Krauthammer And O’Reilly Go All Fox TV Raging At 53% Who Voted For Obama

The GOP has gone insane after being whipped by the big bad black boy in the White House.  They can’t understand why their ‘Stand Your Ground’ tactics this last two years has blown up.  They think, the US public hates socialism.  And when polled, people will say, ‘I hate socialism’ even while picking up their SS checks or seeing their Medicare doctors.  Hating the word doesn’t mean people hate the concept.  It just shows a lifetime of reflexive training from our government and TV talking blabbermouths.

Before talking about one of the uglier blabbermouths, there is this Catholic one on TV that rants and rages about god and religion while ignoring scandals like child rape done by priests.  Every winter, this guy latches on to this ‘War on Christmas’ which is funny since he is Scrooge and hates giving Tiny Tim a toy.  Gov. Chafee tells O’Reilly after Christmas rant: Fox News people ‘too angry’ | The Raw Story

“These people are so stupid it is painful,” O’Reilly said. “Christianity is a philosophy. You don’t have to believe Jesus is God in order to admire his view on life. Millions of Muslims admire Jesus as a prophet. In fact, the United States was founded on Judeo-Christian philosophy.”…

O’Reilly’s guest, Independent Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee, told the Fox News host that he was unnecessarily generating controversy. O’Reilly was upset with the governor for referring to the state’s holiday display as a “holiday tree” rather than a “Christmas tree.”

HAHAHA…Xmas trees are 100% Pagan.  Mistletoe, yule logs and other Xmas icons are all pagan.  Xmas is a misplaced holiday which is supposed to be a celebration, with sacrifices to the gods, on the event of the Winter Solstice.  The Romans didn’t bother to keep their calendar to the shift in the days so it fell behind the sun’s rising and falling calendar by nearly a week by the time Christians turned Saturnalia into Xmas.

The other astonishing thing is the declaration that Christianity is not a religion.  HAHAHA.  So, O’Reilly is a pagan!  Good for him.  Or not.  He wants us to say, ‘Merry Christmas’ even if we are JEWISH.  Indeed, this ‘war on Christmas’ is actually a war on Jews who don’t ever say ‘Merry Christmas’ in the first place, no?  At the same time, he is forever at the beck and call of Zionists.  A very mixed up man indeed.  He needs psychiatric help before his brain explodes.

The left online gang, those of  us who hammer away at everything in sight, forced the GOP Congress to do this:  John Boehner Names Candice Miller To Chair House Committee.  She wasn’t even on this committee but it is one of the most ignored ones in Congress since it regulates Congress.  HAHAHA.  With one female shunted to clean the toilets in the wardrobe, the white men can continue to bellyache about how evil Obama is because he won’t give them everything with no negotiations.

Now, on to Krauthammer: his fellow Jews in Israel responded to the entire planet earth outside of Micronesia and Canada, to double down in Israel and take even more Palestinian lands and make things even worse there including stopping them from fishing for food offshore of Gaza.  Like the UN ambassador, while talking about stuff, Krauthammer hoods his eyes while talking about crazy stuff:

Screen shot 2012-11-30 at 8.34.01 PM

He has decided to go all KKK all the way and take up the banner of the Slave South:  Charles Krauthammer Fiscal Cliff Analogy: Obama Offer Worse Than Appomattox

It’s not just a bad deal, this is really an insulting deal… Robert E. Lee was offered easier terms at Appomattox and he lost the Civil War. The Democrats won by 3% of the vote and they did not hold the House. Republicans won the House. So this is not exactly unconditional surrender, but that’s what the administration is asking of Republicans.

Here is the Zionist violent jerk talking about launching WWIII last July:  Krauthammer: Israel Will Bomb Iran If They Think Obama Will Win A Second Term – YouTube.  Watching the Fox TV Zionists talk about how evil socialized medicine is here in the US (unlike in Israel) is most illuminating.  They really do not wish us well, even slightly.  Alarm about this is so high in US Jewish voting circles, they are still voting for more socialized medicine even as their ‘leaders’ whine about how this is wrecking business.

