?


It was pretty obvious.  Racism is a weed that sends down deep roots.  Religious fanaticism is also a deep rooted mental condition.  Anyone looking at history even briefly can see how religious thinking is a constant business for humans.  We barely can exist without some sort of mental gymnastics that produces various attempts at ‘gods’ which then order us about, telling us how to have sex, eat and interact with each other.  Without these celestial instructions, we are at sea.  I suppose our brains evolved so rapidly during the previous Ice Age, it accidentally tripped across some sort of genetic frontier.


That is, we can see into the future and the future scares us to death.  And our brains have stopped the natural process for dealing with sex and raising children whereby everything is instinctual rather than rationally figured out.  Humans must cope with this by creating artificial instincts but these work only if the children are sufficiently propagandized so they believe all of the bizarre and conflicting rationalizations of strange sexual and child-rearing instructions and the main tool for control is to tell the victims, they will be punished by the Gods themselves if they don’t adhere to whatever rules are being dictated.


On top of this, physical force is used so no one can defy the social rules which are nearly uniformly irrational or even destructive.  Only when there are great, great empires with lots of urban power at the center which gives rein to multiculturalism and multi-religious practices does this dictatorship of religion break down and we get liberalism.  Liberalism means people get to live lives with as few mental and religious restraints as possible while protecting everyone, including children, giving all equal civil rights.


The battle of Gaza is all about suppression, power, control and denial of human rights.  It makes it harder for all of us to have basic human rights and we see our own rights eroding rapidly as demands our government spy on us, assassinate us and control us rise as this war between religions in the Middle East and all over the planet rise ever hotter and higher.


My own village had a majority of voters (less than 400) who wanted more of this graphic religious war.  This spills out in the streets here with the embattled majority hating the Democrats (less than 300) who voted for Obama.  ‘Leave it to Beaver’ left Berlin long, long ago.  And won’t come back.  Making our schools dumber by enforcing religious doctrines on science will only leave us ever further behind the rest of the world.  And liberalism is under siege everywhere as people grow more and more fearful.


What a shame.  Of course, true conservative principles are good, for example, with banking: making banks be more careful is good.  The modern innovation that spawned the Derivatives Beast is a disaster.  Note how the pretend ‘conservatives’ embrace these radical changes in banking, just for example.  True conservatives are careful, not wild eyed militarists seeking to dominate via the gun.  This is what we lost on the right: the real conservatives are a dying breed.  Greed is not good, it is evil.  And when will someone tell the mega churches this vital information?


What happened to the Seven Deadly Sins of yore?  As dead as Beaver’s family, that’s where!  Will anyone figure this out?  Stay tuned.sunset borger

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10 responses to “Egypt Brokers Ceasefire And US Diplomatic Power Declines Further

  1. petercoupland

    One book I have and need to re-read is Ernest Becker’s The Denial of Death.Explains a lot about the attractiveness of religions that almost all promise eternal life.
    Very happy as an atheist myself.

  2. Elaine, thanks for the article, and best of a day to you.

    I agree that with you as you write, The battle of Gaza is all about suppression, power, control and denial of human rights. It makes it harder for all of us to have basic human rights and we see our own rights eroding rapidly as demands our government spy on us, assassinate us and control us rise as this war between religions in the Middle East and all over the planet rise ever hotter and higher.

    I am so thankful for Grace and Truth, which came through Jesus Christ, John 1:17, and which began to be dispensed to the church, that is the called out ones, by the Apostles in the Epistles as well as in The Revelation of Jesus Christ, having been confirmed by power at Pentecost, and which now operates as spiritual revelation for understanding the pivoting of times from prosperity to debt servitude, and from choice to diktat, Ephesians 1:10.

