Conservative Dream Wishes Granted…And Becomes Hell For Them

There is this ancient Asian curse, ‘May your wishes come true.’  This is like the obvious lesson, infinity turns to annihilation.  The Midas gold curse is yet another example.  Thousands of years ago, people figured out how the Fates and Furies operate.  Humans insist on doing things in odd ways.  Today, we look at the right wing government of Canada and the very stupid mistakes they made and Texas, the perennial winner of ‘Duh!’ awards.

The rich people who fund elections made similar demands in Canada as they have in the US.  So that country now is run by Netanyahu when it comes to foreign policies and it also has made many stupid deals with the Communist Chinese.  One thing the government did was put up government owned resources for bidding with the presumption, US and UK bankers would buy it all up.  This did NOT happen.  Not at all!  Canada approves energy takeovers worth $20bn – Americas – Al Jazeera English

Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Friday announced regulatory approval for Chinese CNOOC’s $15.1bn takeover of oil and gas company Nexen, and Malaysian Petronas’ offer for gas producer Progress Energy Resources, estimated at $5.5 billion.

Harper said his government would only consider future takeover deals in the oil sands by state-owned companies in exceptional circumstances.

“To be blunt, Canadians have not spent years reducing ownership of sectors of the economy by our own governments only to see them bought and controlled by foreign governments instead,” Harper said.

HAHAHA.  Nope, he and his sick buddies all imagined they would have offshore hedge fund managers buy it all up and loot it!  Instead, the people who have the real capital, the Asian powers, did the highest bids.  All across the planet, the winners in the Free Trade Floating Fiat Currency game are winning the prizes.  The US and Canada as well as Australia and other Brit Empire entities, are wringing their hands over this matter which was caused entirely by their own politicians and bankers.  More:

Harper said the deals should be seen as the end of a trend and not the beginning.

“I do not believe that any major industrialised country would allow a major sector of its economy to be transformed into the property of a foreign government through a couple of transactions,” he said.

HAHAHA…tell that to the US!  We let this happen in shipping, auto production, battery manufacturing, electronic manufacturing, on and on and on.  Hardly any industry hasn’t already been sold to Europeans, Canadians, Chinese, Japanese, you name it, they bought it.  We sold off nearly everything and now we are selling off public roads to…Canadians, for example!

So they can put up toll booths and charge us to drive on roads our own governments built.  Now, stupidly, Canada is following our road to perdition which I think is both sad and funny.  Hey, we are supposed to look around and learn from other people’s mistakes, no?  Instead, people insist on not learning from history or present examples.

Here is today’s Texas example of obvious outcomes after doing stupid things for ridiculous reasons:  Projected birth increases leads Texas to revisit family planning funds | The Raw Story

The Texas state legislature made substantial cuts to family planning funds in 2011, which is estimated to result in almost 24,000 more children born to low-income women in 2014-15 and cost taxpayers $273 million, reported the Texas Tribune.

Oh my, who could have guessed?  Naturally, these fetus lovers running Texas hate children who are on the dole.  So what to do about this?  Abort the children by killing them somehow?  The Texan geniuses ponder this issue as they figure out how to drive out these unwanted fetuses with feet that function.  Drive them northwards!  That’s the trick!  Yup.  Maybe all the way to Canada!

Then there is Japan.  The right wingers running Japan have decided to deal with Fukushima by picking a fight with China over some isolated, uninhabited islands.  As I predicted, the backlash from this stupid imperialist move is in the process of bankrupting Toyota:  Toyota sees Japan sales dropping 20% in 2013 ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

Last month, Toyota cut its group-wide global 2012 sales forecast, which includes Daihatsu Motor Co Ltd and Hino Motors Ltd, to 9.66 million vehicles from a previous outlook of 9.76 million vehicles, following declines in China sales on a bilateral territorial dispute over islands in the East China Sea.

This week, it said sales in China, the world’s biggest auto market, fell 22% in November from a year earlier which follows drops of 44% in October and nearly 50 percent in September.

That’s the ticket!  Piss off the world’s biggest auto market!  Smart move, Japan.  I read many a sneering comment in the Japanese media about the Chinese during this whole confrontation.  And the Chinese will get the last laugh, big time.

Meanwhile, More than 80% of homes remain contaminated in eastern Japan near Fukushima’s reactors.  And that is a huge problem.  They tried washing down the homes and that didn’t work.  So now they are…pretty much doing virtually nothing.  No, they are going into an election with the pro-nuclear power LDP expected to win, of all things.  Lucky duckies, the LDP gets to ride Japan as it flies off the fiscal and physical cliff.

And last of all, there is my old neighborhood where I lived for three years, Sea Gate in Brooklyn, NY:  Seawalls for Sea Gate: Sandy prompts calls for construction | Fox News

“If the government doesn’t come in and put up one unified wall, tied into each house, it is not going to work. I could spend whatever money a contractor comes in and says it is going to cost…but if my neighbor doesn’t, then the water is just going to rip through his and take everything away again.”

Garofalo and Gordon are among the Sea Gate residents hoping the Army Corps of Engineers will take action.

Sea Gate is a private community that won’t even let renters who live there use the beaches.  Only homeowners get this privilege.  And so of course, these guys want us all to pay for building the Chinese Atlantic Wall for them so they can continue to use their private beaches!  Good lord.

And what happened to the nearly 47% of the nation that voted for Romney and a smaller government?  These voters are hard to find when they are asking for gifts, for hand outs, for goodies while clinging to their private estates, private wealth, and refusing to pay taxes!  Where on earth have they all gone?

Ah!  That is the question!  Congress is pushing us off a cliff and they are standing there, begging for money and to be rescued even while refusing to cooperate with us to fund this government they so despise.  And I know a lot of Sea Gate residents who hated Obama and made fun of him…

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5 responses to “Conservative Dream Wishes Granted…And Becomes Hell For Them

  1. Being There

    Ah, Elaine

    A post after my own heart! I should have announced that the Shock Doctrine movie was aired on Sundance channnel yesterday and again over night.

    That’s the global neoliberal doctrine at work. We aren’t nation-states anymore–who needs ’em when you live in the extractionist model where a tiny few live off the many in Milton Friedman’s inverted communist model?

    I’ve pointed out the Sovereign Wealth funds JP Morgan sells to Dubai and other wealthy investors for owning our infrastructure at a guaranteed profit for our highways and parking meters for 80 years—another by-product of not wanting to pay taxes.

    Selling off your assets is part of the paradigm and let your citizenry pay through the nose for every service they need–the profit above all else is the fundamentalist religion we’ve been exporting for 40 years and now we will all have to pay for the folly.

    The calculus of change–meaning China becoming nationalistic will turn us all into fools.

  2. wellwell

    Prime Minister Harper’s Conservative Members of Parliament are nervous about approving the Chinese and Malaysian takeovers. They know that, once in Canada, these foreign companies can buy anything they like in the energy sector through their Canadian corporate beachheads without being considered “foreign”. But at the moment, there’s nowhere to send the oil other than the United States. A proposed pipeline to the British Columbia coast is a non-starter, given aboriginal and environmentalist opposition.

  3. Duski

    “I do not believe that any major industrialised country would allow a major sector of its economy to be transformed into the property of a foreign government through a couple of transactions,” he said.

    Uhm…. this is exactly what has been going on for last 30 years or so! How can this guy be this oblivious to the world around him?

  4. Being There

    Denial isn’t naivete it’s lying.

  5. emsnews

    Especially when he is the AUTHOR of all this along with his buddies in the US and UK banking sectors.

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