Keeping pesky workers alive is a low-prioity item with these rich gangsters.  Older Jewish people who worked hard to form unions remember who their oppressors were: fellow Jews who exploited them.  Yes, the class differential, kept under cover by making the Palestinians ‘non-people’ who are, like US slaves before the Civil War, a way to make working class Jews feel superior to someone less fortunate, still works in Israel but not here.

Here is Krauthammer at the Washington Post today.  I thought he would talk about his homeland, Israel.  But no, he ignored the news about the UN and his fellow Zionists did the same, relegating the UN recognition story to the back pages.  He wants to talk about why we have to lose Social Security to fund more anti-Muslim wars:  Charles Krauthammer: Cliff-jumping with Barack – The Washington Post

Social Security is the easiest to solve. So you get a sense of the Democrats’ inclination to reform entitlements when Dick Durbin, the Senate Democrats’ No. 2, says Social Security is off the table because it “does not add a penny to our deficit.”

This is absurd. In 2012, Social Security adds $165 billion to the deficit. Democrats pretend that Social Security is covered through 2033 by its trust fund. Except that the trust fund is a fiction, a mere “bookkeeping” device, as the Office of Management and Budget itself has written. The trust fund’s IOUs “do not consist of real economic assets that can be drawn down in the future to fund benefits.” Future benefits “will have to be financed by raising taxes, borrowing from the public, or reducing benefits or other expenditures.”

OK: here is where the real con game takes off.  When Reagan was President, he lied to us about Social Security.  To make it pay for us baby boomers, we were told, we had to double the tax and then we would have money saved to pay for our SS payments.  Then, Reagan and his gang cut taxes.  Then Bush Jr, doubled down and wiped out the entire SS trust fund.

THIS WAS KILLED BY TAX CUTS.  The more money workers saved, the more the rich cut taxes.  The more the fund built up, the greater the budget deficit.  This was very cynically done.  This is the core of the transfer of wealth from the working class which pays high SS taxes to the rich who pay virtually none of their own income to this tax.

Now, they are sneering at us, telling us this was a FICTION????  They made the entire thing up?  And retired people, working people voted for these robbers, the con men?  This is where the media talking heads are so important.  They lie about everything, all the time.  They distract passive viewers and lie about the past.

At no time in the past has any Republican announced, ‘The SS tax hikes under Reagan were a fraud designed to cut taxes on  the rich and then kill SS in the future.’  Nope.  Indeed, they constantly denied this was the game even as outraged people tried to stop this con game.

Remember the ‘locked box’ talk?  Gore said, SS savings should be invested and Bush said it wasn’t necessary, tax cuts would pay for everything in the future.  He was lying, of course.  Now, all these con men are playing dumb and even worse, Krauthammer, a man who pretends to be smart, is sneering openly at us, telling us, he knew this was a fraud from day and and it is just too jolly bad that we were tricked, no?

And for some amusement:  Most Americans and Canadians favor marijuana legalization | The Raw Story. The younger generation will eventually win this war on hippies.  Right about when most of us old hippies die and go to the Great Woodstock in the Sky.

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27 responses to “Krauthammer And O’Reilly Go All Fox TV Raging At 53% Who Voted For Obama

  1. vengeur

    Hey everybody, lets make America “fair” for everybody (including minorities) . Let’s end those troublesome “disparities” between races in everything from education to incarceration. Obama has a plan:

  2. 911

    Ven, its old news….
    for thos who dont know:
    The Oakland case is the first of some 20 such investigations of school districts across the U.S. “The Obama administration is pressuring school districts not to suspend violent or disruptive black students if they have already disciplined ‘too many’ black students,” said Competitive Enterprise Institute counsel Hans Bade

    Meanwhile Rahms Brother is at it:

    Obama’s Obamacare advisor Ezekiel Emanuel [brother of Rahm]: “Unlike allocation by sex or race, allocation by age is not invidious discrimination; every person lives through different life stages rather than being a single age. Even if 25-year-olds receive priority over 65-year-olds, everyone who is 65 years now was previously 25 years.”..yes you read that correctly Zeke advocates rationing healthcare based on age.

    Let’s quote Obama’s Czar of Science John Holdren in his book “Ecoscience” writes:
    “All the children who are born, beyond what would be required to keep up the population to a desired level, must necessarily perish, unless room be made for them by the death of grown persons”.