    I have been living in Bellingham, Washington, for twelve years. When I came the fishing industry was on a decline, and the Georgia Pacific paper and pulp mill was shutting down on diminished global demand; its operation has been bulldozed and all that is left now is an eyesore of concrete pad on a sprawling marine floodplain. But through the growth of M2 Money Supply, achieved through Ben Bernanke Quantitative Easing money printing, and as a result of carry trade investing in both stocks, such as Home Depot, HD, Boeing, BA, and corporate debt, LQD, and BLV, and junk bonds, JNK, the economy is now operating full out.

    The Bellingham Post reporting Whatcom County’s unemployment rate drops to 6.4 percent. The unemployment rate has dropped to its lowest level in nearly four years, with the private sector adding 2400 jobs in the past 12 months. Whatcom’s unemployment rate was 6.4 percent in October, down from a revised rate of 6.9 percent in September. It’s the lowest monthly rate locally since December 2008. Year-over-year job growth took place in most local private sectors, led by trade/transportation (adding 600 people in the past year) and manufacturing (up 500). The number of people employed in manufacturing locally was estimated to be 9,100 in October, the highest monthly total since September 2008.The public sector shed 200 jobs in the past year, all of which came from local government. October is typically the month Whatcom posts the lowest unemployment rate of the year as schools get into full swing and holiday hiring begins. It then tends to rise in the coming months, peaking in February.”What is encouraging is the long-term trend for Whatcom County,” said Anneliese Vance-Sherman, a regional labor economist for the state. “It’s been improving at a slow and steady rate, with the private sector driving the growth.” This area is outperforming the state in a variety of sectors. With a 3.7 percent increase in the past year, Whatcom’s private sector employment is stronger than the state average of 2.5 percent. Whatcom is among the state leaders in job growth in the manufacturing sector, with a 5.8 percent increase in the past year

    I add that Bellingham’s top employers such as Heath Techna, Sterling Health, Anvil Corp, T Mobile, Madrona Medical, Community Healthcare, Olympic Health, Premier Graphics, DIS Corp, and Logos Bible Software, are continually hiring. Apartment construction is booming, and commercial strip malls are mostly full; a case being the opening of Marshalls, the discount department store of TJX Companies, TJX, and the vanity Perch and Play, an indoor playground cafe for families with young children. Mini-mega churches such as My Church Bellingham, Grace Church Bellingham, and Mosaic Church Bellingham, and Ekklesia are seeing full houses; many of these have a Christian Zionism doctrine. On Friday and Saturday nights, the downtown beer gardens and nightclubs entertain till 2AM, when Western Washington University Students are sent home. And Whatcom Community College has growing attendance with students coming from Japan and South Korea. Major retailers fill Bellis Fair Mall; and Costco, Petsmart, Walmart, and Fred Meyer draw many Asian Canadians from Vancouver for lower US prices. Often all the middle and upper class hotel rooms are filled, leaving visitors to go to the Samish Way hotels which see a lot of 911 calls. Regal Cinemas announced the grand opening of its Barkley Village Stadium 16 Theater. The boutique retail shops at Barkley Village see an ongoing brisk business. Woods Coffee is continually opening new locations. Super Supplements sees strong ongoing demand. The City of Bellingham has continually improved the streets and improved parks and sidewalks. The Federal Government improved the expressway off-on-ramps, and Patty Murray used earmarks to obtain high tech, low emission busses. The parking lots at the fitness clubs are filled to the brim after work.The Farmers Market operates out of the revitalized Depot Market Square. Downtown retailers see a stable business. Bellingham’s economy is in full boom time operation.

    My spiritual observation is that the both the UK and the US diplomatic power is declining, as Egypt brokered a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.

    This opens the door for the prophesied King of the South to rise to power from the Arab Spring, who will trouble the future world’s leader, during mankind’s final battle on the plains of Megiddo.

