Congress Will Not Vote For Any Hurricane Sandy Money…But Billions More For Israel

Congress is very unpopular.  Gerrymandering has made the political process out of kilter with voter wishes while corrupt campaign contributions act as bribes to buy the loyalty of elected officials who serve foreign governments and international corporations which is…why Congress is overall, quite unpopular.  Individuals, mainly in the GOP, are even more unpopular nationally than the run of the mill unpopular Congress critter.  Meanwhile, Congress continues wild international spending on wars and Israel while encouraging Japan to be aggressive, too, and our ‘alliances’ are endangering Americans as spending here is poised to be slashed brutally…while the unpopular Congress INCREASES spending on wars and insane international free trade projects.


This is actually rather funny except it shows us how dysfunctional the GOP has grown:  McConnell suggests Obama ‘manufactured’ poll to make him ‘most unpopular’ senator | The Raw Story


McConnell suggests Obama ‘manufactured’ poll to make him ‘most unpopular’ senator | The Raw StoryA poll released by the left-leaning firm on Tuesday indicated that only 37 percent of Kentucky voters approved of McConnell.


“Both in terms of raw disapproval (55%) and net approval (-18) McConnell has the worst numbers of any of his peers, taking that mantle from Nebraska’s Ben Nelson,” PPP wrote.


As is typical of southern right wing Republicans, when they have hurricanes and tornadoes, etc, they get saved by the rest of the nation while when this happens to people in the Northeast, suddenly, the budget matters so very much so there is no money for helping Northeastern Americans:  We need Congress to act on Sandy relief for Northeast – The Washington Post is an editorial written by the Republican and Democratic governors of the states hammered hardest by the recent mega storm, Sandy.


The Tea Party and the entire GOP leadership has dwaddled their time away, refusing to vote for any money at all.  One the other hand, since our government is owned by Israeli-first Zionists, look at other spending news:  Congress Pushes Massive Increase in US Funding for Israeli Anti-Missile System — News from


The initial proposal from President Obama was $210 million in funding. To prove they are even more pro-Israel, the Senate made it $420 million, insisting it is “critical to American interests.”


Did the Senate win? Not so fast, as the House is now recommending $680 million. Senators are now pushing to at least match if not exceed the House’s funding.The money is in addition to the $3.1 billion in foreign military aid already planned to send to Israel.


Originally, it was $99 million but Obama had to double it and that wasn’t enough, the traitors in DC decided to quadruple it.  Why not make it infinity?  The Zionists would do that except they know that would cause America to totally collapse so they keep it down to a tolerable amount.  The crisis is easy to see:  America needs to spend up to $60 billion due to just one major storm!  And can’t or won’t.


The issue of what are our spending priorities is a huge issue and it is painfully obvious that when it comes to Israel, the US purse opens wide and gushes out money with ZERO debate and virtually no mention in the media here while if money is needed for US citizens, suddenly, we have a spending problem requiring reducing services here.  The foolish Zionists living in America don’t see the logical end of this dynamic: the entire nation suddenly evicting all the Jews and cutting them off financially after looting them here!  Duh!


This obvious end to a horror story caused by a corrupt Congress is inevitable unless the Jewish rich who are doing this monstrous thing cease and desist.  But they won’t. Instead, they play footsie with right wing fascist Republicans mainly from the South and Midwest, almost all of whom are Christians praying for the Apocalypse, and this group of people think all Jews will go to hell.  For being Jews.  This horrible alliance from hell is highly dangerous to all Jews across the entire planet.  It has got to be the nastiest temporary alliance in history and one that Jews will greatly regret.


Fools to the bitter end, when I go to Jewish media in Israel, they think this is funny as hell and are oh-so-clever in tricking the goys:  Congress seeks to increase US funding of anti-missile cooperation with Israel | The Times of Israel.  We are going off the Fiscal Cliff with the GOP refusing to save Americans and the Democrats pouring money overseas into our anti-Muslim leaders wars so…the U.S. to deploy troops to operate Patriot missile system along Syrian border while paying ‘private contractors’ huge sums of money to train radical religious fanatic rebels in Jordan.