    Eco ‘science’, yeah science.
    I believe he spoke at Fordham U, recently.
    A school that censored / banned Ann Coulter.

  3. Being There


    In the end these id-iots are only fooling themselves.
    Bring on the austerity is their cry. Yes, they want to see more people fall off their own personal fiscal cliffs while the rich take ever more of the economy.

    The infrastructure is falling apart. Do we have any takers from European or Chinese companies. That’s the globalism thing. Let corporations from other countries re-build and the citizens will pay them instead of the hated taxes. And they have profit motivation so everything will be way more expensive.

    They hate Obama care, but when the folks get the hospital bill they’ll get the picture.

    Instead of the .5% owning 40% of the economy it will keep going up. Instead of making 400% more than their workers these “talents” the ceos will make more, more, more the sky is the limit–Even when they run a company into the ground. Did you ever see their golden parachutes? That’s LIBERTY. —-I call it inverted communism.

    Let’s see these guys run the whole economy all by themselves.

    There is no more capitalism, but those with the most toys when they die win.—Well you can’t take it with you, or do these id-iots think like the ancient Egyptians?

  4. Dan Kennedy

    Ah the Great Woodstock in the Sky. Music, dancing, good drugs and great sex. Now isn’t that pardise, although 30 virgins would be hard to find.

  5. emsnews

    You want to find virgins? HAHAHA. Not much fun if they keep their legs crossed and refuse to talk to you all.

  6. Paul S

    I think the Republicans have boxed themselves into a very difficult corner. If they give in on their “No new taxes!” pledge, they will look like George H. W. “Read my lips…” Bush. But if the GOP does stick to their so-called pledge, Obama will have leverage over them. Obama could make defense and intel agency funding his prime areas for budget cuts–and then make the GOP propose AND promote draconian cuts to entitlements, which is of course the Republican Game Plan all along. This is why I think Republicans are bluffing when they say they will use the debt ceiling as “leverage” with Obama. Republicans raised the debt ceiling 8 times under Bush II; they have no qualms whatsoever about dumping their deficit spending onto the taxpayers. Then again, I think the GOP is so startled that their man Romney was soundly beaten, they just may trash the whole economy out of pure spite.

  7. Being There

    The Republicans have been attacking ss and medicare from their inception. Now they see a way to eviscerate the social safety net once and for all. Spending cuts, are you kidding? They spend money like water when they’re in position. They have their privatized security complex in place against us and they are not allowed to know how much the taxpayers are paying for this US version of stasi. No wars must be waged to the tune of trillions to serve privatized interests. That’s going to continue.
    Michael Hudson has a good interview on his site and
    Read Paul Craig Roberts on the fiscal cliff :

  8. Of course St. Ronnie’s handler’s were lying about Social Security in the same sense that Charlie Jackass is lying about the program today. More importantly the entire deficit “cliff” hysteria rests on the fraudulent premiss that the federal government, which is sovereign in its currency, is operationally constrained by the need to tax or “borrow” and therefore faces a solvency risk. Leaving aide the fact that by law the SS trust cannot borrow and raises its own funds via a separate payroll tax therefore rendering absurd all claims that it contributes to the deficit, every SS recipient can be paid every cent owed without the need for a payroll tax at all. Taxes are NOT used by the federal government to fund its operations but as a means of regulating aggregate demand. The government “borrows” by offering an interest bearing savings account at the Federal Reserve in exchange for a US Treasury Security. That’s it folks.

    Here’s the long and short of how the US Federal government actually functions fiscally:

  9. Richard

    From Krauthammer
    “The trust fund’s IOUs do not consist of real economic assets that can be drawn down in the future to fund benefits.”

    The millionaires and billionaires have a lot of their money in US government bonds and T-bills. There is not question they believe that these bonds are as solid as the US government and will never be defaulted on. However they tell us that the SS fund’s BONDS are worthless and mere IOUs that be riped up at any time. This is the big lie we are being fed. Sorry Mr. Douchbag billionaire, either all US bonds are untouchable and safe or none are.

