Idyllic Newtown, Connecticut Mass Murder Of Small Children Horrifies Violent USA

mass murder of children

The deranged father of an elementary school child in Newtown, Connecticut, went insane and killed up to 30 teachers, the principal, the school psychologist and many children.  This is not an unusual event for our country, this is NORMAL.  And the US blithely butchers children across the planet with our assassin drones while heavily armed assassins roam America unhindered by any rules, regulations, restrictions or laws except for our airports.  The US is drowning in blood as we cover ourselves with blood overseas.

Newtown, Connecticut, is an idyllic, green, semi-rural outlier of NYC and especially, due to the transportation hubs, is connected to Wall Street.  It is a quite expensive.  And the people who send their children to school consider this a safe place to live.  But the Devil that we fear is…ourselves and lives next door.

newtown Connecticut

Here is a photo from Google maps showing the lovely winter landscape:

Newtown Connecticut road

100 rounds were fired by the gunman, Adam Lanza.  We still don’t know how he decided to play god.  But then, we are a bloody society that loves dearly to play god across the planet.  What ills we cause abroad, come home to roost.  For we are what we fear.  Bully boy gun talk litters our landscape.  People love to feel they are great, big, nasty bullies.

This infests poor communities where young people gun down each other over the silliest things, it infests our richest communities and Fairfield, Connecticut IS one of the richest suburbs in all America!  What can we do about this?  If something becomes a deep cultural part of our very beings, as our movies glorify violent retribution actions with a superman flying through the air, using guns and other tools to dominate people via killing them or torturing them, we become that here at home.

IT becomes US.  Entertainments are consumed and enter the minds and teaches us how to react to things.  Being clueless about how things act on us, we react spontaneously as we are trained by our entertainment systems.  If all our systems, all our politicians, all our games tell  us to shoot and kill, this solution becomes the #1 solution.

Japan, for example, doesn’t have these armed mass killers running around but they have something equally nasty:  Children’s depression and suicide a worsening problem ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

Here is an excerpt, presented by Shukan Asahi (Nov 27), from the suicide note left by an 11-year-old boy: “All I can think of is death. I realize that once you die it’s all over; still, if there is a next life I’d like to come back as an animal like [my pet dog], who doesn’t cause anyone any trouble and even when he does weird things, nobody pays any attention. I’m sorry I couldn’t be better than I was. Goodbye.”…

Ueki had treated “A-kun,” the 11-year-old suicide, and knew his family. Both his parents were lawyers, the very personifications of success. Dinner-table talk was of “winners” and “losers.” A-kun, listening quietly, knew what was expected of him.

Every day, I read of school children in Japan throwing themselves in front of trains, jumping off of roofs, etc.  They live in great fear of the future with jobs vanishing and the horizon seemingly closing in on them.  Entertainments in Japan are increasingly destructive just like in the US.  This bizarre mirror image self-destruction alarms me for I love both the US and Japan!  I am at a loss, how to stop the mental breakdown that afflicts both and then there is Israel.

This affects my family directly, too.  We are also Jewish and it angers me no end to see the self-destructive actions there impacting us, here.  We can’t run away from the moral directives in Palestine nor can we fix the fixation on blood and gore here at home when we celebrate it abroad.  This is a very depressing Xmas if we are being treated to one mass murder attempt after another in quick succession.  Time to wake up and change moral direction.

This doesn’t mean reasserting the vicious ‘moral’ regime of anti-women’s rights believers in various oddball gods.  It means coming to grips with our own desires to control other humans via blunt force or ignoring mental health problems.  And that means having nationalized insurance to help those who need mental healthcare, not cutting it even further!  That is truly demented.

Fairfield, Connecticut’s people thought, protecting ONLY themselves by hiding from the overall problems was the solution.  Obviously, it didn’t work and it never had the slightest chance of working.  This is why I keep saying, the woes of one can become the woes of everyone and this is why we need working social systems.

Lastly, as a mother and grandmother, this news today broke my heart.  And should cause any sane adult to feel likewise.


Update: it seems the killer was out to murder his entire family including his kindergarden teacher mom.

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28 responses to “Idyllic Newtown, Connecticut Mass Murder Of Small Children Horrifies Violent USA

  1. Eso

    So sorry, but is it really so impossible to imagine ourselves devolving urbanity and going back to live in the wood as we used to? It does not necessarily mean that we have to lose the good things, but it does mean that we probably have to sacrifice ourselves more and be more creative than our ‘artists’ today are.