    When one rejects the subjective view of Austrian Economics and Socialism which comes from the worship of one’s own will, Colossians 2:23, and then looks with the objective vision of Christ, Ephesians 4:17-21, which comes from accepting God’s Sovereign will, Philippians 2:12-13, and comes to the global economics viewpoint of Christ, Ephesians 1:10, and takes the perspective of bible prophecy, Daniel 2:30-33, then one can see the vision of John the Revelator for a Federal Europe rising from the Mediterranean PIGS sourced sovereign debt crisis; it’s as DailyFX writes Draghi Backs Move Towards Federal Europe. Finland with its AAA debt rating might be able to escape the black hole of a European Super State, as Reuters reports Finland to resist any rush to federal Europe. It’s very likely that the United Kingdom, having its own banks, the City of London Financial District, and its own currency, the British Pound Sterling, will depart a Brussels and Berlin centric Europe.

    There are many European Federalists such as Guy Verhofstadt, president of the European parliament’s liberal ALDE group and Daniel Cohn-Bendit, co-president of the parliament’s Green group, who authored the book For Europe: A Manifesto for a Post-National and Federal Europe. We are moving very quickly towards a Federal Europe which will see a budget czar and monetary pope appointed, Revelation 13:5-10, who will take effective control of all European member state budgets, as well as a sovereign king, Revelation 13:11-18, one of seeming little authority, Daniel 7:8, rising to power through the schemes of regional framework agreements, Daniel 8:23. Jean Pisani-Ferry asks in Project Syndicate, Federalism or Bust for Europe? I reply that God determined in eternity past that there will be no democratic United States of Europe, only a Super Eurozone Super State characterized democratic deficit. Greeks cannot be Germans, yet all will be one living in austerity and debt servitude, in the totalitarian collectivism of a One Euro Government. The EU will be a type of revived roman empire where authoritarians rule over the entire continent from Brussels and Berlin. Regional economic governance will come out a soon coming Financial Armageddon, that is a global credit breakdown and financial collapse, Revelation 13:3-4. Out of this chaos, will come order, the diktat money system will rise to replace the fiat money system. Credit, that is trust, has traditionally been between lender and debtor; now a new trust will come out of regional framework agreements to establish a New Europe; this minotaur will come to be highly regarded, as people will come to proclaim it and even worship it, saying who can make war against it; such will be labyrinthine, having been intoxicated and tortured by its insurmountable power and authority.

    Yes, the objective truth is found in the person of Christ, Ephesians 4:17-2.

    There are only two types of people, the elect and the fiat. The elect, 1 Peter 1:2, are God’s chosen ones, Colossians 3:12, Ephesians 1:4, who have experience out of His sovereign will, 2 Corinthians 5:17-18, manifesting spiritual nature; whereas the fiat have mandate out of debased human experience, that is out of will worship, Colossians 2:23, manifesting carnal nature.

    Libertarians seek liberty; Robert Wenzel features Ron Paul Farewell Speech Quotes That Should Go Down in History and also writes Ron Paul’s Farewell Speech to Congress. My response to Dr. Paul is that I encourage one to recognize that Anomic Breakdown Presents The Opportunity To Discover Genuine Freedom that being, the freedom to become a child of God and mature in the identity of Christ.

    Rather than trust in oneself, and hope for freedom, I encourage one believe in what Witness Lee calls The Economy of God, and call upon the Name of the Lord for salvation, and thus be set free from sin, that is doubt, and its consequence being death, to know the only right there is: “To as many as receive Him, to those who believe in His Name, He gives the power to become a child of God”, John 1:12.

    I do not want liberty as I have liberty in Christ to manifest in grace and truth, John 1:17. In fact I am a doulos or bondservant of Christ; one totally at the Master’s disposal and even expendable. I want no constitution or any law except Christ, as He is my all in all, Colossians 3:11, meaning that He is my all inclusive life experience. R.J. Krejcir asks Are We Slaves For Jesus Christ? And relates discover that you are His property and that this is good. You are paid in full; your relationship in Christ is secured and vital, Matthew 20:28; Mark 10:45; Acts 20:28; Romans 3:23-25; 1 Corinthians 6:20, 7:23, Galatians 2:20; 3:13, Ephesians 1:7; Philippians 3:1-14; Titus 2:14; Hebrews 9:12; 1 Peter 1:18-19; 1 Peter 2:9; Revelation 3:20; 5:9. One might consider reading Four Sources To Determine One’s Rights.