  10. …either all US bonds are untouchable and safe or none are. -Richard



    ELAINE: This is why SS was put in a ‘special’ account…so it could be bankrupted without this disruption!!! This was all planned by Reagan’s clowns from day one and I have complained about this for years and years and more years.

  11. MikeM

    I’m delighted watching Carl Rove and the Fox News dolts whine and cry, refusing to alter their worldview. None of them want to see a compromising political process, they all want dictatorship across a wide spectrum of ideologies and processes. Let them self-destruct, says I.

    As far as Christianity goes, I don’t read the bible, and won’t. That’ doesn’t mean I haven’t done any research on it. In particular the bible doesn’t contain a great many actual quotes from Jesus. Of those that are contained in the bible, Jesus never referred to himself as the Son of God, but instead as “The Son of Man.”

    Or from my perspective, about 180 out from what so-called “Christian Right” republicans spew forth daily, with their hatred and war-mongering. NOTE: This last paragraph is directed at party leadership, and not of those who actually hold genuine moral value systems with equality and fairness for all.

  12. emsnews

    I thought he was Mary’s son. His daddy was supposedly this ghostly being who flew through the air implanting sperm inside magically. 🙂

  13. floridasandy

    obama is such a loser on so many levels, but the dependents have NO CHOICE but to try to defend him.

    pretty sad really.

  14. Seraphim

    No more Christmas, no more trees, no more cribs. Down with them!

    Viva Hanukkah!

  15. 911

    Being There

    ‘The Republicans have been attacking ss and medicare from their inception. Now they see a way to eviscerate the social safety net once and for all. ..’
    Since 1940? How far did they get? Presently we have had 4 years of a Demoncrat Prez.
    Tim said lets have limitless debt, or somesuch.
    Bushes guy [rummy or the other one] said deficits dont matter.

  16. Seraphim


    It is ridiculous to assert that “in particular the bible doesn’t contain a great many actual quotes from Jesus”, when you declare that you did not read it. Alas, nowadays people lost the sense of ridicule. Now, it is a sad truth that 42 million of adult American cannot read at all.

  17. emsnews

    There are many Jesus quotes in the Bible and many of these conflict with each other because different writers back then wrote down different things.

  18. Seraphim

    Aha, there are many quotes. My contention remains that when you made an affirmation so categorical that in the bible Jesus never called himself the son of god and you find nevertheless a quotation that says he did (e.g. John 19, 7: The Jews answered him : we have a law and according to our law he ought to die, because HE MADE HIMSELF THE SON OF GOD, or the not so few in which Jesus talks of God as MY Father), something is wrong with the so-called readers, be they the luminaries of the Jesus Seminar, not with the authors.

  19. Dan

    Hi Elaine,
    The immacluate conception is just another example of how male dominated the christian religion is.
    I am sure if mary was given a choice she would have prefered an immaculate birth over an immaculate conception.
    then god could have sent the starship enterprise back in time and captain kirk would have said:
    scotty get the transporter ready – it’s her time!

  20. MikeM

    For clarification on Jesus’ quotations from the bible, I refer to actual cross-referenced historical records, not solely upon the many gospels which were written several hundred years after Jesus death.

    I’m not knocking anyone’s belief system, but understand that it is a belief system. You have your right to believe whatever you want to, just as I have a right to tell you to blow it out your ass.

  21. emsnews

    As the Caterpillar told Alice in Wonderland….

  22. MikeM

    Yeah, it’s sometimes difficult being an ENTP, but it sure is fun!

    I wonder what ever happened to that hookah I had in the ’70s?

  23. emsnews

    She is an old granny now, sorry to say. 🙂

  24. tfoth

    “Dependents” you say? I am guessing you still use money to live.

    Where do you think it comes from?

  25. Ed-M

    …either all US bonds are untouchable and safe or none are. -Richard



    ELAINE: This is why SS was put in a ‘special’ account…so it could be bankrupted without this disruption!!! This was all planned by Reagan’s clowns from day one and I have complained about this for years and years and more years.

    But the fly in the ointment is that this “special account” is simply a cache stuffed with US bonds. Once the other bond holders realise that the largest collective holders of US bonds (that’s all of us via SS + Medicare) has been welched upon, they will all start playing hot potato. In this case, the hot potato will be a fiscal Fukushima.

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