Then there is this story:  Republican senators say Susan Rice right to withdraw as she was not seen as sufficiently Zionist.  Meanwhile, due to international threats of punishing Americans for war crimes has our corrupt government examining our torture and assassination regimes and then the Senate Intelligence Committee decries CIA torture as ‘terrible mistakes’.  Yup.  We accidentally orchestrated kidnappings, murders and torture!  Oopsies!


There is a movie out celebrating our illegal actions, a dramatization featuring a blonde high heel assassin leader, of course.  Sex sells!  And the entire operation which violated sovereign rule of Pakistan and cost us very dearly in our demented war in Afghanistan, cost the US taxpayers a fortune due to Pakistan cutting off our supply routes in retaliation, and showed our government to be really demented when we supposedly (FALSELY) dumped the bin Laden corpse into the sea after (NATURALLY) not letting any international body view the body first or any sane investigation of the action…HAHAHA.


So, here is the other hidden news Americans are not seeing today but explains Congress’s queer actions about accidental torture:   Euro Human Rights Court: CIA Tortured, Sodomized German Citizen .  And then this:  Report finds harsh CIA interrogations ineffective.  Duh.  Again, they knew this after 9/11 and ignored this and decided to copy Zionist invaders of Palestine.  Anything goes!  Just as the US media is nearly totally silent about the hideous human right crimes being committed by soldiers and rioters in Syria in the pay of the US, we had this in Vietnam, etc.  It is old fashioned CIA messing around with ‘brown little people’ to manipulate or coerce them.


The US media carried this story as a top headline: US Sees Vindication on Syria From Single Russian Official’s Comment but this is not a top headline except overseas: Russia denies ‘Syria regime falling’ remarks.


Then there is this nearly totally ignored story:Israeli Soldiers Attack Reuters Cameramen in Hebron — News from


The Israeli military is promising an investigation today after soldiers near a checkpoint in downtown Hebron attacked a pair of Reuters cameramen, beating them with their rifles before stripping them to their underwear and detonating a tear gas canister in front of them. The incident took place Wednesday night.


Israel can openly torture, humiliate, abuse and criminally murder anyone they wish and they get this lovely blanket of conspiratorial silence from the US media and our lovely, hated corrupt Congress and no President dares whisper a word about this in public or he will be terminated one way or another.  Definitely, the media would turn on him totally and publish only ugly photos of him and snark about him and even openly lie. Whatever it takes to keep things going the way they are today with the US as occupied territory where we get to pay for all the wars, do all the dirty work and get nothing in return, nay, get punished, too.sunset borger

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6 responses to “Congress Will Not Vote For Any Hurricane Sandy Money…But Billions More For Israel

  1. melponeme_k

    I saw the previews for that propaganda film on the “Greatest Hunt in History” (their poster words) last week in the theater. I could barely hold back my anger over the blatant lies and whitewash. Is there no shame anymore? Not only from behind the scenes people but the actors? In the past many actors were savvy political protesters. But now?

    Do they all pander? Is the paycheck worth more than integrity?

    But I guess religious fundamentalism that is popular now (zionism) must be protected at all costs.

  2. Joseppi

    More evidence of mounting systematic hypocrisy

  3. Iris reporting a 6.4 off California,also one in the mid-atlantic ridge!,and one way up in Russia.


    ELAINE: The entire ocean offshore from below the border of Mexico to LA moved in that one. It wasn’t a ‘one spot’ quake but rather, the Pacific plate grinding along the leading edge of smaller plates that are connected to…the San Andreas business!

    The BIG BLOW OUT is very near now.

  4. Joseppi

    What’s hard to figure out is why the United States would choose to follow Israel’s path. Yet over the course of the Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama quarter-century, that’s precisely what we’ve done. The pursuit of global military dominance, a proclivity for preemption, a growing taste for assassination—all justified as essential to self-defense. That pretty much describes our present-day MO.

    How We Became Israel

  5. Eso

    One the thing Elaine has got me doing is regularly looking at the USGS earthquake map. I noticed the 6.3 quake some hours ago. Right about now, I would be thinking about moving out of San Fran. I cannot help thinking that sometimes a natural (also unnatural) catastrophe–one big enough to stop us sending money to Israel–may solve a lot of accumulated problems the world over.

  6. emsnews

    Hurricane Sandy didn’t stop it. Nor will the destruction of LA stop this. And then there are the many mass murders…sheesh.

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