Zionist AIPAC Spokesman, Zucker Leaves NBC In Shambles And Now Will ‘Fix’ CNN Real Good


Once upon a time, back when Ted Turner first began international coverage of the news, he actually called me one wonderful day and literally gave me my own camera crew to film the news in NYC for a month! It was grand fun. Then, years later, he sold stock in his media operation and was told by a bunch of hot shot Wall Street scam artists, he could be very rich while still staying the head of the board of directors of CNN.


Then, they dumped him unceremoniously and turned a great TV operation into a dull, ugly, propaganda machine that lies, lies and tells more lies nearly nonstop. Barely any real news comes out of that operation these days. Once upon a time, Ted actually thought that letting the camera crews simply run amok made for great news and he was 100% right. For example when the Berlin Wall fell, he had the only international camera crew at the East German press conference where they announced they would not shoot anyone going over the wall.


The CNN camera crew then ran through the streets of East Berlin yelling the news and went to interview the tower guards. They trusted CNN! So they put down their guns. And then the President of East Germany ordered them to shoot but they refused! Thanks to CNN.


CNN is responsible for Tiananmen Square, too. All the mainstream media removed their camera crews when the President left his official visit. Not CNN. The students, noting that what they wanted to say would be broadcast internationally, live, went on camera and it ballooned tremendously, swiftly. Thanks entirely to CNN letting the camera crews roam freely and broadcast with no filters.


That has been long, long dead a while now.  Today, CNN got a new boss:  Jeff Zucker To CNN: Former NBCUniversal Chief Will Reportedly Lead Network.  Who is this jerk?  Why, a Zionist AIPAC spokesperson!  HAHAHA.  The iron grip of death that is strangling all our news media continues to tighten the noose even as the audience boos and departs.  They don’t care.  So long as we have no real news from one quarter or two thirds of the planet, it is fine with the Zionists.


His propagandistic and sadistic approach to the news staff and news coming in from all over the planet became a Dead Sea covered with black mud at NBC.  Many years ago, NBC reporters actually talked to me until they were ordered to stay away.  CNN, on the other hand, had no filters on my commentary.


A true story: Phil Donahue wanted to put me on his show.  Along with a committee of foreign Chinese students who wanted to discuss the situation in China.  Well…when I arrived, a very frightened host ran up to me in great distress and ordered me to leave quickly.  The students bristled and talked (in Chinese) about trashing the studio in retaliation.  I asked Phil who talked to him between the time the limo picked me up and me walking in the door.  He refused to say. So I said, ‘YOU are next.  They will cancel you when you step over that invisible line, all you have to do is question the wars brewing in the Middle East.’


And voila: a few years later, he was suddenly sacked even though his show was popular and he vanished.  Paid to be silent, he stopped talking about the illegality of the invasion of Iraq and he is now one of many Invisible Media People like myself.sunset borger

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6 responses to “Zionist AIPAC Spokesman, Zucker Leaves NBC In Shambles And Now Will ‘Fix’ CNN Real Good

  1. Eso

    That is an interesting story–about the “they, them” shutting you up. Indeed, it is a universal story these days. A long time ago my family was at the forefront of the Latvian media, my grandfather was known as the “king of the press”, then the Soviets wiped them (us) off the map, and then the post-Soviet days arrived. Being a bit a radicalized American by then (it started with the Clamshell anti-nuke movement), and then oh so unsympathetic to the ever right wing Latvian exiles and post-Soviet parliamentary government (nacional socialist on its own behalf), the Latvian media does not want to hear anything from my perspective. As it happens, I live in the countryside, and often spend half of my pension buying a neighbor farmer some diesel, so he can run his tractor, and paying for somebody’s medicine, and advocate a return to subsistence economy by allowing pensioners to grow their own Johns grass (marihuana). Of course, such a course would more equally distribute what little wealth the land can produce and reawaken populism, which the media is now so proud to advertise as having breathed its last.

  2. Verlander

    I think it’s a universal story for all 8000 years of recorded human history, Eso.

    Being an American these days is being at the mouth of a bloody treasure funnel siphoning, but still siphoning it from everyone else and to us.

    In such a position, and as bad as it is for the ever growing ignorant underclass, it is nothing like it is for people where you are and other places on the other side of the “vacuum funnel” who, by the process of externalized costs of the Global RW Corporate Socialist State and other financial trickery, donate some of your productivity every day to us.

    It is therefore essential for us to hear how others live around the world, some of which, but not nearly all, is the result of the kind of future America, Israel, and Europe would lead humanity into if you let our Rich Pricks beat up on your Rick Pricks.

    Good luck on the Elite allowing your to grow ,arihuana on your farm. Anything which provides the peasantry with independence from their/your/our aristiocratic masters is a big no-no, red-flag, and deal breaker.

    These days, and I suspect it is on the rise around the world, the onlt time the global aristocrats let crumbs drop off the table for we peasants is when the benefit to them is ten thousand times or more return on what they see as charity. If they can skim roughly ten thousand times as much loot from the scam as help is allowed to dribble out the other end, then it’s a go.

    Otherwise, it’s just not worth it to them and it’s not like we peasants are human beings like them.

    As the human race will soon rocket back through medievalism in the reverse direction this time, at least you in Latvia are in the land where medievalism started, which should give you some stability as you return to it.

    In America, though, the nightmare hyrbrid RW Corporate Socialist feudalism we are evolving looks to rival Nazi Germany for pure soul-killing evil on day.

    And I don’t say that lightly or without consideration. Not at all.

    The rest of the Earth’s peoples should be as terrified of America now as they should have been of Nazi Germany during its rise.

    But nothing ever really changes much about people except what technology and energy usage allows us to temporarily be, does it?

    So, we will have a rerun of The Nazi Show, this time with the Americans starring as the Nazis!

  3. vengeur

    First the last embers of Conservatism were put out in the run up to Desert Storm, as true conservatives such as Pat Buchanan were 100% against that atrocity. Now the same thing is happening to Progressivism:it is being snuffed out. The fact is that all TRUE opposition to the globalism -militarism of the Banker Barons is being eliminated. The only outlet for opposition is blogs like this.

  4. CK

    It is difficult to find an editorial page editor, media owner, opinion columnist, sunday talking head, TV show talent booker that is protestant or catholic. .

  5. emsnews

    CK, yes, there are these but Jews are 2% of the population and around 35%+ of the commentators (all of whom are Zionists) and the owners and managers of the media, the ones guarding the chicken house, are virtually all Zionists who are Jewish.

  6. 911

    OK, there are 10 million Jews, worldwide? 15M?
    World population is 7 Billion.
    1/7 of 1 percent? 1 in 500? 700?

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