  2. emsnews

    This had nothing to do with being ‘urban’. It is, in fact, a mass murder in a rather rural setting.

  3. melponeme_k

    This is horrible and it is a sign of what happens when a society just declares its citizens useless/redundant en masse. This isn’t the only incident, a few days ago a man in China attacked a school.

  4. CNN is identifying the lunatic as “Ryan Lanza” and his brother in Hoboken, NJ. was also alleged to be one of his victims.

  5. Eso

    Unfortunately many rural settings in the U.S. are very much an extension of the urban setting. Since I am a former Bostonian, I am generally acquainted with the NE of the U.S. Never been in Hoboken, but many a community along the Charles River likely spells an American working class synonym of it.

  6. Being There

    From a blog I wrote on earlier today:

    Let’s talk about guns. This week alone there have been shootings in NYC near a subway station, a mall in Ore. and this morning an elementary school in CT.
    So here’s the question for all those who use the hollow words of LIBERTY and FREEDOM when talking about no restrictions whatsoever with any kind of gun.


    I call our global economy Murder Inc. where the corportist can expose the consumer to all kinds of poisons for money. The full spectrum dominance in finance and military is expressed through outright war and drone attacks.

    The little guys can commit “Little Murders” killing off a few at a time. Kind of reminds me of the comments I heard years ago about the black on black crime in the ghettos, Let them kill eachother off.

    I guess in the eyes of the elite we’re all niggers now. Now getting back to the privitization of ss and medicare for the stock market: They are licking their chops for the pension funds and our ss money. Can’t wait for those mini-crashes to suck it all in. COME TO PAPA.

  7. Peter Geus

    Our society has lost it’s judeo Christian heritage as well as the breakdown in the family structure has brought us to this insanity. Hollywood and it’s production of the many violent movies is a contributing factor as well.

  8. nclaughlin

    The one thing that might save both Social Security and Medicare is for the stock market to crash. Then everyone would see that privatizing them is a bad idea.

  9. In America, where we all are generally bred to live in a make believe world, or to put it more clearly, where we all like to lie to each other, it’s no surprise we are incapable of being honest enough with ourselves to draw the conclusions that are most blatantly obvious.

    Blood cries out for blood. Make the taking of an unborn child’s life legal, and you cheapen all life. Bomb the hell out of innocent Iraqi children, use drones for mass killings in Pakistan, and annihilate an entire race in Palestine, well OH MY GOD! how can someone do such an evil thing as kill innocent children.

    It only means something when it’s OUR children. To hell with the rest of the world we’ve been complicit in destroying! Americans will NEVER get it…we’ve already crossed over into darkness and oblivion. We are sleep walking to our own destruction.


    ELAINE: An army of unwanted children is what? Safe? Good? Forcing raped women to have babies is going to do what, again????

  10. hans

    Our society has lost it’s judeo Christian heritage as well as the breakdown in the family structure has brought us to this insanity.

    Where is the outrage to what is happening in Syria? You hear anything from the bastion of democracy the Vatican, or your Christian Zionists hypocrites. Come to think of it where’s the crocodile tears when we blow up some Afghan hovel or Pakistani home or Yemeni tribal gathering? No where to be found, not in the USA, where we regularly pat ourselves on the back for bringing freedom and democracy to the world, at the point of a gun.

    Where’s the calls for justice when we are caught bloody handed, torturing some poor soul to gather non-existent details to help the Pentagon kill more people?

    We have invaded several ME nations, all based on LIES, mainly to protect that shitty little country, Israel from reality and to help it ‘secure its realm.’

    We arm that State of Hate with advanced weapons, allegedly for defense, when it actuality Israel uses them to bomb the world’s largest open-air concentration camp, Gaza and to inflict its murderous intents on Lebanon, Syria, the West Bank, Iran, the Sudan, etc.

  11. emsnews

    Then there are the dozens of CIA-sponsored coups in South America and Africa….the history of religion protecting people is NIL. The mass murders of minority religions is common. Christianity, like Judaism and Islam, has a lot, an immense amount of blood on its hands.

    Liberalism protects us all. Imperialism imperils us all. The three ‘God’ religions are hugely imperialist in nature.

