Corrupt Kabul Bank Disaster No News In US

The intertwined issues of war, free trade, imperial pretensions, the floating fiat currency regime and government debts ride on the History train track that goes often in a circle.  That is, we visit the same train stations over and over again.  This refusal to learn from the past is a haunting issue.  Why do humans refuse to learn from the past?  I would suggest, the past is viewed through a rosy set of glasses that hide the harsh outlines of what will happen next.  Bold attempts at changing history usually fails due to powerful people wanting to repeat the past.


I figure, the past is known so they want what is known. A prime example is the UN: it was supposed to stop wars.  Instead, it became first, the arena for launching massive wars and then it became an oppressor of all humanity as the Security Council promoted European-style domination of all the new nations created in the wake of the fall of the great European powers after WWII.  These wars of dominance continue and worsen each year as the old European model of control of native populations is screwed on tighter and tighter.


On the other hand, in one part of the planet, the old European controls are collapsing rapidly as China reemerges as a world power.  This, in turn, is causing the EU and US empire no end of trouble and is tremendously expensive since the Chinese are now the world’s #1 creditor nation and history says, this is a tremendous power.  Although the US press loves to talk about how corrupt the rich government heads of China are, this is the kettle calling the pot black.  If this is a bad thing, then our own system is very bad indeed.


Naturally, since much of the money in this bank is courtesy of the US taxpayers who were dragooned into going a trillion deeper into debt to fund the anti Muslim invasions, doesn’t make hardly headline in the US. Report: Kabul Bank lost $900m in embezzlement – Asia – Al Jazeera English

According to the 87-page report, 10 pilots working for Pamir Airways, which the bank had a stake in, were paid annual salaries of over $300,000. These costs, dated from March 2008 to November 2010, were categorised as “pilots of cash delivery”…

Khalilullah Ferozi, CEO of the bank, was also reported to have gone on shopping sprees at Louis Vuitton and Versace with money from the bank.


Najeeb Azizi, speaking to Al Jazeera from the Afghan capital, said the accused, many of whom are closely connected to the bank’s former officials, showed “no sympathy towards this country or the people of this country”.


Though Karzai himself is not implicated in the report, his brother and a brother of Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim, first vice president, are among the bank’s shareholders listed as having taken out loans from the bank.

They basically copied our own banks.  Who shoved us off the infamous Fiscal Cliff?  The voters?  The elderly collecting their Social Security checks?  Or the richest bankers on earth?  The open embezzlement by US puppet regime members is what ALWAYS happens when the US props up dictators and fake ‘election’ winners in various US military enclaves.  This is how Vietnam was run.  This is what nearly always happens.


The theft going on in the US system is simply done more openly in our colonies!  So while the US media whines about Chinese corruption, it falls silent when contemplating thousands of such things going on which are totally under the control of the US government authorities.  Of course, we don’t regulate our own biggest banks.  The Derivatives Beast was allowed to swell from $1 billion in size a mere 25 years ago to a $66+ trillion gargantuan fraud.  It is what ‘capitalizes’ our lending system and it is totally false, it deflates the minute it has to actually take care of derivative contract deals!


Which is why we are off the Fiscal Cliff here.  As the rich get richer while making these scam loans that have no capital fundamental base, we criticize China for lending and unlike us, China DOES have a capital base for these loans!  They can have a depression due to too many loans like the US, which was the world’s top creditor nation after WWI, was still quite solvent after the stock market crash.  The US is not solvent anymore and it isn’t just due to US government spending and a refusal to tax the very rich.  It is due entirely to free trade destroying our industrial base and constant trade deficits leeching the nation of all wealth.


The US, like Afghanistan, doesn’t want to be stopped.  That is, our own bankers want to continue handing out loans with no capital basis.  The Basel III rules would prevent this and the rich ‘don’t want no damn rules’.  So, the EU has decided to have no rules, too:  Don’t delay new bank rules too long, Asia urges Europe


Europe is preparing to follow the United States in postponing the introduction of the Basel III reforms, EU sources told Reuters, and the delay could last six months or even longer if diplomats and lawmakers fail to break the deadlock.


“The fact is that the U.S. and euro zone are the most important regions where Basel III should have been implemented,” Anand Sinha, deputy governor of the Reserve Bank of India, told a Thomson Reuters Pan-Asian regulatory summit in Hong Kong.


“It would have been very helpful, even if there is a delay, if the U.S. and euro zone could have indicated a definite timeline, that is not there.”


The very rich bankers who don’t want these rules run our government.  As usual, the government then wants no taxes on this paper wealth and doesn’t want any rules so the bankers can do as they please.  The lessons learned since the recent collapse are…NOTHING.  Nothing at all was learned.  The discussion about the derivatives issue was virtually nonexistent.  The people who talked about this issue were all fraudsters wishing to keep an obvious Ponzi scheme running.


