Childish Zionists Whine Even More About Photos Of Dead Palestinian Babies

Due to losing the latest ‘war’ with Hamas, the Zionists have been all over the place trying desperately to make it look like Jewish-run media in the US is responsible for this loss due entirely to publishing photos of dead Palestinian babies and toddlers.  They basically are yelling, collectively, for the US media to stop showing any graphic images of IDF violence.  Meanwhile, we get endless pictures of Syrian violence with total approval from the Zionists.  


Both the NYT and Washington Post editors had to go into long, pretzel-like explanations as to the need to follow the rest of the world by accurately reporting on dead Palestinian children.  At no time did these editors bristle at this attempt at censorship by a minority of the readers.  Instead, they even said that Obama ought to go to Israel, hat in hand, to beg them to accept more US diplomatic and military aid and to apologize for talking to any Palestinians at all.


Now comes the latest editorial in the top US international newspaper, the NYT, written by a Zionist:  Editorial: The Palestinians’ U.N. Bid:  Palestinians certain to win U.N. recognition  with France and other European nations declaring their backing which, to this guy, is a terrible idea, how dare they do this!


But even if the Palestinians win the vote, the price may be high. After membership in the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization was granted last year, Israel withheld millions of dollars in tax transfers to the Palestinian Authority — which is in financial distress — and the United States halted financing to Unesco and withheld millions of dollars in aid to the Palestinians…
The Obama administration has spent political capital in a failed effort to pressure countries to oppose the resolution. It now needs to put its energies into forging commitments to restart peace talks.


Britain has urged the Palestinians to give assurances that they would return to negotiations with Israel without preconditions; Mr. Abbas would be wise to do so. That might give Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel a reason to follow suit.


Note how the Zionists abuse US and UK diplomatic capital.  I often report this sucking down of all the power, good will and ability to negotiate has wrecked our State Department, ruined our reputation abroad and cost us trillions of dollars due to endless wars with tireless Muslim fighters.  Just this week, a top Saudi was killed in Yemen by religious warriors there, a fate all the fat Saudi princes will suffer eventually.


The US keeps on harping on the same tired thing: if only the Palestinians have NOTHING as a basis to negotiate, then the Jews will give them a few shreds of Palestine and no freedom!  Whoopee.  Obviously, this is very unappealing.  What the Jews want is a total surrender followed by a final ethnic push to remove the last Palestinians from the West Bank while Gaza will be kept a permanent ghetto or even simply destroyed since it is run by Hamas, which is negotiating with no one in Israel, rather than the defunct but propped up by the US, Palestinian Authority.


The fact that the US endorses, protects and pushes this cynical and dishonest ‘diplomacy’ is significantly destroying our own diplomacy worldwide.  It is a huge, huge problem for the US, nay, a possibly terminal problem.  True, Asian imperialists wishing to curb Chinese resurgent power want to cynically use the US for their own aims, just like Israel.   And it is also destroying our own power, too.  Deep in debt to both China and Japan, the US is in a terrible situation with both nations.


All of our media has been slowly taken over by rich Zionists because thanks to the internet, the ability to make money via printing papers is rapidly declining.  Sadly, the one bright spot in the US, the Christian Science Monitor which won awards overseas for fair coverage of Middle Eastern news is now a Zionist operation, too.  Here is their examination of the Hasbara push to stop US media from publishing photos of dead Palestinian babies:  Rupert Murdoch’s Jewish problem. And his Egyptian one. –


The troubling part is his apparent belief that Jewishness should be synonymous with support for the current Israeli government, even for Jewish-Americans. It’s long been an anti-Semitic trope in US and European life that Jews are not truly loyal to the countries of their birth and citizenship, that for them Israel comes first. Such false claims are rightly pushed back on. Then there’s the frequently made anti-Semitic claim that the “Jews control the media,” usually made within various conspiracy theories.

Imagine if Murdoch’s sentence was turned around, but used the same logic: What if he had asked: “Why is Jewish owned press so consistently pro-Israel in every crisis?” That statement would rightly be decried as anti-Semitic.


What the hell?  Pointing out the obvious, that a huge, huge swath of our media is run by Zionists who support Israel more than the US, is ‘anti-semitic’?  This ludicrous attempt at hiding the obvious, the elephant in the room, is insane but deliberate because it is very important to pretend there is no Zionist elephant in the press room.


And our media is nearly unanimously 100% pro-Israel all the time. And ACTIVELY hides the activities of not only the AIPAC gang but also the Bilderberg gang.  They then huff that anyone noticing these obvious Zionist activities are ‘conspiracy’ people.  HAHAHA.  Right.  Whereas, they are not, themselves, obvious conspirators.  Which is what they are.


Always, they hide behind the ‘anti-semite’ ghetto wall to keep anyone from discussing what they are doing and why they are doing these things.  The way the US media has been warped is significant.  This crosses into all news systems.  Live in a fantasy world and it becomes wishful thinking all the time.