  12. rexford

    Dear Commentators,
    This is untreated mental illness at work. As a society,we no longer have the courage to say to the mentally ill,”You are sick,you must have treatment,you must be removed from society until you recover,and,if you don’t recover,you must be exiled”
    Since Cuckoo’s Nest,and our dear departed friend,Dr Szasz,we have been pretending that the mentally ill must be allowed to CHOOSE to allow themselves to be treated,AS IF THEY STILL HAVE THEIR FREE WILL,
    I have extensive experience with the face of severe mental illness;I have been taking care of my son,24/7,for seven years.
    The reality of mental illness on our society is an example of mass denial/incompetence.

  13. Jim R

    After looking at a map, I find that New Berlin is nowhere near Berlin. … Here in Texas, we do not have a “New Austin” out around Fort Davis. Oh well ….

  14. Jeremy

    You can never be prepared for this kind of incident. In fact, it reminded me of an article I recently read depicting my native Vancouver as one of the most liveable cities in the world with many safe neighborhoods but only now I realize that you are never truly protected. I just hope the Obama administration will quickly take meaningful action to prevent such atrocities from repeating.

  15. emsnews

    The family of Adam is/was very, very wealthy. His lack of insight is due to many factors but unavailability of mental healthcare isn’t one of the reasons he went insane.

  16. rexford

    You’re not listening,as long as it’s up to the victim of mental illness to decide for himself whether to treat his mental illness(with the ineffective exceptions of his proven* intention to hurt himself/hurt others) which will be denied by the Adams of the world.
    WEALTH/AVALIABILITY has nothing to do with this issue.
    Thanks to Cuckoo’s Nest and Dr Szasz,and the well intentioned ACLU,we can’t help these afflicted without their permission.
    Again,This was a result of untreated mental illness. Do you really think that Adam,and those like him,are in a position to help themselves?.
    If you do,you are very,tragically mistaken.

    *Very difficult to prove in advance,

  17. rexford

    The order of events:
    (1)Mental Illness strikes first
    (2)Then you need to handle it
    (3)Prevention isn’t on the radar yet.

  18. V.E.G.

    Rachel Davino is in heaven now. Lauren Rousseau’s ancestry came from Quebec. Vicki Soto had Latin features. Vaya con Dios, Vicki!

  19. 911

    ‘ But then, we are a bloody society that loves dearly to play god across the planet. What ills we cause abroad, come home to roost. For we are what we fear. Bully boy gun talk litters our landscape. People love to feel they are great, big, nasty bullies.

    This infests poor communities where young people gun down each other over the silliest things, it infests our richest communities and Fairfield, Connecticut IS one of the richest suburb’

    And Mexico, Columbia, Brazil are……you see where I am heading.

  20. liberal logic:

    A friend of mine shared a photo of an eagle’s egg and an unborn baby in its mother’s womb. The caption read, “Liberal Logic 101.” The caption below the eagle’s egg read, “Destroying one of these is punishable by a $250,000 fine and up to 2 years in prison.” The caption below the baby read, “Not only is she legal to kill. Liberals want to force taxpayers to pay for her to be killed.”

    Who would have ever thought that we would value a bird more highly than a human life?

  21. Jim R

    fascist logic:
    The life of the mother does not matter at all. If necessary just rip her open to save that baby.

    The eagle is worth more than you are, shocku.

  22. horse creek

    thank you Jim R.

  23. g2-67008713bbd0a439e9e75a05cccf263e

    Reblogged this on Retrofitting Oaktown and commented:
    Violent USA indeed. chickens coming home to roost and no national mental healthcare to be found…

  24. Jim R. Highly illogical. Nonetheless, since you obviously do not believe justice exists in the Universe and are therefore not afraid of consequences, then to follow your logic–anything goes.

    If there is a God, and justice does exist, then you will have to answer to him, not me, for your actions. I just call it as I see it, that’s all. Fortunately for me your kind are not allowed to silence or slaughter us yet like the other innocents.

  25. emsnews

    The gods people worship are incredibly cruel. At least, the way these gods were created by humans who believe in them.

    The Nature Gods are also cruel in that they are expressions of random chance and the laws of sexual evolutionary activities by living organisms and of course, the dark laws of the Universe as to how planets, stars, galaxies and other things operate under the iron rule of Gravity, time and space.

  26. Jim R

    Amusing, shocku.
    Your claim of “innocence” while your avatar shows you tricked out like the dictator of some small tropical country.

  27. shockuhzulu

    Jim that’s a mock up of our dictator, the destroyer of tribes, Shaka Zulu…
    EMS, I learned through suffering not that God is cruel, but that a universe in rebellion to His will and fallen due to corruption is hideously cruel. The gospel’s message is that God wishes to dispel this suffering. That’s what I choose to believe.

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