The FDR bank reforms were not reinstated.  Despite the failure being painfully obvious when the world economy ran back into the Great Depression of 1930 Train Station.  Instead, the conductor and engineer of this derailed economic train all announced that the track ahead is just fine while doing nothing to fix what crashed in 2008.  The next train station is hideously obvious: WWIII.  The circle has to come to that because this is what happens when we choose to follow this particular track.  It is increasingly inevitable.


The GOP just put up the list of the people who will head all the House committees and every last one is an old white male except for a few puppies who are not quite all that old but act like the other old white males.  They are determined to change nothing except to take us back to an earlier dangerous train station, the Civil War train stop.  They want to eliminate modern social systems and replace them with workers and slaves earning virtually nothing and living hand to mouth with children either working or begging for scraps on the streets.


Because the US refuses to pull into the FDR Banking Rules station and instead are back on track to the Civil War station, the ECB wants “executioner” to terminate Europe’s weak banks while the Spanish train heads towards the Fascist Rule/Spanish Civil War station.  Valencia is increasingly in revolt while Madrid sees 30% unemployment with young people more than 50% unemployed and street battles occurring more and more.


The Spanish killed the real estate golden goose back when they were very contemptuous of the people buying their housing which was built for retiring German, French and British pensioners.  They openly said and began to demolish homes owned by these foreigners back in 2008.  Now, all have fled the country and a million houses stand empty and have no buyers because no one sane will buy something the government might tear down for caprice.


These loans are in default.  So the banking system of Spain is collapsing.  Duh.  So, EU Approves Spain Bank Restructuring, Opens Door to Aid to top the hemorrhage of red ink.  Thousands of retirees lost their accumulated wealth to bankruptcy after being lured into Spain where it is sunny and warm.  As I  keep pointing out, people want to live where it is hot, not cold.  They live in cold places because they must.  They move to hot places whenever they can.


Japan is going insane, of course.  Man with knife takes hostages at bank, demands Japan PM resign.  This was unnecessary.  No Japanese prime minister lasts even a year so why demand it  happen?  It happens all the time, faster and faster.  Soon, it will be ‘prime minister for a day’ while faceless politicians rotate in and out of office as fast as possible like the Red Queen running in place in Alice in the Looking Glass.


Good news for us humans:  Pentagon issues promise that a human will always decide when a robot kills you: Pentagon’s ‘reassurance’ over fears of machine apocalypse.  Just think, some ruler in the US will give the orders and some kid in a bomb shelter will then ID who he is going to kill and then, when that person is at a wedding or at home with the kids, blow them away.  Great.  I am so relieved.  Not.


And back to the religious fanatic news.  The gods worshipped by fanatics seem to have some odd sexual problems.  The arcane rules set up by various gods over the last 100,000 years has been astonishingly variable.  Always, the sex business is the #1 duty of the gods, supervising the human apes is a lot of work.  Naturally, these rules are constantly violated by the gate keepers of the rules, the religious leaders.


Mental slavery allows them to break the rules they supposedly support.  Here is the latest example from Brooklyn, NY:  Nechemya Weberman: Rabbi in strict Jewish sect ‘forced girl, 12, to perform oral sex on him’.  The girl looked at ‘dirty pictures’ in women’s fashion magazines.  So, to fix her good, the leader forced her give him blow jobs.  The circular reasoning here is painfully obvious.  These repressive sexual regimes are all about making sex more exciting as the practitioners do evil things (as per their own chosen definition of evil, of course).


Fundamentalists all over the earth are trying their hardest to impose sex regimes on us.  Last of all, here is funny news:  Naked AIDS activists arrested after protest in House Speaker John Boehner’s office.  Good for them!  HAHAHA.  I said months ago, the right wing press in the US pushing on behalf of the well-named Pussy Riot women opened the door for us to do the same, here.  This should be celebrated.  We should all Pussy Riot in churches, synagogues and temples here in the US.  As I also predicted, the media and the politicians go on the attack when any Pussy Riots try to protest here in the same way as they did in Moscow.sunset borger

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5 responses to “Corrupt Kabul Bank Disaster No News In US

  1. vengeur

    You gotta love the upside-down world where the “free love” crowd blames “fundamentalists” for the existence of STD’s. LOL

  2. 911

    ‘This should be celebrated’, Really? USA is b-r-o-k-e.
    They want $ for what? Where? One had ‘global’ written on his body.

    Me thinks Elaine misses the 60s. Naked protests!

  3. emsnews

    i am pointing out how the politicians were all over the Pussy Riot females and then get pissed when this happens here.

  4. Christian W


    You were right on the money with that call, Elaine. I remember you made it already during the Pussy Rioters shooting to ‘fame/infamy’. Of course it was obvious the ‘Pussy Riot’ coverage was a staged propaganda operation in western media (by whom you might ask); but the hypocrisy is darkly amusing as usual.

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