Back during the Vietnam War, I would go to 45th Street in Manhattan where an international news stand had papers from all over the world and I would read the German, Russian, French and British papers so I would have a more accurate view of the world.  But then, I couldn’t discuss much with anyone in the US except for diplomats at the UN, for example.  Totally cut off from real news, America drifted along in the Vietnam War for far too many disastrous years just as we are drifting along with endless wars today that cost us trillions.


The DC talk about budget cuts doesn’t mention these trillions of wasted dollars.  They want to cut out the mortgage deduction, for example.  A big no-winner for the GOP gang.  And they want to cut SS to anyone under 55 years who want to retire in the future, too.  Meanwhile, the wild Pentagon spending escalates rapidly:  Costliest Jet Sees the Enemy: Budget Cuts


The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, plagued by technological troubles, will ultimately cost taxpayers $396 billion under current plans.  To make these hideously expensive jets slightly ‘cheaper’ the US is trying to sell them to…get this…Israel!  Of course, to ‘buy’ this, Israel will get a fake ‘loan’ which is never repaid!


NATO countries, all facing severe budget cuts which focus greatly on wages, pensions and social services are also slated to buy these ridiculously expensive military toys.  But one by one, starting with the PIIGS countries, they are trying to back out of this monstrous deal.


So the Pentagon is stuck selling these to Japan.  Japan is the country that has decisively gone over to New Imperialist Force power, banzai!  Only, they are also extremely deep in debt due to not taxing rich families like the Toyota clan.  So they can’t buy these jets all that easily and it will make their trade surplus with the US much smaller at a time when they are running an overall trade deficit.


Which is also partially due to their warmongering against China!  Ever since the Japanese government ‘bought’ disputed islands and unilaterally claimed these, China has been on the move, big time.  Here is the latest example:  China Border Patrols to Search, Expel ‘Illegal’ Foreign Ships.


Philippines, Vietnam Refuse to Stamp New Chinese Passport because it has boundaries that are self-referential just as Japan is doing the exact same thing.  The Philippines and Vietnam both are resisting Chinese domination but it is a losing cause since the US is driving itself into bankruptcy and the Japanese government is nearly bankrupt, itself.


Latest news about Japanese imperialism as a quarter of the nation becomes uninhabitable due to Fukushima:  Ishihara-Hashimoto party seeks bigger defense spending ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion


The party, which trails only the main opposition Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) in a latest opinion poll, also wants to shrink the role of the central government while strengthening market competition and making it easier to revise Japan’s pacifist constitution.


The party’s platform calls for breaking a decades-old unofficial cap that limited defense spending to 1% of gross domestic product and boosting maritime surveillance. Such moves could further strain ties with China, already frayed by a feud over islands in the East China Sea…


About 15% of voters surveyed by the Nikkei business daily plan to vote for the Japan Restoration Party, ahead of the ruling Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) with 13% but behind the LDP at 23%.


And Fukushima continues to deteriorate as they clean up.  That is, they cut worker’s wages there by 30% in the lasty year and fewer and fewer men are willing to be suicidal due to this, the stress of working  there is causing more the flee the mess.  Today’s Close-up — WANTED: Workers for Fukushima Decommission – YouTube

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18 responses to “Childish Zionists Whine Even More About Photos Of Dead Palestinian Babies

  1. Christian W

    Wow, they were fast at pulling the Fukushima youtube vid….

  2. 911



  3. 911

    ‘What the hell? Pointing out the obvious, that a huge, huge swath of our media is run by Zionists who support Israel more than the US, is ‘anti-semitic’? ‘
    As you know, Elaine, ‘semitic’ means the languages of the middle east.
    the term has been mis used and abused.

    A funny story. Long ago a friend worked at Arista records.
    I told her early on that Jews controlled Show Biz.
    She said I was ‘anti semitic’ for making that statement but a few months later admitted I had been right all along.
    What we did not know then was that her employer, Clive Davis, was, of course, Jewish.

  4. The F-35 is a white elephant since it has to appeal to all 3 branches of the military.The Marines,Airforce,and Army all had to have their own versions of the latest toy. It is a mutt that tries to be everything.
    I predict they will get to the point that the F-45 all purpose fighter due in 2025 😉 won’t even be able to fly but will pay the builders handsomely nevertheless.

  5. No insult intended to real dogs of whom the mutts are often the best.

  6. MikeM

    I just noticed a short while ago that Zbignew Brzezinski (a known high-level globalist) has been highly vocal in criticizing both the Zionists, and the USA’s blind following of Israel’s agenda.

    I’m not sure what to make of this, but it reminds me of the late ’60s when the globalists decided Vietnam was to no longer be a supported agenda, leaving Nixon out on a very thin limb.

    I’d love to hear Kissinger’s take on this. Perhaps the globalists are being forced to make Israel the sacrificial lamb due to world opinion. Several other globalists have voiced frustration with falling behind on their timetables due to global populations being informed via the internet.