    Of final note, Christians have morals, which come from the virtue of God, 2 Peter 1:1-15, and have ethics, that is relationships with others, that also come from the character of God, Colossians 3: 1-25.

  3. Jim R

    That was long … I read the 1st comment but the 2nd was tl;dr.

  4. Joseppi

    Christians have morals

    Even though Christian foolishly think they have a copyright patent on morals, what is more disturbing than their conditional and convenient morals is their myths – especially their beginning/end of the world myths.

    The Christians are using the Zionists as proxy agents to bring about the conditions for a Apocalyptic nuclear holocaust in the Mid-East, while the Zionists are using Americans as agents to further Zionist expansionism – both selfish motivations have their origins in religious mythic fantasies that have spawned these fanatics, which also incites Islamic myth fanatics.

    Not a good future for humans that depend on myths to guide them into the realm of unknown possibilities. In fact, it’s damn sad.

  5. Hi Elaine… warm thoughts for you and yours.

    I released my first full folk album on economics, social unrest, and helicopter ben… with love, yin and yang and string theory thrown in too.

    There’s a thank you to you in the digital liner notes. I appreciate all you’ve taught me.



    ELAINE; I knew you were happily busy this last several months! CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have come so far, have moved yourself so much after escaping an impossible situation that was very harmful. Good luck and I hope you have many sales.

    Readers: do click on her link and see her work. She is great.

  6. JimmyJ

    Sheesh, TheYenGuy, your comment almost constitutes a parasitic blog post it’s so vast.

    @PeterCoupland: here is a succinct “article” on death anxiety at the Ernest Becker website. Sixteen Central Ideas of the Theory of Generative Death Anxiety, Daniel Liechty, November 18 2011, for the ambitiously lazy like me:

  7. Richard

    I think it’s quite amusing that Hillary Clinton is taking some credit for the brokered peace between Israel and Hamas. How can the U.S negotiate when their Zionist overlords refuse to allow them to even talk to Hamas because it’s a “Terrorist Organization”. What a disgrace to see this great country (the USA) groveling and toadying to this vicious Zionist state.

  8. Thank you, Elaine!

    Please let me know if you’d like to do anything in the ebook realm as I’d love to help any way I can.

  9. Paul S

    “My spiritual observation is that the both the UK and the US diplomatic power is declining, as Egypt brokered a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas…” You don’t have to be spiritual at all to figure that one out. “This opens the door for the prophesied King of the South to rise to power from the Arab Spring, who will trouble the future world’s leader, during mankind’s final battle on the plains of Megiddo…” And you determined this how? Quite a leap you are making from ONE diplomatic achievement by Egypt to the End Times. Ah yes, The Rapture, that’s what you are really thinking about now isn’t it? As far as your constant Bible quotes I remember this: the Devil can quote Scripture for his purpose. Remember when Satan followed Jesus around and tried to tempt Him? Satan used Bible quotes too. It’s just me, but when I hear somebody such as you, theyenguy, claiming that God is on your side, my initial reaction is to recoil in horror. How about this for a Bible quote? (You aren’t the only person who has read the Bible, btw). “Only My Father knows the day and the hour.” Meaning the time of the Rapture. How can YOU claim to know we are in the End Times when, according to the Bible, NO ONE knows, save for God? US diplomacy has been losing its legitimacy for quite a long time. One reason for the decliine in US influence is the sheer hypocrisy of the US. When you have the likes of Hillary Clinton going around castigating everyone over Human Rights violations while at the same time the US is THE BIGGEST violator of Human Rights, your credibility is damaged. Fear is what has been keeping people silent on US foreign policy; the US tends to drop bombs and massacre people on the least provocation–if that country has oil. Does it say anything about oil in the Bible, theyenguy?

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