  7. Seraphim

    Re: Kissinger

    Is it true that he predicted that “in 10 years there will be no more Israel”?
    Did he based his predictions on the study “Preparing For A Post Israel Middle East”, commissioned ominously by the “US Intelligence Community”?

  8. emsnews

    Palestine won the latest ‘war’ with Israel and now won the diplomatic war in the UN. It will all blow up or end, will the US choose the Apocalypse or sanity?

  9. ken This article shows another reason for the exploitation of Gaza and why it will not be allowed to have any rights or recognition Israel/BP is stealing Palestinians natural gas. Sad world we live in.

  10. melponeme_k


    It is interesting to read the propaganda in the other direction. There is some truth, but they don’t mention the US elite stifling tech creatives here because they don’t want to pay them. Or if they do, they Free Trade the innovations straight to Asia.

    Elaine is right, Economics is warfare.

  11. 911

    kengomi…thats quite a link!
    By Spengler:

    ‘It is symptomatic of the national condition of the United States that the worst humiliation ever suffered by it as a nation, and by a US president personally, passed almost without comment last week. I refer to the November 20 announcement at a summit meeting in Phnom Penh that 15 Asian nations, comprising half the world’s population, would form a Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership excluding the United States.
    President Barack Obama attended the summit to sell a US-based Trans-Pacific Partnership excluding China. He didn’t. The American led-partnership became a party to which no-one came.
    Instead, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, plus China, India, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand, will form a club and leave out the United States. As 3 billion Asians become prosperous, interest fades in the prospective contribution of 300million Americans – especially when those Americans decline to take risks on new technologies. America’s great economic strength, namely its capacity to innovate, exists mainly in memory four years after the 2008 economic crisis’.

  12. 911

    Elaine, back to the above ‘non existent video’…Who owns and controls Youtube?

  13. JimmyJ

    Our Conservative Gov here in Canada has a real hardon for the F-35 despite the astronomical (for our relatively tiny federal budgets) cost overuns and outright lies of our Armed Forces budgeting projections. Meanwhile they are rabidly anti-science and cutting down to the marrow anything that will prolong rational secularism since they want to balance the budget in a pre-apocolyptically appropriate fashion.

    Mind you the Gov stated the possibility Canada might consider extending the F-18 service if the F-35 costs keep spiraling. But they said that simply to appease the critics.

    But I notice whenever a NATO ally, such as Israel for example, flies modern missions they are quite effective using upgraded F-16s and F-15s so why does Canada need F-35s?

    Canada’s F-35 chronological history (CBC Fifth Estate)

  14. emsnews

    The US used to invent all sorts of things THANKS TO THE GOVERNMENT funding research for NASA and the Pentagon. Tons and tons of important innovative things were first funded by our government.

    I said years and years ago, offshoring our tech manufacturing would lead to offshoring our science and technology and we would become third world in this key matter. We still have Pentagon research and a tiny bit of NASA work happening here and this will end when our government goes bankrupt.

    This is one vital reason to stop free trade and to tax the very rich who make much of their profits overseas and by re-importing goods we once made here in the US.

  15. 911

    Speaking of Canada, did folks hear that Susan Rice is heavily invested in
    tar sands [?]. Her hubby is a rich canook.

  16. MikeM

    Elaine @ post #15: If memory serves, decades ago NASA offered a $1M contract to anyone who could invent a ball point pen that would write in zero gravity.

    The Russian solution? “Use a pencil.” I’m in love with technological advancement, as long as checks, balances and common sense aren’t lost in the process. Need I say more today than Monsanto, and corporate interests?

    Monsanto is the tip of the iceberg of what we should fear. Our military industrial complex is working feverishly on robots for ground combat, exo-skeletons with hydraulics that magnify human strength 100s of times over, and even avatar technology. None of these advancements will be used for the good of society.

    I know I’ve said this here before, but I fear greatly that our technological advancements have far outrun our evolution as civilized beings. With psychopaths, sociopaths, and narcissists running most governments and banking systems, and a public that’s more interested in Black Friday than participation in the political system, it’s a disaster waiting to happen.

    As a footnote from a former Cold War warrior, my favorite quote this week comes from Vladamir Putin (referencing the destruction of our Bill of Rights): “They read history in America don’t they?”

  17. JT


    Original quote:
    “It is hard for the US to take a more neutral stance in Israel-Palestine matters, since they have such an influental jewish population, which has great influence both in political financing and media.
    US government has not made enought with Israel-Palestine issue due to domestic politics.
    This is the sad truth about US policy.”

    and then….

    “At this point, Finland must immediately act to show that it remains committed to these ideals,” by officially condemning and repudiating Salolainen’s remarks said Weitzman, who also urged that the government take steps to remove the parliamentarian from any official position.”

    kind of proves the point 😀 .

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